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    I mtled Daniel confession because girl!!! He confessed 3 TIMES TO FL!!! HE IS REALLY ARGHH:blob_blush:

    "Well. That play. It seems a little different from the original.”

    “Which part?”

    “… … I do not know. Maybe it’s the charm of the actor?”

    He said lightly with an upset look. “Because it’s a charming fairy that is blinded by anyone in the play.”

    “Ahaha, that’s it.” I burst into laughter.

    “In terms of charm, it’s just Daniel.”

    “… … Ah." Daniel felt embarrassed. He looked at me and wanted to say something, but in the end he just laughed slowly and slowly straightened his head. I held back laughter at the side of him I saw inadvertently. His ears seemed a little bit red. Ah really.

    “Daniel is a really nice person.”

    “Lisha.” The play was rising.

    “Lisha, do I look like a friend?”

    Intertwined with the actor's song, a dull voice broke through my ears.

    “Aren’t we friends?” I asked back and looked back at him.

    Daniel was looking at me with a close expression.

    "I do not know. I don't know that.”

    “I like Daniel, and it’s good because Daniel likes me too.”

    “… … I don't think that’s it.”

    He said in an atmosphere of something wandering.

    "just... I want you to be mine.”

    Libertia was not able to reply to Daniel here because a fire wizard attacked the theater( the theater part will play a huge role in the story as well ) Libertia literally saved everyone in the theater, according to the novel it was supposed to be a massacre and the crown prince is supposed to be attempted assassination in the novel but Libertia told Crown prince not to go and Crown prince listened to her even though Ariel went to the theater alone. Ariel here is a stalker of Libertia :blobjoy:literally.

    overall Ariel might be pretty annoying but she isn't bad she is just really naive and pampered, her life is basically just reading books because her father didn't let her out of their estate so she is really innocent.

    2nd Confession
    "What's wrong?"

    "Ugh." I heard His voice suddenly so I was overly surprised.

    “Where is it bad?” He looked weird for a moment, then hurried up with a serious look.

    “No, it’s nothing.”

    "then." His approaching pace seemed to stop, and slowly, he opened his mouth.

    “What, is it in trouble?” With a cloudy smile, he drowsily lowered his eyes. Even without looking at me, it felt like they were all facing me.

    “It's because of Daniel.”

    I was swept away by that dangerous and sexy-looking atmosphere and I said so without my knowledge. And when I woke up, he was near. For an instant, I was choked by trembling. I opened my eyes wide and looked up at him. He was close enough for me to hear his breath. ‘It’s too close.’ But this distance… … This wasn't the first time. When I think about it, it really was. It wasn't even black.

    “… … Had it not been awakened, it would have collapsed.” It was sadly gray.

    “That’s why I realized.”

    Somewhere an old-fashioned tone was leaking out. All those moments were engraved on the retina and in the ear.

    “I'd rather have it.”

    I remembered about him at that moment. About Daniel's homeland. Daniel became a mixed-blood spirit in the royal body in the Lobain Kingdom. As expressed in the original, he was just throwing a sword into the empire, but that would not be all. No, rather, the past at Rovine might be bigger than what constitutes him. So, at the end of that counting, I had a gut feeling. I want to have this man......

    Daniel said. “Le Persia. you." (Daniel is trying to say that what he wants is Libertia)

    saying it to me Instantly, my cheeks were hot. My heart was beating, and he felt like a man. Huh, it's dangerous. Dangerous. At this moment, I couldn't even think of any other original content. But I managed to say. This part is bad if you don't confess right away.

    “I am a princess. And I know what the empire did. I didn't even tell you it.”

    "I know."

    Daniel said as if he had been waiting.

    “I think about that next time. I… … .”

    ‘’I almost lost you once, Lisha.’’ My whole body seemed to melt at the whispering voice.

    “In time for revenge, I should be with you.” He was smiling softly.

    “No matter how many years left before you die, I want to make your time mine.”

    Then, as if to appease, I carefully handed over the head in my ear and whispered somewhere insidiously.

    “If you like me, wouldn’t you be able to try dating before you die?”

    how is it? At that moment he was truly evil. My heart was beating enough to hear it in my ear.

    “Oh my God.”

