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    6. Forgotten King's Palace and the Forest of the Four Seasons

    As Hilise predicted, rumors of the return of a talented descendant to Kalykia spread rapidly from the evening of Violetta's birthday ball.

    As it is a trace of noble blood that has jumped across seven generations, people's repercussions have been tremendous.

    Since the people of Kalykia have been short-lived from generation to generation due to the side effects of inbreeding, the gap actually lasted about 300 years.

    People suddenly looked at Lee's head with the birth of a child who suddenly appeared, and then murmured that it might be the child of the eldest daughter who died after being excommunicated in Kalykia about 10 years ago.

    And at the end of those rumors, there was a story about Inoaden's new successor.

    A miraculous woman who appeared with Kalykia's child.

    Her name was Hilise Inoaden.

    Ricardo Dona, the eldest son of Inoaden, who was called the Scion of the Roses by the people, and Gabriel, his step-sister and fiancee of Christian Parvenon, were widely known.

    However, very few people knew about Hilise.

    Unlike Ricardo or Gabriel, she rarely did her outside activities, and when she attended formal occasions, very occasionally, she would stay quietly in the corner and disappear silently.

    So, despite Inoaden's direct line, there were not many people who clearly remembered Hilise.

    But instead of Ricardo, whom everyone expected to be the successor to the next Rose, her sister without that presence awakens.

    It wasn't as surprising as the news of Kalykia.

    Moreover, it is said that she appeared at the ballroom in Kalykia that day, showing off a great deal of power.

    It was also by holding Kalykia's descendants in her arms.

    So, after hearing such an exciting story in the public, I couldn't help but crush the cubic sons.

    In fact, Hilise had succeeded and became the owner of Inoaden.

    However, that fact has not yet spread outside.

    Diego was shocked in many ways and eventually fell by grabbing his back neck.

    The legislator, called by Ricardo, urged Diego to be absolutely calm, but environmental factors did not follow.

    Not long ago, after what happened at the restaurant following Kalykia's prom, Diego was almost insane.

    Ricardo was still in shock as to whether he was still in shock.

    As a result, there is now no one on the surface to hold back Hilise' movement.

    Of course, it's been a long time since the two's intentions and wills, in fact, didn't work for Hilise.

    Diego's wall in the hallway on the 4th floor was already disappeared by Hilise.

    The knights who were guarding him lost their work while Diego was lying down and retreated.

    Unexpectedly, Gabriel's spirit of prowess also became useless.

    After the ball of Kalykia, invitations from all kinds of families flew into Innoaden.

    Of course, it was because of the rumors of Hilise.

    But Hilise didn't even look at her invitations to her own.

    Except for only one letter.

    It was an official letter from Kalykia.

    * * *

    "I have to buy some clothes for going out."

    On a sunny sunny afternoon.

    Hilise said as if passing by while sipping tea.

    Whether or not Diego was suffering from a fall, and whether or not Ricardo was sinking in the room in shock, Hilise was spending a leisurely time in a garden with a good view, regardless of them.

    May, who was waiting next to her, listened to her and quickly nodded her head.

    "That's a really good idea, Miss!"

    From the beginning, May was a person who opposed Hilise' aggressive clothing.

    Of course, she has never been able to express her opinion directly in front of her.

    Particularly at this Kalykia's prom, she was belatedly aware of Hilise' attendance in her pajamas, and May was frightened.

    Fortunately, no rumor was heard talking about her Hilise outfit for the day.

    Still, she said that she was very shocked that her young lady she attended had such a aggressive appearance that she stood in front of others.

    After learning that even Diego couldn't do Hillis anymore, May's loyalty to her was almost vertical because she couldn't draw an upward curve.

    For that reason, May was in a state full of motivation to take care of Hillless well in the future.

    However, as May was concerned, Hillis did not always intend to wear only pajamas every day.

    That point couldn't be so relieved.

    "Then, get ready right nowㆍㆍㆍ"

    "Hilise Sister!"

    It was the moment when she was in a hurry to prepare to go out because of the thought that her owner was finally getting out of her pajamas.

    "Good afternoon, Sister!"

    Someone's voice interrupted her way, and she cut off Mei's words.

    It was Gabriel who appeared stepping on the grass with a crackling sound.

    "Since when have you been alone in the garden? If you knew this would happen, I'll come out a little earlier."

    Beyond the flesh, a voice full of aegyo *I don't know what's this* rang in my ears like a song.

    Gabriel's blonde twinkled brightly as she flew through the movement.

    Gabriel, who approached her, sat down next to her coldly before being rejected by Hilise.

    When seeing Gabriel's dress, May opened her eyes wide like that.

    Surprisingly, Gabriel came out like Hilise in a pajamas wind.

    He wore a thin shawl on top of it, but what he wore was a pajamas.

    "I couldn't even say hello to my sister in the morning because I was oversleeping today. It would have been nice if we had lunch together. When I asked the restaurant, they said you already ate. I'm so sorry."

    As if she was sincerely sad, Gabrielle drooped the tip of her brow and blinked her eyes.

    It was a remark that somebody might misunderstand as saying that she had been saying hello every morning to her Hilise from her original point.

    “So I heard that sister was in the garden do I ran quickly.”

    Gabriel was acting as if he was a very close sister with Hilise.

    Her face, looking harmlessly and smiling at Hilise, was innocent.

    Then Gabriel made a repair, as if she had found something.

    "By the way, it's spring, but don't you feel the outside air a little chilly because your clothes are thin?"

    Gabriel took off the shawl from her arm and put it on Hilise' knee.

    "I'm fine, so use this by my sister. If Hilise has a cold, my heart will be hurting so much."

    Mei, who was standing in the back of her Hilise, couldn't hide her embarrassing expression.

    On the other hand, despite her dramatic transformation of Gabriel, Hilise simply glanced at her without reaction.

    "It turns out, Hilise sister, maybe in a few days it seems to be leaner than before."

    The non-response made the average person feel embarrassed, but Gabriel did not give in at all.

    She took a sigh as she looked at the wrists of her Heliss exposed out of the sleeves of her pajamas.

