Chinese Wenrun Shouyu Of The Red Chamber (Transmigration) (BG)

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    Title: 红楼之温润守玉


    Status: Competed With 80 Chapters

    NU: None

    Why It Should Get Picked Up: There is not enough Female to Male novels on Novel Updates, so this will increase the numbers. This is an kind of like a FanFiction from JJWXC for "Dream of the Red Chamber", one of China's four classical novels. "Dream of the Read Chamber" have a lot of Fanfics from JJWXC, and it have a number of adaptions. There's some Chinese Dramas, and even a Visual Novel "Dating Sim" ( This is a good gateway for someone to get into reading the original Classical Novel. The Main Lead is reincarnated as the adopted brother of Daiyu who was not in the original novel. Lin Daiyu is one of the Heroines in the original story (She have a tragic bad end), There's also a conspiracy theory from a Chinese Forum that makes it even more sad.

    Summary: The dream of a woman with casual personality came true and she went into the red building and became Lin Daiyu's brother. See how she/he plans for Lin Daiyu step by step? "Sister, Brother is wrong. Would you forgive your Brother?" (Quote).
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