    I was confused. I realized in this situation. Daniel in the dark. Daniel, the head of the assassination guild. The man who could not capture even Yeoju in the original. …

    …That I love this guy too. I did virtues. However, it has never been so close in a romantic sense. 'He is the object of virtue… … Is it?’ No, of course, it’s a virtue for me. But. Basically, virtue is based on respect as a person. So, it would be better to express it as likable. My liking is spreading abundantly toward my surroundings.

    But Daniel, something is different. At this moment, I felt like I wanted to touch for the first time.

    Eugene, Cain, and Herace also thought that they were embarrassed by holding only their sleeves, or were captivated. Honestly, even holding hands was not a desire, but an act that aroused embarrassment. But now.

    Daniel was slowly moving away. And I got up and approached him, terrifyingly distant. The ash color in his eyes. It was a surprising fact that the color that was neither flashy nor fascinating was attracting more attention than any other color.


    I approached and said to him. “I am dying.”

    Even though Daniel knows it. He spoke quickly before speaking.

    “I can't live long, and Raphaelis is an incurable disease. Even if a miracle happens...… .”

    The words that come out embarrassingly are the words that I usually pass embarrassingly.

    “I will probably disappear soon.”

    This is the life my sister gave. He thinks it's valuable, I think so too. But if you ask if I really think this is mine. 'How can that be?' It's not material, it's life.

    “I will disappear. Perhaps."

    For now, I put off the fact that my sister can listen to it when spraying. She had to tell him.

    “I love you, I love you again. 'I' can do that. But that's all.”

    You can listen.

    “It’s that kind of person.”

    For you who haven't told me you love me yet, very cowardly, but the best I could do was this.

    “I will do my best to stay.” But.

    “But I won't be able to 'give' me.”

    “… … .” This is true. Daniel silently listened to me. And looking at me with unknown eyes

    Daniel will confess again tomorrow after the 2nd confession he is really persistent:blobpopcorn_cool:

    And the next day. I met Sir Ebien as well as Eugene, Cain, and Herace separately. And likewise, it gave them the wisdom to preemptively block related events. I did not forget to ask for my name in honor of that. Daniel, who was exceptionally silent all day, was looking through me from before.

    "Daniel?" I called him carefully.



    “… … Why are you moving so hurriedly?”

    It was a simple tone, but it was an atmosphere that wouldn't go over if you answered flutteringly.

    “… … It would be difficult to move now.”

    “Oh, that's right.”

    My sister's body seemed to have been slow to recover after working at the theater. But because there was no pain, I could move like this.

    “Don’t say it’s okay.”

    How many people are reading inside me these days. But what can I say if I don't say that it's okay? Huh Isn't it more impossible to lie that it hurts?

    “… … It can't be okay, so tell me what you need, Lisha.”

    “If you need it…….”

    But in his tone that sounded excessively desperate, I ended up raising my hands. I did a rejection that wasn't like rejection, but I like him. However, no matter how much I worry, I left it deep.

    'Although he was loyal.' It's a little ridiculous, but maybe yesterday, if he expressed his feelings to me that way, wouldn't I have rejected him? 'Because those words seem to have a greater influence on me than I thought.' When I think about it, I tend to be a little unilateral and give affection to the original characters.

    And knowing that I'm beating out of the blue, I don't expect the same response to come back. All the moments of being affectionate, communicating with them, and living together is fun and joyful. I just thought that was enough.

    “I thought it was okay to not talk separately, but something was different.”

    In order not to get him misunderstood, Jo Gon-Jo-gon said the reason seriously.

    “Because I listen to it, um.” Before I expressed it, I got a smile.

    “It makes me happy.”

    ‘’I like."

    However, I stiffened at the words that came in.

    “I can't even imagine what you're not without.” (Daniel is saying that he can’t imagine what it will be like without her I think)

    Slowly and clearly, the smile I was conscious of became dull. I just looked at him blankly. … … Look at this Again, it is greatly affected.

    “A lot, I like it, Lisha.”

    Unlike yesterday, he said to me with a thoughtful face. Young emotions were speechless at the gentle smile.

    “… … Again, are you happy?” He asks as if it couldn't be.

    The next moment, I approached him and reached out his hand. He dangled and I kissed him.

