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    Thank you so much for your hard work and spoilers that you give for everybody :aww::aww::aww::aww::aww::aww::blobpeek::blobpats::blobpats::blobpats::blobbunny::blobbunny:
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    I’m getting there, thank you so much for all you do!
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    His eyes, staring at me, were faintly young with a different emotion than before.

    Incomprehensible it seemed to be an insignificant difficulty.

    Are you referring to the scent that occurs when flowers bloom when I use this power?

    Looking at the expression, it seemed to stimulate Axion's sense of smell in a bad sense.

    Seeing Axion's reaction, I also smelled the smell of my body.

    "Is it bad? I don't know."

    But even so, this was not something I could do on my own.

    Because Axion's reluctance to smell flowers made me compelled to work in front of him.

    "Rather than that."

    As if he didn't know what to explain, Axion narrowed his eyes.

    "ㆍㆍㆍIt feels a bit dangerous."

    The back words became small like self-talk, so I couldn't hear them properly.

    But soon the story stopped there because he turned the subject away, erasing the expression on his face.

    "No. I'll get used to it anyway."

    After that, Axion said.

    "I received the invitation from Inoaden better than that. Of course, I will be there, but I would like to congratulate you in advance."

    Only after Axion said that I remembered that he had previously called me 'Head of Inoaden'.

    When I recalled it late, I felt somehow unfamiliar.

    What's more, I was curious to see Axion, who wasn't another person, treating me equally.

    "Thank you. During such a busy time, you can also take time to help."

    I expressed my gratitude to Axion that it deserved.

    Looking at it, now he and I were very polite to each other.

    The attitude I had at the meeting with the two of Kalykia last time was continuing.

    It could be said that it was quite a contrast to the one who talked comfortably to each other in the basement a while ago.

    Maybe it was because each person's position and location were different from then.

    However, neither didn't feel very uncomfortable.

    "As I said, I may ask you to accompany me several more times in the future, but I hope it will be okay."

    Axion and I headed for the ninety-nine gate side by side while having a good conversation.

    Last time in Inoaden, I thought that even if other people were there and cared about, if we were together like this, we could ask more about the work in the basement, but he didn't say anything about it.

    That was a little unexpected, and I thought it was Axion on the contrary.

    “It’s not a problem because I was going to be free for a while.”

    However, listening to the words of Axion added after that, I had to stop.

    "Of course, if the other person was a different person, the answer would have been different."

    Inadvertently, he lifted his head and looked at Axion.

    He also looked at me at the same point and made eye contact.

    "ㆍㆍㆍSo, when you came to Inoaden last time, didn't you say that you had something to check?"

    This time I turned the topic.

    "Oh, it was."

    Then Axion stretched his words a little slowly as if he had remembered what he had forgotten for a while.

    Axion seemed to be thinking about something for a moment.

    His face became a little itchy as he stared at me.

    However, he subsequently cleared out the unknown emotion that had been thinly spread over his eyes, as if it were nothing.

    "My business is not urgent, so I'll ask later."

    I was a little puzzled, but I didn't want to go further because I didn't need to ask myself for being myself.

    Axion reached out to me when I reached the front of the ninety-nine door.

    "Then raise your hand."

    At the moment, I was suspicious.

    I looked up at his face and quietly looked down and stared at the hand protruding forward.

    Today Axion's hand was bare, without his gloves on.

    After a while, I looked back and captured Axion's face in my sight.

    Whether he knew what my gaze meant, this time Axion stopped.

    He pretended not to misunderstand.

    "I thought you might know it, but if you want to enter the forest of the four seasons, contact is essential."

    When I heard that, I thought for a moment and asked.

    "If you touch the barrier at the same time without contact?"

    "If you want, try it."

    Axion followed my word without frowning once.

    He and I simultaneously extended our arms forward.


    However, Barrier still stopped Axion and me from seeing the intruders.

    Axion once again reached out his hand to me.

    It seemed like he was escorting just before entering the banquet hall.

    Eventually, I took Axion's hand without much.

    At first, I was just putting my hand lightly on his hand, but afterward, Axion wrapped around his hand and the contact became thicker.

    My nerves were on the verge of feeling the warmth of others sticking to my palms.

    Step step.

    Just then, a small sound of feet came from the side.

    I turned to the side where the popular chuck appeared.

    It was two men who showed up at the side of Axion.

    One of them was someone I had seen right here just a few days ago.

    Christian Parbenon and his subordinate Lenoch.

    However, this time they had not just arrived at the king's palace, but they seemed to have already gotten out of one of the ninety-nine doors after finishing their business here.

    The two men, standing with the door behind their backs, both turned their heads at the same time to see if they felt the presence of someone from the side. The appearance of Axion was captured in their sight.

    At that moment, Christian's red eyes froze coldly.

    As if flowing down, the gaze that moved a little further down stopped at the hand of Axion and me.

    Cristian's beautiful face is cracked.

    "ㆍㆍㆍ Why are you two together?"

    At first glance, it was a voice that sounded calm, but there was an unrefined rough feeling in it.

    Axion's gaze also slid sideways.

    However, the gaze that briefly touched Christian immediately shifted back to me.

    I also took my eyes off Christian and looked up at Axion.

    I met his eyes shortly.

    Axion moved when he felt that his hand tightening suddenly became a little stronger.

    His firmly grasped hand was pulled forward, and his feet were taken off by themselves.

    I felt the hair hanging below my shoulder and the jewelry stuck in my ear shaking one time after another.

    So Axion and I, holding hands and stepping into the ninety-nine door, leaving those outsides.


    This time, she was able to successfully cross the barrier without difficulty.

    "For your information, you should use the same method when going out."

    Axion said while passing through the invisible membrane.

    I felt weird at the moment when I heard a quiet voice digging through my eardrum.

    It was a reaction that I hadn't seen anyone I met outside for an instant, and it was a calm attitude.

    But Axion certainly saw Christian.

    Nevertheless, he blatantly ignored him, whose eyes were shining coolly, and led me to step into the door.

    Was the relationship between the two bad?

    I knew that Christian was not very pleased with Axion, but Axion's attitude was a bit questionable.

    I looked up at the man's face next to me for a moment and then looked down.

    His eyes touched his hand, where Christian's eyes had been nailed until the end.

    ㆍㆍㆍYou have to hold your hand as you do now when you go outside the barrier.

    I don't know when this barrier that leads to the forests of the four seasons has been in place, but I couldn't understand why such an inefficient rule was created.

    As if recognizing my thoughts, Axion added from the side.

    "There is a theory that this is to prevent unpleasant things from happening in a closed space where only the heads of the four generations can enter."

    The content of the words that followed was quite eerie.

    "If the two come in and one dies, eventually the other way out will disappear."

    Is it.

    Did you create such a rule to prevent you from secretly killing other chiefs in this uncomfortable mind?

    Looking at it, the story that the chieftains had been found dead in the forest of the four seasons a long time ago remained like a ghost story.

    But what if three or four come in and kill one or two?

    Can't the rest of the people leave this place?

    Does it mean that it is impossible to go outside when only one person survives, that the body is not treated as a person?

    I raised my head for a moment, but I decided to quit because it became annoying to think deeply.

    "Well, it's just a hypothesis anyway. Some parts aren't explained logically, as are common in old stories."

    When I saw that the successive voices didn't contain as much of an interest in my eyes, it seemed that Axion had never thought deeply.

    Rather, I'm inside now, I think I can let go of your hand.

    "Come this way."

    At that time, Axion pulled my hand, still holding it tight, as he did a little while ago.
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    You out here doing Gods work
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    The chapter 46 is gone
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    uhh im sorry but is it just me or chapter 46-49 are gone? (┬┬﹏┬┬) or is it already taken down? if anyone knows please notify me
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    Well... the previous comment was deleted because it violates the rules... I'm sorry :blobcry: the download link ones, but I'm pretty sure the file is just a view only, but it's still a link, so... once again I'm sorry, just pm me if you haven't read it. As always, I hope it's readable. :blobtired::blobtired:
    Side. Piece of The Past 3

    It was in her third life that Diego first discovered how to transfer Hillise abilities to Ricardo.

    Hillise faltered when she opened the black box in front of her.

    "Fatherㆍㆍㆍ, what is this?"

    "You'll have to eat every day from now on. Think of it as medicine."

    It looked like a red pearl, and it also looked like a coloured bead.

    One thing is for sure, as Diego said, it was never seen as a pill that could be taken.

    For some reason, I felt ominous energy flowing over the vivid red lustre.

    Still, Hillise did what Diego told her to do when he said it was the only way to transfer her power to Ricardo.

    It wasn't as difficult as Hillise was prepared to swallow what Diego gave her every day as if she were taking medicine before meals.

    As Diego said, it was true that it was a strange medicine, and soon after I took it, I felt that the strength of my body was weakly reduced.

    At this rate, I thought Ricardo's strength would be transferred quickly, so Hillise seemed to be a little relieved now.

    It was about 15 days after I felt strange.

    Hillise became very sleepy and felt an unprecedented sense of fatigue.

    One day, I opened my eyes in the morning and woke up from bed and was injured by falling to the floor because I had no strength in my body.

    The days of nosebleeds increased, and sometimes I had blood clots.

    My heart often felt stuffy and aching, as if a huge stone had been placed on my chest.

    As the time goes, Ricardo said the more she did, the better she was, and he's adding, "Don't worry about useless things and take red medicine more often.".

    Hillise's body became weaker and weaker.

    It was as if it was not only strength that was dying inside her.

    The body began to dry out day by day like an empty branch, and later, without someone's help, it was impossible to stand up and walk alone.

    Ricardo, who sometimes appeared in front of Hillise, would also harden his face to Hillise, who was getting thinner day by day.

    Hillise sometimes refused to take it, feeling intense fear.

    At that time, Diego scolded Hillise severely, saying, "I'm going to give you a hard time."

    However, Diego also seemed wasn't comfortable looking at Hillise, who is getting sicker as the day went by, and from some point on, he would persuade her with a softer tone than usual.

    Hillise also became weak, suppressing the fear in her heart and swallowing what Diego had given her.

    Like that, a few more months passed.

    Now, in Hillise's body, only a weak sensibility was stuck like a shallow current.

    But that handful of power never disappeared from Hillise, making Diego nervous.

    * * *

    "Why there still no news? It was said that if you feed Calicia's tears, your power will be completely dissipateㆍㆍㆍ!"

    Diego was angry again.

    It was a surprising fact that Diego discovered after investigating various fields. Still, the blood of Kalykia had the effect of permanently consuming the power of the person who swallowed it little by little.

    On the contrary, it was said that swallowing tears permanently enhances strength, unlike just holding them in the body.

    When I heard the amazing story, I searched the old books in the 'Forest of Four Seasons' and checked them out, and it was all true.

    Furthermore, as if by fate, the news came to his ears that a successful successor had appeared in Kalykia just in time.

    At that time, Diego was forced to soak in joy.

    At first, Diego almost shed tears, but it was so precious that it was difficult to obtain.

    Diego let go of his greed and secretly airlifted blood.

    Of course, you couldn't officially ask for blood from Kalykia.

    However, it was not so difficult to obtain blood through someone who gave him the actual value of Kalykia's gem.

    It was heard that the successor of Kalykia, who appeared this time, returned from outside after a long torment.

    Therefore, it was possible to secretly find red jewellery that had been offered through an auction on the black market.

    I needed as much blood as I could.

    He didn't know how much it would take to completely extinguish Hillise power.

    Diego pushed ahead with the plan, although he heard that taking Calicia's blood for an extended period would have a horrible effect on the body.

    Innoaden's abilities were handed down through awakening only to one person whose blood had chosen to succeed.

    So the truth is, without complication, that if Hillise dies, this function will manifest itself in Ricardo, the only remaining direct descendant.

    However, I couldn't even kill my daughter.

    So Diego thought of using Kalykia's blood to annihilate the power from Hillis.

    I heard that after the force is forced to remove the force in that way, Inoaden's ability will then be transferred to Ricardo, considering Hillise dead.

    But it wasn't as easy as I thought.

    The only handful of Hillise's power persisted and made Diego impatient.

    No matter how much blood he poured on Hillise, it was useless to take it.

    Soon, Diego realized that the task of removing only the senses from Hillise's body was trickier than he thought.

    "Is it today too?"

    "Yes, there is no news yet."

    Diego checked with Ricardo every day, but whenever Diego asked, he just bowed his head.

    "Try using this ability. I need to see how much power is left."

    He also visited Hillise every day.

    "Why on earth was your strength so tenacious! Are you sure you're eating everything I gave you?"

    Hillise lay in bed and breathed hard.

    Diego seemed suspicious, even though he had seen her eat Kalykia's blood every day.

    "Swallow everything in front of me right now."

    Diego, annoyed, took Hillise's bottle by her bedside and poured all the red jewels into his hand.

    In Hillise's room, red jewels were all over the place like decorations.

    In particular, bottles of jewellery were displayed around Hillise's room.

    Even if you can't just eat it, the blood of Kalykia worked just by keeping it there.

    So Diego put a bunch of red jewels in Hillise's room.

    "Don't leave anything behind and eat it all away because I've decided to bring more new blood tomorrow."

    At that moment, Hillise froze.

    "Bloodㆍㆍㆍ? Is this blood?"

    A poignant voice leaked out of her dry, cracked lips.

    Diego, who had been hiding it from Hillise so far, stopped.

    However, he looked at Hillise with cold frozen eyes and dismissed her coldly.

    "You just have to listen to me as well as before. Now, open your mouth. I'll feed you myself."

    "I… I'm scared. Father, is this really a medicine that transfers my abilities to my brother?"

    "So you're saying I'm poisoning you? Don't talk nonsense. Just eat what I give you!"

    With that, Diego forces to feed Hillise Kalykia's blood.

    Eventually, in that third life, Hillise died of exhaustion.

    The overly weakened body was remarkably weaker than her ability to persist until then.

    It was on the dawn of a cold winter's day when a cold, fleshy breeze blows through the tightly closed window.

    Hillise lay in bed, vomiting dark blood, and quietly breathed.

    It was a silent death that no one even watched beside her.
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    Umm, well… I’ve been busy these days so, I don’t know when I’ll post the next chapter:blobtired::blobtired:. But I’ll still mtl this novel when I have free time, so don’t worry. As always, I hope It’s readable. :blobbunny:
    For an instant, my fingertips flinched.

    There was a lot of fog in my view that I couldn't tell even an inch ahead.

    My body temperature and the pressure surrounding my skin were felt more clearly because nothing was in my eyes.

    Axion's back, walking ahead of her, was dimly seen in her fog.

    At the very moment, the moment the thought of just using force to make the fog disappear was just passing through her head, the front of her eyes gnawed brightly.

    * * *​

    The sound of a pricking, crying bird, rang clear in my ears.

    After the fog was cleared, I was struck by the magnificent scenery that was finally revealed.

    As its name suggests, 'The Forest of the Four Seasons' took the shape of a forest.

    However, the leaves that were breaking under the sunlight were all brilliant golden colours with different concentrations.

    The gentle breeze with a strangely sweet scent created a dazzling golden wave and danced in an ecstasy full of sight-like waves.

    The sound of the leaves holding onto the body rang as clear and transparent as a bell.

    It couldn't escape from the forest, and it remained inside and echoed far away.

    It was a magnificent mystery that seemed unlikely to exist in this world.

    Even the purely white temple built in the middle of that unrealistic landscape was unsurprisingly beautiful as if it had never been burned by a human hand.