    "Did my father and my brother bother you so much these days? Hugh, I told them so many times not to do that, but everyone was so stubborn, they didn't even listen to me."

    At the same time, there was a deep worry in her eyes falling down her tongue.

    She looked sincerely sympathetic and lamented for her hardships that Hilise had to face up to a while ago.

    Then Gabriel leaned her torso towards her towards Hilise and looked up at her with her twinkling eyes as if her star was young.

    "Because of father, I couldn't talk to sister like this, and I couldn't see her face, so I don't know how lonely I've been. But it's been so nice to be with her sister after such a long time."

    In short, Gabriel was blaring at Hilise as she did with Diego and Ricardo until now.

    She recognized that Hilise was Inoaden's new gold bullion line.

    Diego and Ricardo, who had occupied Inoaden so far, are now rotten, and they are just before being cut off.

    It was clear that she would never look good to her if she held on to it.

    She was embarrassed and came to see Hillis in this pajamas to look a little friendly to her.

    "I want to talk more slowly while drinking a cup of tea. Can't I?"

    Gabriel made her look as pitiful as possible, stimulating Hilise' sympathy.

    This is what Gabriel often does when she has done something to other people, and in most cases this way, as if it couldn't be helped, they gave it according to her will.

    Not surprisingly, Hilise tilted her teacup and she responded as Gabriel wanted.

    "Whether you drink tea or talk, do whatever you want."

    Gabriel's face brightened up.

    Again, no matter how much people change, she thought the fundamentals would not change easily.

    Umm well, I didn't post chapter 23 because the translation already post it before they took this novel down from their website... :blobsweat_2::blobsweat_2:
    Anywayy good work :blobcatblush::blobcatblush:
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    ohh really?? (ノω<。)ノ))☆.。I'm sorry I didn't know that because I just found the novel yesterday anyways thank you for the chapter!! (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)I'm impressed that you update daily because translating is so hard`(*>﹏<*)′ you're my saviour(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
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    That girl has such a thick skin. So shameless. I wish Hilise would kick her out already.
    Anyway thank you for the spoiler.
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    Liliel + Gabrielle = Shameless:blobhero::blobhero:
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    Well I actually think she is smarter than Diego and Ricardo and understood that the only head now is Hillise. Those other two still cannot connect. :LOL:
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    So in the end of the 3rd life, did Christian like her or not?

    "Hilise didn't know, but she was in a state where her power exploded like an explosive sacking all the monsters around her.

    Kiiingg. Koog!

    After a while, somebody opened the door of the carriage in a blurred vision.

    It was the blood-soaked Christian who appeared with his back in bright sunlight.

    It seemed that it was Parbenon who finally won the battle between the two families.

    Red eyes, froze, as if angry, immediately reached Hilise, who had fallen shabby to the floor.

    At that moment, Cristian's face began to crack.

    Looking at his roughly distorted face, Hilise exhaled her last bloody breath.

    The voice of Kristian, who couldn't reach her ears, shattered like dust in the air, and the vision was completely dark.

    That was the second death of her Hilise."

    As you can see his expression changed in the end.

    Was he angry because she was dying and no use of her, the power he wanted to get from her and their child that are no longer possible? OR he was sad and sorry for her and maybe he liked her (like 0.001%)?

    OMG I'm dying from hunger!! So please, feed me more spoiler.
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    "Hey, give me the same thing as Hillis sister!"

    Gabrielle said to May, who was standing behind Hillis with a smiling face.

    Before May handed her car to her, she first asked Hillis angrily.

    "Lady Hillis, then, shall we postpone preparations for going out?"

    "Oh my sister. Are you going out? Shall I go with you so that you are not suitable?"

    Two pairs of eyes were fixed on Hillis' face.


    In the midst of it, Hillis, still in a harsh face, put her teacup in her hand down on the table.

    Subsequently, the red lips, which had been firmly closed, opened.

    "I don't need both. I'm going to go alone now."




    Suddenly, a tornado began to blow around.

    The flower petals flew in and smacked her cheeks, so Gabriel reflexively raised her arm to cover her face. It was the same with May.

    After a while, the wind faded.

    At some point in the quiet garden, the eyes of the two people who had been closed tightly opened.

    "Uh, sister?!"

    In the place where Hillis disappeared, only freshly blooming rose flowers were left behind.

    Gabriel and May looked at the petals dancing in the air.

    "Whether you drink tea or talk, do whatever you want."

    Then Gabriel realized it a bit late.

    'I'm sure you're going to go out now, so whether you're drinking tea alone or making a noise, did you mean to do it yourself!'

    Mei too suddenly opened her mouth to her enlightenment, passing by her mind.

    "Miss Hillisㆍㆍㆍ!"

    'Miss, go out in pajamas againㆍㆍㆍ.'

    Of course, no matter how much she teases, the people who have already disappeared did not come back.

    * * *

    Around that time, Axion was alone in a quiet reception room.

    Not long ago, the chief of Kalykia was sitting in front of him.

    Then, at the end of the conversation, the chief of Kalykia rose up first, and Axion decided to remain in place and wait for someone else.

    He stayed meaninglessly in the clear skies where snow like shattered glass shone out of the window.

    He was thinking something, sitting freely on his chair with his chin on the back of his hand.


    Then finally, the blue eyes slipped to the person who opened the door and entered.

    "You are here."

    It was Violetta who entered the parlor.

    "I'm sorry, I'm late..."

    "I forgot to ask the chief, but when are you going to visit Inoaden?"

    Instead of asking why it was so late or asking for a welcome, Violetta's steps as he had just entered the room stopped.

    She closed the door and approached Axion with a suspicious face.

    "ㆍㆍㆍIs that the most curious thing about me right now?"

    Watching such a Violetta, Axion tilted his head as if there was anything else.

    The darker hair that had been matted rubbed the back of his hand.

    "Then, is there anything else I should be curious about?"

    "Isn't there a child's condition, other people's reactions after the prom, or a lot more common and common sense?"

    It was a sound because Axion could not have had such a talk with her mother, the head of Kalykia, who had just met.

