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    I never thought doing this is actually fun! I can't stop even tho i have my thesis to be done :blobdizzy: Still my korean doesn't improving.
    So, i am gonna post from Book 2 Page 250 since somebody already do the MTL for page 218 - 249. I will link it to page 1 of this thread, okay? ehehe

    * * *

    Unfortunately, that day was the last time I ran away from the palace.

    "Your Highness!"

    "Um. All right, Rini. I won't go out alone again."

    I'm doomed.

    "Are you serious? No matter how hard it is, you shouldn't be in danger. You have to be accompanied by a knight."

    "Yeah, even I knew."

    Arene was nodding her head next to her while putting in the chimes. I replied to them, trying not to show my gloomy heart.

    "It's because I'm worried."

    "I know, I know."

    I'm really screwed. This means I can't properly meet Daniel. I need to be in his line quickly. How did Eugene bring me back that time?

    He even hugged me and entered the main gate of the palace. Then he told some courtiers who had not fallen asleep to take care of their master in a cool way, and put me on the bed where the doctor was and disappeared. That's how all the courtiers found out about my unauthorized outing.

    "I'll be careful from now on. I promise. I'm starving.….”

    "Oh! I'll get ready right away."


    Having finally managed to change the subject, I sent the two maids back. Soon I decided to play with Jen in my room.


    The haze that came out with the spirit formed the shape of a black eagle. There was a little time before Arene and Rini came back. We need to talk. The gesture of approaching quietly and putting his face into my palm was lovely. For a moment, I smiled and patted Jen's head and body gently, and asked him with a passing tone.

    "Jen, last night... Did you hear that?" (in case you forgot, it's about MC wanting to release him)

    He nodded.

    "I see. Can I ask you a question?"

    Jen replied aloud this time.

    ‘Of course.’

    "Do you want to get out of there?"

    ‘I'm not thinking about that right now, master.’

    She smiled with a little frown at the answer as if he had waited for that question. The black eyes was staring at me.

    "I see. I appreciate it, but can I ask you why?”

    ‘Your diary.’

    I was looking at Jen affectionately, and I moved a little far away. Jen continued.

    ‘I have a lot of questions, but you're not answering them at all.’

    "Uh, yeah."

    I closed my eyes slightly. And she laughed a little, desperately trying to divert her words naturally.

    "Thank you."

    ‘Master, why do you feel tight when you see a black human?’

    "Thanks, Jen."

    ‘Why there are so many exclamation mark in the diary?’

    "But let me know if you change your mind. I'll free you somehow."

    Jen finally stopped talking at that word. Phew

    ‘......... you are a weird human being.’

    "What's wrong with you?"

    I replied with a mocking tone, but Jen didn't continue. Anyway, I felt a little at ease, so I started to talk to him.

    "But why an eagle? Not an owl?"

    ‘I like eagles.’

    "I see. That's cool."

    Jen rattled in her arms. I let him go slowly because he seemed frustrated. I heard something outside. There was a knock and Arene's voice.

    "Then let's talk again later."

    Jen didn't nod, and his eyes are full of words and then disappeared at the last minute. I welcomed those who came in. Except for the nagging, the perfect chef's food appeared in front of me. The scent was truly amazing.

    "Thank you. I'll enjoy it."

    Arene and Rini smiled softly when they said hello with a gentle smile. It was a fairly familiar peace.


    After breakfast, I visited the Crown Prince.

    "A reply came."

    "Oh, can I see it?"

    He flinched for a moment. Certainly, in the matters involving Ariel, he felt a little more humane. And after a while.

    "Does she think you are a fairy?"

    I said with surprise as if I didn't know anything. The prince was silent.

    "Teleport and tell them to come right now...….”

    As I glanced at the energy of the night hanging slightly near his eyes, the Crown Prince sighed.

    ‘You can't laugh. But that's funny.’

    But more than that, I told him in a serious tone, because I would be caught teasing him.

    "Let's get started. There will be a greater sense of betrayal if there is more misunderstanding. 'Cause you’re not a fairy.”

    The prince nodded his head sincerely. No, you can't laugh.

    "You will invite her to come on the International Day, reveal the identity of the sender of letter followed by giving flowers. What do you think?"

    "Flowers? What does that mean?"

    Rabilov, who had been listening quite seriously, spoke in a frighteningly suspicious tone. I just laughed quietly for now. Then he continued.

    "What's the point of doing that? Of course she will come to the International Day. Because I told the Duke."

    Oh, did you? I'm afraid someone's not a ruse!

    "It’s more romantic."


    I swallowed my saliva and told him not to be offended.

    "Small excitement makes great excitement, Your Highness. If you accumulate little joy like this, even you Your Highness who is not a fairy, the Langton young miss will see you."


    "I'm sure she'll be more than happy because she is a lonely person."

    It was a little awkward, but I hope I looked sincere.

    "Your Highness will fills her empty heart."


    When I said Ariel would be happy, Rabilov made an expression on his poker face. Now that obsessed man is starting to look cute. Oh, I can't. That's the guy who always think of killing me! Anyway, I smiled a little and ended my words.

    "Just give it a try."


    I've never seen Rabilov so nervous. I took a close look at him like that. Fortunately, he didn't look unpleasant.


    Silence fell after the carefully presented answer.

    Big, I thought I was going to keep laughing. I hate him so much and he's so scary, but honestly, he's seriously thinking about writing a letter.….

    "How do I write…….”

    I hurriedly quenched my laughter, and then said,

    "You can't be too polite, but you'd better be nice if you can. And this is something you must keep, Your Highness."

    "What is it?"

    "It has to be romantic."

    Rabilov was silent. His gaze was like a snake, but I couldn’t lose courage.

    "But you shouldn't go overboard either."

    Be polite. Respect. Respect again!

    Emphasizing respect enthusiastically, I hoped that this would work even a little bit for his no end obsession. For my people. Numerous emotions, such as very confused, suspicious, and just killing them, brushed Rabilov's face.

    "Okay... Uh, sister."

    "Yes, I'm sure you'll be able to write a great letter."

    After answering with a bright smile, I took out the green paper I picked myself to him.


    Rabilov looked at me wriggling his face a little funny.

    "And this is our contract."

    The contract was completed after our signature was confirmed by the temple. It's finished after I share it with him.

    I'm so smart!

    Handing over his share of the contract made me very proud. I was full of expectations. I help him with his relationship, and he guarantees me complete freedom. After he received it, I pretended to be okay and drank tea.

    It was then.

    "May I see it?"

    I heard an unexpected voice. When I turned around, a man was staring sharply at me. I hated it as soon as I saw it. Marquis Gale. He was a close aide to Prince Rabilov and very similar to the Crown Prince. Although he is more impulsive and aggressive.

    "I greet Your Highness the princess. Did you feel comfortable last night?"

    "Oh... thanks to you."

    Why are you saying hello so politely? It's not like that.

    "Since when your relationship change to the point of exchanging greetings?"

    Asked Rabilov. It sounded a little absurd. Boldly, Gail came to the side where the two of us were without replying. The crown prince did not seem to have expected any answers.

    ‘They are very close.’

    I thought so, taking turns looking at him and the Crown Prince. They looked closer than the original. In the meantime, Gail, who read the contract with my permission, looked at me with an indescribable look. After looking at me for a long time, Gail sighed. Prince Rabilov, who was just looking at it, had a smile that seemed to be drawn on his lips. I finally saw the prince smiling with a creepy look, and then I saw Gail again with a sigh.

    "Its’ notarized by the temple."



    Gail had a lot to say, but he managed to hold it in.

    Then Prince Rabilov said.

    "Sister, you have no regrets about this contract?"

    It was a sweet tone. And it was a sign of something interesting.

    "Well, of course!"

    Something was ominous, but there was no problem with contents of the contract. Marquis Gail sighed, and then said.

    "If that’s the case, then it can't be helped."

    I nodded while looking at the air current between the two.

    "Then I'll go back."


    I was a little exhausted on my way back from Gail's very awkward greeting. I thought so with a deep sigh.

    ‘I'm just going to take a rest today.’

    Tomorrow is the day I am supposed to meet Daniel, but I couldn't fall down again because of the lack of energy like last night. As soon as I arrived at the palace, I decided to sleep to save my strength.

    * * *
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    Thanks! A small part of me was hoping the dad would get some character development too... you know realize he was a bastard and work to help fix things... But sometimes regrets come too late and this is one of those times. He can regret but it won't fix anything and he can't even work to make things right because he messed up so bad. I suppose I'll have to be satisfied with him being forced to live with the guilt.
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    The plate is broken. I didn't do anything special.
    "Oh! Your Highness! Are you all right?"

    She said that it was dangerous, then runs toward me in a restless manner, then she said.

    "I'll get Mr. Rox!"

    Rini, who was crying, shouted, "I can't stop the bleeding." I didn't feel much pain because I didn't feel it. My hand was bleeding. I told Arene who brought me the tools to clean the wounds.

    “The chef made it, but I can't eat it.”

    “Your Highness, what's the matter? I can bring it again for you.”

    Arene said in pain as if she were hurt. As expected, they are kind children. Thinking so, I raised my hands and feet for Arene, who said she would clean the floor. The cleaning was done quickly, and Rox came in. The treatment quickly ended.

    “Your Highness, come to think of it, don't you need more painkillers?”

    I shook my head thinking of the medicine left in the drawer. I just wanted to go to sleep quickly. Finally, I lay down on the bed.

    “I'll go to bed early today. Have a good evening, everyone.”

    After speaking with a murmur, I closed my eyes. It wasn't long before the distant sleep hit me.


    “I'll go to bed early today. Have a good evening, everyone.”

    Rox, Arene, and Rini looked at the sleeping princess. The count officers outside the door, who ran into the chaos of early evening, also held their breath. Soon Arene approached the princess with a pale face. She had fallen asleep. Relieved by the sound of her breath, she carefully arranged the blankets and pillows. Rini crept down and lowered the window curtain, and further lowered the preliminary blackout curtain to prevent the light from getting in. And she cleaned up the traces of the meal slowly so that there was no sound. After taking care of her so that princess could sleep comfortably, they quietly left the room.

    Emma, Rini, and Arene. Several servants and chefs were gathered in one place. Knight Dunn was with them. The so-called the Libertia Imperial Palace meeting is ongoing. They were putting their heads together and exchanging opinions.

    Arene and Rini reported one after another.

    “I'm sure she had a deep cut, but she pretended to be fine.”

    “The amount of food she ate also decreases as time goes by.”

    The chef, who used to always complain that he will leave the palace if he had a place to go to in the past, hesitated and continued.

    “Her taste also change a little, and...….”

    On the paper he presented, the records that the princess’s taste for food changed to those with a lot seasoning were meticulously organized.

    “She doesn’t seem to walk very well too. It's not that there's no sound, but it feels like she is not energetic.”

    “Then she stopped meeting all those poor nobles.”

    The attendants also whispered. Emma, who was listening quietly, let out a deep groan. The two knights who were listening from the outside crept in and sat down. They activated magic tools to prevent the sound from leaking out.

    "She have been exposed to so much pain for so long that it's obvious that she doesn't even feel it."

    Everyone nodded at the opinion someone had brought up. Emma told them about the dismissal after giving detailed instructions to make her imperial life more comfortable overall. Stretching their stiff faces, they rose from their seats one by one. The people who gathered now were the ones who took care of the princess. As they were the main pillars, the atmosphere of the palace changed rapidly.

    But they've been realizing these days that it's not enough. She's been a bit sullen and nervous lately. Since she kept Eugene and Cain away, she was uneasy about what she was thinking. That's why they decided to meet regularly like this. The court officials were becoming more and more hot-blooded thinking about the princess.


    As expected, sleeping is a remedy. I am very happy with my body condition. Along with my clear and confident body condition, my schedule was perfect today.

    "Are you going out during the day?"

    "Yes, I'm just going to do a quick preparation for the next ball, so don't worry. Oh, I'll bring a knight."

    Of course I'm going to leave you out. I drew a gentle smile on the outside, but bad boy's smile inside.

    "By the way, Rini. Did you cry?"

    Rini's eyes were slightly red. She asked after checking the money bag. Rini was slightly surprised and shook her head, crying.

    "No, Your Highness."

    "No way."

    After a moment of thought, I confirmed that I still have time to spare. International Day was a large-scale event where many events were held. It was a month before the International Day. Now it was worth taking a look. And I also decided to go sightseeing. Of course, with Daniel. I don't know how happy I was to be able to go sightseeing with him.

    Anyway, I led Rini and sit on the bed. Arene is here, too. The two sat side by side under me and rolled their eyes.