    "I didn't ask for the reason before, but I think you wanted to see the old books in the 'Forest of the Four Seasons'."

    Realizing that my hands were still overlapping, I remove my hand first.

    Axion walked ahead after I let go of his hand without saying anything.

    "The place where old documents of the four generations are collected in the building in the back, so come this way."

    As I climbed the stairs in front of me, the first place, like an altar, appeared.

    Delicately carved columns rose around the broad floor and supported the arched roof that sat on it.

    Even if it wasn't, I couldn't tell for a moment whether the place where I was standing was a dream or a reality.

    But what caught my eye was the writing on the ground floor.

    Prove yourself chosen one. You ascended to the king's temple.

    I stopped striking.

    "This place?"

    "It is said that the remains of the king were asleep."

    Axion's temperature stopped in place because I checked where my gaze reached.

    "In the past, it was said that the king's soul appeared directly in front of the heads of the four generations who proved themselves as written."

    Axion's voice was similar to when he raised the hypothesis about the rules of barriers.

    "There are related documents in it, so if you are curious, read it yourself."

    He seemed to dismiss all the stories he had spoken with his mouth as old myths or legends that were not realistic.

    It was worth it.

    It wasn't just Axion that no one believed in such a story today.

    I took my gaze away from the altar and walked a single path leading to the back of Axion.

    I walked through the corridor where the ivy (it's a plant name) came down and finally reached the building with the archives.

    This place was completely new on the outer wall, and the landscape that seemed to symbolize the four seasons was carved on the large door.


    As Axion pushed the door, the widest lobby appeared in front of him.

    There is no way that a person who cleans could come in here, but the indoor environment was pleasant.

    There seemed to be no dust on the floor, which flowed into a smooth gloss.

    Looking around, there were a total of five doors on the wall.

    "The middle room is a shared recording room."

    Axion explained without any signs of boredom or annoyance.

    "It can be considered that the documents that have the general contents of the old king and the entire four generations are usually located here. There is also a small rest area inside, so please refer to it."

    Since there is a separate rest area in the recording room, it should be said that this is very delicate.

    "And in the door with the crest of each family inscribed, there is a personal document of that family."

    As Axion said, the four remaining gates were each engraved with a sentence in the shape of a flower bud, water droplets, empty branches, and snow crystals.

    Each symbolized Inoaden, Kalykia, Bergett, and Parbenon.

    "Unless the head of the house permits, people of other families are not allowed to enter, so I think you only need to keep this in mind."

    Like the barrier in front of the Four Seasons Gate, there seemed to be another device here that blocked unauthorized people from entering.

    "Let's go inside. It's okay to take a leisurely look around and come out."

    I looked at Axion with fresh eyes.

    He accompanies me here at no cost, and he kindly explains this, but I don't want to do my troublesome colour once.

    Until now, I thought that Axion was a universally indifferent and unaffected personality to others who had nothing to do with him, but I thought he might have been prejudice.

    Well, looking at it, it seemed that Axion was generally kind to the weak and small children.

    So even before...

    "The head of Bergett is still kind."

    Words I thought about inadvertently leaked dry out of my mouth.

    I stepped forward and asked Axion.

    "What is the head of the Bergett doing while I'm inside?"

    But there was no answer from behind.

    Axion, who turned his head and checked, was looking at me with an indescribable expression.

    He had a face that seemed to have heard a strange and funny word.

    "Whyㆍㆍㆍ do you do that?"

    "Noㆍㆍㆍ, it's nothing."

    Then, with a dark smile, he replied, turning his head and looking around.

    "ㆍㆍㆍThere are a lot of documents I haven't read yet because I've only seen it once in the forest of the four seasons."

    Then Axion came out again and looked into her gaze.

    "Don't worry about this as I can have a good time."

    In response, I nodded a little.

    At first, I was thinking of returning Axion after only getting help entering the forest of the four seasons.

    However, knowing that I had to accompany him when I left this place, I couldn't help it even though I was a bit sorry for Axion, who had spent time here.

    He turned and stared at the high door in front of me.

    He then reached out his hand, grabbed the knocker with the same small bud pattern, and pushed it.


    At last, the thick smell of paper peculiar to an old library came out of the open door.

    I stepped into it.

    9. Remnants of Memories


    Axion twisted his head as he looked at the closed door in front of his eyes.

    He followed his inclined head, and a black-haired rock flowed slightly to the side of his blue eyes.

    "The head of Bergett is still kind."

    A while ago, the words I had heard from the person who had just entered the door echoed in my head.

    'Does it look like that?'

    Axion is kind.

    It was a sound that would remain with a bubble in his mouth if those who knew him, especially Bergett's siblings, heard it.

    This is the first word I've ever heard of since Axion was born, so I made a strange expression for an instant.


    However, it wasn't surprising that he was considered a kind person to Hillise Inoaden.

    Still, if Axion had been a kind person, he wouldn't have been ignoring Christian Parbenon, whom he had just met before the barrier, in that way.

    Axion frowned, recalling the previous incident.

    Hillise Inoaden's gaze is so dissatisfied with the other person's gaze.

    It was a very strange feeling that he felt for the first time in his life.

    Even when viewed objectively, there was no valid reason to do so, and even when viewed subjectively, it was unconvincing at all.

    To be weird, everything after the first meeting with Hillisee Inoaden in the basement was weird.

    Why don't you go to Inoaden to meet her and take the lead in walking through the Forest of the Four Seasons here?

    All in all, it was a choice that wasn't like mine.

    Still, I didn't understand what I was feeling surprisingly well, even if I thought about myself.

    Soon Axion took his gaze away from the door and stepped from the seat.

    Not knowing when Hillise would be out, he seemed to have to spend time in the public archives, not in Bergett's archives.

    As soon as I became the head, I came to the Forest of the Four Seasons once, and this was the first time I entered the forest again like this.

    So, it was almost 7 years in terms of the number of years.

    But it was a little weird.

    'Somehow, it doesn't feel like that old.'

    Axion thought, 'Is my memory such an emergency that the memories of 7 years ago remain as clear as yesterday', and stepped toward the public archives.

    Simultaneously, the indoor scenery that I looked at once did not feel unfamiliar, so Axion felt a strange feeling.

    * * *​


    I heard the door closing behind my back.

    Hillise stood alone in a room with solemn air flowing.

    Space inside was much larger than she imagined outside.

    And the bookshelf was filled with such a large number of books.

    Maybe that's why I thought this place might be called a forest.


    Tiny footsteps rang out loud in the enclosed space.

    Hillise walked a few steps before she took out any book that stood out.

    Record of 71 years after the king's death.

    What was on this bookshelf seemed to be an official document written by year about what had happened each year after the king's disappearance in this world.

    So, it's a document from nearly 3,000 years ago ㆍㆍㆍ.

    The storage condition of the paper was very good enough to be grotesque for such a thing.

    Hillise took a look at the contents of the document he pulled out.

    The first day of 71. Divine offerings are offered before the king's temple. This year's offering was chosen as the youngest heart of the Parbenon.

    Second day in 71. 1,800 temples were held in honour of the king's soul.

    Third day in 71. The cleansing offerings of mind and body were offered to the king's altar. Again, the king did not respond.

    Is it a human offering?

    Certainly, ancient times were ancient times, it's come out difficult to read from the perspective of these days.

    A phrase appeared from time to time saying that he offered sacrifices in honour of the dead king and prayed for peace this year without famine and disaster.

    Certainly, it felt like he was deifying the king more than the current generation.

    She put the document she was holding back to its original place and then turned to another bookshelf.

    If the document I saw a while ago was a compilation of papers tied with thread, the ones in this bookshelf were made with luxurious leather on the outside, it looked closer to the books these days.

    Among them, I picked one that caught my eye because the book was the thickest.

    41st Chief Carlos' Memoirs Vol. 13

    If it were 41 generations, it was about 300 to 400 years ago.

    What was here seemed to be handwritten by the chiefs.

    I opened the book first, wondering how the contents would be recorded.

    First of all, the writing was terrible.

    So, the text was not easy to read, so I focused on one letter and another.

    23 September 25. It was cloudy today. Around 1 pm, I had an appointment with Lugana of Kalykia and went out. As soon as I met her, she boasted so much about her lover that her stomach was twisted and almost died. Just five days ago, she said she fought with a guy in Montana, and she shut up late at night, crying, blowing, and raging. It's funny stuff. Do you know that they are the only ones who love the world? In less than a week after this, he must fight, but he can wear the moustache of Dominic, the head of the Parbenon.

    Hillise's pretty face frowned for an instant.

    While reading the notes on the paper, she ended up crumpling her face without knowing it.

    She momentarily passed her doubts in her mind.

    This is handwritten by the chief?

    It was very different from what I thought.

    Maybe all the documents here are like this?

    This time, I pulled out another document that was a little farther away.

    Records of the 41st leader Carlos, 108

    But this time, it was the same person's record.

    Hillise looked up and checked her bookshelf.

    The writing on the back of the book was so skewed that it was not recognized well at first.

    Shortly after that, she confirmed that the record for the 41st chief, Carlos, ended in volume 189.


    When I looked at it, most of the other heads were up to 50 books, no matter how long, but the numbers were continuous.

    But 189 books alone.

    It seemed that I hadn't made a choice right from the beginning.

    Hillise left her seat and looked around a little more, pulling out the record of another chief, whose writing on books and the like was the most calligraphy.

    The 29th Chief Veronica's Memoir Vol.5

    Age 30, Libra Month, Records of the First Day The heads of four noble families gathered at the King's Palace to discuss the harvest festival on the last day of the month. In Inoaden, 200 lambs, 150 deer with fine horns, and the most fragrant liquor in the holy grail, which the king himself had given him, were decided to give the truth. That glorious role was given to Lipolite, the fourth by a majority vote. Since this year is a good harvest, the Parbenon, who's been suffering for the past year, is also in a hurry. Thank you to the king for watching us up close today.

    Still, most of the records of this chieftain were about the official routines of the four generations.

    In the records of the 29th chieftain, there were many phrases expressing reverence and gratitude for the dead king.

    Hillise took out some of the other chiefs' records, quickly read them, then quickly closed the book and raised her head.

    Again, this tomb seemed to be working in the interior of this storage room as well.

    Everything she read was in very good condition, despite being a reasonably old document.

    And when she first opened the door, she felt a vague sense of anger.

    As she walked inside the library, she intensively looked at the places where it felt toxic.

    But she couldn't find anything to say.

    Hillise stood in the middle of the room, looked around, and looked up at the cloth above her head.

    The light was pouring down from the windows in the ceiling.

    A white light shone even on her head and face with her head up.

    "Hillise. How about going to the Forest of the Four Seasons?"

    While standing so alone in a static-filled space, the voice that had been asleep at the bottom of my memory suddenly tickled my ears.

    "I listened to this story that Hillise gave me last time and thought about it."

    The boy's beauty with a gentle reverberation shattered far.

    "I heard it too, but there are documents that record the history of each family."

    Margot at the age of 16.

    The last image of him I had seen in my previous life fluttered through the lights and fluttered.

    "It seems that some of the forbidden books that other families cannot tell are hidden in the secret spaces of each family."

    In the last seventh life, until Margot Calicia died, Hillise and he weren't very close.

    "I haven't been there because I'm not free to go out, but I also asked Axion, and it seems to be true."

    So Margot once told her about the Forests of The Four Seasons, saying that it was a story he had heard at first glance.

    "I don't know, but maybe what Hillise is looking for will be there."

    But at that time, Hillise wasn't the chief, so that she couldn't enter the Forest of The Four Seasons.

    After that, Margot died, and she also ended her seventh life, making it impossible to come here.

    However, at this time of the eighth repetition, Hillise had entered the Forest of the Four Seasons.

    Of course, it was not yet clear if there would be any clues to her death in this place.

    Still, for Hillise, she thought it was worth a try.

    If necessary, I thought of going through all of the literature here, but I didn't think it was necessary.

    It was evident that she wouldn't have known if she had been here before.

    However, now that she ate Margot's tears and took Diego's power, she felt like a faint flow of senses flowing inside this library.

    It seemed confident there was something here.

    I thought that I should focus on the places where I can feel even a little more substantial energy in them.

    Still, I decided to go outside after doing this for today.

    I was worried about Axion, who was waiting outside, as I couldn't tell how long it had passed since she came here.

    She thought she would have to bring a pocket watch the next time I came.

    So Hillise put what she had in her hand in an empty place on the bookshelf and then exited the door.

    * * *​


    When I got out, fresh air filled my lungs.

    The closed library didn't seem to be particularly difficult to ventilate, and the inside seemed to feel more stuffy due to the dense concentration of sensation.

    'Where is Axion Bergett?'

    I wondered if I had entered Berjett's archives.

    Before she found him, Hillise wanted to check if it was confirmed that she could not enter the room with the crest of another family.

    So I put my hand on the door of Kalykia right next door.

    But the door didn't even budge.


    Instead, it was brought to the doorknob, and the tingling sensation smeared in Hillise's hands, and the air in the room vibrated once.

    'Are you stopping the intruder in this way?'

    So, wanting to know how far she could withstand, Hillise put a more potent force in her hand.


    The wind rose from her front, and her hair fluttered behind her shoulders.


    The skin that touched the doorknob has been sharply pricked like a needle stabbing.

    The eardrums rang without whining at the waves created by the sharp wind.


    In the meantime, another sound faded, but Hillise couldn't.

    It was a time when Hillise instincts were trying to make her body even more despite the crushing force.


    Suddenly, a heavy warmth fell into her hand, which was holding the doorknob.

    At the same time, a soft voice from the right side came through the eardrum.

    As she turned her head, her head hit something.

    Hillise looked up and approached right behind her back and looked up at the man's face.

    It was a close enough distance to touch the back of the head, so just that alone caught my eyes.

    Likewise, the scattered black looked as if the blue eyes, shining like a meteor, were penetrating the power.

    Because of the pulsation of her senses, she didn't seem to notice Axion's opening the door and coming out and approaching her.

    Soon, the man's straight lips, which had been firmly closed, moved slowly at the end of Hillis' gaze.

    "It would be better to go there."

    This time, his voice was recognized because she focused on the existence of Axion above all else.

    A low whisper flowing without filtration reached my ear.

    It was a kind of sensation that didn't accustom to, simply as the body temperature of another person covering the back of the hand.

    Eventually, the waves of power from Hillise subsided.

    Her long hair, fluttering in the wind, also slowly and lightly landed over her shoulders.

    It was only then that Axion removed his hand from Hillise and stepped back.

    Then, a little cool air poured into the back of the hand where the warmth had overlapped.

    "Excuse me. You can't hear it even after I call you several times from behind."

    It was only after hearing that she realized that the low noise, faintly bleeding through the harsh winds, was the voice of Axion.

    She glanced at the door where Axion stood before her eyes, she said.

    "If I worked a little harder here, I would have been hurt."

    Hillise asked as if passing by, taking her hand off the door of Kalykia.

    "Are you an experience story?"

    Then, Axion passed by, his blue eyes staring at Hillise.

    "Well, that's what it is."

    Soon, a thin smile appeared on Axion's lips as if facing an accomplice.

    "In the case of me, I gave up only when my companion, who was next to me, didn't listen to it, and my hands became full of blood."

    It was not difficult to see 15-year-old Axion Berget, who looked as free as he did in the previous celebration, reaching out without hesitation to open another family's archives.

    Then Hillise suddenly became curious and asked.

    "Which family leader did you come with?"