    However, Axion replied with a single voice that made the person explaining it shameless, without hesitation at all, and even felt sloppy.

    "What do you know. I am not even Kalykia. What does that matter?"

    Listening to Axion's words, Violetta looked a little depressed.

    "I feel like an idiot who tried to say thank you as soon as I saw you."

    Thanks to this, the emotion in her heart cooled down.

    Violetta was taking care of her sister child, who had only returned to Kalykia on her birthday, not long ago.

    After the prom, which had been carefully prepared, struck early, the doctor of Kalykia, who had been hurried to, took care of her sister child's injured body.

    She had been unconscious all the way from then to the present, so she couldn't ask anything else about her child's name, including any other curious things.

    Still, just seeing the sleeping child in front of her eyes, exhaling her colorful breath, made Violetta overwhelmed with her heart.

    Although he was the successor of Inoaden who finally brought the child to Kalykia, I was also grateful to Axion, who worked hard to find the whereabouts of the child.

    But with that kind of heart, Axion poured cold water just now.

    After she regained her reason like that, she thought, on the one hand, that she was rather fortunate.

    She felt terrified late after the fact that she almost had to say unfamiliar words to Axion because she was soaked with the feeling that didn't match.

    If she did, it would have been a shameful past where she would be ridiculed for a long time.

    Violetta swept her heart and took a seat in the chair opposite Axion.

    Axion's gaze stayed on her face for a while.

    Violetta's eyes are red, as if it's crushed.

    It was because I cried for a long time in excitement after finding the child.

    She said, "Greetings aren't for me. I'm not the one who gave me the gift."

    Axion's face, who said so, had a deep feeling of boredom as usual.

    However, she discovered that Violetta was faintly young in her other feelings of strangeness in her.

    "Okay. Of course I thought you'd bring the child, but I was surprised that Inoaden popped up suddenly. What happened?"

    Then, Axion's eyebrows were wrinkled.

    As if reminiscent of a bad memory, Rodrunan's eyes under dark hair were very gentle.

    Violetta felt her sincere wonder in this unexpected situation.

    She was about to contact Inoaden this morning in Kalykia anyway.

    When she visited Inoaden, she would hear her detailed explanation of her work this time and she would thank her for bringing the child back.

    Although the woman's appearance was so glamorous in her, her plan to keep her sister child from exposing her to the outside until she was fully adapted to Kalykia was wrong from the startㆍ ㆍ ㆍ.

    Still, there is no truth to the fact that when I rescued a drowning person, I was told to bring out a bosom.

    It was absurd for her to take it and make a sound at Inoaden.

    "What am I asking more than that?"

    Axion did not quench her Violetta's curiosity and once again recounted her words she had done with her shortly before.

    Only then she remembered Violetta and what she had forgotten for a while.

    What Axion asked a while ago.

    She said, 'I asked when I was going to visit Inoaden.'

    However, she wanted to ask about the schedule of the other's family.

    Then suddenly the image of the woman she saw at the ballroom came to my mind.

    At that time, she peeked at her for a moment.

    "That person, Hilise Inoaden."

    Violetta look at Axion, who sat across from her, and lifted her lips.

    "Axion, it's curious that someone you care about for some reason, but just quit now."

    Rarely, at the resolute words, Axion's gaze stayed silently on Violetta's face for a moment.

    Soon his mouth, which had been closed on a date, was shallowly twisted.

    "That's not what I asked for an answer from you."

    The meaning of what Violetta said now was clear.

    She was looking and talking to Hillis Inoaden, who appeared at the ballroom two days ago with Kalykia's 'eyes to see the truth'.

    This was the first time Violetta had ever talked about this directly to Axion.

    Eyes resembling the deep sea and forest each met in the air.

    "In fact, I'm not sure what I've seen, so I can't explain it exactly. Still, it's for you."

    "Why, like Terzo Kalykia, who flocked the cranes, did you ever be a human being?"

    "What? It's not like that at allㆍㆍㆍ!"

    Violetta trembled at the words Axion threw.

    Axion watched a little interestingly at Violetta, jumping and denying this far.

    It was a very contradictory reaction to what she said a while ago not to get close to Hilise Inoaden.

    On the contrary, Violetta wheeled as if she had suffered massive insults.

    Then she finally sighed, as if she was frustrated towards Axion.

    "I think it's useless to warn you like this anyway, but I told you first. Don't come to me with regrets later."

    Then, a thin smile came to the corner of Axion's mouth.

    "If you're interested, you'll regret it. It's fun."

    If Violetta is enough to say that, there should be good reason.

    However, that did not mean that Axion would follow it immediately.

    Violetta also kicked her tongue in her heart, seeing Axion, who seemed not to listen to her.

    Umm I don't think he likes her based on how he treated her so far (he deceived and use her) maybe he just pissed off because after he's trying to get her back she end up died, but well I haven't read the whole novel so I can't say much... :blobuwu::blobuwu:
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    You obviously don’t understand abuse and how it affects a victim. Please don’t say something so cruel as there are abuse victims in this thread that hear their inner voice they are battling being validated through your words.

    Someone is in for a rude awakening... thank you!! I really really appreciate what you are doing for us! You are amazing! Oh! And aegyo is intentional cuteness basically. I hope that helps!

    Thank you doll! Hope
    You’re feeling. Better!

    Someone is in for a rude awakening... thank you!! I really really appreciate what you are doing for us! You are amazing! Oh! And aegyo is intentional cuteness basically
    honestly I just think he was angry his plans had been ruined and he was watching them fall apart with her death.

    As always~ you make my day! Thank you!
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    "I made an appointment with Inoaden to visit tomorrow."

    "What time?"

    "At 2 pm. Are you sure you're going to accompany me?"

    "Or why would I ask?"

    At this point, Violetta said, 'Yeah, just do it your own way'. She wanted to.

    Besides, it seems that the two of them met at the place where they went to find the child, so I thought I would have something to share with them.

    She felt a similar feeling of collapse as before, and sent a fluttering gaze to Axion.

    "Yeah, that's all for now. This is just what I say first because you don't ask, but the kid hasn't woke up yet"

    As if Axion was saying, she just raised her head once.

