Wearing the (film) Emperor's Fiancee

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    So I came across this recommendation in the novel
    "The Female Supporting Character Just Wants To Live A Good Life Chapter 54: Ring"
    I am not sure if it's been translated but couldn't find it when I searched. The concept is a famous formula and seems a bit interesting. The chinese name for it is


    Here's the summary MTL'ed:

    {Recommended an article by Jiyou

    "Wearing the Emperor's Fiancee"

    by Bingtang is not Sydney


    Yu Mian was an orphan since childhood, fortunately, there are well-meaning people to give her subsidies, kindly Man is still a little star.

    With gratitude, she became the first fan of the little star, gave him a message to encourage him, helped him beat the spot for his hand, and accompanied him from the silence to the top of the entertainment circle, winning the film trophy.

    Yu Mian thought that she would guard him silently for such a life. As a result, in a car accident, she wore her fiancee, Yu Mianmian, who was the right of the film emperor.

    On the first day of wearing, the film emperor appeared in front of her, and Yu Mian had not recovered from the joy of seeing idols.

    The voice is low and indifferent: "We are just a family marriage, we only need to play in every occasion."

    Yu Mian Xing Xing nodded, but took the contract and smiled and saw nothing. Idol is used to look up, as a qualified fan, close contact has already satisfied her.

    Once dressed as a wealthy lady, the little citizen Yu Mian just wanted to eat mixed and wait for death, and smash money for idols!

    But the idol who had said that she was acting in a show, how could her eyes become more and more wrong?

    One day, the film emperor blocked her in the corner: "When will our marriage take place?"

    Yu Mian blinked doubtfully: "Don't you say you don't want to get married too early?" The

    film emperor clenched her teeth secretly: "I changed my mind and suddenly wanted to be tried. What is it like to call your husband."

    Lin Jianshen: Every day I call my husband on the Internet, when is it actually called?}
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