    "I was with the head of Inoaden."

    When she heard that, Hillise stopped.

    Axion made a facial expression knowing what she was thinking.

    I don't know what kind of face Diego was at that time, but looking at Axion's eyes right now, it looked pretty funny.

    Even Hillise could easily imagine the scene at the time.

    Perhaps in this life, I thought that it resembled the expression that Diego used to make every time he saw Hillis.

    A faint fluttering sound emanated from Hillise lips.

    Axion saw a smile passing by on Hillise lips.

    It disappeared in a very moment, but now was the first time Axion saw Hillise smile.

    At that moment, my stomach fluttering strangely.


    Axion felt his tingling heart and narrowed his eyes.

    I felt like my heart was sinking for a moment as if I saw something that couldn't be seen.

    But he also felt he wanted to keep what he saw now in front of his eyes a little longer.

    But her Hillise smile disappeared without a trace too quickly, like a mirage.

    "It seems like this will be enough today, so let's stop."

    Hillise said, stepping out of the seat first.

    After her short gap, Axion opened his mouth.

    "Have you seen enough of the storage room?"


    "What else do you need to do?"

    "There is not."

    Soon Axion's black shoes also crossed the smooth marble floor.

    "Then let's go out."

    At the words of Axion, Hillise nodded her head small.

    She looked at the view from the lobby window, and it seemed that time had not passed.

    The two went out of the building side by side.

    * * *​

    On the way out and on the way, the altar I saw earlier came into my eyes again.

    Prove yourself chosen one. You ascended to the king's temple.

    Hillise pondered for a moment while putting the inscribed into her sight.


    However, the main hall was prayed anyway, and from a while ago, I felt strangely annoying, so I finally turned to the front of the altar.

    Axion was just watching her from behind as if he thought Hillise was trying to look at it more closely.

    Finally, on the floor with the letters, Hillise grabbed a handful of red-coloured hair.

    Then she brought the power to her hand.


    The hair in Hillise's hand was cut off in no time.

    Axion in the back suddenly stopped moving.

    He stood firmly as he watched the red hair falling on the handwriting in Hillise's grasp.

    Contrary to Hillise expectations, nothing happened.

    'Not hair. Thenㆍㆍㆍ.'

    This time, she changed the image she thought in her head and raised her arm.

    Axion noticed what she was going to do.

    "Wait a minute."

    Immediately after the voice of holding back rang in his ear, a heavy sound of footsteps approached from the back of Hillis

    But Hillise was faster.

    Saag! Hududugㆍㆍㆍ.

    Blood fell from the left palm cut by an intangible blade.

    A red spot quickly appeared on the white floor.

    "ㆍㆍㆍWhat are you doing now?"

    A stern voice pierced the eardrum from the ground.

    Suddenly, the man standing next to Hillise cast a black shadow over her head.

    Her bloody hand was grasped by a firm grip.

    The big handheld was wrapped around the wrist and back of the hand so that the wound would not be touched directly.

    It was a situation that felt quite similar to what it was indoors a while ago.

    Hillise glanced at him.

    Axion's face, looking down at her, was a little cold.

    Hillise briefly looked at his sharp gaze that pricking her face, then she turned away.

    The blood that fell on the floor soaked in as if sucked into the engraved letters, and there was no trace left.

    The rose that had bloomed beneath my feet was spontaneously shattered into light and disappeared.

    But just that, no other noticeable phenomenon happened this time.

    Well, is it natural?

    She tried it because she didn't know, and she wasn't expecting something extraordinary to happen.

    "I was just curious, so I tried it," she said.

    Hillise said as if it weren't a big deal.

    Then Axion's face glanced over.

    Then he silently looked into Hillis' face for a moment and then looked down again.

    "ㆍㆍㆍ Do you usually have to check everything you're curious about in-person to get rid of your curiousness?"

    That was the case up to the previous indoor work, but now Hillise behaviour was somewhat extreme.

    Without hesitation, she was cutting her flesh to check out this vain thing.

    Suddenly, I remembered that Hillise had been alone in the basement where Margot Kalykia was the other day, and my mood subsided.

    It was the same then and now to do anything like that might be dangerous.

    "Even so, it was too deep. It's still bleeding."

    I wish this ability were all-around, but it wasn't.

    So it was impossible to heal her wounds.

    But this time again, Hillise said casually.

    "It'll stop soon, so don't worry about it."

    Axion's face changed slightly with the coldness.

    He bites his lips, which had been interlocked.

    It was incomprehensible, but Hillise felt he was a little angry.

    "I'd like you to let it go because I think I'm going to get blood on your hands."

    She said as she glanced down at his hand.

    She pulled her arm back, but the strength that held her wrist was strong.

    Hillise's words were faintly frozen with his fingers touching the skin.

    However, contrary to her wishes, the grip around her hands even became a little stronger.

    Shortly after a shallow breath came out of Axion, his opposite hand, hanging down, moved.

    "I don't have a handkerchief at the moment, so please understand."

    Still, a low-temperature voice ran through my ears.

    Hillise flinched when she saw the tie that had been loosely tied to Axion's neck a while ago was released and wrapped in her hand.

    "Even if you leave it still, it will be stopped soon, so it's useless."

    "That's because I'm always kind. Don't mind."

    Axion shamelessly quotes her words from Hillise earlier.

    When Hillise heard her words, she stopped and bit her mouth.

    The wounded hand was slowly obscured by a dark-coloured cloth.

    Hillise did not wait any longer and pulled his hand out of Axion's grasp when it was finished.

    "Thank you."

    Dry greetings followed.

    Then she left Axion and walked ahead.

    Of course, Axion's stride was so significant that he caught up in a few steps.

    Since then, the two have been silent.

    Both faces were missing expressions.

    After a while, Hillise stepped first into the thick fog around her.

    It was like that before, but the fog was so thick that she couldn't even tell where to go.

    "This way."

    At that time, a weak force pulled Hillise's arm.

    It was a loose touch that could be resisted at any time.

    As I walked a few more steps, the warmth in my arms went down a little further and I wrapped my wrists around so that it wouldn't hurt.

    I felt a slight hesitation for an instant in the movement, perhaps an illusion, but it was just an instant.

    Axion grabbed Hillise by the wrist in a calm manner.

    Axion's oblique profile, which was walking one step ahead, dimmed into view.

    Hillisenarrowed her eyes slightly.

    "You're good at finding your way even though it's in a fog. Do you have any other milestones?"

    But Axion gave an embarrassing answer.

    "I'm just looking for persimmon." *T/N : It's a fruit name*


    At that moment, Hillisefelt a sense of embarrassment.

    She couldn't figure out what to react, so she was speechless for a while.

    Are you serious? Or are you just saying it because you don't want to tell me?

    Axion's side face, which looks blurred, contained silent tranquillity, like the fog spreading around him.

    I couldn't figure out what he was thinking right now.

    The two walked silently again.

    Hillise focused her attention on finding her way in the fog.

    She thought that if he didn't teach her, she would figure it out herself.

    However, as I pulled out my senses to the fullest, my nerves were distracted the most countless times from the touch that was transmitted directly through my right hand at this moment.

    Hillise's straight brows wriggled a little dissatisfied.

    Then, at one point, a white, arch-shaped white light that had not been seen until now came into her eyes.

    It seemed clear that it was the entrance.

    Hillise face frowned.

    Eventually, she couldn't figure out how Axion was finding his way in the fog.

    Because they were holding hands, the two crossed the barrier right away.

    So I left the door and went out of the Forest of Four Seasons.

    * * *​


    At one point, a deep light pierced the view, and Hillise closed her eyes slightly.

    Then, as she lifted her eyelids again, she saw the dark scarlet-coloured sky melting onto the earth.

    Hillise naturally lets go of Axion's hands and takes a few steps forward.

    The wind blows her hair, causing her to obscure her view for a moment.

    Hillise frowned and removed her fluttering hair.

    She was a little surprised.

    The passage of time was hardly felt in the Forests of the Four Seasons, but the sun was already setting outside the barriers.

    Is this also the influence of something inside the barrier?


    It was then a whisper that was crushed by the wind that flowed from behind the back.

    "Haven't we met here before?"

    At the moment when a low voice hits her ears, Hillisesuddenly had to stop moving.

    Slowly, the backside became cool and cold energy flowed into my chest.

    'What did he just say now ㆍㆍㆍ?'

    She turned in the direction Axion was standing.

    Soon after she got out of the barrier, I noticed a man standing a few steps away from Hillis, as if he hadn't moved another step.

    "By the time it's going like nowㆍㆍㆍ."

    Axion's lips opened again.

    "Alone in this king's palace where no one else is."

    Hearing the added words, Hillise instantly felt as if the blood on her fingertips was draining.

    Axion's eyes flying at her were essentially subdued, and it was a little rough and sharp like this of a blade just before it was rusted.

    Standing on the same day as if drifting by the beasts about to hunt, long energy flowed around.

    The back of the neck seemed to be bitten off without even a gap if it looked like this.

    But what is now in Hillise was not the clumsy, 19-year-old Hillise Inoaden.

    "No. You seem to be mistaken for someone else."

    She let the monotonous voice go out of her lips.

    "I've never met the head of Bergett here before."

    The expression of Hillise that facing him was not disturbed.

    It was not known whether Axion Bergett believed her words or not.

    This is because Axion also looked at Hillise with an unchanged expression and recited briefly after a while.

    "Is that so."

    However, the entangled gaze did not stop.

    Hillise felt it was time to part with him.

    She said goodbye first.

    "Thank you until late today. For the next appointment, please tell me when the schedule is okay, and I'll try to meet it as much as possible."

    "Okay, then I'll get back to you soon."

    Heelis used her ability.

    The wind mixed with petals covered her in peace.

    Axion's appearance in the sunset faded before her eyes.

    While everything around her was fluttering, the gaze staring at her was still straight, without a slight movement.

    It wasn't long before he closed her eyes against Axion in the storm of flowers.

    That way, she erased everything in her sight.

    * * *​

    "Master, you're backㆍㆍㆍAh, did you hurt yourself?!"

    May, who was welcoming Hillise home, was suddenly horrified.

    It was because red blood dripping from Hillise hands caught her eyes.

    "It's bleeding a lot, Lady!"

    When she heard May making a fuss, it was only then that Hillise realized that she had been clenching her hands unconsciously.

    As she released her strength from her clenched fist, a little pain broke through the cracked skin.

    "I'll call a doctor right now!"

    "You don't have to."

    Leaving the restless May behind, Hillise climbed the stairs.

    "That, then, Miss! I'll be carrying disinfectant supplies and medical supplies right away, so please wait!"

    May shouted behind Hillise and then disappeared quickly.

    She was pretty amazed, and even though Hillise didn't tell her, the title she used had changed by herself again.


    Hillise stopped again on the stairs.

    "Haven't we met here before?"

    Axion Bergett.

    Don't tell me you remember something?

    She even wanted to go back and confirm the facts with him, but she didn't want to know the answer either way.

    Axion's words caused not a tiny stir for Hillise.

    Hillise eyes staring at the wall in front of her shone brightly like a fragmented star.

    ㆍㆍㆍAs expected it might have been better not to meet him in this life.

    Hillise slowly bent her fingers and clenched her fists again.

    The touch of a slightly coarse cloth penetrated the tip of the finger.

    As if it were a catalyst, the past memories, which had been buried so far, emerging from deep water.

    Hillise slowly climbed the stairs again.

    As if trying to get rid of the afterimages of memories that wrap around her ankles.

    However, like other traces of the past, it was already part of Hillise, and there was no way to erase it completely.
    10. Prospective Suitors

    "Did you call me, Chief?"


    As soon as Christian opened the door and entered, something flew in.

    It could have been avoided, but Christian didn't and just fit it as the person in front of him wanted.

    Peoog! Jaang, gullaangg!

    The thing that hit his shoulder broke with a sharp sound.

    "What the hell are you doing?"

    Christian glanced slightly as he faced a faint look.

    His cold red eyes and darkened shoulders were reflected.

    It was because it was an ink bottle full of contents that flew to him a while ago and broke.

    Christian's eyes got colder.

    "If you have eyes, read them for yourself."

    It was Gaultier, the current head of Parbenon, who called Christian now.

    This time a crumpled piece of paper in his hand was thrown at Christian.

    Christian took a few steps forward and picked up the paper that fell on the floor.

    Then his face became faintly stiff as he was sweeping through the contents written there.

    Gaultier raised his voice again.

    "Why did you choose such a girl you don't even know about and make things complicatedㆍㆍㆍ! If I had been engaged to Hillise Inoaden earlier, I would have embraced a gold mine by now!"

    What he threw at Christian was an invitation to a celebratory banquet for the new head of Innoaden.

    I checked the date on the paper and found that the date of sending was already four days ago.

    But now, seeing that he was belatedly heating up, it seemed that Gaultier had only confirmed this invitation now.

    The scenery in the room made me understand why.

    "You speak as if I had the right to decide on this engagement."

    Christian returned to his calm face and recited as if when he had hardened his face.

    "In the present generation, none of the ancient blood-bearing clans has a direct lineage of women, so a half-princess with no blood of Inoaden's are better suited than Kalykia, who never knows when the genetic disease will develop. Didn't the chief say so himself?"

    During Christian's monotonous voice, Gaultier's face was violently distorted.

    Christian smiled coldly at it.

    "As always, I followed you as you wished, just like the father's faithful son."

    Gaultier seemed angrier at Christian's attitude.

    "You’re so good at talking with your mouth! In the first place, if you just obeyed me as I told you, there must have been four or five children who have inherited the blood of Parbenon by now!”

    It was Gaultier’s older sister, a term he referred to as ‘the child who inherited the blood of Parbenon’ as well as Christian’s child.

    Gaultier treated Christian not as a son but as a well-raised stallion.

    Therefore, he often urged him to have as many women as possible and make a child with noble blood as soon as possible.

    Gaultier acted as if Christian had no other value.

    His only son was Christian, and while he was living, he hadn’t given him any kind of clues, and not everyone in the Parbenon understood Gaultier.

    Gabriel, who did not directly inherit Inoaden’s blood, was Christian’s fiancée, was also forced by Gaultier alone.

    Of course, Christian’s opinion was not reflected at all.

    Others in the family protested that it was nonsense to have Gabriel, who had no blood of the nobility, be the next Parbenon owner, but Gaultier dismissed all their opinions.

    He pretended to be a decision made for political purposes, but Christian knew the truth was much more straightforward.

    Gaultier just didn’t want to give Christian the right pair.

    Because I can’t tolerate Christian or his children becoming more perfect than myself.

    You’re passing on responsibility on such a subject.

    “ㆍㆍㆍAs you said, if you make a child by sticking with anyone like that.”

    Christian thought this topic was also very dull.

    As a result, his following remarks revealed his hostile intentions.

    “Will there be more defectives like the chief?”

    At that moment, there was a fierce spark in Gautier’s eyes.

    “You ㆍㆍㆍ!”

    As if he was going to chew Christian right away, he gave out a loud cry.

    “Is there anything you can see now?”

    Christian showed his teeth and smiled sharply.

    “You are misunderstanding. There are still so many things that I can see, so I wonder if I’m still playing the father’s son like this.”

    “Shut up! I’ve never had a son like you!”

    Christian twisted the tip of his lips as he watched Gautier screaming as if he were going to have a bubble in his mouth.

    “Then, shall I call you brother from now on? Either way, it’s a disgusting title.”

    Kwaagg! Clang!