    As I said before, the child's regards didn't really seem to be his concern.

    Still, it was incredible that Axion made the best possible effort to find her child with Violetta's request.

    Even though that part seemed contradictory.

    Then Violetta bite his mouth gently.

    "By the way, those who made that child… that way."

    "I killed them all."

    As if Axion knew what she was thinking, she replied right away.

    "What is the remaining treasure?"

    "Once I got rid of everything that caught my eye, the first thing that was converted is still."

    "Yes, that's enough for now. We'll keep looking."

    Subsequently, Violetta greeted him, looking at Axion with the most serious face so far.

    "Thank you too. Your help made things go fast."

    Axion did not ridicule or make fun of her, contrary to her concerns of her Violetta.

    "I'll make him the happiest in the world."

    Violetta recited her words, not knowing whether she was a burden towards herself or her future aspirations.

    The child she finally brought to Kalykia's cradle and was able to protect it in her arms.

    The child was the child of her older sister, the only Violetta sister who is now dead.

    Kalykia has a rather complicated situation, and until now Violetta did not even know that her sister's child was in the world.

    Axion said in a passing tone, seeing the Violetta, her eyes turned red because of her crying too.

    "In the end, I came empty-handed two days ago, so I'll give you another gift instead. If you have something you want later, tell me."

    Contrary to her content, when she heard that indifferent voice, a ridiculous laughter leaked from Violetta's lips.

    "It feels like I'm getting two presents. I have to thank Miss Inoaden."

    She drank tea on her table, digging her back on her chair, looking more comfortable than before.

    Knock Knock!

    It was then that the sound of a knock, felt somewhere urgently, came from outside the door.

    "What's up?"

    As Violetta frowned and allowed her to enter her parlor, her attendant hurriedly opened the door and stepped inside.

    "Mister Violetta, I'm in trouble!"

    At the next moment, when he heard the words piercing the eardrum, Violetta jumped up from where she stopped.

    She said, "The child just opened his eyes ㆍ ㆍ ㆍ."

    * * *

    Margot opened his eyes.

    As it has been every day since someday, the sore sensation of the whole body was first recognized in my heavy head.

    Then, after realizing that someone was next to him, Margot took a breath.

    Person. It's a person.

    It was also clear that he had come to take his blood.

    No matter how much they cried and begged, they were forced to stick to them every day without any hesitation, and they also scolded the sword.

    He said what was next to him and reached out his hand.

    Margot trembled, crumpled in the corner of the bed as if running away.

    It hurts, it hurts... Stop it now! Hate! It hurts…

    With a gasping breath, a feeling of suppression came out.

    Will I have to go through this forever in the future?

    If so, I would rather die in a bar where I was sick every day.

    But the people around Margot were weird right now.

    They did not immediately drag Margot under the bed, somehow restless and tried to somehow reassure him.

    When his eyes met, Margot's bizarre ability was triggered by itself.

    Every time people said a word, the truth and the lie were messed up and scattered in his head.

    Kiing, a sharp ringing echoed in my ear without stopping.

    After a while, a woman, whose abilities did not work, came into the room.

    She looked at Margot with her eyes open and drenched her dark green eyes.

    She introduced herself as a Violetta, adding that her dead Margot's mother was her older sister.

    While listening to the continuing explanations, Margot was in great confusion.

    He tried to use his abilities to determine the authenticity, but unbelievably nothing was seen from the woman.

    Margot panicked.

    "Yeah. I'll kill you."

    When I was struggling alone as if I was trapped in a labyrinth with no exits, the voice clearly engraved in my memory fell like a light.

    "If that's what you want."

    The purest sincerity Margot has ever seen in others.

    "My name is Hillis Inoaden. Please remember."

    "That personㆍㆍㆍ."

    In time, Margot leaked a voice that broke through his small, trembling mouth.

    "Where is she, Hillis Inoaden?"

    * * *

    Violetta was embarrassed.

    This is because her child, who regained her consciousness, refused to talk to others, including her, and continued to look for only her Hillis Inoaden.

    As soon as the child opened her eyes, she crumpled her body into the corner of her bed, as if playing, and she sobbed and trembled.

    Her tears, turning into her jewels, were only tears of highly concentrated joy, so her child's pale face quickly soaked wet.

    At the same time, when I thought of the words of begging, who had intermittently vomited, swear words leaked out to the humans who made the child into this area.

    The child didn't calm down no matter how much he said there was no one to threaten you anymore.

    “Hilise Inoaden says she is now away.”

    So she hurriedly connected with Inoaden, but her expected answer did not return.

    Violetta's mother, the head of the house, was now leaving her because of a meeting with the elders.

    Violetta bites her lips and she re-grabbed the doorknob in the room where the child was.

    "Isn't your child looking for Hillis Inoaden?"

    At that time, a familiar man's voice flew in from the back.

    As I turned her head, I saw her Terzo, standing quietly in her hallway and staring at her.

    "What is her brother doing here?"

    Violetta's slightly sharp voice shattered the air.

    However, Terzo took her step and approached Violetta.

    "Of course, I heard the news that the precious child of Kalykia has awakened."

    Shortly after, as always, a gentle voice rang in her ears, Terzo's hand partially overlapped with Violetta's hand holding her doorknob.

    Violetta bites her hand back without knowing it.

    Terzo's gaze glanced past such a Violetta.

    However, in the meantime, his touch did not stop, and the next moment the door in front of him opened up.

    I could see the child still hanging in the corner of the bed.

    Terzo moved her strides closer to her child before Violetta could even plead Moor.

    Then he carefully looked at the child.

    Again, the child was clumsy and put himself closer to the corner of the bed.

    "Yes, you want to meet the person who brought you here?"

    Perhaps he knew that the child would not listen to his other words, and Terzo went straight to the subject without introducing or greeting him.

    "Then shall I take you now?"

    At that moment, the child raised her head flashingly.

    "Terzo, don't be selfish!"

    "Violetta, why don't you think about what you are the most important of now?"

    As Violetta rebelled sharply behind her, Terzo turned to her.