    "Both of you cried. Look at this. Your eyes are red. Who bothered you?"

    "Oh, no."

    "You don't have to tell me, but if there's anything I can do for you, tell me. I was trying to say that."

    I smiled a little then patted Rini on the head. But I heard a sniffing sound from below. Arene's eyes were red again.

    What's this? Are you touched? Just from that?

    What's wrong with you? But with that look, I felt a little embarrassed. So I jumped out of bed and shouted.

    "Well, it seems like today our good kids are depressed. I can't just pass it by."

    They started laughing, perhaps noticing my playful tone. I smiled softly and headed to my dressing table. I took out the things that I usually use. Three colored cosmetics. The two maids, who were looking at me with a doubtful gazes, tilted their heads at the same time. That's cute. I laughed and approached them, carrying the cosmetics wrapped in pretty straps.

    "Here, take it."


    "Your Highness? Oh, my God, I can't take this!"

    They were shocked when they notice my intentions. I glanced at the magic watch on the wall and said quietly before they refused.

    "I give it to you because I'm always grateful. Take it. If you feel uncomfortable, you can teach me something in the future when I need it."

    It wasn't without ulterior motives. I just wanted to give it to you first, but I thought it would be necessary to learn about life in general from these beautiful and cute maids. Recently, I've been living while thinking that I will leave someday, so naturally I thought about how I'm going to live after leaving.

    And the conclusion was, half money, half self-reliance. Basically, I decided to take a lot of money and live comfortably, but just in case, I decided to learn some of the catches that work in this world.

    'Although it may not be necessary if you take all Ariel's talents.'

    I'd be very grateful if you could help me with that.

    "I think it's a bribe."

    I'll stay for another 4 more months after the original start. But it was a good thing to leave it. This is because the eyes of the two, who were looking at the cosmetics I forcefully gave them, were sparkling. Over and over again, they made up their minds and refused, but I really had to go out now, so I nailed it.

    "I'd be really sad if you gave it back. I've been keeping an eye on it for you guys, so I probably can't use it."

    In the end, both of them thanked me and accepted it. After patting the head of the crying kids, I left the room. I was accompanied by Knight Dunn, who had been properly trained by Eugene, and officially escaped from the palace.

    It was a sunny day. The brilliant golden sun melted my heart.

    "Oh, I'm so happy."

    Even in the morning, the square was very crowded with people. At this point, it would be enough to escape one’s eyes at least once, but the meticulous knight I brought, Knight Dunn, managed me more quickly than I thought.

    "Lord Dunn, can you go over there for a second?"

    "Yes, Your Grace, there's nothing."


    Even a crude glance did not work for him, who quickly rolled his eyes. Still, it was time to try to get out of him somehow. I made eye contact with a man walking from across the street. The fierce blue-green eyes grew slightly larger and distorted. He was Gail, a close aide to the Crown Prince.

    Ugh, it's not nice to see you. Really.

    I couldn't hide my disappointment and stood tall.

    "The front and the side are blocked."

    "Your Highness?"

    "No, it’s nothing."

    Marquis Gale approached me.

    "I greet Your Highness, the princess."

    His turquoise eyes moved slightly and looked through the article. I got a little confident. You won’t hear the word frivolous.

    'Shall we just avoid it?'

    I heard his voice when I was thinking about it.

    "How did you come out?"


    "Isn’t it the time for you to prepare?"

    Oh, the evening ball.

    This evening, Ravilov told me to attend a small ball as part of a rumor-killing campaign.

    "That's all right."

    I didn't know why you care. I looked up at him, feeling a little puzzled, asking me for a good answer.

    "I have something to do around here. What about the Marquis?"


    Gail shut his mouth. I thought it meant he couldn't say it. Sir Dunne's eyes, standing next to him, were slightly cool. I grinned as he stopped trying to come forward.

    "In fact, I'm not really curious. So you don't have to answer. Well, we'll get going."

    Gail's eyes were more distorted. I don't know what to say. You probably found out while investigating that I didn't act like a villainess, and most of them were false rumors, but why did you dislike it so much? Anyway, Gail was a friend and a close aide to the the Crown Prince, so I decided not to bother him anymore. I walked out of his way, dragging Sir Dunn with me.

    Our meticulous knight, Sir Dunn, offered me fruit juice without saying a word, which I don't know where it came from. I was impressed by the timely sense I got and drank it feeling grateful. I checked the time and it was close to the appointment with Daniel.

    'Um. I'm in trouble.'

    He was a sensible knight, but I couldn't meet Daniel with him.

    "Hey, Sir."

    In the end, I decided to speed up things. I whispered to him who bowed politely.

    "Actually, um...… I want to buy something that I have to see alone."

    "What do you mean you have to see it alone?"

    "Yes, for example, um...…you know, something like that."

    Sir Dunn's face, wondering about the meaningful tone, began to turn red at some point.

    Yes. Thanks for your understanding.

    I laughed a little shyly, shouting "Nice" inside.

    "Go, I'll wait in front of the store."

    "Yes, thanks for your understanding."

    "No problem."

    Sir Dunn shook his head with a flushed face like a ripe persimmon. After greeting politely, Sir Dunn looked at the nearest underwear store and turned his head, surprised by himself. I watched the one-man show for a while and mumbled, holding back my laughter.

    "That's so simple."

    "I know, right?"


    When I turned my head, Daniel stood next to me. He lifted his hood and smiled softly, eye to eye.

    "Weren't you on a date? I think I interrupted you."

    The sound of him asking in a frighteningly sweet tone gave me goose bumps for some reason.

    What is it? I chose my words carefully.

    "Date? Oh, no."


    "We're friends, I'm telling you."


    He laughed as if he were having fun.

    "I see."

    He laughed for quite a long time and he tilted his head slightly as I drooled over him. That innocent look with heaven’s beauty. Although it was covered, I had no choice but to hold onto my heart because I saw the beauty.

    "Oops, are you being possessed again?"

    It was a very mean remark. I just sighed and nodded. Somehow he seemed to be in a good mood. I don't think it was like this before.

    "Is something good going on?"

    Walking along with him, I asked. Then he replied with a very funny expression.

    "I was looking forward to it."

    "……You were looking forward to see me?"

    "No, I was looking forward for today's festival."

    "Oh, yeah."

    He nodded his head a little. He smiled softly again.

    "I was looking forward to it." (MC)


    When I spoke quietly, he smiled and looked back at me.

    "Meeting Dan. I was looking forward to it."

    He paused for a moment and glanced at me. I said it naturally while facing him.

    “I don't know much about this kind of festivals, so you have to show me around. Okay?”

    I took a small piece of paper out of my arms and unfolded it. His eyes, which were looking at me, turned to the paper. Before long, his face grew more and more absurd.

    "You're really, really determined to come out."

    She replied with a shy smile in a stunned tone.

    "Our…… No, I asked my family. It's my first time at a festival."

    "First time?"

    "I've never had such a comfortable time."


    Daniel gave a slightly complicated look. I pretended not to see it and moved on excitedly. He followed and asked.

    "It looks like you don’t have any friends."

    I felt a little ridiculous. I burst into laughter and answered him playfully.

    "I don’t? Here you are. A friend."

    "Oh, come on, I am not.”

    "I'm not possessed. I'm not possessed."

    Actually, I keep getting hooked! I crumpled my face a little and grumbled at him.

    "I want to be friends. With Dan.”

    "I told you not to fall in love."

    "Hey, seriously. Will you keep doing this?"

    He smiled lightly. And my vision got a little brighter because he took off my hood a little.

    "What? Don’t take my hood off."

    "You don't have to wear this. Why don't you take it easy, Lisha?"


    The sound of him calling me "Lisha," near my ears, was ridiculously slightly sweet.

    "I'll cast a spell on you."

    "Oh, you're an expert. I also use magic."

    Probably the magic of the spirit.

    "Doesn't it bother you to be able to use magic, Lisha?"

    Lisha. I used the robe deeper when I heard the name Lisha again. It can't be covered, but somehow I wanted to cover my face. His laughter flowed to my ear.

    It was kinda funny how Daniel keep rejecting MC when in fact, she didn't even have any romantic feelings for him(yet) :blobuwu::blobuwu:
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    * * *

    Now I'm talking to you, but I've never feel like this before. There were always a lot of opposite sex friends, but strangely, there was no reason for that feeling. Maybe that's why. The conversation with Daniel was a bit different. Is it because my purpose was to be a friend? At some point, I treated Eugene, Cain, Herace, and Jane differently. A strange feeling that reminds me of my friends, so I feel comfortable, but I don’t feel comfortable with his actions, expressions, and speech.….

    'I don't hate it, but...’

    And I didn't know what it meant. It means that he is rationally excited.

    'Oh, my God. I'm sure people will be excited if you do that with that face.'

    Daniel was, so to speak, the final boss. Yes, you should never forget it. It would be wise not to give too much affection to unknown people.

    Just being a fan... I'm doing it gracefully!

    'But at least we're getting closer.’

    I made a hundred concessions and it was clear that I was the one who stimulated his interest. Or maybe it's because of Herace, who couldn't see Eugene and Cain these days because of the pouring requests. But I think I can really get close to him now, leaving everyone else.

    ‘But at least I’m sure we can be friends.'

    That's how I comforted my agitated mind.

    "What are you thinking?"

    A drowsy and friendly tone. I looked at the guy who asked me.

    "Dan, why don't you take it off?"

    He looked really happy. While looking at me, he sighed and took off the hood as I said. Then I replied in a tone that seemed like the whole world was alive.

    "Just. It's all useless."

    "Hmm. Why all of a sudden?"

    "Dan's identity. I've heard it from the spirit."

    "Aha, but?"

    "But I thought it would be rude, so I avoided asking in person. Why? You keep making it obvious."

    "So it's useless?"

    "That's what it is. Take off the robe’s hood. It’s cool."

    The only thing possessed seemed to be an emergency. I complimented myself and looked up at him in a sour manner. I heard a thin laugh.

    "You're looking forward to it, Lisha."


    I was a little surprised at the feeling of being caught in the moment. It was a drowsy look. I tried to take it calmly and avoid his eye, but I inadvertently looked over him. And surprisingly, I made eye contact with someone.


    Daniel wiped his laughter at my confused expression and looked back following my gaze. There stood Herace, who looked like an angel with golden hair, and Cain, who I haven't seen in a long time. They were looking this way.

    "Lisha! Here!"

    Herace smiled fiercely and waved.

    "Oh, my God."

    Daniel's slow voice was full of difficulties. He looked me for a moment. I just grinned.

    The date's over! Hehe.

    Daniel, who was looking at me gently, said in a small voice.

    "Lisha, the list on those papers earlier. Give it to me."


    I asked back at the unexpected words. He took off his robe and said with a sweet smile on his eyes.

    "Let's pick one of them."


    I blankly passed the paper. And before Daniel lightly hugged me, he stopped for a moment and pulled his head straight towards Herace and Cain.

    'Okay, you're getting a little shameless.'

    I waved my hand. And as the two eyes gathered, they pointed at me. And I said it with my mouth.


    Herace, who was squinting his eyes, blinked quickly. What's wrong with Lisha? From the shape of her mouth he got…


    Herace and Cain's faces became subtle. Daniel, who was next to me, opened his mouth slightly while looking at my behavior.


    And he smiled like a child. In the end, I tapped Daniel who burst into laughter. He left with a smile.

    "Oh, I'm sorry."

    As he whispered, Daniel burst out laughing again.

    "Stop laughing."

    "It's because Lisha’s cute."

    What……. I glanced at him and licked my lips, recalling the beautiful face of sister. Then he blew the wind into his ear as he got closer. His eyes, which glanced back at me with a scratch, was slightly enlarged. Today was the color of snow that looked like aquamarine.

    I somehow brought my mouth back to his ear, which seemed to have no intention of avoiding it.

    "I'm kind of cute, pretty, and I do everything by myself, right?"

    It was a playful whisper. He didn't say anything for a moment, but secretly raised his lips and opened his mouth.

    "You know it."

    "Okay then."

    I glanced at him with my head slightly tilted and smiled. And I stand away from him and said,

    "Why did Dan whisper so much in my ear like that, and that's why."

    "...What do you mean by this?"

    There was a slight crack in his smile. Watching the scene pleasantly, I smiled softly and shrugged. And after getting away from him, he turned around and walked without answering. But somehow I was so happy that I couldn't stop looking at my feet. As soon as I was about to trip over a stone, Daniel quickly helped and hugged me.

    "Oh, my... I'm in trouble. It's difficult to just watch."

    It's very difficult to say to be careful. Anyway, I smiled awkwardly and covered my face with my hands. I was really, really embarrassed. Maybe you saw my embarrassed face, but his soft laughter flowed from above.