    Gaultier, who couldn’t stand the blatant mockery, threw whatever he could get his hands on.

    The flying bottle hit the wall and broke into pieces.

    The smell of alcohol at the tip of the nose has become stronger since the first time I came into the room.

    Smelling the gently rising ink in it, Christian slowly wiped his shoulder off with the paper he still had in his hand.

    A small rustling sound penetrated through the sound of breathing spreading from the corner of the room.

    “What are you so upset about?”

    Christian’s voice, which echoed softly, remained calm and peaceful.

    “It seems that you are getting excited more easily than before.”

    Gautier could not give a successor to someone else instead of Christian even if the medicine were put up like this.

    Because Christian was a tool that perfectly covers his flaws.


    Then Christian, who took a step from his seat, stepped on a piece of glass on the floor and approached Gautier.

    He put a crumpled paper stained with ink on his desk and drew a friendly smile around his mouth.

    “You’re old, and what if you fall down again.”

    Of course, that wasn’t really a word of concern for Gaultier.

    “My child, who will one day follow me, will be a flawless, perfect child. So, drink without worrying and take good care of yourself.”

    The two pairs of eyes met in the air each contained a flash of fire.

    “If you go into the coffin before seeing the grandchildren you’ve been hoping so much, you won’t be able to close your eyes properly because of the resentment.”

    Christian turned around and left the room after looking at Gaultier’s eyes and cynically uttering word by word.

    After exiting the door, the sound of something breaking and breaking again rang from behind his back.

    The employees who were outside just bowed their heads toward Christian as if they were used to it.

    One of them came up and handed him the towel he had in his hand.

    Christian didn’t even look at it and left with a cold face.

    * * *​

    Lenoch was waiting for Christian on the first floor.

    He frowned at the black marks on Christian’s shoulders and arms.

    “It seems that the chief had something upset today as well.”

    Christian replied briefly to the approaching Lenoch.

    “That’s right, it’s not even a day or two to go crazy.”

    Lenoch had long been questioning Gaultier, who couldn’t control his emotions every time he saw Christian.

    Christian laughed at Lenoch's handkerchief.

    “But now that you’re old, your arms are as weak as your lower body.”

    Lenoch, who has a straight face, frowned a bit at his insulting remarks toward Gaultier.

    “Other people listen. Still, it’s your father, so please refrain from choosing such a violent word.”

    Christian, without replying, wiped the ink that was still flowing with Lenoch’s handkerchief.

    Of course, the black marks on the clothes could not have disappeared.

    Soon after, a woman was caught at the end of Christian’s gaze, who began walking in the corridor with a cold face.

    She was a new woman that Gautier just got into the mansion.

    She looked only ten years older than Christian.

    When the eyes met, the woman smiled, explicitly seducing Christian.

    A twisted smile rose around Christian’s mouth.

    “This mansion is getting more and more rotten.”

    He pretended to be noble on the outside, but Parbenon’s situation was not as clean as it was.

    The current head of Parbenon, Gaultier, was not Christian’s father but brother, as is known.

    It was only Gaultier and Christian who knew about it among the people alive now.

    Gaultier was born with the most unrivalled power of his brothers and became the successor to the chief, but he had one crucial flaw.

    As it turned out, he has a body that couldn’t create posterity.

    However, none of Gaultier’s other brothers did have the talent as a successor. The ancestors also wanted to hide the shameful fact that Gottier himself was incapable of proclaiming himself the next leader.

    So, the ancestors saw one more child, and that was Christian.

    Christian was born with a faculty as powerful as Gaultier and satisfied the ancestral leader.

    Then, Christian became Gaultier’s adopted son.

    It couldn’t be noticed because the woman who gave birth to Christian was known externally as Gautier’s woman.

    The head of the ancestors loved Christian very much during his lifetime.

    Gaultier, who was the most precious child, had a fatal flaw, and after learning it, the leader was no longer proud of Gaultier.

    Gaultier was mortified by his sudden father’s attitude and hated Christian for his reaction.

    Those who did not know the truth, like Lenoch, could not understand why Gaultier was so neglectful of his only child.

    Christian didn’t know why Gaultier had been so demanding to have a baby every time he saw him.

    Indeed, if Christian sees his child before he dies, he will give the child his successor.

    So furthermore, Christian had no intention of seeing a child while Gaultier was alive.

    Not only for that reason, but he also had no intention of sowing seeds everywhere, like the predecessor or the current leader.

    Under the encouragement of his predecessor, Gaultier had a problematic sex life from his youth, and it got worse after he learned that he had no fertility.

    Perhaps that’s why Christian, on the contrary, had something like that kind of mysophobia.

    So he had no intention of keeping another woman beside him except for one of his regular spouses.

    As always, the day I saw Gaultier, I felt filthy.

    These days, Gaultier was more addicted to alcohol and women than before and unable to come to his senses.

    There were two reasons why he couldn’t control his anger and lost enough time to call Christian.

    The jewel of Kalykia and Hillise Inoaden.

    Gaultier was eager to get both of them somehow.

    But since it would have been the same in other families, Gottie became that way.


    Then suddenly, a voice called Christian came from behind.

    Christian’s eyes were wrinkled with a familiar voice.


    He turned his head and checked. He was right, it was Gabriel.

    She was approaching Christians with grasping the hem of her rich lace and fluttering her golden hair.

    Unlike Gabriel’s face, which became bright after discovering him, Christian’s face was cold.

    I couldn’t figure out why Gabriel was here now.

    I’ve certainly told the employees in advance, but what kind of empty-headed man sent Gabriel in?

    Lenoch, who saw Christian’s face, asked.

    “What should I do?”

    “Send her back.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    “Find and take care of who brought unauthorized guests into the mansion.”


    Christian began walking again with Gabriel on his back.

    Lenoch moved in the opposite direction.

    There was a voice calling him from behind Christian’s back, but his steps were not delayed at all.

    When I looked at Gabriel’s face, her stepsister, whom he had recently met at the king’s palace, came to mind more vividly, and his mood subsided.

    The faint golden pattern I saw on her the other day.

    It wasn’t an illusion.

    When Christian recalled the two people entering the Forest of Four Seasons where only heads of state could enter while holding hands together in front of him, he naturally struggled in their grasp.

    Hillise Inoaden and Axion Bergett.

    Not long ago, at Diego’s request, Gaultier entered the Forest of the Four Seasons with him.

    It was clear that the sudden change of the Inoaden situation and the movement of women entering the Forest of the Four Seasons would be irrelevant.

    As you already know, the chief couldn’t enter the forest of four seasons alone.

    Then, did Hillise ask Axion to accompany her?

    Christian’s mouth twisted coolly at the thought that passing through his mind.

    It was unexpected, but he was much more upset than he thought.

    In fact, she was only a woman, so he didn’t have to heat up like this.

    Strangely enough, however, Hillise Inoaden repeatedly stimulated the feelings that were so thin that he could not even easily recognize them at the bottom of his reason.

    Not only because of the Forest of the Four Seasons but because Hillise became the new owner of Inoaden, she would have to deal with the heads of other families in the future.

    In that case, he may have to see her attached to Axion Berget.

    “Yesㆍㆍㆍ. Does it mean that we have to go up to the same position from here?’

    There was a gentle smile on his cold lips.

    However, his red eyes, which stared straight ahead, were frozen with intense cold like the sunset of the North.

    Christian laughed sharply, tearing the scene still stuck in his head.

    Since I had something that I wanted for a long time, I felt like I had to get my hands on it somehow to get rid of my instincts.

    * * *​

    “Chris? Chrisㆍㆍㆍ!”

    Gabriel raised her voice when she saw Christian’s back turning away from her.

    But he didn’t look back once as if he couldn’t hear her call.

    It was weird. We definitely had eye contact a while ago.

    “Miss Innoaden, Christian is busy.”

    Lenoch approached Gabriel, who was in a hurry.

    “Don’t waste your time and go home.”

    Gabriel was furious at his blunt remark.

    She already lowers her pride to visit Christian today on her own.

    Gabriel was still sulking at Christian about his past visit to Inoaden.

    However, in her opinion, Inoaden’s situation was not the same as before, so she wanted to discuss with Christian what to do in the future, and she wanted to be warmly comforted by him.

    Above all, it was crucial to hear directly from Hillise that ‘I don’t like you’ some time ago.

    So she left her sorrow in her heart and came to Parbenon to ask Christian for reconciliationㆍ ㆍ ㆍ.

    “No matter how busy you are, does it make sense that you don’t have time to look at my face? Get out of the way! I need to see Chris right now.”

    But Lenoch blocked Gabriel’s front.

    “Please come back with an appointment next time.”

    Initially, it was Christian who met Gabriel at least once to finish the engagement problem.

    But today, even in Lenoch’s eyes, Christian’s mood seemed very low.

    Meeting Gautier just before was probably the decisive cause.

    What’s more, Christian now has a clear ink mark on his body, which must be Gaultier’s job.

    It was clear that Christian, who usually does not reveal a flaw in front of others, would never want to show himself like that outsiders.

    As Lenoch stopped her so far, Gabriel was forced to hesitate a little.

    It’s never been this difficult to meet so far, but are you really busy?

    “When is next?”

    “When Christian’s schedule is empty.”

    “So when is that?”

    “It’s beyond my authority to let outsiders know about that.”

    It was frustrating for Gabriel to hear Lenoch answered.

    Gabriel was getting more and more annoyed with Lenoch, who was just repeating the same thing.

    She glanced at Lenoch’s face expressionless, grumbling, and then flopped down into this spot.

    “I don’t know! My ankle hurts, so I can’t take a step anymore, so call Chris right now!”

    It was an undignified look that Gabriel was shown. Christian would have frowned upon it if he had seen it.

    But Gabriel wasn’t in the mood to argue about it.

    It was also true that her ankle hurt.

    Lenoch’s gaze reached upon Gabriel, who had sat carelessly on the floor.

    A white bandage was seen wrapped around her ankle, which was revealed outside the skirt.

    Somehow, the walk to this point seemed a little uncomfortable, and it appeared that she was injured.

    “Did you hurt your ankle?”

    Lenoch looked around for a moment to see if there was an escort or maid brought by Gabriel.

    But she seemed to be alone in Parbenon today.

    “Yes! But I came to Parbenon myself because I wanted to see Chris. So I’ll have to see Chris today.”


    “Oh, my God!”

    At that very moment, Gabriel threw a strange cry out of his lips.

    Lenoch, who came to ask for her understanding, lifted her from the floor.

    “I’ll take you to the carriage.”

    Lenoch, who was hugging Gabriel’s back with his arms, strode from his seat.

    For Lenoch, there was no single change in the light of his face because this was to support the patient.

    But Gabriel was very embarrassed by the sudden situation.

    Gabriel struggled reflexively, but his arm held her still.

    “Wha-, what are you doing?”

    “I’m sorry if you don’t feel comfortable, but I think you’d better get back home as soon as possible to get medical treatment for the injured area, so please be patient.”

    Of course, Lenoch wasn’t worried about Gabriel, but he was trying to get her out of Parbenon as soon as possible.

    Gabriel’s gaze caught on Lenoch’s face.

    His face, which was located much closer than before, was so blunt that it still looks dull, as it has always been.

    But at the moment, Gabriel felt her cheeks hot.

    Following that, the moment Gabriel recognized the body temperature of another person in the contact area, her heart began to pound for nothing.

    ‘Wha-, what’s wrong with me? Is it because I’m so angry? Yeah, I guess so!’

    “Then, hurry up a little more! I don’t want to stay with you for a long time!”

    Gabriel, who had gained enlightenment, opened her eyes in triangular shapes and harshly criticized him.

    Lenoch began to speed without saying a word.

    Still, Gabriel became calmer than before, making it easier for Lenoch to move her to the carriage.

    * * *​

    “Ladyㆍㆍㆍ No, chief. There are relatives in the parlour right now. They’d like to see the chief. What should I do?”

    The next day, Hillise was writing a letter to Kalykia.

    Meanwhile, an unscheduled guest visited Inoaden.

    It was the butler who came to tell the news directly.

    Alfredo, the butler of Inoaden, seemed as confused as anyone else when Hillise suddenly became the new owner of Innoaden.

    However, he was relatively quick to pull himself together and put his attitude to treat Hillise as the head instead of Diego.

    When she heard Alfredo, Hillise laughed.

    It was obvious why the relatives visited her.

    They must have heard the news that she’s planning to celebrate at the King’s Palace.

    Instead, it was a step in contrast to the quiet elders of the family.

    In fact, unlike other families in which the elders played a role, both large and small, the elders of Inoaden were not well known.

    It was because Diego had several significant conflicts with them when he remarried Gabriel’s mother.

    They were opposed to welcoming the widow, who was not from any of the 52 families and even had Gabriel as the new hostess of Inoaden.

    However, Diego was harsh and almost dissolved the presbytery’s authority to remarry her.

    Of course, the elders of Inoaden were furious with Diego.

    Since then, no elders have ever appeared to discuss the family’s affairs.

    Even when Ricardo was announced as the new successor in her past life, Hillise expected that it would be the case again, as she did not send a greeting once politely.

    “Tell them to go back.”

    She ordered the butler.

    There was no reason to meet a flock of dogs that crawled in after smelling appetizing.

    “Yes, I’ll tell them so.”

    So Alfredo left the room again.

    It wasn’t long after that.

    “You can’t do this!”

    There was a commotion outside.


    Suddenly, the door opened.


    It was the relatives who had forgotten their existence that came rushing in from outside.

    “There you are. Your Aunt is here.”

    “Hillise, long time no see!”

    “You’ve become prettier while I didn’t see you, my little nephew. And your hair is so red now!”

    They came into the room and said hello even though Hillise didn’t allow it.

    Of course, their behaviour is very disrespectful.

    The butlers, Alfredo, and May, who failed to stop the uninvited guests, and other employees, were standing outside the door.

    Then, their faces became pale after receiving Hillise’s attention.

    However, I didn’t blame them in this situation.

    It was her relatives who were more unconscious than she imagined.

    And Hillise knew that it was because they were in front of her that they could behave like this.

    It was because she had witnessed how much these people had usually noticed in front of Diego and Ricardo personally.

    “Well, the butler is just trying to get us back. He seems to have heard you wrong.”

    “Yeah, you didn’t even see our faces at all, and you just tried to send us back like that. That can’t be true, right?”

    “What a sweet and nice girl you are, Hillise!”

    They spoke as if they were trying to weaken Hillise’s heart.

    If she was the Hillise Inoaden before, she must have been restless when she heard these words in her presence.

    Even if it was true that she tried to send them back without meeting them, she would have been sorry and offered them a seat.

    “By the way, Hillise, how could you not tell us the news first?”

    “Yeah, that’s too much. You should have contacted us first if you had this kind of congratulation! Then I would have come running to congratulate you.”

    “Of course, I knew you would bloom instead of Ricardo!”

    “Yes, it’s obvious that Hillise is the only one who will succeed Inoaden, but everyone’s blind. Now it turns out like this, how lucky you are?”

    They naturally began to settle down on the sofa, adding one word by one with a voice of excitement.

    One of them even asked employees who were still standing by the door to bring some refreshments quickly.

    The butlers and employees were swallowing dry saliva, waiting for Hillise orders with anxious eyes.

    “But Hillise, is that true? It is not only that you have become the successor to this generation, but that you have already succeeded Diego as the head.”

    Then one of the relatives asked in a subtle tone.

    “No, of course, I’m not suspicious of it. It’s such amazing news.”

    “You said you were going to celebrate at the King’s Palace?”