    “… … !”

    For a while, he hardened and then slowly but strongly hugged me. I felt the touch of his back and the back of my neck. Oh, I lost. 'Yes, since when I've been messing around with my head.' I like it. I couldn't find a bird to say it, and I only coveted him. At any moment, we fell for a moment as if we had made an appointment. It’s as beautiful as the sound of breathing has stopped. Young Daniel liked it and did it. The sight of nothing. It was not known why those memories, which had no impressive people or incidents, remained so beautifully. It was a place where I had to live as if I had forgotten because it was so precious. When I visited it later, it disappeared, and now it only remains in his memory.

    "I like." It was the one who reminded me of it. Lisha.

    “I can't even imagine what you're not without.”

    I can't reach it, and now it's too precious to be scared to reach.

    “A lot, I like it, Lisha.”

    There was no expectation or anything. Daniel lived as a monster several times the time they spent.

    “… … Again, are you happy?”

    He just smiled calmly. Even though she knows so much about her, her still unknown moments are full. like now. She ran to him and kissed him. And whispered.

    “I like it, Daniel.” That day, he realized that he had lived because of her.
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    Just wanted to ask, does Daniel ever regret taking the job of assassinating Alicia? Does she ever know that he was going to kill her? Is there any conflict between them because of this?
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    how does daniel propose for the wedding between him and the MC and how do Cain Eugen Herrace and crown prince react
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    Hi! I want to buy the novel via google books, could someone please tell me how many volumes does it have and what are the titles in Korean of each volume so that I can buy them. I prefer google books because it’s easier to pay in my country.
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    ughh i love this manhwa, more spoilersssss <3
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    When I first saw Daniel, I must admit I wasn't so excited; I much prefer Eugene as a male character, but after reading some spoilers and the confession scenes, I've changed my mind. He really seems a nice person and hope he will make our MC happy.
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    악녀가 사랑할 때

    A total of 5 volumes!! The manhwa is currently at the half of the 2nd volume!! So I don't think its necessary to buy the 1st volume but its up to you hehe I just bought the 2nd-5th and its worth it just a little but hard to read
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    Thankyou for the explanation. I just come here and a little bit confused with the FL characters hehe so Alicia was the FL who come from another world and in the end transferred in to Libertia's body? Is it correct?
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    yupppp Alicia is the FL, which means FL and real Libertia is real sisters
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    Thank you! I”ll buy the 3rd to fifth volume. but how do you translate it?
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    you just press the words like how you copy and paste words in your phone and there will be an option to translate it there:) if you're using a computer just do the same thing just click like how you copy and paste and different option will show like highlighting, adding notes and translating it. make sure to see if all the words is translated because sometimes the translation ended but the words I pressed isn't finished yet.

    oh but I recommend that you buy the 2nd volume as well, though some are tackled in the manhwa already it's pretty hard to understand if you skip part especially since the 2nd novel is like the start of the "real" plot and that like 200 page of skipping if I'm not mistaken, and there is a lot of important part in there, tbh all of the volumes has important parts because the author really wrote it well without adding too much filler chapters.
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    this is a short part of how the mother of Libertia and Alicia life went like

    Li Xian took his father's hand and looked up at Dante. Even in a time when nothing had been put into her mind, she was only aware of Dante's absolute power. Risian looked at him with an expressionless face, and as soon as his smile grew thicker, he bowed his head. It was an expression of obedience with his waist bent. I heard a heartwarming voice.

    “Hoh. You're a kid with a quick glance.”

    After a while, Li Xian learned that she had passed the risk of dying at this time. This is because all of the children born directly to Banus who could not show obedience to Dante died. After that, Lissian grew up in a cold, empty place. She had never seen her mother. Her father also felt like a kind of co-worker, and had never experienced her family's affection.

    “If you survive, I will give you a name, so try your best, child.”

    “Yes, father.”

    Where she lived resembled a prison. The light leaking through her rather large iron bars was all she could enjoy. There, she survived. She swallowed whatever she gave, and she did not die no matter what.

    “Do not think, do not feel.”

    She knew nothing. And that ignorance was the greatest virtue of those living here. However, at the quietest time of the day, the deepest night, Risian was able to let go of that ignorance for a while. Lisian had a power that no one had shown. It was blue, eerie horsepower.