    The festival was just the beginning.




    There was a brief pause between Herace and Cain after the princess disappeared with an unidentified suspicious man.

    I'm playing. See you later.

    It was what she said…


    The Princess Libertia.


    Stupid questions kept popping up inside. Herace, who had read along the shape of her mouth without realizing it, felt really subtle and wanted to scratch something.

    Does Lisha know who she's playing with? It was funny. No, is it funny? It was funny, but it felt dirty to the point he burst into laughter.

    "……is she crazy?"

    Cain looked at Herace with a gloomy look at his question. In Cain's eyes, Herace seemed half-hearted now. He heard there were a lot of requests these days.

    "Get a hold of yourself."

    "No, is it all right with you, Duke?"

    Herace fired an absurd look at the Cain's cold voice.


    Cain looked straight again, still looking away. Herace, who saw his dizzy mind in the slightly-painted forehead, opened his eyes. But that's only for a while. Herace looked at the place where the princess was earlier and made a strange expression.

    "What the hell, man! I'll play with you."

    Cain lowered his eyes slightly. Confusion filled his black eyes and took his breath away. The two, each captivated by an indescribable mood, turned around without saying anything. They were on their way out because of Eugene, who accused the princess of going out without permission. To be honest, Herace tag along because Eugene’s behavior was hilarious. When he ran into her on the street, he was looking forward to her reaction. But he felt like he was hit.

    "But that was...….”

    Cain muttered casually in confusion. And then he stopped.

    "Oh, that guy."

    Cain stopped when Herace pointed out the very part that had been bothering him since earlier.

    "Do you know him?"

    He looked back at Herace and frowned without realizing it.



    "Who is he? Tell me."

    "Sir, he was cleverly handing me all the work and play with Lisha. That’s business interruption. I'll kill you."

    Cain swallowed a sigh. And he shook his head with a dry look and said,

    "I think he's the one Eugene was talking about.”

    "…...is that what it is?"

    "He said he was wearing a normal robe back then. And…."

    Cain continued mumbling. Somehow, thinking that Cain had become talkative, Herace frowned strangely. Then the unfamiliar anger subsided. Now, the human in front of him is more intriguing. Herace smiled like an angel. When Cain strangely saw him, Herace turned around.

    "You're not coming? There's a lot to do."

    "……I'm coming."

    They were moving today to clear up the rumor about the princess. It was a idea to use the festival.


    Cain blinked as he saw Herace kicking his tongue when he saw Cain seemed to have regained his composure.


    Once upon a time, this country had the most beautiful woman in the world. Her name was Beatrice. She was so beautiful that she had been in line since she was very young, and she was the joy of her family. But the joy didn't last long. Unfortunately, after she aged, the love of her suitors began to go crazy.

    "So what?"

    "The men who were singing love wanted to own her."

    Daniel's words continue. They took everything she had to run away from. Family, relatives, money, and even honor. When she came to her senses, she was ridiculously called the Rare Lamia. She ended up losing everything and was sold to a lunatic fat man. She finally made up her mind.

    Heart beating. Daniel did a great job telling the story.

    "So what did she do? Resolution? What’s the resolution?"

    "Well, next time?"


    I stared at him with incredible eyes. He smiled softly.

    "Dan will always be healthy because he laughs well. Good for you, good for you."

    "Oh, no, Lisha. Is it that fun? Isn’t this a story every imperialist know?"

    I don't know the story!

    I couldn't respond like that and shook my head. At that time, a flower carriage came into my eyes. Yes, that was the reason why I listened to that random story.

    "A pretty carriage, isn't it?"

    I laughed in vain because I was dumbfounded by his teasing voice.

    "The march is about to begin. So I'll listen to you after the march."


    He shook his head and smiled when I answered him. That flower carriage was the centerpiece of the competition to win the Beatrice Lindea Contest. This competition is said to be one of the highlights of the national foundation festival. We decided to see this march first.

    "The owner of the carriage that received the most flowers after seeing the march will be the Beatrice Lindea of the year."

    "What's the prize?"

    Walking down from his arms, I asked. He narrowed his eyes slightly and helped me down. Then, he replied, covering my shoulder, buried among people.

    "Like being a Lady of the Knight."

    "Hmm. That's ambiguous. There's a lot of applicants?"

    "There are a lot. There are a lot of girls who yearn for the position of Lady of the Knight."

    "…...is that's all?"

    He replied having fun.

    "You also given 500 gold for injury."

    "Aha. I see."

    Of course.

    When I murmured with a refreshing face, he looked at me with a face holding back laughter.

    "No, if it doesn't cost you money, there's no reason to participate in this kind of competition."

    "Well, it is said that in competitions like this, a commoner girl gets a lot of benefits."

    "Well, I don't know."

    The story from before. I didn't think the ending would be that good. However, he couldn’t tell her that he didn't know the ending of the story, so he quietly put it in. Instead, he spoke openly.

    "Beautiful things are good, but if you don't have the power to keep it, you'll only become unhappy."

    "Do you think so?"


    "I see."

    I looked up at him casually at the sound of some bitter words. He smiled calmly and told me.

    "Exactly, Lisha. In fact, if a commoner wins the competition, seven out of ten will disappear without a trace."


    "Why are you so surprised to hear that you were right?"

    "Oh, my God."

    "But three out of ten live."

    It may not bloom like a romance novel. I just shook my head. Come to think of it, I think there was an episode related to this competition.


    Then he looked at me.

    "Does it bother you?"

    "Huh? What?"

    "The story before. Ten to seven are unhappy."

    “Well, I don't know.”

    I didn't actually think of it, but I didn't deny it.

    "I think we need a safety device."


    "You said it’s a Lady of The Knight? You really need to set a rule that says it should end in a one-day relationship with the Lady, and if you break it, you'll have to pay the compensation?"

    "Hmm. That'll make things fun."

    I concentrated on the march after laughing without saying a word.

    "Here we go."

    "……Lisha, would you like to participate?"


    I can't help but think that everytime MC talked about Daniel's act of affection for her, she always talk as a third person POV:hmm:
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    When I turned around with my eyes wide open, he smiled softly and said again.

    "Change your hair color, and participate."

    This episode of the small international festival a month ago came from Herace's side story. A bunch of people playing tricks on the flowers for the ladies.

    "It's done."

    I was immersed in a strange sentiments, and I came to my senses at Daniel's words. He was smiling full with his eyes down slightly. But the fascinating smile was a bit disturbing.

    "Oh. What color did you use?"

    He showed me the mirror without saying a word. Where did the mirror come from?


    I opened my eyes wide.


    Black hair. It wasn't completely black, but it was dark brown, probably because of my original color.

    "Don't you like it?"

    "Well, no."

    It was a nostalgia that suddenly came in. I had that color before I entered princess Libertia’s body. I think so. I gave a deep smile to Daniel, whose expression was a little stiff.

    "I like it."


    "And it's very pretty."

    When I said it in a playful way, he replied a little late.

    "Yes, you're pretty."


    Even though it was a light tone, I felt the sincerity, so my heart trembled. So I told him as I tried to shake it off.

    "Well, if I participate in this, you won't be able to see anything else."

    "I have tomorrow, too."

    "Okay, how do I participate?"

    "It's simple."

    Flower carriage were coming in. Beautiful women were standing on it and waving their hands. But some of the carriage were empty. Daniel pointed to one of them and said,

    "All you have to do is get on the carriage."

    "I see."

    I was excited to start. It was the original episode, and there was no problem because Herace would solve it as the original.

    ‘You met him yesterday, didn't you? Then you'll figure it out today.'

    In that episode, I had no intention of intervening in the first place, so I thought so and kicked the table. Daniel was looking far away from me with a rare embarrassment as if he was trying to hug me. I burst into laughter when I saw him approaching, stepped on the wheel, jumped up, and took over an empty carriage.

    Dark brown hair fluttered in the wind. After I bit some of the flowers on the carriage in my mouth, I did half-tied hair with both hands that would appear in Greek and Roman mythology. After tying my hair together, I decorated it with some flowers that I bit in my mouth. Daniel looked blank, and soon smiled softly.

    "Aren’t you too comfortable? You must be confident."

    "I think I'm the prettiest lady, but I don't really want to win. I like this flower carriage more than that."

    A small chariot-like-cart was a cute carriage that rolled very smoothly.

    "In the first place, I was out of energy. It's time to sit down."

    Daniel replied, "Is that so?" I sat on the carriage with my legs folded sideways like a mermaid. And I picked up a bunch of flowers in the carriage and handed them to the people around me. It was possible because it didn't pass quickly.

    "You're getting points by gathering flowers, and here you're giving them away.”

    Daniel lamented.

    "But this is more enjoyable."

    The eyes of the people who received the flowers widened. As I smiled and waved my hand, they belatedly burst into laughter and waved each other's hands. That long procession is over. And I glared at Daniel gently.

    “You didn’t mention any of this”

    “I thought you knew even if I didn’t say it. Because it’s famous.”

    Daniel replied with a white smile. The march was not the end. The ladies were getting off one by one from the flower carriage that reached the wide stage. They were standing on the stage, showing off their talents one by one. I was looking at it with ridiculous eyes, and I poked the coachman Daniel on the shoulder. He opened his eyes wide and looked at me as if it was my first time touching him like that.

    I whispered in his ear as I snorted at his dazed face.

    "What should I do? I didn't prepare anything."

    "I think that even if you just stand still and laugh then come down, you will win."

    "That's too much."

    "Well, to be honest, that color suits you very well."

    He laughed and pushed me to the stage, rubbing his shoulder. It was my turn.


    "Is it a person?"

    "Wow, she’s ridiculously pretty...”

    Her black color attracted attention because it gave off some kind of warm feeling. Those who were caught in the color were quickly fascinated by her beautiful face. She was radiating a calm, clear smile as if she were a moonlight. There were a lot of people who followed her carriage without realizing it. The man in the coachman seat looked at those people with indifferent eyes, but only two of them recognized him.

    And even the two of them were shocked to find out who she was that they didn't notice the man's subtle displeasure. Anyway, naturally, more people have seen her for a long time. But no one got bored. Because she was playing so well alone. Seeing her mouth budding on a small carriage, people thought she was singing alone.

    When she threw the flowers, she chose large and beautiful flowers and handed them to those nearby. She dozed off for a while because the long march was hard, but even the appearance was so lovely and those who had been watching it, held their breath. That's about an hour. Most of the people in the capital gathered at the Great Plaza waited with a throbbing heart for her turn.

    Before long, she stood on the stage, with the color of a tree under the shade.

    * * *

    The pale and slender beauty stood alone, and it felt like the wide stage was full. Purple eyes with a feeling of yo-yo and dazzling clarity swept through the people. People grabbed their chests wherever her eyes catch theirs.

    'That's incredible.'

    The host, who was looking at her, approached and opened his mouth.

    "Good morning, Darcy! No, hello!"

    People laughed with a small jeer. The host smiled broadly and handed the dazzling beautiful brooch with a loudspeaker magic. The hand that received it was very white and fine. The host was mesmerized for a moment without knowing that his hand was shaking.

    The host, who came to his senses, opened his mouth again.

    "I'd like to ask your name this time! What's your name?

    "It's Lis."

    After a moment of thought, the woman's red lips were open and her clear voice leaked out. It was a clear voice with a slightly husky voice. This person will sing. The host nodded inward and asked.

    "I see! Beautiful Miss Lis, what are you going to do here today?"

    He was also a very polite host to other girls, but in front of Lisha, he was unusually squeaky and had a couple of vocal beeps. People kept laughing at the social worker, and when the lady named "Lis" opened her mouth, it became as quiet as promised.

    "I'll stand still."

    "I'll stand…! Yes?"

    "I don't have anything prepared. Thank you for the flowers. Bye, then."

    The beauty really stood still for a while, then glanced down the stage with an eye-catching smile. Everyone was mesmerized and looked at her.

    * * *

    Daniel, who was bowing his head and holding the corners of his mouth, came up and held my hand. After running away, I happily watched Daniel's laughter for the first time.

    That sounds good! Oh, right.

    "And I forgot about Sir Dunn. I should apologize when I get back. Because I disappeared without saying a word."

    The wind blew gently. My dark hair, dyed by Daniel, were gathered together and dropped under one of my shoulder.

    "I think I should go back now."

    Daniel looked at me for a moment, and I said,

    “See you tomorrow.”

    He smiled and nodded slightly. It was then.

    "That's a good idea. We'll have to prepare for the evening ball."

    When I turned around and find Herace, who popped out out of nowhere, I was looking at Daniel with thin eyes.