    “That’s great, that’s great! Hillise, you know that, right? How much I have loved you like my own daughter since you’re a kid.”

    “I’m the one who gave birth to you with my heart. I don’t know how proud and thrilled I am to see you do so well.”

    They now began to spit out their desperate feelings toward Hillise as if they were competing among themselves.

    Until the news of Hillise awakening was announced, no one had followed Diego and Ricardo and ignored her.

    Besides, Diego was an only child, so he had no brother.

    In other words, the relatives who came to Hillise now were at least cousins of Diego.

    So, of course, their relation farther from Hillise.

    Nevertheless, the fact that they came to Hillise without hesitation to get a piece of meat proved how blatantly the people of Inoaden had been neglected her.

    Besides, the Hillise Inoaden, whom they knew, was so clumsy that she could be easily dragged around.

    So, they might have thought that it wasn’t unreasonable to take the seat in Inoaden once you applied candy to get her in your hand and made her feel like a family.


    Hillise put the last point on the paper and put down the quill she held in her hand.

    I had just finished my correspondence with Kalykia.

    It was then when she moved her eyes toward the unwitting uninvited guests to deal with them.


    Alfredo heard a whisper to the attendant, who had just dashed and reported the news from the door.

    “The Ferrano family visited us.”

    Ferrano was one of the highest families under Innoaden.

    “He's asking to see the chief because of the matter with the regular meeting."

    The fact that Hillise became the head was news that had not yet spread to the outside world.

    So the head of the Ferrano family would have visited not her but Diego.

    "Guide him here."

    It was expected that he would soon visit Inoaden's mansion due to the issue of regular meetings.

    So he made a statement to the butler in advance.

    Hillise immediately ordered the chief of Ferrano to be brought in.

    "What? We're here, and we won't meet later."

    Then the relatives who had gathered in her room looked upset.

    "Yes, of course, I understand you're busy because you suddenly become the head of the family and there's a lot of people to meetㆍㆍㆍ."

    "But isn't it a bit rude to put someone in here without asking our opinion?"

    "Your Auntie is right. Is this for the first time in a while we gather like this? I don't want to be disturbed while we're together."

    Hillise glided at them.

    Her relatives who complained looked like how May used to be when she looked at them.

    "It's interesting. You're discussing courtesy in this situation."

    Not long ago, the attitude of the people of Inoaden's mansion and the reaction of the collateral relatives in front of her right now was so much the same that she felt bored.

    "It doesn't seem like the words of the uninvited guests who came into the room without the owner's permission and took their seats shamelessly."

    "Wha-, what?"

    Her relatives puffed their mouths with faces that they couldn't understand what they heard right now.

    With her small gesture, May quickly poured new tea water into the empty teacup in front of Hillise.

    She lifted a steaming teacup, whether her relatives looked at her with frowned eyes or not.

    "If I don't go out with your own feet now, I'll force kick you out. If you want to check for yourself, I won't stop you if there's more left."

    The eyes that looked at Hillise began to shake with embarrassment.

    "Hey, Hillise. What a terrible thing that you're telling us right nowㆍㆍㆍ."

    They didn't think of getting out of their seats right away but sat with heavy hips and stuttered.

    Then a relatively quick-witted relative said with an awkward smile.

    "It looks like our niece must be in a bad mood today. Well, it's our fault that we came all of a sudden without any notice."

    "Hmm, yeah. I'm sorry if you're offended. After a long time, I missed your face so much that my heart was ahead."

    Relatives who were looking at each other began to talk one by one, suppressing their discomfort.

    Hillise drank her tea and stared at it indifferently.

    When did she tell you to apologize?

    I always wondered why no one could understand her words at once.

    Knock, knock.

    "The head of Ferrano is here."

    Meanwhile, a middle-aged man with a large build entered Hillise's room.

    A man with a heavy atmosphere with his half-white hair neatly turned back to reveal the angular facial lines intact.

    He was Norton, the head of the Ferrano family.

    As soon as he entered the room, he narrowed his eyes to the appearance of Hillise and her relatives.

    "It's been a long time since I saw you, Miss Hillise."

    Still, Norton quickly erased that sign and said hello.

    "I heard that the chief is here, but it seems that the butler was mistaken. Also, I am sorry for disturbing the busy time in the place where there are other people in the room."

    He said he would guide him to where the chief was, but there were only Hillise and other guests here, so he deserved to think that the butler made a mistake.

    "Then I'll go back right away. Before that, I heard the news that you have awakened as a successor this time. As the family of Ferrano following Inoaden, we are delighted."

    Nevertheless, Norton Ferrano said with great politeness whether he thought he should even convey congratulations to Hillise.

    Among the 52 families, most of the top families belonged to the conservatives, and Ferrano was a bone marrow seed.

    That is to say, they were almost sacred and served to those who inherited the blood of ancient times.

    Norton used to be polite and courteous even to Hillise, who was insignificant before awakening.

    It was only because it was the blood of Inoaden.

    Hillise lowered the teacup, looking at the blunt man with his head bowed in front of her.

    "If the purpose of coming to Inoaden is to meet the chief, the butler guided you properly."

    Then Norton's thick eyebrows wiggled at the moment.

    Soon he raised his head and looked at Hillise with suspicious eyes.

    "You must have come to see me because I didn't attend today's regular meeting."


    Suspicion arose in the eyes I met.

    Hillise scribbled on a new piece of paper on the table, whether relatives who were still uncomfortable sitting on their seat saw her or not.

    Then, after Hillise's words, the room quickly spread blue.

    "Norton Ferrano. I will appoint you as my temporary representative from today."

    A piece of paper with the same content as what was said now, she signed it with her abilities.


    A golden pattern appeared on the back of Hillise hand and neck, which were revealed outside her clothes.

    Norton Ferrano's eyes were wide open.

    Although the process and procedures were minimized, it was definitely a formal power of attorney with the signature.

    Seeing it, her relatives were astonished.

    Norton Ferrano, who was just as shocked as it was, seemed to be aware of the situation in no time.

    In an instant, he cleared up his face and knelt in front of Hillise more politely.

    "Norton Ferrano meets the new King of Spring."

    The titles and greetings were quite unfamiliar to me, as if they were very conservative.

    It seemed like he was okay, but Hillise felt a little burdensome.

    However, it is not a place to point out such a thing, so she just continued.

    "I have something to do, so I won't be attending regular meetings for a while. So from now on, you should lead the meeting instead of me."

    Then, a bit of embarrassment arose in Norton Ferrano's face, whether he had finally recalled what Hillise had said.

    "How could I have such a heavy responsibilityㆍㆍㆍ."

    "I don't think there's anyone more suitable than you."

    Then Norton looked at her with an indescribable look.

    "Hillise, what are you doing right now!"

    "How could you leave such an important seat to someone from another familyㆍㆍㆍ!"

    The relatives, who were watching the scene with their eyes wide open, shuddered and shouted.

    "How can I do that?"

    "Yes, if you need a representative, you should choose from blood relatives!"

    "Is Diego completely retire from the front line now? Even so, aren't there so many grown-ups who are willing to be your biological parents?"

    "We, too, have the blood of Inoaden, technically speaking, we are your family!"

    "Yes. Among them, I'm your closest relatives. Rather, if you trust me and rely on meㆍㆍㆍ."

    "What are you talking about? I care about Hillise the mostㆍㆍㆍ."

    The room quickly became noisy.

    They seemed to believe that the loudest person could persuade Hillise to gain power.

    Norton Ferrano seemed to have regained his composure from a while ago also urged Hillise to think again.

    "I'm sorry, but I feel the same way. It's too much for me."

    "Yes, Hillise! Change your mind now!"

    When Norton said so, her relatives also insisted more strongly.

    Their appearance was just like a flock of dogs fighting over a bowl of rice.

    Hillise leaned more profound into the chair, still sitting with her cross-legged.

    "It's really noisy."

    Then, she tapped the armrest with a pen in her hand.

    "I made it clear that if you didn't get out with your feet, I would kick you out."

    Then she brought in a little more power than before.


    The vines stretched out from Hillise began to coil up the uninvited guests in the room.


    "Hii, Hillise!"

    "What the hell is thisㆍㆍㆍ!"

    They clamoured, but soon it was swallowed up.


    The next moment, people wrapped in thorns like cocoons from head to toe shattered into petals and disappeared.

    Vines began to disappear, and the petals of roses pouring down from the sofa to the floor.

    Those who saw the scene couldn't even breathe and were frozen.

    It seemed the petals were thought to be the remains of those who had been sitting in front of them a while ago.

    "Go where the carriage is waiting."

    Hillise ordered an employee who was standing at the door.

    "Tell them that if you ignore my warning one more time, it'll be worst."

    "Ye-, yes chief!"

    The employee, who managed to come to his senses, ran out quickly.

    She likewise turned her gaze to the man who looked at herself with a distant face, unable to speak.

    "Norton Ferrano, as I said a while ago, I think you are best suited to be my representative. I won't take any counterarguments."

    It was about 90% that Hillise was bothersome to leave Norton to work for her.

    In fact, it didn't matter what happened to her Inoaden or her subordinates.

    Hillise became the head for a different purpose, and she did not have much affection for Inoaden.

    So I didn't have the slightest desire to spend useless time working for Inoaden.

    Therefore, if Hillise were taking care of the family's business, people would keep visit and bothering her, whether from the room or the affiliated family like now.

    So she needed someone to make Inoaden roll in moderation without her.

    Still, Ferrano was a family that had been a great supporter of Inoaden for generations, and his abilities were reliable.

    Furthermore, Norton Ferrano followed only in awe of the blood flowing through Inoaden's body.

    He was faithful to Diego, not because he was loyal to a man named Diego Inoaden.

    It was only because Diego was the direct line and the chief chosen by the noble blood flowing in Inoaden's body.

    So now that Inoaden's owner has changed to Hillise, Diego or Ricardo would have no room.

    Above all, I liked it the most.

    "I accept your order."

    Norton Ferrano no longer refuted and looked more enthusiastic than a little while ago and once again bowed his head to Hillise.

    "I will do my best so that I will never let you down."

    It seemed that my loyalty was overheated than I thought because of what happened a little while agoㆍㆍㆍ.

    But for now, one of the troubles seemed to have been solved.

    * * *​

    "What? Who did Hillise meet a while ago?"

    Diego heard from his servant and was lying in bed. He jumped out of his bed.

    "The relatives and the Ferrano! I've been keeping my eyes open like this, but Hillise, how dare thatㆍㆍㆍ!"

    Fierce sparks were splashing in his eyes.

    A while ago, Diego was lying down and groaning, but his anger at Hillise made him forget it at once.

    Diego planned a celebration at the King's Palace and then heard the story of Hillise, who met with the relatives and the head of the Ferrano, grated his teeth.

    "Where is she now?"

    "Yes, yes?"

    "Hillise! Is she in her room now?"

    "Oh, no. In the drawing roomㆍㆍㆍ."

    "What?! Are the heads of Ferrano or the relatives still there?"

    "That's ahㆍㆍㆍ."

    Diego ran out of the room without even listening to the explanation, throwing the blanket covering him roughly.

    The employee could not stop him.

    'Such a thing!'

    Diego was boiling inside.

    Both the relatives and Ferrano met Hillise!

    The first thing they should have come to Inoaden was Diego.

    But Hillise, she didn't tell him and met them first.

    It was like ignoring Diego altogether.


    Diego couldn't beat his anger and storm into the drawing-room.

    "Oh, you shouldn't go in nowㆍㆍㆍ."

    For some reason, the employees that gathered in front of the door stopped him, but it didn’t work.

    It didn't matter who was meeting with Hillise now, whether it was his relatives or Ferrano.

    It was the same thing for Hillise and them.


    Diego opened the door roughly and went inside.

    "How dare you accept a guest without my permission! Are you out of your mind! You don't even know the subject! Just because you have the stigmaㆍㆍㆍ."

    However, the very next moment when the man sitting in front of Hillise was in sight, Diego could not finish and hardened.

    The blue glass-like eyes of the man in the living room moved silently to the side.

    His thick eyebrows crept up as if they were showing off their displeasure.

    Due to the unexpected visitor's identity, Diego froze and stuttered as he opened the door.

    "Oh, Axion Bergett, why are you here nowㆍㆍㆍ."

    Diego had no choice but to be embarrassed.

    The guests Hillise was meeting were not the relatives or Norton Ferrano, but Bergett's head, Axion.

    * * *​

    "What brought you here?"

    About an hour before Axion met Diego in the drawing-room of Inoaden.

    He was greeted by a guest who came to the office.

    There were piles of documents in front of Axion that need to be processed today. The deputy who just entered the room left another stack of paper on his desk.

    Axion looked bored and criticized the deputy, saying, "You can't handle this much alone, you're incompetent."

    However, as always, there was only a vague answer, "It's something that the chief must check in person."

    The deputy's face was soaked in blood, so Axion just shook his hand and let him out.

    "I'd like you to keep it short. As you can see, I'm very busy."

    Axion spoke heartlessly without even raising his head.

    "I'm sorry, I haven't seen my only mother in a long time, and I'm not able to come out and give her a hug."

    The guest who visited him strode into the office and criticized him disapprovingly.

    She was Jane Non, Axion's mother and former head of Bergett.

    It wasn't until then that Axion looked dumbfounded when he heard her.

    He pulled one side of his mouth and smiled crookedly.

    "How old do you think I am? I didn't do that even when I was 15 years younger than now."

    As he said, Axion was a child without any cuteness even when he was young.

    Of course, he was born with only good parents' good qualities, especially when he was young.

    Perhaps because he was so intimidated by the elders around him, Axion had a problem with such things.

    But if Axion is now happy with what I've discussed. He couldn't have liked it.

    Jane Non was also sick of such ticklish behaviour.

    So, in the end, it was just a try.

    "Well, you've only been cute since you were young. If I had resembled your father, it would have tasted much better."

    Jane Non said so and went to the sofa in the middle of the office and settled down.

    It was a straight and refreshing walk that revealed her personality.

    Her sharp eyes, high nose, and languid-looking mouth resembled Axion very much.

    The colour of her hair and eyes are the same, so if Axion's sex is a woman, and she's a little older. I even wondered if it would have turned out that way.

    Axion gave a small tongue and called the employee to bring out something for him.

    After a while, the employee's hand was accompanied by familiar objects.

    "Well, you've managed very well."

    When Jane Non praised him, the employee was shyly pleased.

    She left it to Bergett and asked satisfactorily the pipe she used every time she visited.

    Axion stopped what he was doing and leaned his back deeply on the chair after checking the documents he had seen before.

    Following his tilting head, his dark hair scattered across the collar of his top-buttoned white shirt.

    Jane Non smokes a cigarette, not a spicy and disgusting smell, but a subtle scent of herbs spread through the office.

    Whether it worked, the hard air that floated in the office was slightly relaxed.

    "Did you sleep?"

    Somehow, Jane Non asked her regards as if worried.

    "Well, that's about it."

    "Yeah, it's all yours, so you can't stay up all night."

    Jane Non, who sat cross-legged and sucked the scent of a cigarette, said with a smirk.

    Although it was unexpectedly objectified, Axion, who was slightly twisted after being hit by a bone, raised one corner of his mouth.

    As Jane Non said, Axion's work could not accumulate like this because he had been away for a while because of the problems of Kalykia.

    Furthermore, the search for the whereabouts of the black-marketed prison has yet to be resolved.

    So it was a lie that he told Hillise he was going to be free for a while.