    His face, which always had a gentle glow that Violetta regarded as abominable, was now rarely hard.

    "If your child is so anxious, shouldn't he have to find a way to calm him down somehow?"

    "That's why I sent a letter to Inoaden. I told him to visit Kalykia right away when Miss Hillis returns."

    “But it will be delayed rather than asking for patience and waiting in person. Besides, if Miss Inoaden comes back late in the evening, there is a greater chance that she will not visit Kalykia today. Then your precious child will have to fall into anxiety until tomorrow. "

    Violetta's eyes widened at those words.

    "So, you want to take the child and go to Inoaden right now?"

    "Yeah. Because that’s the fastest way to do what your child wants."

    Terzo seemed to have already figured out what was going on.

    Aahh I see, thank you for telling me :blobcatblush::blobcatblush:
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    I am not sure,but I remember that he was the one who danced with Violetta in the ball
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    I'm sorry if there's some misspell in previous chapters or in this chapter or the next chapters, sometimes I didn't realize it when I edited it... :blobdead::blobdead:
    Violetta looked at Terzo, suspicious of whether there might be any other ones.

    However, Terzo was also a member of Kalykia with the Eye of Truth.

    So Violetta couldn't measure his sincerity right now.

    It was the same for the child, so she looked at Terzo and Violetta alternately with tears dripping with confused and anxious eyes.

    Kalykia's eyes were uncomfortable at this time. There was really no way to determine the truth between them.

    Eventually, Violetta opened her mouth with a repressed breath.

    "Then I'd rather take it myself. My brother stays here."

    "You're going alone? I don't think you're going to take the treasure of Kalykia into the hands of an outsider. Are you going to hold a child with that thin arm? Even so, it is natural for me to accompany you. Do you know the dangers outside of sending you and your child alone?"

    Terzo spoke in a firm tone that felt even strict.

    But Violetta was doing this because she didn't want to have him with her right now.

    She repressed her feelings, which began to boil cold in her, barely swallowing her hearty words that were about to spew out of her mouth.

    She then commanded, in her subdued voice to her maid standing by her door.

    "There's still going to be Bergett's chief in the parlor. Bring him."

    At that moment, Terzo's face changed.

    A bluish chill was young on his face, whose emotions were washed away.

    "ㆍㆍㆍEventually, Axion Bergetra again. Should I say it's you?"

    Two pairs of chilled eyes met in the air.

    "Wouldn't it be a hundred times better to believe in the king of Bergett than to believe in you, the individual of the elders?"

    The voice of Violetta, who killed the sound so that the child could not hear it, shattered Terzo and passed by.

    Violetta added in a quieter voice towards Terzo, who is wearing her face with her warmth drained.

    "As you said, the most important thing now is the stability of the child. So it's better for both of us to do this. The child is anxious."

    Terzo said nothing more.

    However, his eyes stared at the Violetta tightly until a knock was heard outside the door.

    She is smart.

    Finally, Axion arrived.

    "I heard that you called meㆍㆍㆍ but you weren't alone."

    When he saw Violetta and Terzo together, he looked like he knew.

    It wasn't once or twice that there had been a disagreement between the two, and it was because the atmosphere around them was very cold now.

    Whenever the two were like this, Axion used to ignore me as if I didn't know it, with his peculiar carelessness and coldness, but now he hasn't.

    As Axion entered the room, he glanced at the child in the corner once.

    Soon, a bloody change of emotion came to his eyes.

    For some reason, I thought this situation wasn't just annoying to him.

    "I'm thinking of going to Inoaden with Terzo and my child. It's a day earlier than expected, but I called to ask if you'd like to accompany you."

    I also liked Axion's comments as Violetta added.

    Of course, she and Terzo didn't want to go out with the child, so she took advantage of him.

    However, Axion decided to just tune in with it for now.

    "It's not bad. So, what I have to do first is to tell the child the plan??"

    Violetta affirmed with a brief nod.

    Terzo was silent without refuting.

    Right now, they couldn't reassure the child by showing their true feelings, and anyway, Axion was a trusted outsider enough to ask himself to find the treasure of Kalykia.

    Axion's steps were taken away from the door.

    He saw the child crouching on the bed and did not get closer than necessary.

    Stopped at a distance of about five steps, Zion, the good and the evil, leaned over to meet the eye level with the child.

    "Isn't it the contents of the conversation next to you?"

    Dark green eyes that were wet with tears and calm blue eyes glanced at each other.

    "The person I saw in the basement, Hilise Inoaden. I'm thinking of taking you to the place where she is right now."

    The child's eyes were fixed in the clear eyes that were revealed under his dark hair.


    The pupil constricted by itself, and the authenticity of the person facing each other was identified in my head.

    "Because we are strangers, it may be scary from your point of view. Going out together now can also be anxious."

    A short voice continued.

    "But while I'm together today, I promise to keep you from getting hurt under any circumstances, under my name."

    Axion's tone wasn't so sweet or soft.

    But it was the truth from start to finish.

    Eventually, Margot reached out as if possessed.

    Soon afterward, his hard arms took hold of the child's bruised body.

    Axion held his breath and opened his mouth, looking back at Violetta and Terzo, who were watching them.

    "Send a letter to Inoaden saying you're visiting now."

    * * *

    Around that time, several women belonging to 52 families gathered in one of the leading luxury dressing rooms in the downtown area.

    "Oh, Miss Cordelia."

    Then, when I saw the woman who had just been guided into the store, the people who were there first greeted me happily.


    "It's nice to meet you like this."

    "I thought I could meet at a weekend tea party."

    "Come this way, come on."

    The woman with lilac-like blue-purple hair and eyes was the eldest daughter of the Montana family, the highest among 52 families.

    "It's been a while, Miss Montana."

    "Okay, I've been a little busy for a while."

    Cordelia replied with an elegant smile and sat on the couch.

    Inside the dressing room, there was a separate reception room to welcome dear guests.

    So, among the 52 families, the families that belonged to the upper ranks were guided to this place whenever they came to the clothing room, and took a leisurely refreshment and looked at the clothing book separately.

    “Even though I wasn't, I was talking about what happened at the Kalykia ball right now.”

    For a moment, the people gathered there exchanged their eyes.

    Then she said that she knew Cordellia.

    "Then it must be Kalykiah and Inoaden who are on the topic."

    "Yes, Miss Amelie and I also went to the ballroom in Kalykia. Miss Cordelia was there at that time, too?"

    "Of course I went to celebrate Violetta's medical work."

    Cordelia Montana was the most acquainted with the Princess of Kalykia among the people here.

    She also said she was until she was in the middle of her engagement story with one of Violetta's cousins.

    As Cordelia opened her mouth, all of her half colored, she gathered close to her loader.

    "What was really astonished. A descendant of Kalykia, who possessed her self and her intellect, appeared."

    "Then, is there a change in the superiority and inferiority of the 4th generation?"

    "Have you ever heard of Miss Montana?"

    Cordelia lifted the teacup brought by her dressing room staff, and she just smiled embarrassedly.

    "As everyone knows, it's because the issue is an issueㆍㆍㆍ. Even in Kalykia, it is a problem that we are very careful not to prematurely leak out words."

    "Oh, that's right."

    "But there will be an official announcement sooner or later."

    Cordelia, who smiled lightly while saying so, seemed to know something about her.

    But nothing else came out of her mouth.

    Knowing her character of her Cordelia, who has been cautious of her usual words and actions, people around her regretted it, but never asked her more about Kalykia.

    "I'm more of an Inoaden than that!"

    Then, the topic changed as if he had waited for Helio Naga, the youngest daughter of the Amelie family, who had a ticklish expression in her mouth.

    "That's right. Kalykia does, but I really can't believe the news of Inoaden."

    They were somewhat disappointed that they couldn't hear what they expected from her Cordelia, and were quickly excited by the new name on the topic. "No way Miss Hilise will be the successor to the next rose!"

    "I was so surprised to hear the news. If I knew this, I would have attended the ball too."

    "Then Ricardo is no longer a scion of roses."

    Cordelia Montana, who closed her mouth to Kalykia's story, added her this time.

    "I was also very surprised. That time, the atmosphere of Miss Hilise was very different from before. So, at first, when I saw a person in the middle of the ballroom, I thought she wasn't Miss Hilise."

    "Is that right? I'm not the only one who feels that way?"

    Those who saw Hilise on the spot agreed and looked up at her, and those who didn't, were curious and curious in her eyes with her face, dying.

    "I sent an invitation to the tea party to Miss Hillise, but there is no reply yet. So does Miss Gabriel."

    Helio or Amelie muttered her sorrow with her face.

    "Did you send an invitation to Miss Gabriel?"

    "Yes, I was wondering if I could hear the story of Inoaden."

    Not only her, but also many of the invitations sent to Inoaden from other families this time belonged to Gabriel.

    It was because she was trying to find out whether the rumors were real or not to Inoaden's most easy-to-handle and light-mouthed girl.

    In fact, until now, Hillise has rarely attended a refreshment meeting, except when Gabriel was persistent in groups.

    As if she had no other external interactions at all.

    So most of them were betting on Gabriel, not expecting to see her in person again this time.

    "By the way, this is a word from old women, but..."

    Then suddenly a quiet voice leaked out of someone's mouth.

    "If Miss Hilise is the next rose's successor, isn't Gabriel quite dangerous?"

    At that moment, the air around changed slightly.

    He's Violetta cousin. :blobReach:

    He's Violetta cousin and it mentioned in chapter 35 that the current head of the Kalykia clan is Violetta mother. :blobReach:
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    Gabrielle is dangerous? Pff. Lol. Reading the last part made me laugh. What could she do? That little suck up can only reel in fishes but once the fishes are rendered useless, she throws them away. I'm curious why they think she is dangerous. If I was Hilise I should have killed her ages ago.

    Really? That's a pleasant surprise. Both stories are quite dark but I would never have realized that they were the same author.
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    "It's true that everyone knows that Miss Gabriel has been at the center of Inoaden so far. After all, the 'real' Inoaden is Miss Hilise."

    Everyone in the room quickly noticed what she was trying to say.

    "Hey, I don't know until now, but if the rumors are true, it means Miss Hilise will eventually become the owner of Inoaden..."

    "If that happens, I don't think it is natural that Gabriel's position in Inoaden will be different from before."

    Everyone was thinking of Hilise and Gabriel.

    The two people who took over the blood of the four generations of real noble family, and who seemed to be confused as to who was the stepdaughter.

    This dressing room is also used by Inoaden, so there have been several previous visits by Hilise and Gabriel.

    And it was Gabriel who took the lead every time, scouring the clothes thread, and Hillis always quietly followed her step-sister.

    In fact, wherever they went, they always looked the same.

    Honestly, among the members of the higher-level family, including those who have gathered here, it was not uncommon for those who were upset with Gabriel.

    Of course, not all of them, and some of them liked Gabriel according to their personalities or likes and dislikes.

    However, of the 52 families, most of the members of the top-ranked family found Gabriel dissatisfied.

    From their standpoint, Gabriel was a heretic, who was lucky enough to belong to the four generations, the pinnacle of the power structure, without a drop of noble blood.

    Yet, she was a decent being who did not know humility and enjoyed the right as if she had become anything, and caused an imbalance in the crowd.

    Although I don't know if Gabriel had been quiet, she didn't hesitate to walk around the place as if she was originally Inoaden.

    So, there were times when people who bothered it noticed it several times.

    But whether Gabriel was deliberately pretending not to understand, or whether she really didn't know and didn't know, she had never been depressed by that.

    "It turns out that she recently bought a rare monster."

    "I heard that it is a monster with white hair that resembles Christian's brilliant silver hair."

    "When I saw what she raised at Miss Montana's tea party, I liked it, and I guess I was struck by the head of Inoaden."

    "I think she's got a body because she wants to show off her personality by now. Sooner or later, if I ask for an invitation to Innoaden, will she not accept it?"

    Indeed, if Gabrielle knew, it seemed that she would remain excited to call people together even if they talked about her monster.

    However, there was something they didn't know, that the monster who was in conversation was already killed on the day Hilise returned.

    "Actually, I'm curious about how Ricardo-nim is doing more than anything else."

    "Oh, and it turns out that Miss Delphinium and the Scion of Roses were likable."

    "Yes, well. His face is my taste. He's handsome."

    Looking at it, Ricardo's position also became ambiguous.

    Until now, of course, everyone treated him as the successor of Inoaden, but he was completely in vain.

    Still, if you were a member of the 4th generation, it was worth establishing a relationship even if you were not a successor.

    Of course, it will be worth less than before.

    "But honestly, I think it won't be much different."


    "Everyone knows the personality of Hilise."

    Then, at the words that came out, everyone looked at something again.

    "Even if she is the successor to her rose, she still seems to live tightly by the current chief and the scion of the rose."

    "No. That's because Miss Bustina couldn't see the scene in person at the ballroom."



    However, before the continued conversation was over, suddenly the sound of a rushing wind was heard from somewhere, and the door of the closed parlor began to shake.


    "What is suddenly?"

    People were startled by something unexpected and opened their eyes wide.

    Still, the anomaly did not last long.

    "Somehow the feeling is similar to what I experienced at the ballroom in Kalykia ㆍㆍㆍ."

    At that moment, everyone's pupils grew a little bit bigger when someone said something inadvertently.

    Soon they couldn't stand their curiosity and went out of the parlor.

    * * *


    Outside the reception room, a sudden wish arose at the door of the dressing room where clothes were displayed.

    It was Hilise who appeared among the whirlwinds of fluttering rose petals.

    "This, Miss Inoaden?"

    Seeing her, the people in the dressing room were amazed and opened her mouth.

    Hilise, who opened her eyes and glanced around her, slightly frowned at her.

    'Ah. I made a mistake.'

    After she moved out of the store, she was thinking of coming inside, but when she opened her eyes it was already indoors.

    She was still unable to fine-tune her abilities, so she seemed to have misplaced her slightly.


    Hilise apologized, looking at the items in the dressing room that were blown away by the wind and the petals flying around.

    "I didn't intend to move straight into the dressing room like this, but I made a mistake."

    Nevertheless, the force was not deliberately used as loudly as at the ball in Kalykia, and the wave was not as rapid as then.

    That was fortunate.

    "If anything has been damaged by me, I will compensate you."

    The people who heard Hilise's calm voice finally wake her up one by one.

    The owner of the dressing room first regained her innocence and approached Hilise.

    Although she ran the store like this, she was also a nobleman with 52 belonging to the door.

    "It's okay, Miss Inoaden. It's just a few things have fallen to the floor. Did you come to see the clothes?"

    As Hillis nodded, the owner tried to guide her.

    "Then come over here. I'll show you this new picture book. Let's take a look at it slowly while eating some tea."


    But Hilise said, gliding inside her dressing room, which had become dizzy because of her.

    "Make all of the things in the book and send them to Inoaden."

    At the moment, everyone who was there was suspicious of her ears.

    "Everythingㆍㆍㆍ in the book?"

    She asked the owner, who was facing Hilise, waving her eyes finely.

    "The dimensions can be matched against the most recent measurements, and the bill is Inoaden."

    Syuung! Cholaagg!

    Then, when Hilise beckoned, the rose vines that had spread out in all directions began to return the items scattered on the floor to their original place.

    "And this is only roughly adjusted, sent it to the mansion by tomorrow morning."

    One of the ready-to-wear clothes that had fallen off was purchased additionally.

    An employee who was nearby picked up clothes that had been moved by a vine.

    In an instant, the inside of the store became neat.

    As the rose vines retreated again, the petals that had been scattered around them gathered near Hilise as if dancing.

    The roses that were blooming on the floor moved like a shadow along her steps moving across the door.

    "If there is something in the store because of me, please ask for damage compensation as well."


    Leaving the fascinated people behind, Hilise suddenly left the door.

    After her red hair and white hem disappeared through the door, another flower breeze blew outside.

    "ㆍㆍㆍThat's Miss Hilise?"

    One of Young Lady, who came out of the parlor and saw the scene a while ago, laughed in vain.

    She wasn't able to attend Kalykia's prom and saw Hilise for the first time today after her awakening.

    She and some other people who were in the same situation were also unable to close her open mouth.

    She said as if those who had attended the ballroom in Kalykia looked at it.

    "I told you, I thought she was a completely different person."

    "Look, don't you think you'll be caught, right?"

    In their eyes, the novelty and excitement were at the same time young.

    "By the wayㆍㆍㆍ it smells very good."

    "Is this also a characteristic of Inoaden's awakening?"

    There was a very sweet smell in the room, making the mood a little hazy.

    I was curious as to what will happen to Inoaden, which has entered a new phase like this.

    She also wanted to have some kind of contact with Gabriel sooner or later.
    * * *

    Hilise didn't go back to Inoaden right away but stopped by another place for a while.


    As soon as she stepped foot on the ground, a toxic dazzling light pierced her sight. The green leaves shook in the wind and made a sound like a waterfall.

    As she lifted her head, a magnificent white castle towering in front of her eyes filled her view.

    Compared to the place where it stood a while ago, this area was clearly dense with air.

    The earth is filled with divine energy so that everyone feels thrilled without knowing it.

    This was the palace of an ownerless king.


    Hilise stepped on the dewy grass and climbed the white steps in front of her.

    The light reflected from all over she scattered a deeper sorrow in the place where she is now.

    In this way, it looked like it could be called a temple rather than a king's palace.

    But now that there was no king in the world anymore, Hilise didn't even know that she wasn't completely wrong in some way.

    The royal lineage was cut off about 3,000 years from now, and a very long time has passed since then.

    From then on, the nobles, led by the four major families, began to rule their respective domains by subdividing their powers.

    Thus, today, a total of 52 families dominated their respective lands, and the four generations were still at their peak.

    The heads of these four families were sometimes referred to as the King of the Four Seasons, but it is only a nickname for the last time, and a very long time has passed since the official name of the king.