    "Then, Lisha?"


    I don't know the meaning of his outstretched hand. When I was staring at Daniel, people come! It seems that the results of the competition had come out.

    "Lis! Miss Lis?"


    Strangely, the host called me out, but I couldn't get on stage.

    "Lisha, I'd like to escort the Beatrice Lindea of the year. What do you think?"


    Daniel burst out laughing.

    "Why do you look like that? So, the answer is?"

    "No, I have to go now."

    "The evening ball."


    Surprisingly, he whispered with a slight slow smile.

    "I formally offer myself to be your partner, Your Highness."

    "…… ah."

    It felt strange to hear Your Highness all of a sudden. He clapped his eyebrows as if urging me. While looking at him, I put my hand on his hand with a stern look on my face.

    "I'll allow it."

    His aquamarine eyes, which were bending softly, met my eyes. He pretended to kiss the back of my hand while facing my eyes. It was then. The tip of Eugene's sword touched Daniel's neck. Everyone had gathered to see when he came. I was looking at them with a surprise, and Daniel get up with a small smile. He hugged me with an attitude as if he didn’t care about the sword that touched his neck.


    When I looked at him feeling embarrassed, Eugene looked stiff.

    "Don't touch her without permission."


    Daniel bent his eyes softly.

    "What if she gets hurt? We'd better get rid of the dangerous things first."

    Eugene slowly pulled the sword while biting his lips. Then Daniel flew up. The frowning Eugene quickly moved away.

    "Don't worry!"

    I yelled at Eugene. And after a while, I arrived at the back door of the palace with Sir Dunn, who was out with me. He put me down carefully and whispered.

    "We have about five hours left."

    I saw my hair slowly returning to platinum and looked up at him.

    "You can rest for a couple of hours. See you later, Lisha."


    Are you saying you took me home quickly because I need to rest? The more I looked at him, the more suspicious he was, but he was kind.

    I turned my body in a good mood, and I had a slight cold sweat. It wasn't because I wasn't feeling well, but because I saw Sir Dunn’s condition.

    "Well, Sir Dunn. I'm sorry…."

    Just before returning to the palace, Daniel snatched Sir Dunn like he was fishing. There was no one other than the Beatrice Lindea behind the stage.

    "No, no, Your Highness…”

    "But why the hell were you caught there?"

    "I think it was a misunderstanding."

    Sir Dunn, with his face in half, explained in a gloomy tone.

    He was swept away by the crowd while looking for me. Then he saw the bright colored hair and followed me, but it wasn't me. The woman he followed turned out to have a dull blonde hair. She said she thought she dyed her pink hair.


    The woman said she was pleased and shouted to Sir Dunn.

    'I asked for someone to dress as a knight, but it was you. Oh, I'm so glad. I was really looking forward to this event. Go back, daily knight.'

    Someone came to my mind there.

    Her way of speaking and behave. It’s Ariel. Pink hair? I don't think so, but it looks like her. I asked, rolling my eyes.

    "That... ..she dragged you behind the stage?"

    "Some people gave me flowers, and they wanted me to decorate them with flowers. I thought they would cry if I didn't do it, so I just accept the flowers...….”

    "Hmm. Did you fall asleep?”

    "Yes, we had a strange conversation, but I think I was seen and rushed over."

    "……I see."

    I patted this sorry knight on the shoulder. And today, I told him to rest well and went inside. Arene and Rini’s worried medley welcomed me.

    "We don't have much time, my lady!"

    "Come on, to the bathroom!"

    "Oh, my God. You look pale. Get some sleep while getting a massage, my lady."

    Daniel's words, which had been growing for a couple of hours, could not come true. My maids are scary. I nodded my head eagerly at their frantic eyes. So 2 hours flew by. After that, I became a mannequin to a glamorous and old-fashioned dress adorned with indigo blue fabrics and silver jewelry, standing in an old state.

    "This is the best."

    "Today's ball is a good place to wear dark colors."

    "Now make up!"

    I repeatedly closed and opened my eyes for a while, leaving my soul half out. It seemed to be more difficult than the one at the march earlier. I feel comfortable, but I'm tired somewhere.

    "You have to be the most gorgeous and beautiful lady at the ball!"

    Rini gave me an awkward smile at what she said with a lot of strength. How long has it been? In the full-length mirror stood a woman who looked like a masterpiece in itself.


    The two chattered with a satisfactory sigh. I was mesmerized at my appearance on the mirror. The word "dazzling" may be used in a time like this. Everything was shining in a soft and luxurious way. The platinum hair looked like a light, the lips like a flower, and the purple eyes. The indigo blue dress wrapped around the beautiful figure, creating a perfect shape.

    The rich and thin style blends with sister Libertia’s body in an exceptionally attractive way. The jewel-like dress decorations were also perfect. But the surprising thing in the meantime was the shoes. The front part was hard, but the back part was soft. It was really comfortable because the heel was high but not narrow.

    "How did you come up with this? Wow."

    I was truly impressed and grateful. The two girls who laughed so hard were so pretty that they smiled brightly and I patted their heads.

    "Thank you."

    They were pleased. When I finished, there was more time left than I thought. I rested on the chair for about 10 minutes. I heard a knock. I had told the servant, so she must have brought Daniel inside. I got up and arranged the dress.

    Before I opened the door, I was a little nervous. Somehow, he seems to be different from the one I knew.


    The door opened. Beyond that, I faced a fascinating demon.

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    so im just gonna drop the side story ;);) lisha and daniel is just too cute:blobcatblush::blobcatblush: my heart cant take-:blobnosebleed:
    this is pure mtl btw
    When the evil girl loves

    Side Story 5

    Foreigner's 4th. Softer's

    | Soft leaves smell sweet. It is because he has the excitement and freshness of everything he touches in his small body.

    Spring came with soft leaves and colored everything lovingly.

    "It has to be perfect."

    said Lavilov.


    Ariel cried out.

    “Your Majesty said you can use anything, so there is nothing to take.”

    "Except for the period... ...you were asked to marry in the winter, but you're getting married in the spring. We don't have enough time to prepare."

    When they were newly married, they were all about Alicia's wedding preparations.

    was spilling out

    Marquis Gail, who was watching Ariel's sullen words, slipped in.

    “Rather, he said that it would be better if the order of expression was simple, but.......”


    “...... "

    Marquis Gail stared vacantly at the prince couple, who had become dull in an instant.

    ".........just keep the order brief."

    "Yes, fairies, and each and every one of them is the best."

    In fact, Marquis Gail is the only one who's ever been married

    It was because I had a business to come.

    You said you'd finish all the orders in an hour and share the food with them.'

    I have to deliver this message from Risha.

    | But seeing them working hard together to imagine a super-luxury wedding.

    'Your mouth won't fall off.

    After all, the two little men who watched their honeymoon were continental work.

    It wasn't until the beginning of the project that he opened his mouth.


    | Two people got off the wedding carriage from the square.

    Everyone looked at the bride holding her breath and holding the groom's hand.

    It was a dazzling beauty that made me gasp.

    Alicia's wedding dress is white and has a very long tail.

    It was a su. It was a dress made with an angel as a motif, so it made me have an illusion as if I had wings.

    | Dressed in black suits, Daniel and Alicia stood side by side, and everyone was fascinated by the beauty of the male and female fairy.

    Daniel's unique and dangerous atmosphere was especially prominent next to Alicia.

    It even caused a delusion that if angels and demons fall in love, they would be like that.

    "Oh, my God."

    Sophia Young-ae murmured with admiration.

    "Your Highness the Crown Princess shed tears and poured everything into her dress. It's absolutely perfect."

    “Because Lisha-nim’s existence is already perfect.”

    Sir Ibien responded seriously. Her Sophia Young-ae also nodded her head with a thrilled face.

    Did you come to stand next to them?

    The Marquis of the day sighed while looking at the two with a strange look. | Familiar people in a little distance caught my eye. It was Eugene, Cain, and Herace.

    The three had some strange faces. Basically, it was a bright face,

    "Wow, you're getting married, man?"

    "That's not important, Herrace."

    "This is how early Risha got married.

    I didn't know you'd make up your mind."

    When I looked at Daniel's side, feelings of weakness, absurdity, and irritation were seen.

    'They're the same people.

    Marquis Gail shook his head. Then I looked up to the side where Alicia and Daniel were.

    Lover's light kiss and ring exchange. And then another kiss.

    'In the original way, between those orders

    There must be this and that too.'

    An incredibly simplified sequence for an imperial wedding

    It was.

    “Sister, is it already over?”

    “Something seems to have passed,


    I heard the twins asking Jane.

    Yeah, I looked around, and in the meantime, I already exchanged rings, and the last kiss was over.

    "It's not over yet."

    Jane replied.

    Even the commoners cheered, and the dinner was prepared as if they waited awkwardly while lowering their hands.

    "We're invited to the palace, so we can go to the palace."

    "Oh! It's been a while since you've seen Collin."


    That's how early the festival starts.

    It's done. The main characters were going to go on their honeymoon right after they got their guests.

    Watching the series of processes, the Marquis of Gail sighed softly.

    'That's pathetic,' Jane glanced at the latter. Then he left with his younger siblings.

    | Young-ae left, and Eugene, Cain, and Herace left. The Marquis, who would never leave until the surrounding area was so quiet, is now...

    I looked back at the empty space.


    | 'When did it start?

    What I liked about Alicia was.

    'It's not serious.

    Yeah, just a little.

    A little more than likable.

    The Marquis of Gail, who was pretty cool around him, wasn't very close to the princess.

    'I don't know what I've been close to

    It was only when she was forced to watch for a while.”

    But really, before I knew it.

    | Why did I feel so uncomfortable when I was an uninvited guest at a party where only acquaintances gathered?

    At that time, he had already had a crush on the princess.

    'I didn't even invite you to the party.

    No wonder I laughed.

    | 'Maybe it's because it's not too close.

    Eugene, Cain, and Herace were in a different way close to the Alicia princess. It's more like a family.

    Maybe that's why his emotions didn't move in this direction.

    It's a useless idea.

    I felt strange. It wasn't bad and it wasn't good.

    It was just weird.

    "That's funny."

    Even before we start, there's no trace left.

    For myself, it was just a little funny.

    He chewed on the strange mood for a while and drew a smile unwittingly.

    "Be happy."

    A little blessing was enough for this presence to end a feeling of weakness.

    The pink one where the marquis left.

    A piece of silver petal fell off. The petals stayed there for a while and soon left in the wind blowing far away.

    Many wished for the happiness of the two.

    A piece of blessing was added to the Emperor's complicated mind.

    One by one, such blessings have been built up.

    It was a beautiful spring wedding.





    In fact, both of them were at a loss for their first night on their honeymoon.

    Alicia was active in kissing and hugging, but more than that, she lived almost without a dream.

    by the way

    I didn't tell Alicia,

    Daniel wasn't used to it either.

    It was not a lie to tell Herace that he had never dated anyone.

    'More than I thought.

    My heart trembled more than I imagined.

    The first night with the person you love.

    They were sitting side by side on the bed when they came to their senses while pretending to be natural.

    ......with a tight grip on his hand.

    “...... ,

    Alicia was the one who burst into laughter after realizing their behavior.


    There was nothing to say, but Alicia looked at Daniel with a flushed face.

    The recalled face couldn't be so lovely.


    Daniel, who smiled calmly at her, suddenly approached her.

    Alicia couldn't take her eyes off his eyes when she saw his face approaching smoothly.

    'He loves me.'

    It was an epiphany that came gently. It's new and lovely.

    Risha's lips trembled a little. And


    The kiss continued, which seemed to be more trembling than the first time, and strangely clumsy.

    Then she slightly raised the tail of her mouth, and again kissed her a little deeper.

    The moves that you might be clumsy are actually based on your yearning towards each other.

    "I love you."

    A confession burst out like a moan.

    There's no need for anyone to go first.

    It wasn't too long, not too short.

    It was an eternity time.


    Alicia was about to wake up. Daniel, who was still looking, held his breath.

    After a while, she opened her eyes and looked up at him.

    '......... Did you sleep well, Risha?' "Yeah. What about Dan?”

    "I didn't sleep."

    Daniel touched her with a careful movement to her forehead, which slightly rounded her eyes.

    "Because you're lovely."

    I was not aware of the passage of time.

    Alicia just smiled and buried her face in his arms while looking at him with a little helpless look.

    A gentle laugh woke up the morning.

    It was a week later that they were given the command of the Grand Duke.
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    I have a question, Is CP their(Libertia and FL) halfbrother?? I read somewhere that he is not, but I am confused now :blob_teary:
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    he is their half-brother, same father different mother
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    I took a quick glance at him. His beauty had only doubled as I knew it. It still feels friendly and neat, but somehow it was decadent. It was a demonic beauty. A charming smile was subtly young in a bored face. After staring at me for a while, he slowly threw a compliment.

    "It's beautiful."

    It was a voice that confused me. I answered with some bewilderment.

    "…...Daniel, you look like a devil."

    The red eyes shone like rubies. He tilted his head with a subtle laugh.

    "Is that a compliment?"

    "It's a compliment."

    He smiled softly, then grabbed my hand and pulled it. He said after burying his lips on the back of my hand.

    "You're like an angel."

    "…...is that a compliment?"

    "Well, I don't know."

    He replied with a strange smile. I tried to give him a sneak peek, but I only took a sigh.

    "Shall we go then, Lady."

    I held his hand without saying a word. Soon after, the new white carriage given to the princess began to roll gently. He sat across me and stared silently with a strange smile.

    "What are you thinking?"

    Apparently, he seemed to have brought the status of a noble. Otherwise, he won't be able to pass. As if passing by, he replied without rushing.

    "I'm sure you have a lot of questions, so I wonder why you don't ask."


    He tapped the head of the golden staff he had in his hand.

    "Can I ask?"

    "It’s Lisha's freedom."

    He replied with a soft, slow smile. I asked him while looking at him with a complicated mind.

    "What's your real name?"

    He replied with one eyebrow raised slightly.


    I looked at the slow flowing landscape for a moment and asked again.

    "……what's your last name?"

    "It is Baron Roam."

    "Are you a wizard?"

    He touched the golden staff once again without saying a word and smiled with his eyes. Wizards used staff when they not using spells. Most spells didn’t have to be sounded, but instead used a lot of mana. Of course, he's a spirit, so he doesn't need a spell or a staff.

    "I see."

    Anyway, the golden staff in the form of a golden rose branch was beautiful because it was for camouflage purposes.

    "It's beautiful. It looks good on you."

    She gave him a strange smile. The carriage stopped. Before getting off, he asked, throwing his eyes out the window with a little clear glance.

    "Is that all you're curious about?"

    "No, but it's okay. I know some things thanks to my spirit."

    He glanced at me with a vague look. After adjusting to his subtly changed appearance, I received a more calm attention. And said with a small smile.

    "And I knew the most important thing."

    I opened the carriage door without telling him what it was. I was about to get off alone, but before I knew it, he reached out to me.


    Yeah, the most important thing. That he likes me. That was the truth that had nothing to do with masks. I could feel it.

    'Even if it's a likeable feeling that can be erased at any time.'

    It's not easy to be an assassination guild leader. But it was fun. With a gentle smile, I grabbed his hand and got off. Soon after, the door to the banquet hall of the outer palace opened. I walked with him beyond the brilliant light of the chandelier.


    Today's ball was a bit free. The banquet hall was filled with more vivid colors than ever before. All the colors were dark and intense. One of the purposes of the nobles who attended the ball is not to look ridiculous like a clown.

    "Have you hear that?"

    In the crowd of five young children, a girl in a red dress, opened the conversation.

    "The woman who won the event during the day disappeared with the man.”

    "Doesn't it often happen at that event?”

    "It's a little different this time."

    "Another case?"

    The girl’s eyes were focused. The Beatrice Lindea event was the most popular event of all the International Day events. The girl were especially interested in that event. It was also an event that served as the background for many romance novels. When the young children look curious, the girl in the red dress open her eyes. She continued.

    "I heard it from my maid too, and she said that she was a woman with very dark brown hair.”

    White skin like snow, warm black brown hair, and purple eyes. She was a beautiful woman who touched people’s heart every time she smiled.

    "It was the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

    Interestingly, however, she went up to the stage and did nothing, then suddenly she disappeared with a man who seemed to be her lover after going down the stage.

    "I can't believe she's gone. Maybe her lover was a wizard. The maid must have been possessed."

    "It looks like it. Actually, I wonder if my maid was dreaming. She has high standards. But what, she said that the goddess of beauty seemed to have appeared, or maybe she might be a witch from a legend. What's that?”

    "That's a compliment. That kid is funny. Can I see her at the next meeting?"

    "Of course."

    They could not see that rumors about the beautiful woman, who seemed to soar into the sky, were exploding throughout the capital. The topic of conversation, which had been running around, has changed.

    They blushed at the noble beauty of Lord Volton who had just come in and the empty beauty of Prince Rabilov who followed. They also talked about young girl who are planning to make their debut at the founding ball. There was a girl who was expected. It was a girl with sky blue hair and moist eyes.

    "Is it Ariel Langton?"

    "Langton! It’s the Duke’s daughter that I've heard before."

    "The Duke must love her very much. He gave her the entire famous Langton summer house."

    "Oh, my God! I can't wait to see her."

    When the atmosphere was so ripe, the door opened again. Libertia Ram Trielle. They were in the presence of Her Majesty the Princess. Those who inadvertently gave attention stopped trying to turn their eyes again. They greeted the princess, forgetting the honor of the nobility. She was so dazzling that they couldn't keep their mouth shut.

    "……She’s so beautiful."

    Like a fairy she saw in her dream, Princess Libertia was so dazzling. Everything from the soft-wrapped lips to gestures, facial expressions, and the slightly fluttering decoration of the dress shook people's hearts.

    "Lately...… there's an unsavory rumor going around, did you hear it?"

    The girl said, shaken by the beauty of the princess, tried to deny it.

    "Yes, I heard. She look better than I thought."

    The girl couldn’t take her eyes off the princess, even though they kept talking with a sharp expression on their eyes. Then they suddenly remembered the description of the beautiful woman that the maid had talked about. They don't want to admit it, but the description really suited the princess.

    But for a while, the girls turned their attention away.

    "By the way, who is that by Her Highness’s side?"

    "I've never seen him before."

    He was as eye-catching as the princess. He was a sweet yet terribly decadent handsome man.

    "That's awful…."

    Many people nodded without realizing it at someone's lamentation. It was not enough to simply describe it as beautiful. He was a beautiful man who even felt holy. In fact, strangely enough, people didn't see him properly when he came in. It was because it felt like they were facing a fearful existence. Only after seeing the princess that they could see him straight.

    "Brown hair and red eyes. Who could it be?"

    The red eyes were yoyo. The color, which seemed to eat all the colors, was fascinating despite its ominousness. Princess Libertia and the nameless man walked in, accompanied by the eyes of the breathless people. When she reached the throne of the emperor, who had not yet entered, and the Crown Prince sitting next to it, she lightly gave an example.

    "I greet Your Highness the Crown Prince."

    Those who listened to the words of greeting belatedly realized how they looked and blushed. Prince Rabilov felt that atmosphere. He faced Libertia and Daniel with interesting eyes.

    "Good to see you, sister. And sister's partner too."

    People tried to listen to their conversations, but somehow they couldn't. The prince was seen seriously speaking to Princess Libertia. The princess smiled lightly, softening her expression, and the man beside her was staring at her with a warm look.

    The famous Lord Volton approached the three. He talked to the mysterious handsome man, frowned slightly and took a sip of wine.

    What is it? What is their relationship? I think they know each other...….

    Curiosity hit people. But there was no way to solve it.

    <Continues in the next volume.>

    Aaaa that's the end of Book 2!! :aww: How come Daniel and MC's interaction is soo intimate even tho they just met OmO. It will be more intimate and i can't wait XDD
    I will post the beginning of book 3 tonight :blobsmilehappyeyes:
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    im gonna have to agree with some of the replies
    it doesnt sit well with me AT ALL that CP and Ariel (I know she isnt bad) always had a happy ending in all timelines
    and Libertia was that unfortunate in all timelines :blobsad:
    edit: Yknow what this all that king's fault if he had an ounce of brain, or responsibility (as a king, a husband and father), or even pride as a god damn royalty, then that whacta his name Vance guy wouldn't have gotten his slimy hands on the girls :I am upset :C :

    Thank you for the spoilers:)
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    this is heartbreaking. I'm crying
    Libertia was saying goodbye in that dream. It was the last she had with Alicia.

    definitely the name of the novel applies to Libertia

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    Book 3 is here!! It has 6 parts!

    The feeling of the festival was felt in people's attire and the overall atmosphere.

    "Sister, why don't we drop the title?"

    Rabilov said with a strange look.

    "The title?"

    "My sister's rumor cannot be dispelled by beauty alone. Power is needed to soften the rumors in the palace. Call me brother."

    Aha. That's about it. I nodded my head.

    "I will, brother."

    Rabilov stared at me with strange eyes. When I tilted my head, he shook his head slightly, saying it was nothing.

    "Oh, this is Baron Roam, brother."

    "Baron Roam. I see."

    Daniel's gaze was not a very favorable one. But as expected, Daniel didn't even blink. Daniel’s appearance didn’t shake Rabilov’s eyes. Eugene, who was staring at Daniel with his eyes narrowed, smiled at me and asked.

    "And now, Baron. During the day, I saw that you called Her Highness, Lisha."

    "Yes, there are times when I sing it without a hitch."

    Daniel lowered his eyes with a pretty straight smile.

    "That's what ‘my’ sister allowed you to do, right?"

    I thought I misheard it for a moment. Obviously, it seemed that there was a strong feeling when he said ‘my’. Rabilov was a little strange. Am I mistaken?

    Daniel subtly raised the corners of his mouth, eyeing the Crown Prince and Eugene one after another. And with a very happy air,

    ‘I'm sure he was enjoying himself. He answered very clearly.’

    "Of course. I'm honored to be allowed to use a nickname."


    Neither the Crown Prince nor Eugene spoke for a moment. It was the Crown Prince who opened his mouth first.

    "A nickname, you mean between you two?”

    Why? Somehow the prince seemed to be in a bad mood today. Did Ariel not reply?

    Eugene also looked at Prince Rabilov with a strange look, moved his eyes to me, who was standing still, and sighed. I looked at him for a moment at Eugene's ridiculous attitude and looked at Daniel again. Still, Daniel was enjoying himself very much. I shook my head because I couldn't understand what they were talking about. And I thought.

    ‘Do you both recognize each other instinctively? That Daniel is the final boss?’

    No way. Nothing's happened yet. It was after the ball that a war of nerves between the main characters of the original work and the final boss were formed. Above all, Ariel should be at the center. She didn't appear now.

    Anyway, I dragged Daniel's arm to the side. Daniel, who was gently dragged in, whispered to me briefly.

    "The first dance should be with your partner, you know?"

    I whispered seriously to him.

    "My partner should have worn solid shoes."

    "That's a terrible threat."

    "Well, at least on the floor, you'll have to be afraid of me. I'm really bad at dancing."

    I can't dance at all.

    Before long, he held my hand lightly but firmly and moved at my pace. I headed to one side of the hall with Daniel. Suddenly, I turned to Daniel, who can be seen as my life line, and our eyes met right away. I didn't know when, but it seemed like you were looking at me all the time. His eyes alone were attractive that my stomach was tightening. How could a man look like this? Ugh.

    But a man with a deep coolness in his eyes. I wanted to be this man's precious person. Now that I'm here, apart from my purpose. So I sincerely drew a happy smile at him.

    I stopped walking. People's eyes were scattered. Whether he used magic or not, our own space was created as if he had a curtain on it. A strange atmosphere loomed in his enemy and disappeared.

    I decided to look away first. Naturally fell from him. Then I sat on the chair on the wall and took my breath. I need to distribute my strength well. I think there’s quite a lot to worry about tonight.

    "After a little bit of dancing. How is it?"

    Looking at the signs, I think we should talk. But it's hard for me to do it while dancing.

    I recommended him to sit down. He tilted his head slightly. The soft smile was young, but he seemed a little displeased. I whispered sweetly to him.

    "Because the night is long."


    He smiled languidly with his slightly lowered eyes.


    He took a sip of wine and opened his mouth to me.

    "How far do you know about me, Lisha? And…."

    He had a face I had never seen before. With his red eyes slightly lowered, he continued slowly.

    "Why aren't you wary of me?"

    His question was reasonable. But it felt like I wasn’t really curious. I opened my mouth.

    "I was guessing that you're a member of an assassination guild. I think Daniel grew up in the palace of ‘the Kingdom'. I got help from the Spirit."

    "That attitude is strange."

    His eyes became a little heavier for a moment.


    "I told you to avoid the spirit."

    Is this what you really wanted to ask?

    "Why did you make the next appointment?"

    A drowsy voice followed. He looked bored, but on the other hand he sat down.

    "That's a simple reason."


    I drew a faint smile.