    "The elders came to see me."

    After a series of words, Axion noticed the purpose of my visit today.

    But first, I asked for confirmation.

    "For what?"

    "It's obvious. Kalykia's gem."

    After hearing her words, Axion made an understandable expression.

    "Isn't it because you're helping Calicia on the condition of receiving tears in return?"

    In other words, it was a question of whether it would be profitable to receive a degree of gems in return for helping in the troubles of Kalykia.

    I thought so, but Bergett's elders seemed anxious to get the Kalykia's gem.

    Unlike other heads of state, they went to Jane Non, where she did not attend the Presbyterian Church and did not participate in her family's affairs at all.

    "It seems that the elders have nothing to do these days and cannot control the time they have left. They went all the way to my mother and chatted all that."

    "I'm really curious. They didn't get along with me very much, but what the hell are they coming up with that they thought that I would communicate better than you?"

    Jane Non asked sincerely curiously.

    Curiosity was rare in her eyes.

    "Just listen to what you've always done."

    Axion reacted profoundly.

    Xenon gave him a slightly dissatisfied look as if it were not fun.

    But she also nodded as if she was not motivated to make the topic longer.

    Then a familiar silence lingered in the room for a moment.

    Jane Non sat with her legs crossed and a pipe in her hand, emitting smoke with her red lips.

    Axion sat with his slightly tilted head in his hand with his arms folded up on the armrest of the chair, stretching his long legs forward.

    Each of them sitting leaning against a chair looked quite similar.

    I didn't even know it felt like that because the atmosphere between the two was strangely similar.

    In the hazy smoke of the room, the black eyelashes with sharp eyes seemed to resemble even the slow upward and downward movement.

    "But this time, the elders are a bit extreme. Besides, I heard that you talked about the head of Inoaden."

    Then a sharp smile passed by Axion's mouth when Jane Non added it.

    "Let's pursue your marriage with Hillise Inoaden. I brought all the presents to try and coax you."


    "Thank’s to you, for the first time in my life, I see the elders beating like tongues in their mouths in front of me. I gave birth to a perfect son."

    Jane Non grinned as she spat out a fragrant smoke through her lips.

    "I'm glad you're happy."

    There was a series of soulless voices of Axion, who could not feel much sincerity.

    "But you know I'm not that stupid, am I?"

    But Jane Non said something utterly contrary to the expectations of the elders.

    "You don't have to marry if you don't want it. What about the heirsㆍㆍㆍ? I'm also in a tight life, but it's for the next generation. What do you know?"

    There, his freewheeling personality was revealed.

    "I'm not trying to appreciate the elders for a long time because it's fun to see them act like a toothless tiger in front of me."

    "I'm sure."

    The elders were completely mistaken.

    Axion initially didn't remember hearing it well because it was Jane Non's words.

    But he's trying to convince himself through her.

    I know that Axion, who seemed to have no intention of marriage until he was old, but it was completely meaningless.

    Furthermore, Jane Non's personality was similar to Axion's, so she wasn't the one who get much involved in her son's affairs.

    Axion's eyebrows frowned.

    As soon as Hillise Inoaden awoke, I thought it was too hasty for the elders to push her as a marriage partner.

    However, it was clear that Bergett and other families were rushing the marriage proposal to Inoaden by now.

    When I thought about that, Axion's mood became a little more uncomfortable.

    "But still be in a relationship."

    But Jane Non suddenly said something unexpected.

    "Isn't it a waste that I can't use it even though I gave birth to it well up and down?"

    "Don't sneak a look at it with strange eyes."

    Axion dismissed it as if not to say useless things.

    The fire of Jane Non's cigarette has also been extinguished.

    Jane Non, who seemed to savour the remaining scent in the office, opened her mouth again.

    "Then I'll be on my way now. Your father is still nagging me, so I can't smoke like this in front of him."

    Besides, listening to Jane Non's words, which were recited with a bit of lamentation, created a curve in Axion's forehead again.

    "In particular, this time, because I was so upset that what I said always ignored, so I got rid of everything I had in front of me that I thought was soothing."

    Could it be that the real purpose that came today was a cigarette?

    Axion was stunned.

    Anyway, his parents still seem to be living a carefree life.

    Axion's face, which was forced to learn something he wasn't inquisitive about, came across a faint irritation.

    In fact, as soon as the chief's stigma appeared in Axion, Jane Non and her husband left their only son as if they had been waited to pass all the headaches to Axion.

    It's been three years.

    At that time, it was ridiculous, but if you think about it, even if the stigma did not appear to Axion at that time, Jane Non would have thought of giving him her place.

    Although Jane Non withdrew entirely from the front line, and confusion came to Bergett, Axion was already able to handle things he had learned from Jane Non since then.

    "Please give my regards to father as well."

    After say one more thing.

    Axion said goodbye to Jane Non.

    "Yes, I'll come again."

    Jane Non also woke up neatly as if there was nothing more to do.

    It was as crazy as it was when she first came.

    Only the smell of herbs, the documents still piled up like mountains, and Axion, who is entirely at the bottom of the line, have faded from the desire to work.

    But as he read the letters on the paper, frowning, he soon lowered the pen he had in his hand.

    After his guest's visit, he was distracted.

    But in fact, that was an excuse.

    Even before Jane Non came, Axion couldn't concentrate on the documents.

    What kept floating in his head was the face of a girl he had met not long ago at the King's Palace.


    Eventually, Axion soon gets up from his seat.

    When I think of it, he can go to meet her.

    Since when have I been thinking about her?

    Axion left the office so easily.

    After a while, the deputy who visited him screamed when he saw the empty chair and the documents piled up on the desk, but Axion did not care.

    * * *​

    It didn't take long for Axion to put what he thought into action.

    "What brings you here?"

    The news of Axion Bergett's visit was, of course, a surprise for Hillise.

    No wonder I felt like I had a lot of visitors today.

    "As I happened to be around because of work, I remembered that I didn't set a time for my next appointment."

    Axion calmly covered the reason for Hillise question.

    His expression and tone were so calm that I wondered if it was true.

    Hillise stared silently at Axion's face and turned away.

    "I wish you had just sent me a letter as you have done so far."

    Axion first looked at the back of Hillise, walking toward the parlour.

    Her back, which he saw at the King's Palace last time, overlapped over it for a moment.

    Actually, it was a little conflicting.

    "I was going to do that at firstㆍㆍㆍ."

    But he just decided to be honest.

    "Because I thought you might not be able to reply this time."

    At that moment, Hillise stopped walking.

    Axion spoke as she looked back and faced his face.

    "So somehow, without knowing, I got a little nervous and had to come here myself."


    "I'm sorry I didn't ask for your understanding in advance."

    It was a courteous apology for a person who had done his work recklessly.

    Of course, Axion knew that it was not polite to come here without any notice.

    However, he had a hunch that Hillise would somehow avoid him after the last incident at the King's Palace.

    Perhaps that's why he chose to visit Inoaden unconsciously.

    Such realization passed through Axion's mind just as he saw Hillise face.

    Hillise faced Axion with an unmeasurable face.

    Then, her eyelashes were finely curled down.

    "Didn't send a reply, is there any reason for me to do that?"

    Not long ago, she heard Axion's words and came back to the mansion and was shaken.

    At Hillise's words, Axion tilted his head slightly and pulled his lips faintly.

    "I'm glad if you didn't take the words I said last time to your heart."

    But his smile wasn't genuine either.

    Now, in their heads, the situation of the last meeting and the separation were playing at the same time.

    'Oh, my.'

    May and another employee, who was not aware of it, were excited by the strange air flowing between Axion and Hillise.

    'Have you heard?'

    'I heard!'

    Furthermore, what Axion said now was enough to fuel their fantasies.

    'He came here because he was nervous that she wouldn't reply!'

    'I guess the two of them met separately before! I don't think they exchanged letters once or twice.'

    'But what on earth did you say last time, so the atmosphere is this?'

    'No wayㆍㆍㆍ!'

    It was when the thoughts of wandering around their heads came to a common conclusion.

    "You care about strange things. It wasn't meaningful enough to keep it in mind."

    "It is."

    As he walked forward again, Hillise's words flowed as if he were passing by, followed by Axion, and calmly gave a positive answer.

    "I'm glad you think so."

    "Let's talk about other things in the drawing-room."

    May and another employee, who received Hillise's attention, quickly left.

    It was to prepare refreshments for the guest.

    Then they thought.

    'Whatㆍㆍㆍ. have you already been rejected?'

    "Bergett's head, he's handsomeㆍㆍㆍ. What a waste.'

    They were not involved, but they felt sorry for no reason.

    Of course, it was something they couldn't tell Hillise.

    They occasionally glanced behind Axion and Hillise, taking steps to prepare the refreshments.

    * * *​

    "Date, when would be convenient for you?"

    After settling down in the drawing-room, Hillise asked.

    It was a voice that felt like she didn't have anything in mind about the last work and the conversation she had before.

    To that, Axion still replied.

    "I think two days from now."


    Then Axion's gaze reached Hillise's hand wrapped around the bandage.

    "How's your hand?"

    Hillise glanced down, following Axion's gaze.

    Then she lowered her hand on the table onto her knee to avoid being seen by Axion.

    "That's all right."

    "Looking at it now, the wound was deeper than I thought."

    "My maid was so timid that the treatment was just too much."

    "So you didn't show your wounds to the doctor directly??"

    "It's not an injury that needs to be seen by a doctor."

    Then, not knowing what she was thinking, Axion's gaze lingered on Hillise face.

    It looked similar to the last time Hillise drew her hand in front of the King's altar, but it was slightly different from then.

    Knock, Knock

    Then, the employee dragged the tray into the drawing room.

    He was not an uninvited guest like who came earlier, and she couldn't even give a cup of tea to the guest.

    While teacups and refreshments were placed on the table, there was a moment of silence in the room.

    "I know it sounds weird."

    Suddenly, Axion opened his mouth.

    "I keep wanting to get involved in you."


    The employee who was putting down the teacup immediately sprained his hand and made a loud noise.

    But none of the people in the drawing-room now cared about the sound.

    There was no shaking in his eyes as straight as he had just said.

    Hillise faced Axion's eyes like that.

    Once again, the words of Axion in the King's Palace floated in her mind.

    However, Hillise opened her lips with an unchanging face just like she did then.

    "What a strange thing to say."

    Then, Axion easily gave positive feedback as if he knew she would say so.

    "That's true."

    The employees, who had been secretly procrastinating, eventually left the room with tears in their eyes as there was no reason to remain in the drawing-room anymore.

    But until the last minute of closing, their eyes and ears were concentrated on Hillise and Axion.

    Hillise picked up the teacup in front of her first.


    At that very moment, someone's angry voice suddenly came from outside the door.

    Axion frowned at the outside voice, screaming Hillise's name.


    The door of the drawing-room suddenly opened.

    "How dare you accept a guest without my permission! Are you out of your mind! You don't even know the subject! Just because you have the stigmaㆍㆍㆍ."

    It was Diego who opened the door violently with a red-faced face.

    Since he was targeting his daughter, words that were quite harsh in content and tone rang out in the drawing-room.

    Diego was so resentful and screaming, but when he found Axion he stopped speaking.

    Axiom turned his head toward Diego.

    A chill poured into Axion's eyes, which slipped sideways.

    "Oh, Axion Bergett, why are you here nowㆍㆍㆍ."

    Hillise also looked at Diego, who had entered the drawing-room.

    Diego, who collapsed due to high blood pressure, still seemed to be in bad condition but still looked more healthy than expected.

    It was not Diego who would lie down forever.

    Soon, Axion's lips, which had been closed coldly, opened.

    "Long time no see, The former head of Inoadenㆍㆍㆍ."

    Hearing the title from his mouth, Diego puffed his lips for an instant.

    The 'former' head of Inoadenㆍㆍㆍ!

    This was the first time someone identified Diego's position.

    No one in Innoaden dared to use such a title in front of him.

    For a while, I was lying down and never met anyone from another family.

    Diego’s face burned with a slight insult.

    Come to think of it, Axion Bergett was one of the main culprits of all this.

    It was also said to have the greatest weight except for Hillise.

    If Axion Bergett hadn't said anything in recognition of Hillise at Kalykia's Ball, Diego would have managed to solve it somehow.

    Of course, it was Diego's illusion, but it was inevitable that this situation created antipathy toward Axion.

    Perhaps that's why Diego couldn't swallow his anger in a moment.

    Whether Axion knew it or not, he still spoke in an indifferent voice.

    "I've heard that you're not in good health. But is it okay for you to get up from your bed like this?"

    And what Axion said this time, too.

    To Diego, who was upset, it sounded like, 'Why didn't you just lie in bed instead come here for nothing?'

    His head got hot again, but Diego replied with a smile.

    "Thank youㆍㆍㆍ, I'm fine. Thank you for your concern."

    However, his mouth, with an awkward smile, was trembling.

    And the very next moment, Diego realized that he wasn't mistaken when he heard Axion a while ago.

    "Then I'd like you to leave."

    "What ㆍㆍㆍ?"

    Diego asked back, doubting his ears.

    "If it's not too much to walk, I asked you to turn around and go outside right now."

    To Diego, Axion reaffirmed that he had not misheard it a while ago.

    "I've had a long business with Chief Inoaden, but an uninvited visitor suddenly comes in, and honestly, it interferes."

    The sound of Axion's fingers tapping slowly on the table evoked a strange pressure.

    The air flowing into the lungs was strangely cramped as if it was not the table that was being crushed now but the entire space of this room.

    Somehow Diego stumbled in front of Axion Bergett, who looked quite upset.

    Of course, Diego would never admit it, but it was already pushed by Axion's momentum.

    "So, would you like to quietly close the door right now and go out, former head of Inoaden?"

    It seemed to ask for a meaningful explanation, but to the extent that it was only the form of a sentence.

    Looking at the atmosphere, eyes, and pressure in the voice of the person who was saying it, it could never be expressed in such a moderate word.

    Diego's complexion, which was weighed down by the dense pressure from the front, turned a little pale.

    From the moment of eye contact with Axion, strangely enough, he couldn't move freely as if his neck was tied to the noose.

    Diego fumbled unconsciously and sweetened his lips.

    "Well, yesㆍㆍㆍ. I did excuse me."

    The purpose of coming here in search of Hillise has already been forgotten in his head.

    "I'm going out nowㆍㆍㆍ, so talk slowly."

    Diego turned around and left the door with a face that turned like a dry branch and a stiff movement that felt unnatural.

    Judging from his look of seemingly unconcerned expression, he seemed to have no awareness of what he was doing now.

    The spirit that had first invaded the drawing-room was nowhere, and Diego hurried out of the room as if he were being swayed by something invisible.

    * * *​

    "As expected, it would have been better to contact you in advance."

    After Diego left, there was a brief silence in the room.

    Soon after, Axion recited a low note.

    "No, it was a pretty interesting sight."

    Unlike Axion's idea, however, Hillise was not offended by what happened just before.

    Of course, it would have been annoying if Diego had been more stubborn than he is now, but thank's to Axion, she didn't have to impose any additional sanctions.

    Above all, the scene where Diego was pushed back by Axion's momentum and was kicked out of the drawing-room without properly repulse it was more worth watching than expected.

    Hillise lifted the teacup again and continued.

    "Contrary to what you might think, I'm not a very good daughter either."

    Axion looked at the face of Hillise, who said so.

    The face didn't have the slightest hint of caring about it.

    However, Axion couldn't easily guess whether to take it as a good thing or not.