    “It disappears.”

    When you put that magical power on the spot covered with moonlight, her magical power sucked up all the light from that spot. A shadow like a black puddle sits unnaturally. They make letters and do meaningless scribbles. That was her only play she did. While she was playing such a game, Li Xian suddenly mumbled.

    "Is it disappearing too?"

    She was thinking dozens of times a day. Will she disappear someday? Like others did. She did not have many direct lines left with Banus. Her hands weren't even in a precious family. It was just because there was only one person allowed to survive long. Although it was one of them who allowed it.

    “When will I be eaten?”

    It was last year that her father disappeared. In the year Risian turned nine, he headed to the lab and never returned.

    "For true eternal life!" Lisian remembered his last cry, which was full of joy. No one told Li Xian that those who disappeared were eaten, but she expressed that Li Xian said she ate it.

    Because she was in her eyes. “Blue.” Like fog. Sometimes like lightning. That was the soul. The soul was blue. Maybe this power that erases even the moonlight.

    “I gave up my soul for him. … … But why?”

    Lisian tilted his head. My father was happy, because she was not. No, she didn't know that kind of feeling in the first place.


    She just realized that as she got older, as she saw and learned something, everything was weird.

    "But." This is fixed. Lisian quietly closed her eyes. That was the last night in that prison. The next morning.

    “You are Risian. Lysian Banus.” Dante Banus beckoned in an classical gesture.

    He said as he looked closely at her feelings of stupid expression.

    “If I call you, you must obey me. That is the meaning of your life. Did you know?”

    “… … .”

    The meaning of life.


    Unlike before, she opened her mouth and made a noise.

    "Yes. Lord Lord.”

    The meaning of life. Repeating it again. She obeyed familiarly.

    “Very good.”

    That day, she found out that she was ten years old. Time has passed.

    “Lishian, you have to have a child.”

    One day, thanks to her blue power, Li Xian was able to live as “Young-ae”. That said, she couldn't abandon her duty so far she did all Banus did. It was to make the next offering. Said a monster who prolongs my life by taking away the souls or abilities of others.

    “You are special, so you should be able to preserve your special power. For example, it mixes with the blood of the king family.”

    “… … Yes, Lord.”

    Li Xian nodded her head as always. She just had her curiosity on her face coming back. Because it was unusual. She was given her only one time but permission to head out of her. In fact, the content of her orders was quite immoral. She is Li Xian and she should not be the prince's rain. She just needs to mix him and her body and give her offspring, a mixture of the blood of the Whanga and Banus. She didn't think deeply about her strange mission. She wasn't just feeling passionate anger about going out, but still.

    “… … .”

    But her tamed thoughts couldn't go any further. There is just a little confusion left. The world was so dazzling. And the world constantly spoke to Lisian. You are weird. She said everything that was natural to her was strange in the world. No, it seemed more negative than that. Lissian watched the world quietly. As she observed all sorts of things, she found that she stuck in her eyes until the very end. It was a human emotion.


    Such expressions were learned only when they came out into the world. It felt like I couldn't understand yet, but somehow it seemed like an expression used at times like this.


    "I will enjoy this food."

    "That's not right. out of it."

    Gradually, Li Xian increased her words. No matter how much time passed, she did not get good at emotional expression, but she still finds people's feelings interesting. … … It was pretty.

    “Lisian?” They were also very pretty. Especially those red-haired women.

    “That's a pretty name. I am Kara.” (this is crown prince mother)

    Magic cannot coexist with the power of the soul, such as divine power or spirit power. It is because it is a very force against nature. But this upstart wizard woman was strange. ‘It’s full of her divine power.’ As she looked at Kara with her mysterious eyes, Li Xian held her outstretched hand. It was warm. Maybe that day, it may have started. All of that. Shortly thereafter, Risian decided to leave Banus. All the meaning of her life was there, but it was wrong. It was a fact that the world told me. She got it herself. It was not a waste to leave her all of herself to her enlightenment. so.

    “A contract like this at the risk of your life? What the hell are you looking for.”

    “Yes, Lisian. This is, honestly, for me, right? It's dangerous.”