    "I just thought, whatever, it doesn't matter."


    There was a slight goal between his eyes. Looking at it, I reached out as carefully as I could.

    "Doesn't it make you depressed when you use an impression?"

    My fingertips touched his forehead. He looked at me with a subtle air when I rubbed it slightly. I felt like I was out of breath. Seeing him a little closer, he was young with decadent beauty.

    "……That's great."

    "I'm glad then."

    There was no objection to the gaze he faced in front of his nose. Feeling glad, I drew a light smile.

    "It’s just……. I enjoyed spending time with you."

    I said with an effort to smile. With sincerity. Even if it was a mask, the time I spent with him was one of the most comfortable times I felt after possessing this body. I stopped thinking about continuing to reach out and asked him.

    "Did I bother you?"

    I widened my distance from him as slowly as I could.

    "……What if it was?"

    One step later he reached out to hold me and replied.

    "If I did."

    I whispered in a small voice, capturing all the beautiful moments in my eyes.

    "…...I'm sorry.

    His eyes were slightly darkened at my words. He stared at me with a sigh and replied.

    "No way, Lisha."

    There was a friendly and seductive movement that seemed to fit even a mouth. He smiled right in front of me.

    "You make me so happy."

    With my eyes taken away by the sinister enemy, I was led up from my seat by his hand.

    "Then now, you have to do your first dance, right?

    He turned to the chairman as if he was possessed. While we were talking, there were quite a few people missing. And the music tickled my ears.

    As Daniel pulled off his magic, people's eyes slowly began to focus on us. I was standing on the dance floor before I knew it. He whispered, leading me to the center.

    "Don't be afraid, Lisha."

    A deep and dangerous smile took over the view, and the next moment I left my body to him.

    At first, a light and easy song flowed. The song was followed by a faster and faster song with natural flow. Just as the melody of the song gave me wings on my feet, I lightly laid the floor as if I were stepping on air. Daniel caught my eye even before I understood how this was possible.

    He is truly…

    "How do you feel?"

    The dark blood-colored eyes were holding me on. His voice also touched my ears when I was close to him. I replied to him with a bright smile when I came into contact with him again. The whole view felt brilliant as if the chandelier's lights were breaking down. Surprisingly, I wasn't tired and even feel refreshed.

    The relatively fast tempo song returned at a leisurely pace as if it were taking a break. I was only able to see the surroundings by then.

    "It seems like everyone are just looking at us."

    "You know...…."

    He replied with a loose smile.

    "Because they can't help it."

    "… … Daniel, you look like a devil today."

    "You're giving me a lot of praises.”

    He whispered with an elegant and decadent smile.

    "What can I do to repay that compliment, Lisha?"

    The nickname he called was something special. It looked like a sigh or a groan. Oh, the atmosphere is weird. It's really weird! I said as I struggled inside.

    "You've already paid me back."

    Up close, his fascinating eyes held a strange light.

    "What did I do?"

    "It’s such a satisfying face. That's enough, Daniel."

    How does his name sound when I call him? Maybe it doesn't matter, and maybe it's a little special.

    He led me out of the floor without a word. That's what I thought. Maybe he was close to what he is now when he was a prince.

    Only then did I start to run out of breath. He walked slowly to help me. We came back to where we were and sat down. A cool touch touched my forehead. When I looked up with my eyes round, Daniel was looking down at me with a little indifferent eyes.

    "There is no fever."

    "I'm just tired."

    But he didn't seem to agree. Looking at me with a thoughtful look, he withdrew his hand with hesitation.

    "I'm resting."

    Spreading the distance slightly, he said.

    "I'll be right back."

    I nodded with a gentle smile.


    After finishing one of the big things, fatigue came. It's good that I don't feel pain, but it was very uncomfortable that my physical strength was so bad. It's not even in a state where supplements will work anyway, so let's get stimulants instead. I heard a sound when I was dazed by such thoughts.



    It was a small scream. I tilted my head and looked at the people. But no one seemed to hear it.

    The affinity is increasiingg :blobnosebleed:
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    Vol3c62 spoiler
    libertia called everyone to have a little party. she went in gratitude for her friendship and because she wanted to see the handsome boys. but above all she wanted to take a souvenir photo with a magic tool :aww:
    but you know how the boys took it. They thought that she wanted to make memory before his death :blobcry:

    By this time, Sophia had returned to the entrance her face pale.

    -Misss? What happens? You feel bad?

    - her highness- she said in a cautious tone. -Those ... those gentlemen over there ...

    Seeing that she found it difficult to continue, I said: -Oh, they are important people to me.

    Today she was going to take a group photo. Just thinking about it made me feel better, so I laughed.

    -They are all good people.

    -Alll of them ...?!

    Sophiaa had an expression as if she had dropped a stone on her. She looked at me for a moment, then suddenly she muttered,

    -A waste. It's a waste ... -said sophia


    Shee turned her body as her pretty pink hair fluttered in the air.
    Daniell and I just stared at her back as she walked away from her. And Daniel said with a strange tone of voice:


    -... Oh yeah.

    -It is very popular.

    II already knew that, but ... I thought of something.

    -Daniell? You don't like this popularity?

    I accidentally said it! When I realized it I was ashamed and I could see that the expression on Daniel's face was off, but ... the next second they had a mocking expression on his face. Hate you...!
    Time continued to pass, news came from Jane, where she said that Colin, the youngest of her brothers, had a cold. My heart ached since today she created the group photo, but she could not do anything if the little one had a cold.
    Thee twins would take care of him. "I'm worried."
    Shee thought it was better if Jane didn't come either, but she wanted it that way. "I'll wait for her even if she's late."


    I was excited to see everyone in the room, then I looked at Daniel, and was met with a look that I couldn't decipher.

    -Do you have something to ask?
    Daniel asked with a smile.


    -Whatis it?-Hee whispered.

    -Cann you go there and have fun?

    Daniell was silent for a moment, then narrowed his eyes a little and said,

    He pulled away from me and headed somewhere in the room. I stared at his back, while he just reached the other side of the room, he leaned back from the wall and smiled at me.
    "... Is that what you enjoy?"
    II thought something was wrong, but I laughed. And I kept my eyes on the people I knew.
    "It feels strange that everyone is gathered here."

    it's the best I could do, sorry :sweating_profusely:
    Daniel says over and over again, "don't fall in love with me huh"
    but he's so possessive afterwards. You can see that it is repressed
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    I'm really glad though, that ariel is truly naive and not one of your everyday two-faced bitch, because since idk much about the story itself, this was glad to know :)
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    I immediately began to prepare to receive my handsome boys. Rinni helped me make gingerbread cookies and tea. Finally, I put the stone in my pocket, since we also had to take a group photo.

    -... Lisha? -With a cute smile I turned to Daniel, who was walking towards me.

    -Yess, Daniel.

    Daniell looked at me with a big smile, paused and asked,
    -Is something good going on? What is all this?

    -ooh! Invite Sir Bolton, Cain and Herrace.

    -Invitation? Uhm -his words give the feeling that he is saying something like: “Do you have to?

    -Actually, I heard that they are working hard for me.

    That was a very good reason for this welcome party.


    Daniell blinked slowly, a soft smile on his lips, and continued

    -I see. For them.

    ((ay :blob_patpat:Daniel))

    I paused for a moment, I was doing this for them, but it seemed like Daniel liked that.


    -Yes, Lisha.

    So I confirmed it, Daniel had a kind smile and an oddly gentle look. That seemed like an illusion.

    -You made the cookies.

    -Ah, Rinni is good at that ... so she helped me ... How do they look? They are fine? Should I remove them?

    -... They look delicious.

    -That'ss a relief.

    Hahaha. I smiled widely.

    -It's better to be with Daniel.

    Daniel hesitated and looked at me. Then he laughed and said:

    -Then I'll tell them later that you prepared it with me and you were very happy. What do you think ?

    -It'ss fine!

    After I responded enthusiastically, I continued to prepare. They said they'll be back after dinner, so I should make a simple sandwich. Yeii!


    then they all started to arrive at the party.

    Every time Lisha saw one of her handsome men she was beaming with happiness. And Daniel just stared at her.

    and commented that she made some cookies

    - Your Highness made them?
    Eugene's eyes gleamed at the idea.


    Eugene blinked for a moment. He embarrassed me by the look of expectation, so I spoke quickly to him in a low voice.

    -Uhmm, I made them, so I don't know how they are, that's why I'll eat them, you understand?

    -Willl she eat them alone? You are bad, your highness.

    - I could give you, but ...

    He broke out into a short laugh. -I'll be waiting

    Him and the playful way of talking about him. When I turned around I could see that Cain was walking, so I waved my hand to greet him.

    -You look happy, Lisha.

    Daniell, who had been looking at me, spoke softly.

    -Yes, it's fun.

    Cain arrives at the party and greets Lisha. She is stunned because Cain smiles at her.:blobcatblush::blob_plusone:
    I felt suffocated for a second, but I managed to smile without taking my eyes off him, I could feel Daniel supporting me without saying a word. However, Cain's gaze was somewhat concerned, and instead of looking at me, he just stared at Daniel, who was behind me. And before he could read those eyes, he turned to me again. The astonishing smile faded. "But he remembered it ! Hehe, heh, heh!"

    -Are you okay, Your Highness?

    -Perfectly -I responded excitedly. -Come in, Cain.

    Cainn looked at me anxiously, then looked at Daniel. And Daniel, who was next to me, asked:
    -He looks happy, right?

    -He smiled

    Howeverer, Daniel said,

    -He smiled. He smiled at you.

    Daniell was somewhat silent, although I could feel his gaze, I was lost imagining Cain's smile.

    - I see.

    Daniell whispered something insincerely. He looked at me with a soft smile as usual, and I could see a golden flash in his beautiful dark brown eyes, as I could not tear my gaze from his sparkling eyes, Daniel approached me and whispered, placing a playful smile.

    Lisha, don't forget your promise.

    -.. What promise you?

    Are you jealous Daniel? blobmelt_thumbs


    Daniel whispered something insincerely. He looked at me with a soft smile as usual, and I could see a golden flash in his beautiful dark brown eyes, as I could not tear my gaze from his sparkling eyes, Daniel approached me and whispered, placing a playful smile.

    -Lishaa, don't forget your promise.

    -ii ... What did I promise you?

    -you prepared with me and you were very happy. I'm serious. Good?

    "Do you want me to announce it in public?"

    I blinked and thought seriously.

    -You have to say it yourself.

    I blinked rapidly, and shook my head, it was all his fault that he was pressing me with the beauty of him.

    -It's fine.

    II didn't know this was more like a mission.
    "But if you want it so bad, I will!"

    -that's good -Daniel's expression became somewhat strange

    I just want to see how Daniel accepts that he likes Lisha. for now Daniel's monologues are somewhat sad. He says that he will continue forward and will not look back, if Lisha dies, he accepted that she was going to die and that didn't change anything for him.

    but you can see that he cares about Lisha.
    Lisha treats him as a person and not as a demon. and above all Lisha is giving him unconditional love, that makes Daniel break her shell little by little.

    :blob_coffee:it's just a matter of time
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    no, he's a fake, he's kind of really related to them, thought b/c even though the emperor had a lover, and he was born from the lover, and became a crown prince, but everyone is saying he's a fake, so even though, I still got no idea, about that, I say, he's like a half-sibling or something and when I say everyone, I mean the people in the novel form, who know more about this then I do
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    "Is it a mistake?"

    But I heard a very fine sound again.

    "Let go! Let go!"


    I seemed that I had a good ears. I hesitated a little at the sight of my eye, but I sighed and raised myself up.

    "Why do I keep seeing things like this? Should I at least make Wonder Woman uniforms?"

    It was clear what the situation would be.

    The seat I was sitting in was right next to the terrace. A sound was heard outside the closed terrace door. I walked as quietly as I could and headed to the terrace. I stood still and listened to the sound outside.

    "Can't you be quiet?"

    "Let go! I'll call someone...…!"

    I opened the door to the terrace and the closed it the before the people outside looked this way. I clicked my tongue at the sight outside and knocked on one side of the door.

    The man, surprised by the sound, was the first to catch my eyes. It was also dirty to express. I inadvertently found a fork. I wanted to throw it.

    "Oops! Your Highness Princess Libertia, what the hell! Do you not even know the courtesy of Your Highness to be in such a time?"


    The man, who was surprised for a moment, put a blood spit around his neck in the form of a red spot. No matter how many naval troops were behind the scenes, no one in the Empire made such remarks directly to the Princess. He was an amazing human being. And a disgusting one. Looking at him disgustingly, I opened my mouth as much as I could to imitate my elegant sister the princess.