    It was to honor and honor the royal lineage they had served from the time of the founding of the country.


    Finally, Hilise reached the end of the stairs.

    The towering castle was now close to her nose.

    There were numerous arched doors on the pure white exterior wall so that the eyes were awakened as if it was carved out of white jade.

    There were a total of ninety-nine doors in the king's palace, each connected to different spaces.

    Since the site where the castle was built as a place maintained by the power of this tomb, the space beyond the door did not necessarily lead to the interior of the palace.

    As Hilise remembers, passing through the first door, a conference hall for bureaucrats appeared.

    So today, people from 52 families also use it whenever they discuss the overall state of affairs.

    Also, when passing through the second door, a promenade with flowers in full bloom appeared, and when passing through the third door, a gorgeous banquet hall appeared.

    Among the other gates, I don't remember the number of times was the riding grounds, the glass greenhouses, or the parlors and other gates connected to the lake.

    It was also here where Hilise spent the end of her last life.

    The dungeon over the forty-fourth door.

    And this king's palace where Hilise, who escaped there, continued to kill as soon as she noticed.

    But now, this place was nothing but a pure white space covered with pure air.


    A warm breeze swept through Hilise's body.

    She closed her eyes and erased the red blood smears far away from her sight.

    The footsteps moved silently, passed through numerous doors, and finally reached the end.

    Of these ninety-nine gates, the place connected through the last ninety-nine arch-shaped gate was the most special.

    In the absence of a king, it was a sanctuary that only the heads of the four generations could enter.

    So everyone named the space and called it 'The Forest of the Four Seasons'.

    Of course, Hilise hasn't looked inside until now.

    This was the very place that Hilise decided to go in to find clues to her own death in this time of her life.


    Hilise stood at the last door and reached her hand in front of her.

    Then, a hard film touched the tip of her finger, invisible to the naked eye.

    It was a transparent barrier.

    What was beyond it was not visible, shrouded in thick fog.

    Hilise immediately stopped at this place shortly after the chief's stigma appeared on her body.

    But even then, her barriers did not pass her.

    Two conditions were required to get into this, but it was natural that Hilise was meeting only one of them.

    The first condition is that you have to be the head of the 4th generation family with a stigma in your body.

    Naturally, Hilise belonged to this.

    The second condition, which she did not meet, was that two or more heads must be accompanied to pass through this place.

    It was not known why these rules were created, but it was very cumbersome for her Hilise.

    Hilise's narrowed her eyebrows and pulled something from the pocket of her sleeping clothes.

    The object wrapped in her handkerchief creaked in Hilise's hand.

    She put it on the floor, squatting and pushing her seat into her barrier with her hand.


    At that moment, a weak wave began to spread around the handkerchief.

    On the transparent wall erected in front of the eyes, a wave-like shape was drawn.

    But what was expected didn't happen.

    Chrip chrip.

    Hilise exhaled shallowly as she heard the chirping birds.

    The barrier, which had been stirring small, was completely silent, as if what had happened a little while ago.

    The convex surface of the handkerchief placed on the other side of the barrier was seen slumping down.

    It seemed as if what was in it had disappeared without a trace.

    Hilise pulled the end of the handkerchief she had left outside the barrier.

    She picked up the handkerchief that came with her and checked it, but the jewels that were inside were missing.

    Hillis' eyes narrowed.

    'I can't do it either.'

    She was by any chance, but after all, Kalykia's jewelry seemed to work only on people.

    Now, what Hilise brought in her handkerchief was the red jewel she secretly brought when she went underground.

    The jewel made in the blood of a child also contained the power of Kalykia.

    Kalykia's tears activated teeth, while blood had the opposite effect of deactivating the senses.

    As such, Kalykia's ability was regarded as a double-edged sword.

    That is why, according to old texts, God gave Kalykia an eye to see the truth so that its power would not be used by the wicked.

    Hillis once again touched the transparent membrane, and then quickly stepped back with nothing.

    As much as Kalykia's blood aweakens her abilities, she thought that if put in the barrier, there was a possibility to temporarily neutralize that power, but nothing happened.

    She didn't expect her so much anyway, so she wasn't disappointed, but it was also a little disappointing.

    When this happened, it seemed that she had no choice but to ask for companionship with Kalykia as originally planned.

    In fact, one of the reasons Hilise dared to take the child to Kalykia with her own hands was to claim it as her reward.

    She didn't want to deal with Christian's brother, the head of Parbenon, and she was gritty to face her face with Axion Bergett.

    So the only option left to go to the 'Forest of the Four Seasons' was Kalykia.


    When Hillis was squatting in front of the arched door with her handkerchief in hand, she could feel the calm atmosphere coming together in a place not far away.

    Hilise turned her head toward where the waves of her power spread.

    Pasag. Pasasagㆍㆍㆍ!

    The next moment, what came into her view was a piece of white frost that shimmered distantly in the sunlight.

    A cold wind passed by, leaving a chill on Hilise' skin.

    The man who appeared with his silver hair fluttering in itself was like a crystal of pure white snow.

    Eventually, the man, lightly descending on the white floor, raised his lower eyelid.

    Then, under the sparkling eyelashes, the red-frozen pupils revealed their appearance.


    With an expressionless face that looked cold, he went straight to the gate of the royal castle.

    Then the red-eyed, passing by without meaning, touched Hilise.

    Shortly thereafter, his steps stopped high.

    For the first time, human emotions emerged on top of it, as if someone breathed in a face that looked like a piece of ice.

    "ㆍㆍㆍMiss Hilise, why are you here?"

    Christian Parbenon seemed a little surprised to see Hilise here.

    He was now coming to the king's palace to attend a regular meeting once a week.

    Today's meeting was a meeting of only the families under the Parbenon of 52 families.

    For that reason, other families were obsessed with going into the king's palace today, following an implicit principle.

    But, nobody else, Hillise, will appear in front of him like this.

    Then, in Christian's eyes, Hilise' clothing was recognized.

    At the moment, his eyes narrowed.

    "You're wearing pajamas again. This is a place where the wives often pass by."
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