    "no." she risked her life and signed a contract.

    “I want freedom.”

    “Isn't this rather bound by a contract? What freedom!”

    “It is freedom for me. It must be good for you, why are you hesitating?”

    She risked her life and gave birth to children.

    “You are Le Persia. And… … .” And. "You, let's make Alicia."

    Li Xian finally realized what her love was.

    * * *

    She is dead. It was an earlier death than is known. “Emma.” Emma was the only one Risian Banus believed in. Li Xian believed in her Emma's heart.

    “Do not leave.”

    Just that was enough. Similar to mental magic, but in a safe way, unlike that, Li Xian planted the order on her Emma. Everyone, including Emma, will be affected by the curtain Lissian has shredded and wrapped around my soul. It was a way to protect them and at the same time to protect the children. She said that even if Emma didn't emotionally interact with the kids, she was fine. Because she doesn't want her to be her children's shield.

    “Just, stay by your side.”

    I hoped for it from the emperor, too, and he touched the memories related to Lisian. I don't get involved, I just think that I can stay by my side.

    “Till the end, watch.” For Risian, it felt like it left a very big thing. She didn't have such a person. But she was still not relieved.

    the content of the contract isn't mentioned here, I forgot to highlight the part when the King is explaining to CP and Libertia about the contract, I'll try to share it once I find it since I'll be rereading it to understand the whole plot hehe.
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    Lisha vomited blood again. Now the day she vomited blood, I felt like my blood was cooling off every time, in case her breath would stop.

    “Daniel, where the hell is this guy doing what?” Herace muttered without energy.

    The anxiety was gradually maximizing.

    “… … I only believed in him.”

    “He said it would take about two weeks, so I'll get back to you soon. That, Heys... … ?”


    Eugene and Cain, who had been sinking in the same way, were amazed.


    It's because Herace stole his eyes roughly with a face full of pain. He was a psycho who was very childlike, but nevertheless, they had never seen him cry. As Herace couldn't hide his glimpse, Eugene and Cain stared at it clutteredly.

    “What is all this? I'm just angry... … Strange." When I am angry, I have to be angry, but why do I cry? I couldn't figure out what to say to his mumbles.

    The entire imperial palace, no, the entire country, was mourning, wishing for the imperial daughter's complete recovery. 'And he, also about the princess of luck.' Cain's face faded. Not long ago, the imperial family announced about princess Alicia. She said she existed. And that she lost fleetingly.

    'He, did you live alone with sorrow?' Eugene opened his mouth while looking at Lisha.

    “I am your sword.” In a humble tone.

    “… … I can't do anything because I'm lying here, Lisha.” Herace's sniffing whispers followed by Cain's silent sigh.

    “Oh my God, Herace.”

    It was then.

    “Are you crying?” I heard a gentle soothing sound. The three stopped looking back with strange expressions.

    "Do not cry."

    Daniel was standing, like the man who was there originally. After seeing Herace once, he said with a gentle glance, holding Risha in her eyes.

    “… … You will be fine now.”

    "you! what!" He pointed and shouted, as if when he cried.

    “Why are you coming so late!”

    "Sorry." Daniel responded with a friendly face. He carefully placed the three stones in her hand on Lisha's stomach, so the three decided to watch. And he was astonished. At the moment when black light leaks out from the stone, the three rays of light turn to Daniel. Blah.

    “… … !” It was because Daniel's body was torn down. Holding Lisha's hand firmly.

    Libertia is comatose here for a month already after defeating Dante, Daniel went to find something to wake Libertia that Herace knew would be 'dangerous'. tbh I am amazed how the friendship between Daniel and Herace is, Daniel revenge for Herace death in the original novel and Herace cried because he is worried for Daniel and Libertia, isn't it amazing that the author did not make the ml's just a filler character with consistent character but made them more "human" with development and thoughts, looking forward how the manhwa will portray it though.
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    Awww :aww::blobsob:
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    Thank you! I will be buying the second volume as well.
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    Is Daniel the ML or is it a someone else ?
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    my heart:cry: if only the king did not neglect Libertia OMG this will probably how the Life of Libertia, Alicia, and Crown prince be like, TBH CP will probably will not turn out like a psycho if the king took care of him properly remember guys neglecting and spoiling/indulging a child so much for me is abuse itself, the reason why I never hated CP despite his attitude at first is because he grew up like that is because of the KING, he made him like that:blobconfused: especially on how fast his development is after meeting FL just really shows how worst the king in raising a child.
    imagine how Libertia and CP will spoil FL so much if their father is not the king and Dante doesn't exist:blobsleepless:

    There was a sound of water somewhere in Songga. The blue scent wrapped around the tip of the nose, revealing purple eyes. Her black hair was draped abundantly under one of her shoulders. The woman, Alicia, blindly blinked. At the end of the filth, the calm sunlight hitting the cheek made me feel drowsy. It was a vivid feeling for something like 'Is it a dream?'

    But I could. 'I'm hazy. And here. I don't know a place like this.' This is a dream. 'But somewhere… … I feel nostalgic.” I rarely wanted to move. A little more without waking up.

    “Alisha, wake up.”

    It was then that someone's voice was heard.

    “… … ?”

    Alicia questioned her ears for a moment. … … I heard a voice that I couldn't hear before.


    Alicia, who couldn't even blink her eyes because of her stiffness, held her breath as her voice was approaching. Her Beaudon Le Persia leaned over and placed her own forehead on Alicia's forehead.

    “There is no heat, but it’s weird.”

    Alicia had no choice but to look at Le Persia without hesitation. After her funeral, she couldn't even dream of her sister. Her memories have not been blurred, but the “real sister” she encountered in her dreams is no longer there. So time passed.

    “I wanted to see it this way, but I haven't seen it before.”

    Alicia learned to bury her longing in her heart. nevertheless.

    “I missed you, sister.”

    “… … ? Suddenly, what respect do you do?”

    I really missed you a lot. As she looked at her sister's purple eyes, Alicia said cautiously.

    “I thought a lot, but I can see it now.”

    "Hmm. Alicia, did you have any bad dreams?”

    My worried eyes were clear somewhere. Alicia bite her mouth for a moment. 'Something is different.' The heavy and dark feeling that I always felt in her sister's eyes disappeared. She hesitated for a moment, then Alicia asked.

    “Sister, where are we… … Is it?”

    He had stayed in the hut with Daniel, but it was different. There was a feeling that it was a villa, so it was a space for travellers. 'This is like a family home.' Le Persha, who looked closely at Alicia at the time, replied with her absurd expression.

    “It's home. my house."

    “… … House?"

    “my house where I saved the budget of the Imperial Palace. you're really weird today, Alicia.”

    Alicia blinked her eyes quickly.

    "your house?"


    Oh, this is really a dream. That was the first thought. The huts smeared with hand stains everywhere seemed large enough for her sister to live. okay. Because her sister lives. It cannot be done, it is a dream. After swallowing a little regret, the next thought was one.

    “You can’t wake up.”

    "What?" Alicia grabbed Le Persia's hand and took her breath away. And she carefully lifted her body out of her rocking chair.

    “If you wake up suddenly, you can’t use it, Alicia. Although you got a lot healthy. … … Let's eat. And today it would be better not to go anywhere and take a break.”

    Alicia held her breath and listened to Le Persia. Her cool yet soft tone made her face relieved. After she followed her, her steam was waiting for her steaming foods.

    "Did you do all this?"

    Alicia, with her eyes rounded, asked her sister, just like in her childhood.

    “Ask something refreshingly.”

    "no. just."

    “Sit down.”

    Alicia was only then relieved of her tension and smiled as a bash. Because she didn't wake up even while she got here. It seemed that this dream would not be easy to wake up. 'Fortunately.'

    Warm food and soft sunlight. The scent of blue and the cozy atmosphere of the hut. It was exactly what they dreamed of one day. After eating, we lay side by side on a large, fluffy cushion. Le Persia opened her mail with her expressionless face, and Alicia was busy watching her sister. 'This is the first time I've ever seen an older sister with such a comfortable posture.' Because her older sister was always a little nervous. But she looks very comfortable now.

    “The prince sent a letter again.”

    “… … Huh?" The answer was late because she was watching her. Le Persia slightly frowned on her and said.

    “The invitation came again. He said to come to hiss own birthday prom.”