    "Who are you?"

    In this case, you have to go hard. I've been using honorifics as much as possible, unless it's a direct relationship with me. But he didn't need any respect from me. When asked, the man flinched. Then he shouted in an excited tone.

    "Uh...! I'm the 5th Prince of Barsian!"

    You're a jerk who came to attend the ball. It was interpreted so smoothly. He had unusually turban-like hair, dark complex skin and bright green eyes.

    If it were Barsian, it was a country reminiscent of Arab in my previous life. Since it is a place with a harem, the human rights for women were relatively low. Naturally, there were many people who looked down on women. The place where Ariel briefly traveled to in the side story where she traveled in search for talent.

    "Barsian. Are you the prince of the desert nation?"

    That's why he’s so confident. Even though he knew I was a princess, he couldn't erase the contempt in his voice.

    That's not funny. I pretended to be all high-minded and indifferent and looked down on him.

    "By the way, where do you put your manners? Is the empire funny to you?"

    It wasn't just because it was loud. When I put the "Empire" in his mouth, he finally flinched. I felt stupid when I told him.

    "Besides… ."

    Sticking to the elegant tone, I shifted my eyes to the woman who was trembling behind him.

    "In my opinion, the prince is not in such a confident situation."

    "Oh, my God...… !”

    She burst into tears as if she were a child and rushed to me, she shed tears from her her big pink eyes. I hugged her gently and comforted her.

    "It's okay. It's okay now."

    Grown fondly of her, I stared coldly at the prince of Barsian. If I scold him here, I will be relieved, but it will make things complicated.

    Should I call someone? However, there was a possibility that the girl, who appeared to have made her debut today, could be rumored to be a bad news. Young girls, who made their debut on the days other than the day of International Day, were mostly young girls from families of less than her own. It was a cautious matter because the power of the family would be weak.

    I tried my best to keep my head straight. I hugged the girl who was crying in my arms and made a decision of my heart. I don't know anything else, but let's keep her out of sight.


    It was a name that seemed to be called after a long time. The black eagle came out of nowhere and spread its wings.

    "Oh, wow!”

    I told Jen what I had thought before the prince screamed again.

    "Is it possible?"

    Jen nodded.


    The girl looked up at my low call. She was a very cute lady with pink hair. Her eyes were clear and grim, looking up at me while trembling. Smiling softly, I gave her a friendly gaze and whispered.

    "Calm down, and if possible, make sure you always have something like a magic scroll."

    "Your, Your, Your Highness...…."

    The girl blinked her eyes. Her pretty pink lips creaked slightly. The screaming prince was rolling on the terrace floor in a sudden "nightmare." I gently grabbed the girl’s face which seemed to see the floor with one hand and turned it toward me.

    "You are beautiful, so shouldn't you know how to protect yourself?"

    Somehow the girl's eyes became hazy. I was a little curious, but I gently told her what I wanted to say because she already seemed to calm down.

    "From now on, don’t cry, and I will give you a scroll. Open the transparent scroll first. Okay?”


    I whispered and laughed, saying she was nice. She was a very cute woman.

    I intend to give the prince the most terrible memory of his life. Don't ever forget. It comes out in your dreams so that you don't forget it.

    ‘I'm sure it won't last forever. I hope you stay locked up until you return home.'

    After making fun and laughing at him, I waited for the girl to stop her tears so that she could not be seen. How long has it been?

    "Sniff, Your Highness, please look at me. Is it clean?”

    The girl, who introduced herself as Sophia, showed her face slightly to see if she had recovered a little and her eyes shined brightly. I smiled because she was cute.

    "You are pretty."

    Rini seemed to peek the shy Sophia.

    'It's probably because you saved it.’

    At that time,

    "Your Highness, I thought you were a scary person. But you're so determined. Thank you."

    I think I overcame the shock of the situation a while ago with a subtle liking for me.

    "Of course I did what I had to do.

    I just answered with a smile that good is good.

    "Oh, you're so cool."

    “… … .”

    I think it's a little too much.

    "And I think I know."

    When I turned around, I encountered the eyes sparkling more enthusiastically.


    Sophia whispered like this with her lips close to my ears.

    "I remembered the voice on the stage. You're the goddess, aren't you?"


    "With dark brown hair and purple eyes, the...… .”

    It was a conversation that I couldn't keep up . I wanted to go back to the chairman with great intensity. Wouldn't Daniel be back by now?

    "I mean the Beatrice Lindea."

    “… … .”

    I almost reacted like "Ah" for a moment, but I managed to hold it in. And I glanced at Sofia. Because I finally understood her.

    Oh, you beat the shock with your virtue!

    I am glad it was helpful. I told her that it was a secret. She nodded with a serious look as if she had heard a national secret. Cute! I almost burst into laughter for a moment, but fortunately, I managed not to break down the elegance of my sister. I told her for the last time.

    "Sophia, if you were seen with me, you won't be able to escape the bad rumors. So when we go out, we go out separately, and let's pretend we don't know each other publicly. All right?”

    Speaking of which, it made me feel like I was starting a secret relationship, but it seemed to suit Sofia's taste.

    "A secret? It's between you and me, right? Oh, I'm so happy!"


    "I will, Your Highness. I will!"

    "Yes, yes."

    I'm starting to worry. Did my intentions really get across to her?

    'I don't know. The people in that family will take care of it.'

    Sophia Marsien. It turned out that she was the daughter of the former countess. If they know that their young lady hang out with the princess, they would probably rip her off.
    I sent her away first, shaking my head. And after a while, I was able to leave the fainted prince behind and leave the terrace. As expected, Daniel was back.


    I was really glad to see him, so I approached him quickly and smiled. He didn't give a single gaze towards the girl who was staring here with her eyes twinkling from one side. As expected, the embarrassment of excessive welcome came like a tsunami and attacked me. He tilted his head slightly, glanced at me, and said in a friendly tone.

    "I thought you said you weren't strong enough.”

    “… … .”

    "You're moving nonstop. You're cutting in on dangerous things.”

    He seemed to know everything in his absence. But no wonder he didn't look happy. I looked into his eyes and looked for something to say.

    "It was something I had to do."

    And I drew a smile. Because it's true. He looked at me quietly, raising his eyes slightly. I was smiling, but somehow I got a cold sweat on my face.

    After a while, his ruby eyes rolled sideways. The place where the gaze was directed was the terrace I just escaped from. There, the prince of foreign country would have fainted with bubbles in his mouth. I thanked Jen in my heart.

    When I looked up, I encountered the red eyes again, which had become less heavy.


    For some reason, he felt empty, so I casually asked.

    "Are you all right?"

    His eyes seemed to have shaken, but the dark gaze once again had a friendly and decadent laugh.



    He called me a couple more times. Every time was sweet. I feel like he's in a good mood again. He stopped calling me for a moment and said.

    "Shall we go out?"

    I nodded willingly.

    Leaving the banquet hall was as simple as breathing. He didn't bother to walk. When I danced earlier, I only noticed that magic was involved in my movement as if I were stepping on air. We slipped out of the place as much as we had to put on a slurping expression. And after a while, I arrived at the garden where I had been before.

    "This is…."

    It was where I came on the prince's birthday. Standing silent, he dragged me to the bench. And he said.

    "I don't have a veil today, so I can’t cover it."

    "If it's a veil... Did you see me that day?"

    He just laughed. I see. He saw me that day, too. So he came to me at the bar.

    ‘By the way, what does it mean that you can't cover it?’

    You can't hide much with a veil. He raised his hand without saying a word and slowly handed over the platinum blonde hair that had fallen on my neck. Even the slightest gesture made me feel tingled to the tips of my toes.

    "The Devil."

    He suddenly opened his mouth.

    "Have no heart."

    Like the blazing embers, his eyes passed through my neck and reached my mouth.

    "So they covet their hearts."

    Soon the eye contact was full of unknown light.

    I asked him gently as if I had been possessed.

    "Heart? How come...…?"

    "In love."

    "You said you don’t have a heart. But how can you love something?"

    "It's the loveliness that I feel because I don't have it. I guess I’m drawn to the opposite."

    With an indifferent smile on his face, he snapped his eyes bluntly.

    "That day, I was here on a commission. I saw you on my way back."

    And as if h recalled something, he shut his mouth. I stared silently at his side during the short silence. Then I turned my eyes and stared at the garden that had been eaten at night.



    I couldn't figure out why he kept calling. Who knows what's inside his head. He smiled strangely, then slowly touched the head of the golden staff with his fingertips. And he opened his mouth.

    "Do you know why a devil is a devil?"

    "Well, I don't know.”

    "They hide among people. With blood, with a smile."

    He bent his eyes strangely. He continued in a quiet tone.

    "And it steals the most intense emotions. For example, tears."

    I blinked at the whisper.


    "They're beautiful, but."

    He smiled vaguely. As I tempting.

    "They're meant not to be affectionate."

    "……I see."

    Why are we talking about this?

    "The Spirit didn't tell you, did he?"


    He smiled more decadently and thickly.

    "About the real ability of a mixed race."
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    Is there a side story about their reaction to FL being pregnant?
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    His breath touched my fingertips when he held my hand. When I flinched, he smiled affectionately and blinked slowly.

    "The mixed race with spirits has demonic power and characteristics."

    The whisper filled the space.

    "They drink their tears, and in return, they grant small wishes. Tears filled with emotions are the greatest strength for the spirit."

    He let go of my hand. And he looked at me with a poisonous look. Even he was sweet and sweet.

    "That's what...…."

    "Wait a minute.

    I had a hunch. His words, which had been blocked by me for a while, continued smoothly again.

    "That's why my kingdom was destroyed."

    “… … .”

    "I'm probably the only complete mixed race."


    He was telling me what he was.

    "Why are you telling me this?"

    "Well, I don't know."

    Calling himself the devil, he continued slowly.

    "I don't want to drink your tears."

    If I stay like this, I think I'll drink it someday, he said.

    "Do you mean you think you're going to give me a hard time?"

    He nodded his head. Still smiling calmly.

    "You know what, Dan."

    I asked him while I was still facing him.

    "Do you want to be a devil to me?"

    "Dear Lisha, it's up to you. …… but I don't want that."

    Then he stopped talking for a while and murmured.

    "It's not that I don't want to...….”

    I faced his complicated eyes. Today he seemed to want to be a bad person to me. In the same time, the context of his words sounded like he didn’t want to make it hard for me again.

    'It's contradictory, isn't it?'

    I took a deep breath.

    "So, what do you want from me?"

    Otherwise, there was no reason to say this.

    "That's why you're telling me this. Isn’t it?"

    Then he paused. He sighed silently.

    Watching the scene, I organized my thoughts for a moment.

    "What do you want?"

    There is a part that I have a good feeling about him after reading the original work. But he hasn't been with me for a long time. Do you have any wishes for me until I reveal my secrets?


    If the words sounded sad at that moment, would he laugh? I glanced at the man staring at me with a fascinating smile.

    "What about him?"

    "He is the friend who received the prophecy I told you about before."

    "You mean the prophecy that if you love someone you will die?"

    Daniel nodded with an unknown expression. Oh, I see. I was convinced. In the original work, Jane's twin brothers used to say that he is a person who has deep affection and dedication to the person he accepted as his own person. It seemed that I had checked it with my own eyes.

    "Lisha, I'm...….”

    "You're worried that Herace will love me."


    I've never seen you focus on someone so quickly. Daniel asked, looking at my confused eyes.

    "Why didn't you kill me?"

    It's a little dangerous, but he has the power to kill me without getting caught. If it were for Herace, it would've been neat to just kill me. He looked at me without a word. I read out the answer.

    "You tried to kill me, but you didn't. Why?"

    It was important to me. Couldn’t I be the person in Daniel's line?

    "Is that important?"

    Daniel asked in a slightly flat tone. I smiled and nodded. Daniel and I looked at the moon alternately and laughed silently.

    "Lisha, I told you earlier. I don’t want to see your tears."


    That was enough, so I smiled broadly. The corner of his eyes flinched. Wow! I was already his person. I didn't expect it to be such a great pleasure for me. I was glad to be close to him. I said with a cool smile.

    "Herace said he wanted to see me cry. Dan says he doesn't like me crying."

    "That's, uh...… I'm sorry for everything."

    "No, it's fun."

    "It's fun?"

    "If you're happy to see me and smile broadly, you'll get sullen, asking if you like me that much."


    He, who was silent for a moment, began to shake his shoulders. He laughed so hard.

    "By the way, Daniel. Hereace has you, right?"


    "I won't die."

    If you listen carefully. And I told him sincerely.

    "And I'm here, too."

    As long as I'm a fanatic, I can't die for love like the original!

