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    Thank you for the chapters ❤️❤️
    ppl do u know where I can find ch23?
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    Thank you :blobcatblush:. Tbh it's my first time doing mtl and yeah umm... I'm not good at English so I hope it's readable so far:blobsweat_2::blobsweat_2::blobtired::blobtired:

    I didn't feel any other people now, but soon people from other families would come to attend the meeting.

    His paused pace moved towards Hilise.

    Without hesitation, Christian took off the outer garment he was wearing and wrapped it around Hilise.

    The coat drooping under her shoulders was dragged to the floor, but he seemed to care nothing about it.

    The hair of Hilise pressed under her outerwear and the hand that pulled Hilisee's hair out again was very delicate.

    Yet, the feeling was extremely plain, and it was surprising on the one hand that it didn't feel groaning.

    "Why are you doing this alone here? Your hair is dragging on the floorㆍㆍㆍ"

    A sweet voice rang softly in her ear.

    Christian lowered his body with one knee on the floor in line with Hilise' gaze, as he did at Inoaden's mansion last time.

    As if he was concerned about getting her hair dirty, that it didn't matter if his clothes were dirty.

    The eye-level became similar, and the faces facing each other came into view more clearly.

    Until a while ago, it was a face like the spring sun, which I can't believe was a person who had a cold face like an ice sheet.


    Christian looked down at Hilise's hair that had drooped to the floor, and soon grabbed a handful of it and slowly curled it around his hand.

    His gaze lingered for a while as her reddish hair slipped between his fingers.

    "Your hair is more reddish."

    An itchy whisper and touch continued.

    "It suits you well."

    Cristian's eyes, falling, were also reddish, similar to her hair.

    "Christian Parbenon."

    Hilise, who had a short glance at the sparkling eyelashes above it, lifted her mouth.

    "I won't be engaged to you, so don't waste your time."

    Christian's red eyes lifted upwards in a silent voice ringing in his ears.

    The two pairs of eyes faced closely.

    Christian looked inside the cold gold, which seemed to be in winter, then slowly closed and opened his eyes.

    "It's weird. Why are you so sureㆍㆍㆍ."

    Voice-like self-talk stuck in her ears.

    "If Inoaden awakens, does her personality change? It's a little strange because in the Parbenon it's not handed down through awakening."

    From the front, a piece of white sunlight was embedded in the eyes containing Hilise, giving it a more vivid glow.

    "I love you very much now."

    If it had been someone else who was here now, it would have been faint blushing of the cheeks or at least a small sway in the eyes of Christianity.

    "Sorry, but I hate you."

    However, Hilise was still unfamiliar with his words, as if he had no influence.


    Christian couldn't help but ask why.

    "Not long ago, you looked at me with eyes that seemed to be dreaming."

    Hearing as if she couldn't understand, Hilise stood up.


    Following the movement, the coat over her shoulders fell.

    "Now I've woke up from my dream."


    Soon after, a breeze of petals began blowing around Hilise.

    Christian had no idea that Hilise would say that, and she somehow looked at him with a pricked face.

    However, the last time Hillise looked between the petals obscuring the field of vision, he was looking at her with his eyes and a subtle smile on his lips.

    "That's right. Then I'll have to work harder to make you like it in the future."

    Hilise disappeared from her place without even responding.

    After being alone, Christian picked up his crumpled coat.

    Then, a small murmur leaked through his lips, causing the body.

    "It's weird... I think it's normal when I'm annoyed."

    There was an indescribable feeling in that voice.

    It seemed that Hilise Inoaden was not going to move according to his will.

    At first, he thought that if he did a little good, she would soon come over, but he seemed to have been a mistake.

    Still, he didn't feel annoyed.

    Christian felt that I wasn't like that, and swept his mouth away with a slow hand.

    "How did you do this."

    For some reason, Christian like Hilise Inoaden more and more.

    The scent that was thicker than the last time he felt it remained in her empty place and stuck the tip of his nose.

    I felt like I was drunk by the sweet smell of flowers that felt distant.

    Christiane originally thought that his taste was so peculiar, and for a while, he looked back and reflected on himself.

    By the way…

    Somehow, right before Hillis disappeared, it seemed to me that I saw a golden afterimage pricking my eyes.

    Is it just because of the mood?

    Soon he glanced into the arched door that Hillis had been staring at a while ago, with an unpleasant expression.

    A hazy fog that couldn't be seen one inch ahead was wriggling beyond the invisible membrane like a living creature.

    Christian looked inside for a while with his narrow eyes and then turned away.

    * * *


    Upon arriving at her mansion, May rushed to Hilise.

    "The guest is here!"


    Hilise' eyebrows frowned at those words.

    May opened her mouth to explain, but she didn't have to.

    People who don't know why they are in Inoaden now showed up behind her.

    They seemed to have just entered the mansion.

    While being guided to the parlor, they encountered Hilise and stopped standing tall.

    At the moment of eye contact, her expressions and eyes toward Hilise subtly changed.

    "Hello, Miss Hilise."

    Violetta, a woman with white-blond hair and dark green eyes, hurried to her step and approached Hilise first.

    "It's Violetta Kalykia. We have met before?"

    She first greeted her with courtesy and briefly, and then she replied her words with a face-to-face expression.

    "The promised date was tomorrow, and I apologize for the rudeness of this sudden visit."

    Hilise' gaze glides to the people next to Violetta.

    One was Violetta's cousin, Terzo, and the other was Axion, whom he had seen only two days ago.

    And what he is holding is ㆍㆍㆍ.

    "Hey, Hilise ㆍㆍㆍ!"

    The moment Hilise's gaze touched, Margot reached out to her, dropping his teardrops.

    Axion, who glanced down at such a child, took his steps and approached Hilise.

    Hillise, without her hesitation, inadvertently accepted her child, which he was brought to her.

    It looked a little too overwhelming, so the face of Violetta briefly came to mind as to whether or not to hand over the child as it is in Axion's face.

    However, after seeing the child stick to Hillis as if it would never fall, I decided to step back.

    Hilise felt the heavyweight sitting in her arms.

    Only then came her doubts about the current situation.

    "Why are you here now in Kalykia and Bergett?"

    Violetta replied to Hilise's question.

    "I'm sorry, Miss Hillis. You must not have seen the letter I sent. Ah, after waking up, he has been looking for Miss Hillise... Even though I thought it was rude, I suddenly visited Inoaden like this."

    Violetta explained her situation to Hilise, looking at her tightly held child with strange eyes.

    She also had another apology.

    "This is Terzo Kalykia. I am very happy to say hello to you in this way because the situation is not good."

    Next, the embarrassing expression, Terzo, somehow said, without having straight eye contact with Hilise.

    Violetta was touching her lips as if to say something about her, looking at her Hilise with her words and perplexed eyes.

    However, even if she did not, it seemed that it was not even more polite to point out the owner's behavior from the standpoint of an uninvited visitor who suddenly came to her mansion.

    Axion, who was standing next to them, said straightforwardly.

    "Before greetingsㆍㆍㆍ, I think it would be better to cover your body a little."

    It wasn't until May that noticed that her Miss was dressed in pajamas and said, 'Oh!' Made a sound.

    Just then, Gabriel, who was secretly looking downstairs on the stairs, quickly approached.

    "Hilise sister! Wear this one."

    She suddenly changed into a normal dress.

    In Gabriel's hand, he held a shawl that Hilise had left in the garden.

    Gabriel, who succeeded in enclosing it around her Hilise' body, was proud of the thought that he had finally scored her score on her Hilise.

    Then she grabbed Axion's gaze and stepped back, fluttering.

    Hilise glanced at Gabriel and then turned around while holding her child.

    "Let's go to the living room."

    Following Hilise, Violetta Watterzo and Axion stepped off.

    "I would like to say hello to the head of Inoaden as well."

    It was a matter of family affairs, so Diego, head of Inoaden, said that he should have a place, but Hilise' answer, who returned, was dry.

    "I am the representative of Inoaden, so you can talk with me."
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    Thank you for the spoiler. Told you that girl is a suck up but Christian is fast. A smooth operator that one. Too bad it won’t work on her this time.
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    thank you for the spoiler!!! i love it so much!!! dont worry about ur translation, it's more than what we could hope for!!! i really want to see how her pajamas look like since she was always wearing it. does this novel will be turning into manhwa soon?
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    Bitchella needs to die fast I can't take it!
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    As a result, Violetta felt a shallow sense of incongruity that she did not know for an instant.

    However, it felt like it passed by in an extremely instant, and gradually faded as she moved on.

    "I think it's going to be a lot of trouble on your arm. I'm going to hold the child."

    Axion, who approached Hillise's side, recommended it.

    Only then did Violetta, who shouted 'Ah' as if realizing it, also helped.

    "Yes, Miss Hillise. The distance to the reception room is quite long."

    Even if it doesn't, she's been disrespecting, but she was worried that she would bother Hillise more than this.

    Terzo remained silent next to her.

    He was the first to show consideration and deserved to take him from Hillise, but he was quite passive today.

    Looking at it, it was worth saying that it was strange that Axion Bergettt had to bring Kalykia's child.

    Of course, it may be because Violetta did not allow Terzo to contact him.

    Hillise looked down at the child she had.

    Margot was still hugging and holding her tightly in his arms.

    In the place where they touched, Hillise feels warm.

    "It's okay."

    Hillise replied that briefly, then she looked at Axion this time.

    "But why did you visit Bergettt?"

    Axion Bergett, who received the attention, captured Hillise in calm eyes like deep seawater.

    "I was also with Kalykia."

    "I see."

    "There is also one thing I want to check with Ms. Inoaden. Above all, ㆍㆍㆍ."

    The next moment, the end of her lips, which had no curves, was pulled faintly.

    Then, at the low throat ringing in her ears, Hillise was silent because she couldn't figure out what kind of expression she should look for for an instant.

    "The next time you said let's say goodbye, I came directly because the words left in my mind."

    ㆍㆍㆍContrary to Hillise expectations, he seemed to have carved his work in the basement deep into his heart.

    7. Margot Kalykia

    The clothes I had ordered to bring by tomorrow morning eventually became useless.

    All of a sudden, I was greeted with an unscheduled hand.

    Still, the other person was Kalykia, so it was a good idea to be formal on this side as well, but it was not a big deal.

    They too did not say much about their stance, whether or not I was dressed not very suitable for a guest.

    "There's a lot of kid in the basement, Miss Hillise."

    After taking a seat in the parlor, Violetta looked towards me and said.

    Her gaze was on Margot, who was held by me.

    The voice ringing in my ears and the eyes stuck in my sight still contained strange emotions.

    Seeing her child who stopped crying, she felt relieved while feeling her subtle regrets as well.

    However, Violetta soon erased that color neatly.

    When I listened to Violetta, I lowered my head.

    Margot seemed to be in a more stable state than before.

    My clothes, grasped by the little hand of the child, were wrinkled.

    A puzzled mind and an embarrassing mind intersected in an instant.

    Is this called the engraving effect?

    It was like seeing a duckling who was born from an egg and was chasing after her thinking that she was his mother.

    Is that because I was the first to bring my child out of the basement?

    But I wasn't the kind of person I could depend on to someone in this way.

    "I don't mind, but I want to ask you something."

    Then, Violetta carefully opened her speech.

    “If it's okay, I'd like Miss Hillis to explain the situation to the child instead of us. We haven't been alert yet, so…"

    Terzo also added with a polite attitude next to him.

    "Please, Miss Inoaden. This is the first time that my child has stopped crying like this when I met Miss Inoaden."

    Listening to them, I understood Kalykia's situation.

    The child who had suffered so far could not easily find peace of mind in front of anyone.

    It was natural to think about it.

    Amazingly, you're in me without a sense of reluctance right now.

    Also, I was told that Kalykia's eyes do not communicate with each other.

    So, Margot will have no way of knowing their sincerity.

    Rather, it might have made me even more confused.

    Of course, they were thoroughly hiding the eyes of truth from the outside, and even now, it seemed to me that there was no desire to reveal the thread.

    Even so, it must have been thought that the child could convey their position through me, who seems to be the only one who seems to have an open mind.

    It wasn't difficult.

    Also, it seemed unreasonable to refuse during the situation, so I just agreed.

    "As you may have already seen, he is a descendant of Kalykia who can makeㆍㆍㆍ gems. And he is the child of my older sister who left the family 11 years ago."

    As I watched Violetta calmly and connected the words, I looked down again.

    "That must be true."

    The pupils facing each other were slightly thinner.

    The child's lips, which had opened small momentarily, quickly closed tightly.

    Margot seemed to be saying he couldn't figure out what to say.

    "Do you remember your mother's name?"

    "I don't knowㆍㆍㆍ."

    "Your face looks very similar to the Rosenia Kalykia I saw when I was a kid. Now you and Violetta have a pretty similar face."

    "I don't remember mom's faceㆍㆍㆍ."

    Violetta's eyes shook finely.

    I didn't know that the child couldn't even remember his mother's name and face.

    From what I've heard before, when Rozenia Kalykia died, her child wasn't that young.

    But, I guess, she wondered if he had lost his memory by going through difficult things after that.

    The young child's hair was still white and white.

    At that time, Terzo Kalykia, who was next to Violetta, said quietly.

    "Violetta, there's a portrait in the pendant you always carry."

    I stared silently at his face for a moment.

    Terzo was generally a good and healthy impression, but now somehow, he seemed to be wearing a layer of mask over his face.

    "Would you like to take a look at this? It's a portrait of my sister."

    Violetta unwrapped her necklace, which had been hidden under her clothes, and pushed it to her child.

    I accepted it instead of Margot.

    The miniatures drawn inside the pendant were quite elaborate.

    A woman smiling with her long hair curled up halfway and with a sparkling glow in her dark green eyes.

    She looks very similar to the current Violetta, but she had a more vivid and intense impression of the woman in the portrait.

    She was Rosenia, who, along with Violetta, was called the Princesses of Kalykia.

    She is the eldest daughter of Kalykia, and is a little different from Violeta, nine years old.

    Rosenia disappeared after being excommunicated in Kalykia 11 years ago.

    The reason for her ex-communication was that she refused to marry a politically determined marriage in a head-on reaction to the order of her family.

    In Kalykia, which had lost its senses, once again tried to take extreme measures.

    It was to join Kalykia's direct lineal Rosenia and one of her cousins.

    In Kalykia, where the authority of the head was no longer the same after he was unable to exercise his abilities, the presidency of the elders was strong.

    So, one of her cousins, who inherited her most blood after her direct lineage, was sought for Rosenia's counterpart, and the presbytery forced the marriage.

    Probably, if there were direct blood relatives other than Rosenia and Violetta, the marriage between siblings might have been promoted.

    It was a tragedy that was caused by not forgetting the past of producing a child with a strong sense of power from time to time through incest.

    She said that after she heard Rosenia fiercely rebelled against it, she even criticized Kalykia's behavior fiercely.

    I didn't know in detail what else had happened between them.

    In the end, it was only known to the outside that Rosenia was excommunicated.

    Even so, the majority of the opinions were that it wasn't too bad for the family to throw it out.

    However, it was only known externally, and in fact, there were some opinions that her current Kalykia chief sent her out of her family for her daughter's freedom.

    After that, it was never known to the outside what kind of life Rosenia lived, and how her son Margot lived this life after her death.

    Violetta didn't give a detailed explanation right now, but...

    The former fiance of the deceased Rosenia was Terzo Kalykia, right before my eyes.

    He is currently twenty-seven.

    It could be said that he was still young when his engagement with Rosenia was promoted.

    And now, he has been implicitly mentioned in Kalykia for a few years as a partner of Violetta.

    The Presbyterian Church in Kalykia was not pushing as hard as it was because of Rosenia's work, but he was still Violetta's strongest candidate for fiance.

    However, now that Magot has a sense of power, the situation in Kalykia would be very different from now.
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    I was thinking about the old for a moment, then impulsively bumped into Margot's lean body a few times while looking at the portrait in the pendant.

    Axion Bergett's glance, who had been sitting still and looking at me without getting involved in the conversation, caught up with it.

    Since then, Violetta said that it was because of Kalykia's power that Margot made the jewels, and how eager her family was to find Margot, including a brief explanation of the four generations, including Kalykia, and see him like this now. She talked about how grateful and happy she was.

    I only confirmed to Margot from time to time only those words that I could prove true.

    I thought that Violetta's sincerity would be delivered to Margot, even if it wasn't the eyes of the truth.

    Margot, who was still moving his eyes anxiously, finally took out the first words, and the moment Violetta started to look, he looked upset.

    "Then... can I not get sick anymore?"

    I stared at Violetta, who bites several times as if her throat was choked.

    "ㆍㆍㆍSure. From now on, no one in the world can hurt you."

    What she was saying also sounded like her pledge to herself.

    "I will never forgive someone like that."

    According to that, Violetta would do her best to protect the only trace of her dead sister.

    Like it has been in the lives I have been through.

    I stared at Violetta and Terzo in front of me and said to the child.

    "In the future, you will live with the most valuable treatment in Kalykia."

    There was no doubt about that.

    Not only to Kalykia, but to all four generations, Margot was a precious being to protect.

    In today's day, as the ages of ancient times have passed, and the faculties are declining, the existence of Margot who can create tears was precious.

    Margot looked up at me for a while with a serene gaze that didn't look like a child.