    “His birthday?”

    “It’s good to be in the air. What do you like to call that disgusting guy your brother?”

    “Ah, um. just… … ?”

    “Tsu. Well, so he will be pampering you too.” I can't take my sister away from that psycho....

    Alicia couldn't hear the back-word because it was a small murmur. Le Persia muttered so much, and for a very short time, cynically raised one corner of her mouth. Alicia was looking at it with her strange eyes. ‘Something, I can see a playfulness.’

    "Good. Let's accept it. It would be nice to put some medicine on it.”

    “You look happy, sister.”

    “Yes, it’s fun.”

    Alicia finally laughed. And she thought.

    ‘'Let's enjoy it because it's a dream. It's been a long time since I've seen it. I have to make my own memories and remember them!” Alicia grinned as she looked at her sister lying down on her after getting closer to her sister. Le Persia smiled and gently brushed Alicia's hair.

    “You seem to feel a little better.”


    Alicia closed her eyes at the touch of her sister's, she replied. Perhaps this dream sister did not violate her taboo. I would not have repeated her return, and she would not have been harassed by her. She said that even looking at her hut where she lives with her is that background.

    “I’m glad you're getting healthier, Alicia.” Alicia just made her eye smile.

    “… … It gets more and more pretty.”


    "You shouldn't have a tough guy at the ball."

    My sister in my dreams talks to herself. that's interesting. 'You're a strict guy. My sister is also true.' As Alicia muttered inside, Le Persia muttered with a determined expression.

    “It would be nice to go there though. It's like making a debut. … … I have to talk to him.”

    Alicia laughed ahaha after hearing that “him” was pointing at her brother. Before long, her surroundings of Alicia changed. Is it a dream? The background was changing as if water was spreading. Fortunately, Alicia didn't wake up. She gracefully halved her rich black hair, as if she had cut a handful of her night sky. Alicia was so dazzling as she wore a creamy, elegant and beautiful dress.

    “You think black is more suitable?” Rabilov in the dream said with an unpleasant face.

    “Wear black at the ball. She's like her debut to Alicia, but what the hell is that shit?” Le Persia struck coldly.

    “… … But this is how my sister stands out.”

    “… … That's right.”

    Le Persia and Ravilov looked at Alicia with equally serious eyes. Alicia was both funny and curious about the confrontation, so she was just watching. Somehow she was a little bit grim. That they are together as three siblings.

    “But no matter what you wear, our sister will stand out.”

    "That's also true."

    The tone is also subtly similar. Ravilov was less stiff than Le Persia, but both are similar in that they are cold. ‘Somehow nice to see you.’ As Alicia laughed with a puff, their eyes twinkled simultaneously. Alicia said she couldn't feel it, but she was pretty dying.

    “Is it okay to have at least one person always attached?”

    “Prince, you don't need it. Where are you going to be on the subject of the protagonist?”

    At Le Persia's words, Rabilov smiled, glaring bloody at Le Persia. “That's not fair, sister.”

    “Don’t call me sister. Goose bumps.”

    “I hate it very much.”

    “All right, or take it.”

    (Libertia and crown prince arguing with each other but agreeing/spoiling when it come to Fl hurts my heart:blobsob:)

    Le Persia threw something out. it was a brown wooden box. Ravilov tilted his head. Ravilov's face, listening to her, was subtly loosened.

    “You mean three is a set? I like it.”

    The shape of the tail of one of the mouths raised looks very satisfying. Alicia looked and looked to keep all of her in her eyes. Again the surroundings changed. She was the ballroom chairman. There, Alicia met Daniel. He came as a royal envoy from the Lobain Kingdom. And when Le Persia and Rabilov notice each other and circling around Alicia.

    “Would you like to dance one song?” With his red eyes bent tenderly, Daniel approached and asked Alicia to dance.


    Alicia familiarly held the hand and smiled wide. Ravilov and Le Persia stiffened like ice statues.

    'Where did he come from? you're not afraid.’ Can't you get rid of that hand?, They(Libertia and CP) began to shoot Daniel from both sides with equally bloody eyes.

    Daniel laughed as if in trouble as if he felt those terrifying gazes.

    “It's overprotective,” but he did not hesitate to lead Alicia to the floor.

