Japanese What Color Is The Pure White Heart Dyed? (18+) (GL)

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    Title: 純白の心は何色に染まる

    Raws: https://novel18.syosetu.com/n8413cw/

    Status: On-Going With 45 Chapters

    NU: None

    Why It Should Get Picked Up: There's not enough Futanari Smut Stories that's completely translated on the Novel Updates' Website, so this will increases the numbers. The Main Lead is said to be a perfect person, and good at everything (Studies & Sports). She is doted on by her Father, who is the Owner of a very powerful Corporation that have power, and connections all over the world.

    The Main Protagonist wants a Mother's Love since she grow up without one (Her Mother Is Dead). She also thought about wanting to have a child in the future, this is when a mysterious Old Women show up. She end up growing that "thing" below, and becomes a Futanari. The Story is unique in that it seems to played like a Visual Novel. The Main Lead have 3 Friends, and there's different Routes.

    Summery: A work that enjoys the fact that the Girl who's a perfect superhuman, and Yamato Nadeshiko, who is kind to everyone and has a strong desire for both innocence and literary martial arts, becomes a Futanari, accelerates the male impulse and develops and satisfies his own habits.
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