    "So don't get too caught up in that. And you could end up hurting your friend."


    "So what exactly do you want from me?"

    Daniel, who was staring at me, drew a smile lightly.

    "As far as I'm concerned, I want you to be careful."

    "Uh, I want to cry. I was going to give it to you when you asked for tears."

    This time he couldn't talk easily.


    And while he was embarrassed, I hooked him in.

    "Daniel, if I give you my tears, what will you give me?"

    "Do you want something, Lisha?"

    His eyes shone dangerously for a moment. Maybe it's a crossroads. Either I'm in his line perfectly or I'm out.

    'But now he's trying to keep his distance. You can't do that.'

    After I took my breath, I grabbed his collar close to his neck with both hands. He was staring down at me with no resistance. I dragged my face closer to his faced. And I smiled as beautiful as I could.


    His red eyes had turned into mysterious black. It was so beautiful even though I didn’t know how the color changed. Libertia’s reflection on his eyes also looked beautiful. I whispered to him.

    "I want to be your friend, too. Like Herace."


    At the moment, he let out his blocked breath.

    "Friend? That, Lisha, wait."

    "Then I'll cry for you."

    He was embarrassed and were about to say something, but he paused.

    "Only for you."

    "Oh, Lisha…….”

    He asked me.

    "I'm asking just in case. Do you love me?"



    I thought about it for a while and answered.

    "As I said before, I want a friend like you."


    He put his hands on my hands holding his neck.


    A face that seemed to have collapsed somewhere. And it was a gentle and seductive touch. But his eyes looked a little sad.

    "You have to make good friends, Lisha."

    "I choose a good friend, Daniel."

    At that moment, a very bright red light seemed to appear in his eyes. The moment I thought so, something came between me and him. It was Daniel who was blown away. He flew gently to a spot a little off the bench and stared over.

    "I can't believe the ego of the Infantry Spirit is so strong. Oh, no. In the first place, an artificial spirit...….”

    ‘Back off.’

    Black wings flapped between me and him, blocking the view.


    ‘Master, stay away from him.’

    Jen, who was so angry, was surprised to see it for the first time.

    ‘A contract with mixed-blood is dangerous.’

    "Rather than dangerous, I think the embarrassment side will do more.”

    ‘Shut up! There is no spirit that harms the contractor. It's different from mixed blood.’

    Daniel arranged his clothes. And he smiled politely with his eyes down.

    "I don't know how it's like. But why don't you calm down anyway? I haven't signed a contract yet."

    It was a friendly tone as usual. I raised my magpie's foot to see beyond Jen's wings. Daniel came out with a dry feeling and looked at me for a moment.

    "But the spirit is right. Lisha, you're too defenseless."


    "You believe in the devils.”

    I looked at him with a calm look. He looked a little bored now. As if moving away.

    You shouldn't do that. He shouldn't be far away. That thought filled my mind.

    "Jen, it's okay."

    First of all, I calmed Jen down. Softly and slowly stroke his wings, then I said to Daniel.

    "I don't care if you're a devil or something."

    His face, which had not taken his eyes off me, blurred his smile.


    "You said it was a contract, right? Do that with me.”

    Come find me.

    "If you don't like your friend, every time you receive tears, give me a flower."

    I thought I became a woman who asked the vampire to ask.

    "I don't cry often, so it'll be an unfavorable contract for you."

    "……...do you happen to not know what the devil is? Lisha, we're not called evil for nothing."

    "I know, I understand. But it really doesn't matter. Anyway…."

    I'm just trying everything I can. But if you think you're going to get killed, you should at least blow up the palace.

    In fact, I am convinced that the Crown Prince will not kill me more and more, but before that, I wanted it now. I wanted to be close to him.

    "I'm free when I’m with you. I don't want to lose it."

    So come on.

    "……Can’t that be the only reason?"

    He let out a sigh. Then, with an unknown force, he took away Jen and began to approach me. He slowly swept the back of my neck and face with both hands and lowered his head as if he was about to kiss me. A breathtaking gaze with a red light look poured out. Strangely enough, there was a sad malice

    "You, you know nothing."

    The empty laughter stuck in my ear. He whispered in my ear.

    "Lisha, next time I see you...…. I'll kill you."

    In a cool and friendly tone

    When I closed and opened my eyes, without realizing it, he was nowhere to be found.


    Gosh, I need to keep my heart in check everytime those two spending time together. Be still my heart :blobtired:
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    It was a day when I once again recovered my sister's memory. I got used to cough up blood. I thought about it after wiping my mouth in a sullen way. We need to get rid of the bloody towels before the courtiers see it. This has always been a concern. But today it had been more. Because I vomited a lot.

    "I guess today's memory must have been a bit strong."

    I sighed again thinking of my sister. My sister and Daniel are filling up my head these days. In my sister's case, I was so worried that I had no answer to the question of what would happen if I continued to live with this body.

    "I must have avoided the answer."

    Next is Daniel. He was incredibly beautiful and sweet. Apart from all that, I found myself strangely comfortably attracted to him deep inside. Was it because he was my only survival route?

    "But the next time you saw me, you said you'd kill me."

    His last words lingered in my ears. I thought I had no idea why I wasn't afraid of him.

    No, the head of the assassination guild is going to kill me! But I don't feel threatened at all! Actually…… I felt like he was still touching me.


    I couldn't get out of that unfamiliar and hot feeling.

    "The irritation is so severe!"

    It was a very harsh ordeal for a single person. Hing.

    I was thinking of him. I couldn't figure out how to stop thinking about it. For now, I was not worried about how to attack Ariel, which I promised with the Crown Prince.

    Anyway, today was a day with many things to keep in mind. First of all, I handed over heavy information sheets containing only real information to Madam Evien, who I haven't seen in a long time. These were obtained by asking Herace, who had become busy with Cain and Eugene these days. From now on, it will be a barrier to the original information I will give her. It'll actually help.

    "Oh, my God…."

    I smiled proudly at her who couldn't hide her admiration. Then I asked anxiously.

    "It's only for the most important things. But there's a lot of food.…. Can you see everything?"

    The day after tomorrow was the important contract day. To be honest, it seemed impossible to see all of this and put it in your head in a day. But Madam Evien replied very easily.

    "This is no problem."

    She must be a genius. I smiled broadly with admiration.

    "Then, is it likely to be helpful?"

    "It's enough, it's overflowing!”

    "I'm glad."

    To my satisfaction, the excited answer came back. I burst into laughter and continued, setting the tone seriously.

    "Madam Evien, then can I say one more thing."

    "Yes, Your Highness, please tell me."

    "I'm not going to say a word in this contract."

    Madam Evien's eyes grew slightly bigger.

    "It's up to you, Madam Evien. After that, my relationship with them."

    Although it was a position with important investors, it was something I could say because I was not willing to feel pressured. Well, it was bigger in the first place because I didn't know anything about this side. I maintained a serious atmosphere, giving her a lot of work and hiding my black heart to be free.

    "Your Highness, this...….”

    What if I say I can't? I really don't care. It was too much for me to survive. However, worries were brief.

    "How can you trust me like this!"


    Trust... yes! Don't believe it!

    I cleared my face and handed a handkerchief to Madam Evien, who was crying furiously.

    "I trust you, Madam Evien. Who do I trust? That's new."

    "Your Highness…."

    Oh, I think I know what Madam Evien gonna say after this.

    "I'll do my best!"

    "I believe you."

    She nodded her head eagerly as she clenched her fist.


    It was the day of the contract. I threw up blood again at dawn, and my condition remained.

    "As expected, I'm worried about you more because I can't remember."

    I spent the day before half mesmerized. The condition lasted until this morning. And now Daniel, not my sister, filled my head. I had an unknown certainty that it would be today if I met him again.

    Because I'm going to be alone today!

    'I'm sure he'll come to see me.'

    I didn't say I wouldn't sign a contract. Please sign a contract with me and let me see you often. Then one day, if you feel like it, I would be more grateful if you could save me and take me to his traveler's path at the end of the original. Of course, as a friend.

    "Your Highness?"

    "Oh, yes?"

    Emma's eyes looking at me were unusual. But now I'm used to that unusual look, so I just said it was nothing.

    "Madam Evien is here."

    "Okay, I'll get out."

    Originally, I tried to send only Madam Evien, but after thinking about it, I changed my decision. Let's go out together.

    Today, Eugene is going to go with me too. Eugene was waiting with a grin at the palace gate.


    I took Madam Evien's hand. Then, I said to him, with my eyes rounded, making friendly smile.

    "Madam Evien, don’t mind us, just think about what you're going to do today, okay?"


    I talked with Eugene in a small voice while walking. How have you been and whether you are sick or not, etc. Then he asked about when Madam Evien would lead all the contracts today.

    "I understand that Madam Evien has no experience in this area yet, would that be all right?”

    "Are you saying you're not capable enough?"

    "I mean, I don't have enough experience to leave it entirely to me."

    "I think it'll be all right."

    She nodded her head.

    "And education for the succession for noble families will never be easy. You'll be able to make it.”

    Although she was cut off, she had been trained to succeed her family. Wouldn't it be weird if you weren't competent?

    "And it's not easy to get that much experience in negotiating with experienced merchants."

    "It's for Madam Evien."

    "That's the way it is.”

    The contract was successful. Madam Evien almost played with her opponent in a charismatic way that was completely different from when she was with me.

    Wow, you're awesome! Yikes! When the negotiations were over, I held Madam Evien's hand and trembled with emotion.

    "Well, Your Highness?"

    "Madam, that's brilliant."

    I don't know much, but I just know everything went well. It was just that she was so cool. Sister, have me!


    "Well, I'm so glad you liked it. But it was all your wisdom."

    I think she meant the information she gave me. What a humble woman!

    "What did I do. You did a great job, Madam Evien!"

    Then Madam Evien blushed shyly with tearful eyes again. Eugene, who was alternating between me and Madam Evien, suddenly sighed for no reason. I saw him wondering, then smiled and shook his head. I gave Madam Evien a gentle hug.


    Something interesting happened on the way back.

    We ate together, had a pretty normal conversation, and then headed to the salon. It was to pick out Madam Evien's clothes. We went to Madame Daniela's salon, which was quite luxurious. It was Madam Evien who was excited. She was meticulous, choosing her clothes carefully. Nevertheless, she complimented me that the clothes suited me and she immediately chose it without saying anything else. It was ridiculous, but I left it because she was happy. I was having such a good time, and I heard a sound from a room with a slightly open door.

    "Your Royal Highness is notorious. Miss, you'll be surprised when you hear it."

    I blinked my eyes. The other two also stopped.

    "What is it.….”

    "It’s a medicine. What I heard was that the princess is well married...….”

    "Oh, my God. How could she do that? Does she even know honor?"

    There were more powerful words than I thought. I listened in a sour way as if I were listening to others. That's cold, isn't it? However, she was a woman of the royal court, and the words that came and went from behind was quite explicit. As if you didn't worry about punishment if this word leaks.

    'It's probably because of the Emperor.'

    Because the Emperor rejected us. And the influence of Lysian Banus will be great.

    Anyway, the conversation between the unnamed young children continued.

    "She thinks everything is about money. Even if there is nothing in sight...….”

    "Stop it!"


    I blinked my eyes quickly. Now, did I hear it wrong? It was a pretty voice I heard from somewhere.

    "Oh, lady, that...…this much is true…….”

    "I said stop it! I never thought in my wildest dream that there were people who talked about others like this. How, how could you be so cruel!"

    I was embarrassed and saw Madam Evien and Eugene. I wanted to ask what the hell that was. The two, who were grinding their teeth, also looked puzzled. Who is it?

    Her innocent voice is now beginning to bite.

    "Really…… You don't know anything...… Ugh…!"

    "La-lady Marsien?"

    "Well, that's just rumors. This is humiliation. Bad rumors can’t see what's inside of the person! My heart hurts so much...….”

    Please, stop. Ouch. Who the hell is that? How could you be so cheesy? I laughed in vain without a sound.

    By the way, Marsien...….

    Sophia Marsien. That's her! The pink-haired young girl I saved from being insulted by the 5th princes of the Kingdom of Barsian. She promised not to pretend to be close to me...…so what are you doing.

    I want to make a confession :blobjoy:
    The whole time i translated this part, I wrote Madam Evien as Sir Evien, since the translation said so :blobjoy: :blobjoy: But after thinking again who the hell is Sir Evien and reread the manhwa, it turns out she was Miss Yviene who changed into Madam Yviene after she entered the palace, the long curly brown haired girl!!
    I almost post this part and came to my sense :blobjoy: THANK GOD LMAO
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