    "The promise you made to me when we first met ㆍㆍㆍ."

    Then he whispered a little.

    "Do you remember?"

    I recalled two days before I met Margot.

    "I want to die. So please kill me. Kill me ㆍㆍㆍ please."

    How can I forget it?

    The desperately desperate beg that was vomited from a child who was only 10 years old.


    I well imagined how cruel the child's life had been. It must have been painful enough to think and think over and over again that this little child would rather die.

    As soon as I realized that I wasn't at odds with the people who locked up the gods, would I have prayed so earnestly to kill myself?

    "I hope you will enjoy it more and be happy while living in Kalykia."

    Even now, when almost all of the other memories in me were faded, the feelings I had toward this child in the past were still quite clear.

    "But if time passes and you're still the same mind."

    That is why I made such a promise to my child.

    "Yes. I'll kill you. If that's what you want."

    If this kid ends up unhappy even in Kalykia, he wishes to die rather than continue his life.

    "I'll keep my promise then."

    At that time, I will surely give you a comfortable rest with my hands.

    So, when I promised it again, the water began to gradually spread in the child's eyes.

    "I keep seeing strange things in my eyes."

    While facing the gaze, the pupils containing the summer greenery continued to contract and relax.

    The child was looking at me through Kalykia's eyes.

    "I don't even know what's what, but..."

    After hearing the words that followed, I was silent for a moment.

    "You're the only one who fully understands me, aren't you?"

    Maybe because I was the one who took Margot out of the basement, or because I was the one who promised to kill him.

    For that reason, it seems that he did not open up to me so easily.

    His eyes of truth were particularly powerful, so I didn't even know it was a glimpse of a part of my life.

    Am I the full understanding of this child?

    I asked myself.

    But I couldn't know the answer.

    To put it simply, I know Margot from past lives, so maybe I know the child's pain better than others.

    Even if it wasn't, if the child saw something inside of me and felt a sense of sympathy with me to say this now, I knew why.

    Probably because of the things I went through in my past life in the process of transferring power to Ricardo.

    Still, when I asked if I was understanding this child, it became difficult to answer easily.

    "I don't know. But if you think so..."

    After a while, I lifted my lips, which had been firmly closed.

    "That might be right."

    It was always about the possibility.

    Whatever Margot saw, if he felt that way, with the eyes of truth, it might have been true.

    It seems that my answer had a greater meaning to Margot than I thought.

    Tears filled again in the round-eyed pupils that were facing each other.

    Finally, the overflowing tears turned into sparkling jewels and fell below.

    At that moment, a deep agitation came from two people in Kalykia.

    From their point of view, it was the first time they saw a jewel filled with tears, so it was worth it.

    There were two jewels the child made.

    Since only tears of joy, which are close to joy, turn into these gems, the gems were not made after the dramatic emotion was diluted even a little.

    Margot cried for a while, then fell asleep as if he had exhausted his energy.

    The only stillness was flowing in the living room.

    Margot's wet face, hugged by me and closed his eyes, seemed more comfortable than when he first saw it.


    "The child's name was Margot."

    Axion, who had been watching the situation, slowly woke up.

    "I think you heard it the other day when you first met a child in the basement."

    Shortly after a straightforward walk led to me, a new black figure that was getting closer was hung in front of my eyes.

    Axion's body's energy was so intense that a strange feeling of pressure has been transmitted as the distance with him narrows.

    Soon Axion's hand reached out to me.

    But it did not reach me, but the child in my arms.

    As Axion lifted Margot, blood began to circulate more smoothly in my slightly numb legs and arms.

    Immediately, I glanced at Axion's face, chewing the voice of Sumin in my ear.

    It was a word that somehow touched my sixth sense.

    As if passing by, it seemed like it was just a word, and it also seemed to be a word that had a different meaning.

    However, the face of Axion, who lays the child next to me, remained calm at all.

    The next moment, his blue eyes moved silently and his forehead glanced briefly.

    I first took my eyes off Axion.

    "I'll excuse you for a moment."

    I asked for patience and turned to Violetta, who came to me.

    She wrapped two jewels that fell on my lap in her handkerchief.

    "Then, I wonder how you got to know the whereabouts of the child in, Inoaden."

    To what extent the shock of seeing Kalykia's gem with his own eyes had gone, Terzo Kalykia, who was sitting in his seat, also spoke.

    "In Kalykia and Bergett, everything related to the child was kept confidential and quietly proceeded."

    His tone was polite, but his gaze toward me was a bit sharp.

    From Terzo's point of view, he deserved a sensitive reaction.

    He wasn't expressing it, but he wouldn't have known the child's existence until I showed up at the ballroom with Margot.

    As far as I know, only the chief and Violetta were aware of Margot's existence in Kalykia.

    Moreover, for Terzo Kalykia, Margot was the child of an old fiance who rejected him and left.

    So, it was difficult for me to know what his feelings would be right now.

    Perhaps that is why Violetta is on the lookout for Terzo.

    Besides, she doubted that Terzo might be involved in the reason why her older sister, who left her family, died.

    "It was a coincidence, as I learned in Kalykia."

    I just said so.

    Then Terzo's eyes looked at me as if he were measuring it.

    I knew he too had the eyes of truth.

    Perhaps what I said would turn out to be false, but I didn't care.

    Their suspicion was of no meaning to me.

    "Then, I would like to ask you one more thing. Do you have any gems currently in possession in Inoaden?"

    The lowered voice shattered the air.

    As it is a serious problem for Kalykia, Violetta also stopped screaming and looked at me.

    "There are no gems currently in possession in Inoaden including me, so you don't have to be severe."
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    Thank you for the spoiler.
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    Thank you for the chapters <3<3<3 its very much appreciated <3<3<3
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    This makes me sad because even though she threw up, she's thinking about how delicious the meat was since she was unable to even eat decent food. Honestly, I hate it when the family hate the child when the mother dies during childbirth. The child is not at fault. I understand you are hurt and grieving, but the child should not be the source of hate. That child was created out of love and should be treated with love.
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    Man my week has been horrible but you seriously made it so much better. Thank you~
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    I'll post the next chapter next week. :blobbunny::blobbunny:
    It wasn't a lie.

    The tears that I succeeded in saving on the spot have already been swallowed up and absorbed by my body, and the blood I gathered there melted and disappeared by the barriers of the palace.

    There were no other gems left in my hand.

    This time, whether he had confirmed that it was true, his gaze toward me softened more.

    Of course, that doesn't mean they believe in me.

    Anyway, the whereabouts must be investigated separately.

    I didn't think there would be me and Inoaden within that category.

    There will be no gems they can find in Inoaden anyway.

    However, those of Kalykia, who know that not only tears but eating them are more useful, must have doubts whether the effects of gemstones would have caused me to awaken so suddenly and become chief.

    Come to think of it, haven't you seen me in the basement where Margot picks up tears?

    He would not have seen the sight by swallowing tears after holding the child.

    If the child talked about it to other people, it wouldn't be a big problem.

    So, isn't it like that you can't spit out what you've already eaten.

    Even if it was a problem, it was enough if I brazenly grabbed it that it was something I didn't know.

    "Kalikia does not forget Inoaden."

    Before long, Violetta, who had completely saved her jewels and returned to her seat, opened her mouth.

    Axion suddenly went back to the chair and sat down.

    “Whatever the case, Miss Hillise, it's true that you have safely returned our dear child with your own hands.”

    Um ㆍㆍㆍ.

    Hearing these words in front of Axion Bergett seemed to feel a little uncomfortable.

    It was he, not me, who tried to rescue the child safely.

    Ak Zion looked at me with a peculiar smile in his mouth, holding his chin in his hand.

    "I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of Kalykia on this occasion. If there is any way to return, I promise to do my best under my name."

    However, that did not mean that he did not have to kick the opportunity that had rolled into his hand.

    It was originally what I wanted.

    "There is one thing I want from Kalykia."

    Originally, I was thinking of asking the head directly, but in this case, I decided to just communicate my intentions through Violetta.

    What I wanted them to do was very simple, and I was convinced that I would not refuse Kalykia as much.

    I didn't want to do this for as long as possible.

    "I would like to ask the head of Kalykia to accompany you to the 'Forest of the Four Seasons'."

    As soon as I said that there was something I wanted, Violetta and Terzo, who had momentarily hardened their faces, opened their eyes wide as if disturbed.

    Looking at the expression, it seems that I thought I would ask for Margot's tears.

    "Is that what the head of Inoaden wants?"

    Violetta looked at me with a somehow indescribable face.

    It was obvious that the chief Inoaden she was referring to was my father.

    The fact that I became the owner of Inoaden had not yet spread out.

    Violetta seemed to have misunderstood that she was asking me to listen to my father's request, although she said she would reciprocate with me at best.

    "That's right."

    Subsequently, I corrected her misunderstanding.

    "If the number of Kalykia accepts, I will accompany you."

    "Yes? But the Forest of the Four Seasons isㆍㆍㆍ."

    Violetta, who continued her words, frowning at her forehead, paused the next moment.

    Slowly her expression changed. The same was true of Terzo, who was next to her.

    "ㆍㆍㆍNo way?"

    As they lost their words, Axion spits out a shallow laugh between his lips.

    "It looks like we have to change the type of celebration for Inoaden."

    The fact that I was the one who would directly enter the forest of the four seasons meant that I was the head of Inoaden.

    Violetta seemed surprised, Terzo seemed distrustful, and Axion seemed to be having fun with this.

    "I see. Somehow... So, Miss Hillise requested to accompany you to the 'Forest of the Four Seasons'..."

    Then, in an instant, Violetta changed her eyes.

    But it was such a very short moment that soon no emotions were revealed in her.

    But I did not miss that moment and witnessed it.

    Then momentary enlightenment passed through my mind.

    This time the embarrassment she expressed was transferred to her me.

    No wayㆍㆍㆍ.

    Perhaps it was impossible to accompany the chief of Kalykia and the Forests of the Four Seasons.

    She wondered why she couldn't think of it.

    Only four generations were allowed to enter the forest of the four seasons.

    If it was the presence or absence of blood flowing through the powers that distinguished them from other families, then Kalykia, who had lost her powers, might have been excluded from it.

    Still, she thought it would be okay because she had the ability of the Eye of Truth ㆍ ㆍ ㆍ.

    That wasn't the reaction of Violeta, which was revealed in an instant.

    Terzo, who was next to her, was also stiffening her eyes.

    "I know well what Miss Hillise wants. I'll ask the chief."

    As much as Violetta thought that I might have been mistaken, she quietly cried out without any gaps.

    "But these days, the head of the head is not the same as before. So, sometimes I work on behalf of myself. For that reason, I may not be able to give you a positive answer. That should be kept in mind. "

    But the moment she heard that she was completely convinced.

    Now, in Kalykia, she was refusing to put on.

    I looked down at the sleeping child next to me, thinking it was upset.

    I felt embarrassed because I didn't think I would be rejected.

    I wondered if the stigma would spontaneously appear in Margot like Axion or me, but that expectation quickly fell.

    As I remember, in previous lives, Margot never became king of Kalykia without the abdication of the current chief.

    Maybe it was because Margot's abilities weren't very powerful, even though he had a sense of ability, or because the stigma of Kalykia had already been completely lost and was no longer handed down.

    Although there was no way for me to know the truth now.

    "Okay, I hope that the head of Kalykia doesn't overdo it because of my request."

    Whatever my heart, I reacted as if I didn't know anything.

    Violetta's face was calm, without any cracks.

    But if the series of assumptions that passed through my head were true, I couldn't imagine what her feelings would be like now.

    Terzo, who was staring at Violetta's face with a slightly subdued eye, soon turned and looked at me.

    "Do you have any other requests? If there is anything else you want or can do to help you, I will not be neglected as Kalykia."

    "The heart is enough."

    I replied roughly, halfway through his words.

    There was nothing in Kalykia unless it was to accompany the forest of the four seasons.

    It seems like we need to change the plan, somehow.

    It seemed like I had to send these people back and think about it.

    At that time, a slow voice came in from a diagonal direction.

    "Is there any reason to go with Kalykia?"

    It was a clear voice as if stuck in my ear.

    So I couldn't just pretend I didn't hear it.

    As I turned to the side where I heard the sound, my blue eyes staring at me and Jang's gaze met me.

    "If that's not the case, but if the purpose is simply to enter the 'Forest of the Four Season'...

    The first moment Axion opened his mouth, I noticed what he was trying to say.

    Probably not only me but the other two people would have noticed it without difficulty.

    It was an option I was deliberately turning away from.

    "It seems that the fastest way to get the answer you want is right in front of you."

    As before, I couldn't take it easy and chose silence.

    He was a man who had a weirdly big presence from the beginning even though he just sat quietly.

    When he opened his mouth, he immediately felt as if the air inside was flowing through him.

    Axion, lowering his hand, leaning on his chin, tilted his head, still staring at me.

    A quiet voice continued.

    "Finally, I unintentionally visited Kalykia on the day of the ball two days ago, so I'm looking for a new gift that deserves it."

    I didn't have the eyes of truth, but I was convinced that the words from Axion's mouth weren't the driving force behind him.

    When I looked at his expression or eyes, Axion wasn't saying these words with the intention of sarcasm leaving him behind because I took Margot that day.

    Axion Berzetrani with a long back end.

    It was a sound that would make anyone laugh just by listening.

    So I was even more puzzled.

    As far as I know, Axion wasn't the first person to do this troublesome thing.

    Seeing Violetta and Terzo looking at him with unfamiliar eyes now, it seems that the Axion Bergetts they know is no different from what I knew.

    During everyone's confusion, Axion still acted as a very polite gentleman to me and made an indisputable proposal.

    "So, if I could give a little help to Miss Inoaden, who was in charge of Kalykia at this time, I wonder if it would be good for all three families."

    The indescribable emotions instantly soared like fire, then slowly began to sink back to the ground.

    The eyes of Axion, who had been staying with me from before, were watching me quietly even at this moment.

    During that short time, thoughts flowed into my head.

    However, there was only one conclusion that was drawn through any process.

    "If you accept, I will accompany you."

    Axion added a wedge.

    As I faced the deep blue gaze penetrating me from the front, I finally acknowledged it.

    In any way, it makes the most sense to accept Axion's proposal.
    8. King of Inoaden and King of Bergett

    "Sister, have all the guests gone back?"

    After the four had left Inoaden's mansion, Gabriel sneaked up.

    I ignored her and headed to my room.

    Gabriel was chasing after me to see if there was still anything left to say.

    "They came here because of what happened at the ball in Kalykia, right? I would have wished I also attended at that time."

    A voice filled with regret was pressed behind the light footsteps.

    "But why did the head of Bergett come?"

    Gabriel asked a desperate question from behind me.

    She was a little peculiar.

    Since there have been various things in the mansion, she has been eager to see me, but at times like this, she didn't seem to be very afraid of me.

    "Whenever I see him, I feel sad. My eyes didn't stop before, but it was creepy at the moment. Is it because the atmosphere is so cold?"

    Gabriel, who followed me by my side, shuddered, saying so.

    I thought Axion was a little scary when I was young, so it wasn't that Gabriel's reaction was not understood.

    Then suddenly I remembered what I had forgotten for a moment.

    "There is another thing I want to check with Miss Inoaden."

    Then it turned out that I couldn't hear what Axion was trying to check with me.

    Well, seeing that Axion has just returned, it seems that it wasn't very important.

    "Oh! The one the older sister was holding! Isn't that the kid that he has this ability of Kalykia?"

    Gabrielle, who chatted a few more words, raised her voice as if she suddenly remembered something she forgot.

    Gabriel, whose stride was shorter than mine, drooped back, moved faster with frequent steps.

    She looked at me as she, who came closer to me, twinkled her eyes.

    "So, Is he going to be a successor other than Violetta Kalykia?"

    She was making the expression of dying because she was curious.

    The rivalry that Gabriel had with Violetta was something I knew very well.

    So now she easily guessed this.

    She's probably looking forward to Violetta, who was called Princess of Kalykia, being pushed out of her successor rankings.

    In any case, for me, it was unpleasant for Gabriel to pay attention to Margot.

    So I turned my head back and asked another person who had been following me.

    "What is father doing now?"

    When I first talked, May opened her mouth with displeasure.

    "He's not getting up from his seat yet."

    "What about Ricardo?"


    "My brother is in the library now!"

    This time Gabriel was one step faster.

    She quickly intercepted May's words and answered me.

    "You don't have to worry about her sister because he's been stuck in the library for a few days! If brother bothers sister again, I'll stop it!"

    At the same time, even her two fists were very squeezed and pledged to be hypothesized.

    May looked at Gabriel with her slightly disrespectful eyes.

    It seemed that May had some dissatisfaction with her words.

    Also, the expression seemed to be feeling even the slightest alertness to her.

    I kept moving on, leaving them behind.

    It was worth seeing what Ricardo was doing in the library right now.

    There's no way you can't be reading or reading books leisurely in this country.

    While his father was lying, he was following him and scrutinizing the documents in the mansion.

    However, that there is no other useable content in it, I knew best, who had already searched all the houses of the house in my last life.

    When I finally got to the room, I turned around and ordered May.

    "I'm sending an invitation to the four generations. I'm going to hold a grand banquet in the king's palace on the last day of this month."

    Realizing what that meant, Gabriel and May stopped and looked at me.

    I left them in the hallway and went into the room and closed the door.

    "It was also time to announce that the owner of Inoaden had changed."

    * * *

    "My lady, I'll have refreshments."

    The next day while in her garden sipping her leisurely tea alone, May pulled a new tray.

    "These are the most famous cakes in the most popular stores these days! It would be nice to try some new ones, so I prepared them."

    She laid out a variety of refreshments on the table and looked at me with a flashy glance.

    When I looked down, I noticed that the cakes that looked pretty and tasteful were on top of the pretty plate.

    I put my cup down, glanced at what was in front of me, and lifted a fork.

    "How is it? Is there anything that suits your taste?"

    May watched as I tasted the prepared cakes with eyes mixed with anticipation and anxiety.

    After a while, I replied briefly.

    "Three all."

    "Hehe, that's good! Then I'll prepare all three types next time!"

    All the cakes were delicious.

    There was nothing particularly interesting or interesting in this life, but it was a new, trivial job that satisfies the taste buds.

    When I wasn't doing anything, I suddenly felt like I was empty.

    At that time, I felt like I had to eat anything to fill my stomach.

    So it certainly seemed that the amount of food was increased compared to the previous ones.

    May looked at me eating the cake with a proud face.

    Today's May was so eager to choose only the things that I would be pleased with so that her memories from the first time I saw them in this life were in vain.

    Even though I didn't do it as I do now, I first gave it my taste, but it came.

    That didn't mean that May got better, but I liked this a bit.

    Perhaps that's why I've left May by my side longer than initially expected.

    Then I saw Ricardo stepping into the entrance to my garden.

    He was approaching me quickly with a hard face even from a distance.

    When I found Ricardo, May who followed my gaze, she stepped back quietly.

    "What are you talking about holding a banquet in the king's palace?"

    Ricardo, standing in front of me, spit out a slightly elevated voice.

    He has been visiting me twice since yesterday evening.

    But I didn't open a visit to him.

    So it seemed that I was aiming for this time now when I came to the garden.

    "That's what it means as it is. You don't understand that?"

    I said with a sip of tea.

    Ricardo's face had been emaciated for days.

    The complexion was not bright and the under-eye was slightly darkened, so the atmosphere was darker than before and a depressing atmosphere flowed.

    When he even made a stiff expression in such a state, his eyes sharpened and drew a clearer shape.

    "My father is lying down like that, but there's a banquet. That's no other than your celebration banquet ㆍㆍㆍ."

    Ricardo asked it hard as if suppressing the feelings of the chime.

    "Cancel it now."

    Again, it was clear that Ricardo had bad hair.

    He still doesn't understand the reality he's in, or whether he's struggling to negate reality.

    I put the teacup down on the table.

    "I would have said. From now on, I will give orders, and you just have to follow."

    Then he recited what he had said to him the other day.

    "If you don't like that, I told you to go out. Are you begging like a nerd who can't understand what you're talking about because it's difficult?"

    Ricardo's face, eaten by the shadow of a tree, had an emotional imbalance.

    "Or is it just that you want me to get rid of it myself?"

    His eyes were fluttering with passionate anger even in the shadows.

    "Hillise Sister!"

    However, the moment of Ricardo's momentum was disturbed by Gabriel's voice heard from the back.

    Ricardo, flinching his eyes, turned his head in the direction he heard the sound.

    Gabriel, who was running with a smile, also found Ricardo, who was hidden behind the tree.

    A sense of perplexity suddenly appeared on her face.

    "Ri, Ricardo brother?"

    Gabriel slowed down her steps as she was approaching me gladly.

    Ricardo turned his gaze back to me and whispered in her voice, sinking low.

    "I'll talk about it again later."

    He was a little hurried.

    Before Gabriel came, he seemed to be rushing out of his seat in front of me.

    I could easily write down what Ricardo's psychology was.

    In his mind, he had a deep impression of what had happened at the restaurant last time.

    So, he actively defended himself in front of me and was afraid that the same thing would happen again.

    Furthermore, it was clear that nowadays, when it comes to Gabriel, he was going to leave in such a hurry that he would be embarrassed in front of his younger sister.


    I opened my mouth as I looked at the back of Ricardo, who had just stepped out of the seat.

    "I'd rather stay quiet in the study room as before and roll my head hard. Don't be bothered by going out needlessly trying to say something like this for nothing."

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    The moment my voice passed over the grass, Ricardo stood.

    "Because it would be better for you to hide behind your father's shade like that."

    His head slanted at me.

    Ricardo's face was stiff and distorted.

    He seemed to feel humiliation and anger at the same time as he was betrayed in front of Gabriel.

    It must have been a scene in Ricardo's life that he had never even imagined.

    But he couldn't make a loud voice in front of me as before.

    "Well, yes, brother."

    At that time, Gabriel, who couldn't do this or that, came out from a distance and looked at Ricardo and quickly approached, as if she had hardened her mind.

    "Quickly go back inside. Don't bother with sister Hillise while she's resting."

    Gabriel even pushed Ricardo's back firmly as if to go ahead.

    Somehow, yesterday, there was something that she swore by herself in front of me, and it seemed to me that she was doing this to show me how to keep it.

    "Gabriel, youㆍㆍㆍ."

    Ricardo looked down at Gabriel and couldn't speak.

    There was even a slight sense of betrayal in his eyes.

    Gabriel was startled.

    "Brother, don't hold on to it, and when I make a chance like this, just pretend you can't win and get in quickly! When I see sister Hillise's eyes, you're the only one who's out of sight." *I'm sorry:blobtired: I don't really understand this part ("오빠,버티지 말고 내가 이렇 게 기회를 만들어 줄 때 그냥 못 이긴 척하고 얼른 들어가! 힐 리스 언니 눈 밖에 나 봤자 오 빠만 손해야.")*

    She whispered to Ricardo.

    But her voice was louder than I thought, so I heard everything.

    For Gabriel, she may have said it was for Ricardo, but in the end, it was just like asking him to look at my eyes.

    Ricardo's tooth was clenched.

    I drank tea and admired the ridiculous sight in front of me.

    Ricardo looked at Gabriel and me with his swaying eyes and finally withdrew quietly.

    But turning back and crossing the garden, his fists were painfully clenched.

    "Sister! I removed Ricardo's brother. Now, let's relaxㆍㆍㆍ Oh!"

    Not to Ricardo, Gabriel ran to me, shining her eyes, asking for praise.

    Then she folded her feet and fell on the grass.

    It didn't seem to have been taken deliberately, but Gabriel's figure, who fell in the green grass, was just as pitiful as an actor on the stage.

    In a way, that was also a skill.

    She didn't get up right away, she groaned a little, pulling her sloppy hair off with her hand.

    Her face was revealed by her words with a sad expression among her golden hair shimmering in the sun.

    "Sister Hilliseㆍㆍㆍ I think I sprained my ankle."

    Gabriel's moist eyes stared at me as if expecting something.

    I looked at Gabriel like that and got up in her seat.

    "Oh, my sister."

    As I walked in front of her fallen Gabriel, she stopped her tone and she looked up at me.

    I leaned slightly and reached out my hand.

    Then Gabriel made a touching expression.

    "Sister, thank youㆍㆍㆍㆍ"

    But instead of grabbing Gabriel's shy hand, I picked up the envelope that had fallen in front of her.

    Gabriel, who had been smacking in vain, made a stupid look.

    "Isn't this coming in front of me?"

    It was a letter that had been in her hand from when Gabriel rushed into my garden.

    So, just in case, when she fell a while ago, when I saw the envelope that fell in front of her, there was also my name written on it.

    "Well, ah, yesㆍㆍㆍㆍ that's right."

    Gabriel seemed to have misunderstood that I had reached out to raise her hand.

    She then realized that it was her misunderstanding, she and she stuttered embarrassingly.

    Her face was a little bit red.

    "Why are you carrying this?"

    "I wanted to pass it on to my sister, so I brought it from the maid."

    No matter how long she waited, when I did not reach out again, Gabriel eventually faltered and woke up alone.

    I looked at the employees waiting in the corner of the garden.

    "Lady, did you call?"

    Then, May, the most noticeable among them, came to me with a quick step.

    "Putting an important letter coming to me to someone else's hand on is a mess of my employees. If this happens one more time, I'll fire all the employees in the mansion. Tell everyone that way."

    May replied that she would understand quickly.

    "Hey, Hillise, are you mad at me?"

    Gabrielle also heard me and her complexion became white.



    "That doesn't make you feel good. I don't like you."

    Gabriel was fine and froze.

    I walked past her with the letter.

    In the past, there was a time when I felt guilty toward her for choosing her fiance, Christian.

    However, it also became increasingly diluted over time, and it was completely gone now, through the last seventh life.

    As I crossed the garden, I looked down and saw what I had in my hand.

    The luxurious indigo envelope, sealed with a seal, had Bergett's crest engraved on it.

    Axion must have sent it because of the conversation we had in the drawing-room yesterday.

    "Hey, Sister Hillise, wait a minute! Sisterㆍㆍㆍ!"

    A fairly desperate call came from behind me walking towards the mansion.

    Soon there followed the limping footsteps.

    She indeed sprained her leg when she fell a while ago, so she couldn't follow me properly.

    There was a new thought in my mind about the letter from Axion Bergett.

    So there was no place for Gabriel to intervene.

    Thinking that I should go inside and check the contents of the letter, I headed to the room.

    * * *

    A few days later, I was ready to go out.

    Until this morning, the house had been noisy because of my father.

    It was because he heard about the celebration at the King's Palace.

    My father, knowing that I had decided to hold a banquet at will, flipped his eyes and ran out of the room.

    However, he was not able to take a few steps in front of his visit because he was not fully recovered.

    So I was told that Ricardo had been in his father's room since then.

    "My ladyㆍㆍㆍ, No, my master you have fair and beautiful skin so everything looks good on you!"

    May showed off flattery and listened to me.

    I thought she would change my clothes and arrange my hair, but I was thinking about something else for a while and I saw that she started to take jewelry alternately, so I stop her hand.

    "Stop. That's it."

    I wasn't going to a banquet, but I didn't even need to elaborately dress up.

    May seemed to be sorry, but she backed out without saying a word.

    I was thinking about removing the messy big head ornament and even the earrings, but I just woke up when I knew it was time for the appointment.

    * * *


    After a while, I arrived at the king's palace.

    "Good afternoon, the head of Inoaden."

    As soon as the wind had subsided to some extent, a quiet voice broke through the eardrum.

    When I opened my eyes, I saw the man who had promised to meet with me today.

    It arrived just at the promised time, but Axion had already arrived.

    His appearance stood out against the backdrop of a pure white palace.

    I could see the black hair still fluttering shallowly by the wind I caused.

    The blue eyes that were revealed in the meantime we're holding me without shaking.

    Even today, the royal palace was filled with divine energy.

    I looked back at the Axion Bergett melted in that without any discomfort.

    "You came early."

    "I've just arrived, too."

    With such a short reply, Axion approached me.

    Suddenly, I recognized that my eye level with him was different from before.

    Unlike Axion, who was completely on the level above the stairs, I stood a few steps down.


    Realizing the reason, I took a step and climbed the stairs.

    Axion watched me still like that.

    Come to think of it, the current situation was the opposite of the last scene in life.

    At that time, I was looking down at Axión Berzette from the stairs.

    Chrip. Chrip.

    Above my head, there was a clear chirping sound.

    It was quite new to see him face to face again in such a peaceful scene.

    When I finally stepped on the last step and climbed completely upward, for some reason, Axion frowned subtly.

    "Last time I felt it vaguely, but the scent..."


    It was a murmur sounding like a self-talk, but it was enough to reach my ears.
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