    It was because I felt like Hillise was already used to the same thing as before.

    "So you don't have to worry about what happened a while ago."

    When Hillise said it at first glance, she seemed to be considerate of Axion.

    However, Axion was rather acutely aware that it was a word that draws a line.

    At that moment, Axion felt an urge to tear it apart and enter it.

    Again, it was an abnormal desire.

    "It's a relief that you're not a good daughter."

    Soon, he lifted the teacup on the table and took it off his lips.

    On the contrary, Hillise's hand stopped moving very quickly at that moment.

    But it was just a moment.

    So, the two drank the cooled tea quietly, without continuing words for a while.

    Strangely, time seemed to flow slowly at that moment.

    * * * ​

    The following week, Hillise visited the residence of Kalykia.

    It was because the head of Kalykia asked to meet her first.

    "You're here, Miss Inoaden. No, I should call you the chef now."

    As she headed for her guidance, she was struck by the woman who was first sitting in front of a table in the middle of a cosy room.

    Like Violetta, with light blond hair and dark green eyes, Renee was the head of Kalykia.


    Margot was also in the seat.

    As soon as the child sitting next to Renee saw Hillise, he suddenly stood up with joy.

    He rushed across the room, hesitating and hugged Hillise.

    Hillise wiped the child's head gently with her whole body, expressing her welcome.

    Then Margot looked up at her and smiled.

    Compared to the last time I saw it, it was a distinctly shady face.

    Although it was still small and dry, the red colour returned to the cheeks, and the hair that had been left in a mess was neatly organized, revealing a cute face.

    The child's body smelled of herbs as it was so close together.

    Of course, the child's wounds seemed to be being treated well.

    "This is Hillise Inoaden. It's my first time introducing myself like this."

    Hillise greeted Renee and held her hand to avoid the wrist of the bandaged child.

    She then went over to the table where Rene was with Margot.

    Renee smiled as she stared at Hillise and Margot, who looked closer than she thought.

    "I see. We've seen each other from afar, but we haven't had a chance to talk in person."

    Margot seemed to be wondering for a moment whether to sit next to Renee or Hillise as usual.

    But he chose to be next to Hillise after noticing the situation.

    Still, seeing his troubles in his way, it seems that Margot has opened up his heart to his grandmother, Rene.

    "I'm sorry to have such a precious guest in my bedroom because I'm not feeling well."

    Renee smiled softly at Margot.

    'Was it true that she's ill?'

    Hillise looked at the woman opposite her and thought it was unexpected.

    Renee Kalykia has started to reduce outside activities little by little because of her illness.

    Now, she occasionally appears in public, but she would refrain from going out more in the next year or two.

    After some more time, she would hand over the leadership to Margot, who had completed his education as a successor to some extent.

    "No, thank you for inviting me."

    Most people didn't believe Renee's illness anyway.

    The dominant opinion was that the head of Kalykia, who had lost her senses (the Eyes of Truth), avoided standing in an official position to avoid exposing the fact to the outside.

    It was the same with Hillise, who thought so.

    It was because she had never met Renee so separately in her past life.

    But she looked at Renee's pretentious face and reflected a little bit on herself, looking at Kalykia with the same eyes as others.

    "Not long ago, my family members were disrespectful to Inoaden. Thank you for accepting the meeting and stabilizing Margot even though the sudden visit would not have been pleasant."

    Renee thanked her as the head of Kalykia while the employee approached and prepared refreshments in front of Hillise.

    Hillise looked down at Margot sitting next to her and said,

    "No, I'm happy to be able to help Kalykia."

    Margot was looking at the snacks in front of him while watching the two.

    Renee put the cookies on the plate in Margot's hand.

    "Violetta felt sorry in many ways. The situation was not good enough, so I left the compensation I had to do in Kalykia to Bergett."

    Margot began to eat the snacks Renee had given him, reminding his cheeks.

    Margot looked much younger than his age, perhaps because his body, which had not been properly nourished for a long time, was definitely smaller than his peers.

    "Haven't we met here before?"

    The moment Renee's words crossed my ear, something that happened not long ago came to my mind.

    "I thought you might not be replying this time."

    "So somehow, I got a little nervous and had to come here myself."

    After that, Axion accompanied her once more in the Forest of the Four Seasons.

    He nonchalantly treated Hillise as if he had never said anything strange, and so did Hillise.

    However, there was a messy thought like a tangled thread in her head.

    "Actually, I was a little surprised. The fact that you have awakened your strength and become the head of Inoaden, and that all you have wanted in Kalykia is to accompany you into the Forest of the Four Seasons."

    Renee watched Margot eat the snack with warm eyes and turned her head back to Hillise.

    "Even if the light of Kalykia is not as good as it was in the past, there are many things I can do for you with my power."

    It was clear that she, too, was talking about 'Tears of Kalykia' in mind.

    Rene added, facing Hillise's eyes in front.

    "I think you would know especially well."

    It sounded a little significant.

    Is it because Hillise saw the jewels made of Margot's tears directly in the drawing-room that day, or is she expecting that she already had the power to surpass Diego by eating Margot's tears?

    Either way, Hillise's answer has not changed.

    "There is no reward I deserve from Kalykia for a child."

    Hillise spoke calmly of her intention.

    "In fact, I was forced to ask you to accompany me to the Forest of the Four Seasons, but I did not want to ask in exchange for this."

    Her dark green eyes, which seemed to melt with time, looked at Hillise silently for a while.

    Soon after, she drew a smile similar to Margot's.

    "Please visit Kalykia often in the future. Because Margot seems to like you a lot."

    Margot, who was eating snacks, looked up at Hillise with his head up.

    Eventually, Hillise nodded in anticipation of the sparkling eyes.

    * * * ​

    "Today, it was fun. Then I'll see you next time."

    "I had a good time, too. The next meeting will be a celebration."

    After some time, Hillise said goodbye to Renee.

    She smiled and said goodbye to Margot, who looked very disappointed.

    "I'll come to see you again. Take care until then."

    When Hillise's touch swept his hair shallowly, Margot's cheeks turned red.

    "Well, Hilliseㆍㆍㆍ!"

    As Hillise walked toward the door, Margot hesitated a little and called her.

    After a while, he got up from the chair and ran to Hillise.

    As Margot seemed to want a whisper, Hillise bowed her head.

    Then Margot quietly whispered to Hillise's ear.

    "I didn't say anything."

    At first, I didn't know what it meant.

    However, after hearing a series of whispers, I realized that what I had heard now meant that he had seen Hillise pick up Margot's tears underground.

    "If Hillise wants jewellery, I'll give it to you. If you want itㆍㆍㆍ, I can give you blood. Hilliseㆍㆍㆍ only for Hillise."

    Margot murmured like that, then drew his head completely.

    Hillise looked at Margot without saying a word.

    The ears revealed through the white hair were a little red.

    Perhaps the child still didn't seem to know how great his jewels were.

    Kalykia's jewels were not easily given just because Margot wanted to.

    The value was really enormous.

    Especially tears, unlike blood, were extremely difficult to get them.

    As such, if it were auctioned to the four major families, everyone would run with their eyes on it.

    Rather, the words that followed were more deeply pressed into Hillise's mind.

    The child who suffered the most is willing to draw blood for her.

    Of course, Margot's blood was of no real value in the four major families, butㆍㆍㆍ.

    I couldn't help but realize that this was the maximum amount of intimacy Margot could show.

    Hillise raised her hand on the child's round crown.

    The touch of stroking was softer than before.

    Then, her hands, which ran down his hair, gently touched the child's cheek and lifted him.

    "Thank you, but heart alone is enough."

    Hillise said, facing Margot's eyes.

    A faint smile hung over her face.

    Margot's face was getting redder and redder when he saw it.

    Margot puffed his lips as if he were going to say something to Hillise.

    But in the end, he couldn't say a word.

    The red cheeks were buried deep in Hillise's hands.

    Hillise stroked Margot a few more times with a cool gentle touch before leaving the room.

    * * * ​

    "I'll take you to the door. Please come this way."

    It was Violetta waiting for Hillise from Renee's room.

    Hillise walked down the hall, following Violetta, who is smiling calmly.

    "Thank you again for Inoaden's kindness."

    Violetta opened her mouth first.

    "I'm grateful that the head of Inoaden visited Kalykia today. My mother had a hard time going out these days. Besides, Margot wanted to see you."

    Hillise turned to the woman walking next to her, listening to a calm voice flowing into her ear.

    "Just call me by name. I'm not familiar with the 'title of the head' yet, so it's uncomfortable."

    This time, Violetta moved her eyes toward Hillise.

    Thinking of something without a word for a moment, she soon let out a cautious voice.

    "It turned out that on the day of the ball, you called me 'Violetta'."

    "I don't know."

    Whether you don't remember or pretend you don't know, there was no nursery rhyme on Hillise face.

    But Violetta clearly remembered what happened that day.

    Besides, Hillise did not answer exactly any right now.

    So she wanted to ask Hillise.

    Why on that day, she called herself by name, as if she was a friendly person, who had never been near her before.

    What do you mean by hugging Margot and telling her to keep him safe this time?

    Andㆍㆍㆍ What were the strange and confusing traces of memory that she saw for a moment?

    "I keep seeing something strange."

    Margot said so in the drawing-room at Inoaden.

    Besides, Violetta wondered what Margot meant by referring to Hillise as 'fully understood himself'.

    Considering the reaction that Hillise Inoaden had when Margot said that, perhaps she already knew about the eyes of the truth that Kalykia had.

    Besides, Hillise seemed to have some idea of what Margot meant.

    Now that Margot is opening her heart to Violetta more than before, he might have explained it a little if I asked her directly.

    However, Violetta's instincts were whispering that she shouldn't.

    It must be the same thing as their bitterness, that keeping them together with an invisible bond.

    Violetta didn't know anything about Hillise Inoaden yet.

    But neverthelessㆍㆍㆍ.

    "I'd like you to call me by your name from now on. I want to be close to Miss Hillise."

    Violetta found herself unknowingly attracted to Hillise Inoaden.

    Hearing what she said was straightforward. Hillise stared silently at the face in front of her eyes.

    If Axion had seen this now, he might have laughed out of spirits.

    As a warning to him, she told him not to get close to Hillise Inoaden, but Violetta herself acted this contradiction.

    But I couldn't help it.

    Because she liked Hillise Inoaden.

    It was strange that she was so attracted to an opponent she had never talked to before.

    Furthermore, Hillise was a person who had more than one oddities.

    However, Violetta was not the type to think about something for a long time and was conflicted.

    It was similar to Axion.

    That's probably why the two have been close for so long.

    "I think we'll fit pretty well."

    Anyway, so Violetta smiled with the desire to be friends with Hillise.

    "I don't know what made you think that way."

    Hillise did not give a positive answer to her, but Violetta was not disappointed.

    You can't get full on the first drink, right?

    "That's Miss Hilliseㆍㆍㆍ."


    Just as Violetta took off her lips again, someone cut her off and called her name.

    Hillise and Violetta's eyes were directed in the direction of the sound.

    Soon, Violetta's eyes became cold.

    What appeared at the corner of the corridor were the elders of Terzo and Kalykia.

    Terzo came first and politely greeted Hillise.

    "I see the New Rose of Inoaden. You must be on your way out after meeting our chief."

    A soft smile was drawn on the clean face.

    The day I saw him at Inoaden's mansion last time seemed to have lost some composure, and he was more relaxed than then.

    "Oh, this is Inoaden'sㆍㆍㆍ."

    After Terzo's words, the elders who followed him saw Hillise, with their eyes looking at her.

    "Miss Hillise, these are the elders of Kalykia."

    Violetta was forced to introduce them to Hillise.

    "I see. Nice to meet you."

    It was a simple and dry greeting that felt somewhat stark.

    But the elders laughed in vain, saying, "It was okay."

    "It's an honour to meet the noble of rumours in person before any other family."

    "It's a leader who hasn't even had the terms and conditions yet. I think I can feel stronger power than Diego."

    "I'm very excited about this generation. Isn't it an exaggeration to say that our 4th generation of sacred families has reached the 2nd revival period?"

    "I'm sure. Now there's Margot in Kalykia, so it's good news."

    The elders, who were making such a pleasant atmosphere, saw Hillise subtly this time.

    "It turns out that the new head of Inoaden is exactly the age of this yearㆍㆍㆍ."

    Hillise's eyelids sank slightly down at the elder's question.

    "I'm 19 years old."

    The elders all admired it.

    "Oh, I see."

    "That's enough to make multiple clauses up and downㆍㆍㆍ."

    The back was a very small muttering of words alone.

    However, the ears of Violetta and Hillise were dimly touched.

    Violetta, who noticed the black inner thoughts of the elders, raised her eyes.

    "I heard Margot follows the head of Innoaden very well."

    "If there's a connection in the world, wouldn't your meeting be a very special one, too?"

    "Yes, as the elder of Kalykia, I hope that the two families will continue to have a strong relationship."

    "Margot is 11 years old, and he's still young, but he'll grow to the extent that you won't recognize in 5 or 6 years. At that time, no one will be left behind even if you stand side by side with the Head of Inoaden. I'm looking forward to that day."

    Seeing the elders talking like a gutter, Violetta laughed out loud.

    Although Violetta had the eyes of Kalykia, it was a secret of a family that would not be known to the outside world. Most importantly, as the successor of Kalykia, was "Can you make a jewel?"

    In this sense, Margot was the only one who succeeded the current Kalykia.

    Therefore, it was the first time in this generation that a woman with a sense of intelligence appeared in the direct line of the four generations.

    Moreover, the existence of Hillise Inoaden, who possessed a powerful ability that surprised everyone on the day of the ball, was inevitably a concern.

    As has been handed down since ancient times, the union of men and women with a sense of power overwhelmingly increased the likelihood of producing powerful heirs.

    So now the elders intended to attach Margot to Hillise.

    Margot may not be considered a marriage partner because he is still young, but by the time he became an adult, they thought that the age gap of eight would not be a problem.

    "Yes, I'm looking forward to Margot's growth."


    "Rather, I have another schedule, so I think I should go now. I'd like you to get out of the way."

    Hillise cut off an unnourished conversation with the elders with a still-unexposed face, whether she knew it or not.

    However, the elders, who had expressed their expectations and looked strange to each other, opened their mouths again without getting tired.

    "You'd better stop here, elders. Haven't you heard that the head of Inoaden is busy?"

    At that moment, Violetta smiled coldly and blocked the elders.

    Her eyes toward them were brightly shining.

    If she grabbed Hillise and spoke more nonsense, it was her eyes that showed her willingness to attack the elders regardless of whether Kalykia's face was damaged or not.

    And once Violetta made up her mind, she was the one who would put it into action.

    The elders frowned with displeasure.

    However, since they have seen Violetta since she was young, they know her sincerity well, so they decided to step back from here.

    "Oops, it turns out that we've been holding on to the busy person for too long."

    "Our elders must be too excited to see someone precious."

    "Wellㆍㆍㆍ, Terzo, you will see the head of Inoaden off."

    "Yes, that would be great."

    The elders were grumpy enough not to give up till the end.

    They seemed even want to push Terzo as if Margot was not enough.

    It was clear that this was what they murmured just a while ago, saying that it is 'appropriate for both up and down'.

    I don't know what Hillise likes, so I'm going to throw everything as soon as I get caught.

    Since it is worth losing anyway, the more prepared the elders were, the worse it was.

    Terzo must have noticed what they were up to, too.

    Nevertheless, he still looked gentle without changing his complexion.

    Terzo's calm gaze briefly touched Violetta's half-hearted face and was passed on to Hillise next to her.

    It was clear that Violetta would obey the elders if it were Terzo.

    Of course, Violetta, a semi-senior, had no hesitation in setting the clock on their plans.

    "You don't have to. My mother asked me to see off the head of Inoaden myself."

    It was unpleasant for the elders to try to disgust Terzo with themselves, but it was also wrong for them to try to match him in this way.

    "And Terzo, I think Blinocell is here just now. I guess you haven't heard from the elders yet."

    Of course, it was a lie that someone came to Terzo.

    Terzo's eyes stayed still on Violetta's face.

    "Really? I don't have a previous appointment today, but it's weird."

    "Go ask yourself the purpose of the visit. Then, Miss Hillise, let's go."

    The elders looked bitterly displeased at Violetta, who had been caught in the middle again.

    Still, if Terzo takes a tougher stance here, he may be able to see Hillise off with Violetta.

    But he betrayed the elders' expectations.

    "Yes, then I'd better go to the drawing-room. I can't keep the guest waiting long."

    The elders thought they would know whether the other families were waiting or not in this situation, but Terzo smiled lightly at Hillise and said goodbye.

    "Thank you for your valuable time for Kalykia following last time. I'll see you at the celebration next time, the head of Inoaden."

    It was natural that the elders behind them had shuddered.

    But now that it's already been like this, it couldn't be worse.

    They quickly cleared their faces and greeted Hillise.

    So Hillise and Violetta walked back down the hall, turning their backs on the people they encountered in the middle.

    When the distance was somewhat lower, Violetta spoke in a lower voice than before.

    "I'm sorry. I hope you don't keep the elders' words in your ears for a long time."

    It was an apology to Hillise because she did not think she would have noticed the elders' thoughts.

    As expected, as she thought, Hillise has been calmly replying.

    "Yes, it's already in one ear, so don't worry."

    Fortunately, Hillise didn't seem to be offended.

    However, Violetta also thought that Hillise's feelings could not be as comfortable when she heard such words from the elders as if she were a tool for succession production.

    "But please don't be too uncomfortable with Kalykia. You may not believe it, butㆍㆍㆍThe favour my mother and I have for Miss Hillise is a pure meaning."

    There was an inevitable bitter smile on Violetta's face.

    Because the elders suddenly appeared and sprayed the ashes, she thought it was possible to misunderstand how she truly wanted to get acquainted with Hillise.

    "I know."

    Hillise recited briefly in a voice still unknown.

    "Because Miss Violetta doesn't tell lies that she doesn't have in her heart."

    However, the eyes of Kalykia, who captured Hillise's face, have now informed her that her words are 'truth'.

    Violetta could smile at the person walking next to her.

    * * *​

    Hillise, who returned to Inoaden's mansion after her visit to Kalykia, felt an oddly cluttered atmosphere.

    She headed in the direction of the sound.

    "What's going on?"

    The butler in the middle of it was bleating at Hillise.

    "Here you are, Chief."

    These days, Alfredo was working hard to prepare a banquet at the King's Palace under the orders of Hillise.

    Then, I realized something important a while ago and was in trouble.

    In the end, Alfredo nodded his head at Hillise and said, first.

    "I'm sorry, Chief. The 'Holy Grail' for the celebration has disappeared."

    It was a moment when I understood the reason why the butler was expressing such discomfort.

    The Holy Grail of Inoaden

    A long time ago, it referred to a glass of wine that the King gave directly to Inoaden.

    So it was treated as a family treasure, and it was customary to use the cup at the celebration of the new head of the household.

    For this reason, the Holy Grail was kept and managed thoroughly in Inoaden's vault.

    But it's gone.

    It didn't matter what the family was going to do or what Hillise would use at the celebration, butㆍㆍㆍ.

    "Who's in this mansion that can touch the safe?"

    "Except for you, Diego, Master Ricardo, and me."

    Initially, the number of people who had access to the safe was very limited.

    Among them, it was obvious who would have stolen the Holy Grail except for Hillise and the butler.

    "I've already asked Diego, but he doesn't know. In my opinion, Diego, who is still preserving his seat, may not have been able to move directly to the safe."

    The butler continued his speech in a sombre tone.

    "Andㆍㆍㆍ actually, Master Ricardo is out while the head is away, so he hasn't returned yet. Maybe that's why you took out the stuff and took it outside."

    Alfredo seemed to doubt Ricardo.

    Coincidentally, he went out without Hillise now, so it seemed to be a serious concern that he had planned to take the Holy Grail out and hide it.

    However, Hillise thought it would be someone else who did this.

    "Wait a minute."

    Hillise left her butler and turned herself.

    It was Diego's room where she headed straight.

    As I opened the door and entered, I could see Diego lying with his upper body tilted against the bed.

    He stiffened his face when he saw Hillise while drinking the medicine that his employer spilt.

    "ㆍㆍㆍHow dare you pretend to be the master of Inoaden before me?"

    Diego soon pushed the medicine bowl with a rough touch and yelled at Hillise.

    "I've never allowed anyone to come into the room!"

    It was the first time for the two to face each other in person since the last drawing-room.

    "Keep doing what you've been doing, Dad. I'm don't have any business with you."

    Hillise walked across the room with a detached face, whether Diego was angry or not.

    Diego's mouth trembled at the outspoken act.

    "Now, stand there."

    An angry-stressed voice crossed the heavily sunken air.

    In an instant frozen atmosphere, an employee who was waiting for Diego hurriedly left.

    Meanwhile, Hillise continued to take steps and reach the wall of the bookcase.

    "I told you to stand there right now! If you take one more step forwardㆍㆍㆍ."

    Seuuk. Thump!

    However, Diego's castle didn't end until the end due to the phenomenon before his eyes.

    When Hillise changed the position of the silver handiwork that was placed as a decoration on one side of the bookshelf, the bookshelf split and revealed the secret space behind it.

    It was a hideout that had been in place since the mansion was built in case of danger.

    "You-, you how do you know the existence of that roomㆍㆍㆍ!"

    Diego had forgotten even his anger at Hillise until just now, and his eyes were filled with surprise, embarrassment, and astonishment.

    The existence of this secret space has been passed on only to the heads of Inoaden for generations.

    Of course, Diego never let Hillise know about it.

    But, seeing the door open in front of me like this!

    Not surprising at the sudden presence of a room in front of her, Hillise seemed already convinced that there was a shelter here.

    While Diego was out of his element, Hillise went in and pulled something out.

    "You've hidden it here, too."

    Seeing what was in her hand, Diego was forced to pull up his already half-raising body.


    It was an antique red box.

    The top of the cover was made of glass, and the glass inside it was visible.

    Hillise glanced down at the Holy Grail in the box and turned to Diego.

    "My father knew how to play all these childish pranks."

    I don't know if you thought the celebration would be cancelled just because one of these drinks was gone, or if it was just a simple drinkㆍㆍㆍ.

    Either way, it was stupid.

    Diego himself was not proud of what he had done, but his face turned red when he heard Hillise.

    "The Holy Grailㆍㆍㆍ is not yours!"

    A cry of intense emotion came out of Diego's mouth.

    Diego would, of course, have wanted to pass everything on to Ricardo.

    However, the reality has already changed from his ideal.

    Diego needed to realize that denying it would only prolong the pain.

    "No, there's nothing in Inoaden that's not mine."

    Hillise walked to the door with the Holy Grail locker, nailed relentlessly to Diego.

    "You might as well remember that the more father doesn't grasp the reality, the narrower Ricardo's position is."

    * * * ​

    After leaving Diego's room, Hillise walked alone in the hallway.

    Her footsteps echoed through the quiet hallway.

    The reason Hillise knew the location of the secret space in Diego's room was simple.

    Because she has been trapped there before.

    Basic life was designed to be possible, as it was a shelter for the heads of state, but it was only that.

    Even the flow of time could not be known in the room that did not leak a speck of light.

    Diego locked Hillise in there alone and threatened to leave her alone if she made a scene inside.

    The secret place was in the chief's bedroom, and only Diego knew where and how to open the door, so Hillise had no choice but to wait until he came again.


    As I walked down the hall, I suddenly heard a slight sound from the box in my hand.

    Dry, leafy eyes touched the storage box.

    Hillise took a step and opened it up.

    'It's the Holy Grail. It's a little different from a normal drink.'

    In her previous life, Diego falsely declared Ricardo's awakening and held a celebration she had seen in a distance.

    However, as I stood so close now, I could feel the flow of little senses on the surface of the metal.

    It was said to be a treasure given by the king himself a long time ago, but at least the name seemed to be worth it.

    I didn't think there would be a real talent in this.

    Is there any other function?

    The castle ship, which had been lying in the box, was held in Hillise's hands.

    Hillise roughly picked up the thin handle of the glass and examined the surface and inside.

    Then she turned it upside down in the air and turned it upside down.

    If there had been a butler by Hillise now, it was clear that he would have been horrified to see her just dealing with the heirloom carelessly.

    "Is it just a trace of the old days?"'

    She even injected a small amount of power with her fingertips, but the Holy Grail showed no reaction.

    So it was when Hillise concluded that the remaining benefits of the Holy Grail were so.

    "Miss Hillise."

    At the end of the corridor, the call flew in, and the cold gaze on the glass slipped slowly.

    Soon it was Norton Ferrano and the young man who came into view.

    Together, they approached Hillise and greeted her.

    "I see the owner of Innoaden in Ferrano."

    The title of "the head" by Norton Ferrano was too heavy and repulsed, so Hillise told him just to call her name.

    At first, Norton jumped up and said, "How dare I do that?" But eventually, he was forced to comply with Hillise orders.

    However, his greeting was still burdensome.

    "I'm here to report the results of yesterday's regular meeting."

    Is it already that time?

    The hand holding the glass fell loosely below.

    Hillise moved her gaze to the man who looked up at Norton's side.

    "What about you?"

    "It's my son."

    Norton Ferrano's answer was a little unexpected.

    A young man who was looked at by Hillise introduced himself.

    "Enrique Ferrano. It's an honour to say hello to the new owner of Inoaden."

    The dark blue hair looks soft and orange eyes resembling the sunset.

    I wonder if he is about twenty years old.

    He was well-behaved enough to be considered handsome wherever he went.

    Unlike his father, who is like a thick rock wall, the man who introduced himself as Enrique felt like a fluid wave flowing through the rock wall.

    The neat mouth drew a gentle line, giving a soft impression.

    It didn't resemble Norton in appearance, mood, or any one place, so at first glance, I was unaware that the two were father and son.

    "In the future, when I can't come to report myself due to unavoidable circumstances, my son will visit Hillise instead."

    Norton explained why he brought his son.

    Hillise looked down at the young man with his head down in front of her eyes.

    Soon after, she took off her gaze and put the Holy Grail in his hand back in the locker.

    "If that's the case, you don't have to send a representative and skip the report."

    Then she called an employee from nearby and handed over what she had in her hand.

    "Take it to the butler."

    Then Norton, who was in front of him, bowed his head deeply and spoke to Hillise.

    "But there may be some urgent things I have to tell you while I'm away. It's just a hypothesis of what's going on."

    Norton's remarks were not without reason.

    Hillise glanced at his face, told him to do so, and then moved on first.

    It was to hear a report about the regular meeting.

    " Miss Hillise, with all due respectㆍㆍㆍ, did you just used your divine power?

    Then, when Norton carefully asked, Hillise feet stopped.

    Norton was right because she used her abilities when he came to Inoaden a while ago.

    "I asked because the scent was stronger than other days, just like the last time you were with your relatives."

    Norton read affirmation from Hillise face.

    " I'm sorry, but can I open the door and post a report today? It would be a little too much for us to face the traces of the divine power left by Miss Hillise in a closed space like this.”

    He, like words, was terribly regrettable, asking Hillise for understanding.

    At this point, Hillise could not help but wonder.

    Axion, whom she had met the other day, told her about the scent and revealed her perplexity at first sight.

    Do you smell so strong when she use her power?

    Furthermore, it's hard to withstand the lingering scent, so that you avoid closed places?

    After recognizing it, it certainly seemed to have a stronger scent than Diego, the former head of Inoaden.

    Come to think of it, I didn't know until now because he had no change in his expression, but Norton's face had a faint feeling of embarrassment like Axion at that time.

    So did Norton's son, Enrique, who was next to him.

    Looking closely, his eyes were stiff and even slightly reddish.

    It didn't seem to be just a matter of disgusting the scent of flower from her.

    But not long ago, Hillise couldn't tell how the "traces of divine power" felt to them.

    "It doesn't really matter, so let’s do it.”

    Hillise accepted it, feeling unsure whether she should feel uncomfortable or unpleasant.

    Like a while ago, Hillise turned around first and moved.

    Then Norton and Enrique quietly followed her.

    * * *​

    "Lady, what should we do with this?"

    At May's question, Hillise changed her clothes and turned her head.

    Then she was silent when she saw what come into view.

    What May was holding was Axion's tie.

    The things I left in the laundry room on the day soon returned to my room.

    But Hillise had left it on the table without touching it.

    May, who glanced at it every day, eventually felt the limit of patience and asked Hillise today.

    " This is for men. Of course, I don't know which wonderful gentleman he is.”

    May's voice, which is so rhyming, somehow had a higher tone than usual.

    "We washed it clean as the Lady ordered, but wouldn't it be better to buy a new one for return?"

    May seemed to be imagining something blooming by herself.

    But whatever was in her head right now, it wasn't real.

    Hillise pressed her button and said.

    "It's not that kind of relationship."

    "Well, noㆍㆍㆍIt doesn't matter if it's not a relationship because it's a return for a borrowed stuffㆍㆍㆍ.”

    May kept mumbling behind her, but Hillise spilt it.

    In fact, she thought it was subtle to return Axion's belongings to him.

    The last time we met, I didn't say anything about it.

    Of course, I borrowed it, so I had to return it, but somehow I thought I would tell him that, I would just throw it away.

    Nevertheless, it was even more strange to prepare a return gift, as May said.

    "Put it in the box for now."

    Eventually, Hillise couldn't conclude right now, only to say so.

    There was a bit more time before dinner.

    Hillise took out the paper, sat down, and began to clean up the private archives of Inoaden in the Forest of the Four Seasons.

    In it, she identified and marked where the flow of force stood out.

    Looking this way, she didn't know if she could find even a small clue.

    She wasn't always the right time for Axion, and she couldn't help it because she couldn't go into the Forest of the Four Seasons all day to investigate it.

    The next time I looked at it, I thought I could find out the location of all the traces of this tomb.

    The question was what to do from now on.

    Hillise pulled out the books placed in the place of the deceased.

    Then she tried to pour some strength.

    But it was futile.

    I tried to do it because I thought that I should change the book's location, like Diego's hiding place in his bedroom, but it was useless.

    Afterwards, I wondered if there were any hints in the books, so I focused on reading the contents.

    But I couldn't tell either.

    ㆍㆍㆍMaybe Diego knows how to find a secret place here.

    Usually, this information was passed on to the heads of all time.

    But even so, Diego won't tell Hillise anything.

    Of course, Hillise didn't mean to ask Diego to do that either.

    'Would the structure be similar to that of another family's document storage room?'

    If so, she may be able to get information from Axion or Reené.

    Hillise tapped the table with a pen in her hand and agonized a little.

    Then she turned to the window at the sound from outside.

    It seemed that Ricardo had returned.
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