    The ball was full of those who wanted to ask Princess Alicia for her dance. There was also a free knight who looked at this side with interest, and there was the Duke of Iric, who suddenly got a fixed eye on Alicia after enjoying his time alone in the dark. Then, the princess asked.

    “Is I beautiful enough to ask for a dance too?”

    Daniel opened her eyes slightly wider, and at the princess's playfulness he looked at her young eyes and stopped, laughing a little. Yes, it's beautiful. It wasn't just that. 'Rather than that... … .’ It must be said that it was because the lovely atmosphere of Princess Alicia was fascinating people.

    "I do not know." Daniel in his dream burst into laughter while thinking about that.

    “I feel like I will somehow be happy if we are together.” Unexpectedly, Princess Alicia laughed silently at his answer. As if she knew. This is because her dan was also saying that to her when she did. Alicia replied with a smile that seemed to be missing somewhere.

    “That's a happy word.”

    It was an exciting time. And the time ended quickly. The more important thing for Alicia now was because it was time with her sister... … . It was also because Rablov and Le Persia approached.

    “Sister, would you like to dance with this brother too?”


    Funny, Rabilov glanced oddly. Alicia held her laughter and held his hand. Somehow, my brother in my dream seemed to have a little smirk. Le Persia gracefully waved her hand behind Ravilov, who naturally grabbed Alicia's hand and dragged her. And she glanced at Daniel with a frosty look and then moved away. Daniel smiled silently, and after they were all far away, he looked funny. Then she looked at Alicia with a strange look and slowly left her chairman. After dancing with Ravlov, Le Persia asked Alicia to dance. After that, I took a break, then Ravilov, and then I took a little break, then Le Persia.

    “Is it fun?” When Le Persia asked, Alicia replied with her recalled face.

    "Huh. perfectly."

    "perfectly?" Le Persia gave her a strange face, but in the end she smiled. That satisfying face

    As she looked at her, Alicia said sweetly. “Sister, I am happy to have an older sister.”

    “Yes, so do I.”

    After performing the same dance as a mirror and turning gracefully, Le Persia spoke again.

    “I’m happy to have you in this life.”

    Alicia, smiling brightly enough to close her eyes, cried a little at the words.

    “Alisha?” It felt intuitive.

    “I always wanted to talk. I’m really glad that you’re my sister.”

    “… … The same goes for me, Alicia.”

    “You will miss you a lot.” The dance was ending and so is this brilliant dream.

    “As I remember my sister, I will be happier.” I won't be sad now. Alicia muttered.
    Her older sister was gradually becoming cloudy. Until the end, Alicia laughed.

    * * *

    You know, Sister. The mind also lives. Sometimes I rest, I run busy, I want to stop. Sometimes, like the love that has passed, it is also satisfying in itself. And sometimes, I'm just grateful. Then, after the time accumulates, you finally think. I love that person a lot. … … My sister is like me.

    * * *

    I was proposed in winter. And I became the bride of spring. It was that extraordinarily dazzling spring thing that I dreamed of. The morning I woke up was quiet. I was fascinated by the longing accumulated over and over again and the feeling of loss coming back. Then, despite all that, I smiled sincerely. At the beginning of building a world with my loved one, I finally let my sister go. freely. The way she dazzled. In the future, if I have a child, I may be able to tell the story of my beloved sister to that child. I smiled happily and seemed to be able to listen. And on the day of that dream, I had our lovely Francis. Curiously, Daniel said that he partly had the same dream. Was it the first time you met me at the ball and danced without knowing it? It wasn't until the moment that the child was born and named Francis

    Libertia and Alicia love is just so.......heart breaking:blob_teary:
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    Daniel is the ML
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    Daniel proposed during winter and then they got married in spring, it was CP and Ariel who prepared their wedding, since the time to prepare is short, FL said its okay for a simple wedding, but you know a possessive brother and the number 1 fan of FL(Ariel) will let their favorite person have a simple wedding??:blobxd: just imagine how extra those two made their wedding:blobpopcorn:

    Herace, Daniel, and Cain attended their wedding let me tell you how mature they are, not much about their thoughts was in the novel but they were real friends, they were genuinely happy for the both of them:blobsmilehappy: