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    Meanwhile, at the time when Madam Evien left the palace, a secret gathering of the courtiers was being held again on one side of the palace. The members are the same as before. Emma and the chef, Rini and Arene, some servants and some knights.

    "It's getting worse."

    The chef reported intensively that the Princess's appetite is getting stronger and the amount is decreasing.

    "We are…."

    Rini reported depressively.

    The Princess went out often, but when she was alone, she always had a gloomy atmosphere. She had revealed the results of her observations, such as that she was stiffer on the day she met Marquis Gail, and less stiffer on the day she met Sophia Marsien.

    "There's a lot to worry about."

    Arene added.

    "I don't know anything else, but her physical strength and the hemostatic part.."

    The time for the Princess to sleep has been extended. To the point that she was nervous.

    The servants also nodded. They saw Libertia vomited blood inside a hollow tree one day when they thought her walk was getting longer.

    "I hope the Marquis will stop coming."

    The knights also vented their anger.

    They don't know the details, but if they had eyes, they couldn't not know that Marquis Gail was hostile toward Princess Libertia.

    The source of our princess’s stress! Everyone shouted for Marquis Gail, shining fiercely.


    On the day I threw up blood again, I decided to take care of Jane and her brother. Now, there was less than a month left before the original work begins. We've been exchanging letters, but I haven't been able to visit them. I had no worries about the rest of my time, so I was going to hang out with the most unfamiliar Jane.

    "But do you want to come with me?"

    After safely completing the contract, we spent more time together. He volunteered as an escort for the Princess as Baron, and I accepted it. Eugene, who was suspicious at first, also rolled Daniel for a day, and gave up wondering where such monster came from with a tired face.

    It wasn't long before we started.

    "You're going to see the brother and sister you said you’d take care of?"

    Daniel looked at me and asked. I nodded and grinned.

    "Yes, only for a year."


    Daniel didn't ask any more questions.

    Soon we arrived at Jane's house.



    Jane was treating me more comfortable than the first time since we exchanged letters.

    "How are you? Is everything all right? What about the kids?”

    "I'm fine. It's not that difficult. If it’s the kids, they're coming down."

    Jane replied with a calmer tone compared to her passionate eyes. I smiled as prettiest as I could at the three boys with their heads sticking out from the second floor. There was a loud noise from above.

    "………the kids, they were looking forward to it."

    Jane spoke in a slightly embarrassed tone. Oh, so cute! I nodded to her with a big smile.
    Soon after, Jane's twin brother, who rubs their forehead and knees with their hands, and the shy youngest brother, who seemed to be toddling while walking, came down.

    Among Jane's twin brothers, the child with blue hair was Pell and the child with red hair was Nell. These two were Daniel's minions in the original. I glanced at Daniel, but he didn't respond much. I asked the cute youngest because I thought so.

    "Then what's the name of our youngest son?"

    A small child, who was very shy and still looking at me, opened his round eyes. After looking into my eyes for a while, I slightly corrected my posture that was about to break even halfway upstairs.


    The word ‘I’m’ was very small.

    It was very small to say.

    "I’m Colin. Nice to meet you."

    The child was…… a very soft child. Small, skinny, very fragile little animal. If I were young, I'd love him! I couldn't help but smile. In the meantime, I held the child gently. And before the child was so surprised, I handed it over to Jane's arms.

    There was a pause.

    "It feels like I'm running away.”


    Such an awkward conversation began. And in a day, I was able to have a very pleasant conversation with Jane and her brothers.

    "I'm proud of you."

    As he muttered in joy and crying, Daniel, who had only watched, burst out laughing without sound.

    "Are you going back now?"

    "No, I'm not done for today."

    I left Jane's house that day only after finding and filling in the shortcomings of Jane’s brothers. The knights who followed as the escort were walking a little away.

    I looked passed Daniel. I thought there might be something when I saw the twins. Daniel was lost in thought. I knew it!

    Then he opened his mouth.

    "But what are you going to do after the trip, Lisha?" Page 135

    Maybe it was because it was late, but it sounded especially quiet. The soft feeling had the power to make people feel more relaxed.

    I thought of my plan. I think we'll find all the memories and eat up all Ariel's stuff that came out before.

    'I think the first thing to look for is an empty house that the great wizard left behind for the lover.'

    Ariel, who could only cry, was able to get her hands on the force. It’s magic. My heart was pounding.

    I started with that and thought about many things. What else do you want? Come to think of it, I think I'll have a lot of money if I find them all!

    I replied to Daniel with a smile with that thought.

    "I don’t know, why don’t we go and live far away?"

    He asked back after a while.

    "Far away……. Where are you going?"

    "Well, wherever you go."

    You can't tell me that! But he wanted to look good, so he finished speaking appropriately, whispering.

    "I'll stay where my heart reaches."

    He remained silent until the very end.


    For a few days, I went in and out of Jane's house with the intention of filling up everything I had never seen before. Oh, just in case, I told the Crown Prince that it was because I liked young children, and that I was going to take care of them a little then take my hands off them.

    Of course, the words were passed to the Crown Prince when he was in a very good mood after receiving Ariel’s letter close to a blank paper. And Ariel's most recent reply was tremendous in many ways.

    "You’re still a fairy."

    He revealed his identity. Oh, my God. To the Crown Prince! Ariel was a great woman.

    "I think I'll call you a fairy even when you get married...….”

    "It's noisy."

    When I saw the reply and muttered, the Crown Prince stopped talking. Oh, no, I don't know. After I coughed for nothing, I faced the Crown Prince who looked depressed somewhere. Now, don't laugh.

    "You're doing great."


    The prince replied with a slightly anxious look. Hey! I’m sure I’m better than you, who was obsessed with bringing her in. At least I was very confident. Honestly, what's weird is not me, but your girlfriend. I'd rather call your name. A fairy to a grown-up adult!

    Anyway, that day the Crown Prince wrote a reply to Ariel in a very, very friendly style.

    <My dear Ariel. I missed you, too. …….>

    Now that friendly style seemed to be almost familiar. Oh, my. So funny.

    Of course, I had to risk my life to stop him from putting on obsessive expressions that say she doesn't have to go outside when he come to her house, and that she shouldn't meet people outside the villa if possible. Phew, this is very chewy.

    In its own way, the last month was passing more comfortably than I thought.

    Then one day, I came to discover a hobby.

    * * *

    As I said at first, there wasn't much I remembered about my past life. The last one was only exceptionally clear.

    The body flew with a thud. The sky was rapidly fading. The pain that disappeared even before I said it was painful because I was rushing too quickly. I fixed my eyes on the sky until the end. And the sense of freedom that continued.

    The platinum hair fluttered in the wind. I slowly raised my hand and dropped my messy hair under one shoulder. Whoo. The wind is blowing. For no reason, I closed my eyes to my trembling heart and felt the wind that touched my cheek. I've been doing that for a long time to cool my cheeks.

    The small sound of the grass being trampled on tickled my ears. The sound quickly took my heart away and I purposely turned around and headed to my palace. It was good that the sky was clear. Today, I sat in front of my desk and looked for a piece of paper. As soon as I grabbed the pen, the white paper start filling up.

    I was preoccupied with the work in front of me with wrinkles on my forehead. How do people accept witches as villains? Would they be offended by the appearance? Or should I welcome you as a villain? Or maybe it doesn't matter.


    I was going to write a fairy tale.

    Of course, I didn't have a grand dream this way. It was just because Jane's younger siblings were cute, and the reaction was so explosive when I accidentally told them the story.

    "I didn't know that famous princess stories would be so fresh."

    Looking at it, surprisingly, things for children were not developed in this world. No, our Jane, our twins and our youngest have a good story! Shouldn't I write it for you?

    "How happy would you be if I gave you a storybook to read over and over again? Heh heh."

    So, it was a start full of self-interest to see it.

    Anyway, the first story I chose in that way was the love story of the Snow Princess and the Cursed Frog Prince who fled to the dwarf country after being chased by her stepmother. The highlight was the scene where the prince, who was cursed by the kiss of the snow, saved the Princess who ate the poison apple with the kiss.

    Only the sound of a scribbling pen flowed silently.

    * * *

    Manhwa chp 43 is out! I'm sorry, it seemed that some of the terms are wrong >< I will try to make sure i translate it better
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    About a week later, a package arrived at the headquarters of Gideon, the nation's top bookmaker.

    The bookmakers unpacked the package in a strange manner, and took out a bunch of heavy paper inside and read it. The bookmaker's poor eyes, which were going down the paragraph, became more and more sparkling, and the bookmaker sat down for the unexpected fun and bit the bear. After reading the first volume as it was, he realized that there was no next volume, and he groaned, slamming the book on the table without realizing it. Then he screamed.

    "Hey, hey! Come on, guys! I've never seen a novel like this before! No, get out of the way. I'm going to take it to the author myself!"

    After that, there was a rush. In just a week, 'The Snow Princess and the Frog Prince' swept the empire. The Snow Princess and the Frog Prince, which were more fantastic than oral myths and had a more elegant style and interesting development than any other novel. The first volume swept across the empire in a week, and even began to gain continental fame.

    Naturally, words began to circulate about the identity of the author, Emil. Emil, who was called the mysterious writer, appeared like a comet and published only one book, and nothing was known, so the rumors grew and became vain.

    Who could have guessed? The elegant sentence, delicate expressions, and warm emotion came from the fingertips of Princess Libertia, who was criticized for being a wicked woman. Eton, who blocked all personal information at the request of the Princess, reportedly burst into laughter alone with such thoughts.

    * * *

    The success of the fairy tale book was unexpected. I saved a lot of money. I didn't expect this much success.

    "……I don't think Madam Evian needs a stake in the upper ranks."

    Wow, I'm rich.

    I belatedly asked for anonymity, saying it was too early to become famous, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not hide the eyes of people around me.

    "…...you said it was a writing for children?”

    And the most unexpected reaction among the people around me was Daniel. He looked at me as if he were looking at a very amazing alien creature, and he looked at the book slowly with a smile on his face.

    "I'm a little embarrassed to reveal this. But why are you so surprised?"


    He told me after a long time when I asked him curiously.

    "That sounds like a good thing."

    Ring! Your favorability has increased. I think I saw the same notification phrase such as it. I smiled joyfully at Daniel's light smile, which seemed to be lost in thought.

    The important thing is, however, that the book was widely read. Driving the syndrome. And it had a huge impact on the original, which I had no idea where the characters would go because they had changed and fallen in.

    This was the problem.

    It was one and two days before the original work began. Ariel Langton, the heroine, boarded a carriage heading to the capital two days earlier. The reason for the early departure was Emil. Find Emil, the mysterious writer who is sure to live in the capital. She even asked the prince fairy to find him and met him once. Filling the whole letter with Emil's story.

    "Haha, Emil or whatever, what a shame."

    "I don't care."

    The prince's snake-like eyes flashed violently after a long time. He stared at me. I swallowed and lifted my ass.

    "Well, I'll go now."


    That day, I thought the Crown Prince was about to cut off my neck. If I hadn't vomited blood in front of him, I might have really died! When I threw up blood, the prince expressed surprise as he stared. He looked strange. I was more surprised by that.

    "…...Get a doctor at the Imperial Palace."

    His face, which ordered the servant, was frighteningly stiff.


    The Princess spilled too much blood. In front of the Crown Prince.

    The Crown Prince visited the Emperor with a rare loss of composure. And he began to question what kind of disease was it.

    No matter how much power the Crown Prince had, there was no way to find out exactly what happened because the Emperor, Eugene, Cain, and Herace were determined to hide the Princess’s illness. Some of them didn't move because they didn't think it was serious.

    "It wasn't the time to care about the rumor."

    The prince gritted his teeth and went back. It was satisfactory to see the Crown Prince so passionate about the Princess.


    The Emperor closed his eyes and was lost in thought. Brahms approached quietly and left the moderately cold black tea. He opened his mouth when he was about to fill the Emperor’s fringes with the smell of tea.


    The loyal servant, who was standing next to him silently, replied with a slight bow. The Emperor pressed down on his forehead as if he was tired, and looked up at the open sky of the terrace.


    The Emperor's words did not continue further. Brahms, however, began to speak after he picked his words with his sighs.

    "It is said that there are some people that Her Highness is looking after. They said it was written for those children."

    Brahms continued with a blurry smile.

    "You're a great man, Your Majesty."

    The Emperor looked a little complicated at the words. However, none of the thoughts came out as a sound. What more can he say? He had neither the right to speak nor the will to speak.


    Too much time has passed. He remember a woman who was called the wicked woman. He suffered because of her too, but perhaps the one who suffered the most was the child born as her daughter.

    He closed his eyes painfully as he recalled Princess Libertia. He pushed her away like that. Now, he keep seeing the moonlight-like hair. Her warm and sad purple eyes made his heart flutter. His heart aches because he can't see a single bit of resentment on that tender face.

    Libertia was not very childlike even when she was very young. So he thought she was like a monster. Suddenly, however, he thought it was natural that the young child was not so childlike.


    The Emperor's face crumpled with a smirk.

    "Did my child receive a father's heart?"

    He managed to endure something that was so repressed as he recalled his "daughter."

    They said she wrote a novel. At the news that the world was upset by the child’s writing, he laughed at the level of viewers. The title alone seemed like a cliché and far-fetched love story for young children to see.

    However, unlike what was expected, the princess's writing was very complete. He was very surprised inside. He wasn't just surprised at the level of writing. The Princess said she wrote it for the children, who she cared for about as much as her relatives.

    It was a beautiful writing. Above all, the atmosphere of the princess, which was seen in the writing style, was soft and warm, contrary to expectations. It was surprising to him that the style was generally refined according to human characteristics.

    While reading the novel with such surprise, he began to think uselessly at some point. What did the child think when she painted the dead mother of the Snow Princess, who wanted her daughter to be more beautiful and lovelier than anyone else? What kind of heart did she draw on the heroine's happiness and pain?

    After reading the novel, it became more difficult to see the child straight. He laughed at himself. He felt like a child. He didn’t know. He didn’t know. What's the point of all this now? This thought doesn't mean anything anymore.

    Already, he did not treat her as a child, and she had taken it for granted. He didn't belong to the real family of the Princess. She couldn't not know even if she didn't like it. And it was himself who made it.

    Looking sadly at his master, Brahms silently stood by the owner.

    The night was getting deeper.


    "Marie, look at that! It's a puppy!"

    "Be careful, miss."

    The lady with sky blue hair pushed her head out of the window of the slow-running carriage. The sky blue eyes caught the view of the capital street.

    "This is the capital...….”

    The nanny shook her head at the sight of the lady who did not pretend to hear even if she was warned. And she saw the lady with a lovely look. For this beautiful lady who was rarely outside, the streets of the capital must be amazing.

    "Marie, can I come down for a second?"

    "No, miss. It may seem interesting to see it like this, but the streets are dangerous."

    "Is it dangerous?"

    "Yes. It's dirty, too. It's not just what you see."

    The lady's sky blue eyes, which were sparkling with interest, became sullen. She was almost shaken by her, but the nanny managed to pull herself together. Then she found something outside and pointed at it with his hand.

    "Look over there."

    "Huh? Oh, my! What's that?"

    "They're street kids. They're not just begging, they're pickpockets, they're not picky about robbery."

    "Oh, my God. Did you do such a bad thing from an early age?"

    "That's what they say? Besides, They don't wash up properly, so I don't know what kind of disease I'll get if I touch them. What if those little boys run into you?"

    "I see. I don't even know...….”

    With tears in her eyes, the lady looked at Marie. Marie soothed the lady with a look of loveliness that she didn't know what to do.

    "Don't worry, miss. We’ll arrive at the duke's residence soon."

    "Yeah. All right, Marie. I don't want to look at the streets anymore."

    "My lady is nice, too."

    The beautiful lady's name is Ariel Langton. She was Duke Langton's forbidden jade, a lady with clear sky blue hair and sky blue eyes like the autumn sky. The Duke cared so much about his daughter that he would listen to whatever she wanted. That was the case with all of the Duke's people. Because Ariel was so lovely.

    "My lady must be a gift from an angel."

    Her nanny, Marie, always lived with those words in her mouth.

    Ariel Langton, innocent and pure. Ariel Langton, unlike other hard aristocratic youngsters, is honest in expressing emotions. With the addition of a beauty that stimulates the protective instinct somewhere, Ariel Langton became a perfectly lovely girl.

    "Is my dad home?"

    Although there were times when she slightly went beyond public courtesy. Ariel, who asked with a straight face, was nervous and picked her words for a while.


    "Well, today's the day of the political meeting. But if you wait a little longer, he'll be right back."


    Ariel's smile slowly disappeared from her face. It was not long before the big eyes began to be filled with tears.

    "Lady, you'll just have to wait a minute."

    Tears welled up. Marie lost her mind in the tears of a chicken poo.

    "I'm going to put in a message right away."

    Marie knocked on the window to call the knight. In time, a knight ran desperately toward the palace as if there was a war.

    But to no avail, the beautiful Ariel's face was now distorted in great sorrow. Marie bit her lips and said in a grim tone.

    "Then, miss, why don't you stop by somewhere else? Then maybe the Duke will be home by the time we get home."

    "Sniff, but...… it's dirty outside. It's …."

    "The knights will protect you so that you will never touch those things."


    "Anyway. Where shall we go? Yes, there's Madame Rosetta's salon nearby. Try beautiful dresses as much as you want."

    "I have a lot of dresses...…."

    "The salon's attraction is not just the dress. You may not be as good as the other girls, but you may be able to meet and be friends with classy and beautiful young people."

    The tears that had been flowing in earnest began to dry up. Marie said in a sad tone that she felt like it was over.

    "And that salon is a trendy place, so you'll never be bored. So stop crying, miss. It breaks my heart."

    "Okay, uh...….”

    Ariel blinked her eyes, letting her tears go away, and said with a bashfully smile.

    "Come to think of it, I think today is a very happy day, Marie, because I'm going to meet a fairy, and I'm going to meet Emil, too!"

    "Oh, my God, my lady...….”

    My lady is an angel. Thinking about it, Marie spoke to the escort drivers.

    "To Madame Rosetta's Salon."

    The knights and the horseman, who were restless at the sound of the lady's sobbing, nodded as if they had waited and turned the carriage around.

    Soon they arrived at Madame Rosetta's salon, called as the capital's best salon.


    Forgive me for throwing up when she said Ariel is a gift from an angel :blobsweat_2:
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    I think if she was irl I would get annoyed because of her crying like why do u cry about ur dad not being home for a like a day or smth?
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    Well, I have loads of questions pls answer me if u can.
    - Who does Libertia truly love?
    - Who does the FL end up with?
    - What happens to the other male leads?
    - Does the crown prince take Libertia as a sister?
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    1. Our ML is Daniel and they really love each other.
    2. Daniel
    3. Eugene, Cain and Harrace respect Libertia and Daniel's Relationship. They're running a sort of police force and have apprentices.
    4. Yes. The Crown Prince only likes Libertia as a sister, nothing more.

    Please backread and check the other pages of this thread. Most of them have already answered these questions.
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    Thanks for the spoilers!
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    Thank you for the spoiler update! :aww:
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    It was the beginning of the original work, which had started two days earlier.

    I stood from a distance and checked out the party going on in Madame Rosetta's salon.

    Ariel Langton. Wow, the real heroine.

    Sky blue reminiscing the autumn sky. She had the perfect hair color for that expression. From a distance, she was quite a beauty.

    "Oh, it’s amazing, but...….”

    Looking there with strange eyes, I went back to the place I had aimed for.

    "You shouldn't run into her."

    Now that I had decided to help the Crown Prince with his relationship, it will be inevitable to meet her. Ariel was that person who used to walk around the Imperial Palace like it was her own yard in the original work.

    But it's uncomfortable. He said she cries a lot. She was the type to tear up over little things.

    "It's pure, though."

    Anyway, it was the upper branch that arrived. To be exact, the book store where I submitted my fairy tale. When I opened the door and entered, Eton, the owner, ran out and welcomed me. I heard that I'm the only one who's supposed to come at this time of day.

    "Mr. Emil, please come this way!"

    As promised, he called me Emil and guided me to the parlor inside the shop. After I sat down, I immediately brought up what I had suggested by correspondence. It was an agreement Madam Evien had set up.

    "You are saying that at least 20 percent of the books you've printed must be sold through the top?"


    It was not the original knowledge, but it was good to have something else to help Madam Evien.

    "Instead, I will only give the manuscript to this book store."


    He readily accepted without even hearing more. After signing the contract, he opened his mouth carefully.

    "Well, but...….”

    As if this is the main point.

    "When is the second volume coming out?"


    "The story of the fruits of love are clear! I'm sure there will be second volume? Oh, there's a lot of people waiting, Emil."

    I was startled because his eyes were so fierce.

    'I think it's just a famous fairy tale.'

    Still, I was very happy to bring the first book for Jane's younger siblings. After thinking of them for a while and smiling happily, I quickly came to my senses and answered.

    "I don’t know. Volume 2 is...….”

    Actually, it wasn't even the first volume, but it was a finished book. I just wrote it to give it to the kids. How could I have gone up to second volume?

    'But it must have ended badly.'

    I decided that I would have the right to connect and made it public. Turns out, all these novels tend to write all the stories after they got married then had children. Some novels were even written until the heroine died. It was so amazing that I didn't even fall asleep.

    "Let's do it slowly when you can."

    Avoiding eye contact, I decided to kill the heroine and the male lead together in the second book. We can keep talking about the happy ending version to Jane and her siblings. It was a small revenge for announcing the first volume at will. Of course, I didn't know how much this little revenge would make people cry.

    Eton tried to push me again and again with a very disappointed face, but when I glared at him a little, he sighed and stopped. I felt a little strange. I didn’t approach you, I didn’t know you, and it was the first time that someone didn't treat me as a wicked woman at the first meeting.

    "Is it the dark rumor?"

    When I murmured without realizing it, Eton understood and replied like a ghost.

    "Because I'm a fan, of Emil's!"

    I immediately convinced myself when an elderly man, who looked like he would hit his assistant's head frequently, said with his eyes. Isn’t it a familiar feeling!

    Oh, I see. You were being a fanatic like Lady Sofia! You're maniac comrades. Even though it's my book, it's a still problem.

    "Then I'll take that. I look forward to your kind cooperation, Eton."

    "I look forward to your kind cooperation."

    With a nice smile on his face, Eton folded his waist 90 degrees to greet me. After receiving his best regards, I left the book store.

    "I'll have to get back."

    Actually, I wanted to play a little, but Jen has been urging me to hurry back. It's because Jen had always watched me vomited blood from the side.

    "Overprotective, Jen."

    He whispered in a small whisper.

    [I'm a spirit. I can feel that something is wrong with your soul without looking at the blood.]

    Jen answered right away.



    When I walked slowly and urged him to talk, Jen somehow said in a sullen tone.

    [Sorry, master. I can’t do anything about the pain caused by the soul's problem.]

    "It's okay. Really. I don’t feel the pain at all."

    [……You don't have to hide it from me.]

    I turned to him who could hardly believe me.

    "But why don't you ask these days? The…."

    I seriously asked you about your fanaticism. Then Jen replied.

    [I understand why you're acting so incomprehensible.]


    I was surprised and stopped. And he whispered in a smaller voice.

    "What, what did you know?"

    [That, master knows better.]


    [Anyway, go back. That mixed-blood guy has been making a lot of noise since a while ago.]

    At the end of the sentence, Jen didn't say more. I hurried with a smile when Jen said "mixed-blood guy," so Daniel was waiting.

    Well, the heroine must have come as well, and now I have lots of works to do when I get back. Because I really planned to carry out the original work properly and then leave. I smiled happily.

    I bumped into someone while walking with such a smile. No, I almost bumped into him.

    "Oh... ..Dan?"

    Daniel was walking with a calm smile, stopping me and looking at my face. Since he signed the contract, he often acted beyond human limits. It can be seen that he came from a distant palace to where I was in a blink of an eye. I asked with an awkward smile.

    "What's wrong?"

    "I was wondering if you were okay today."

    "Hey, is there anything I’m not okay with?"

    When I asked with a big smile, he sighed while looking at me.

    "You really don't worry much, huh."

    Like this, he would matched my feelings like a ghost without a single point of misunderstanding. I said it with a smile because I was in good mood again.

    "If you're happy now, that's fine."

    "Is that so?"

    He responded with a friendly and dark smile.

    After becoming my escort as Baron Roam, his eyes were fixed in dark brown.

    'It wasn’t possible in the first place, but it's possible because we signed the blood contract.'

    It's fixed in my favorite color. The brown hair with a slightly thick and warm feeling and the eyes matched very well. Even though it was so beautiful, I didn't faint because I was fascinated. I looked at him with a fresh look.

    "What is it?"


    It's not that I don't care. I'm sure my heart is pounding, but I'm not dizzy...….

    'It's amazing.'

    Did you use magic?

    But there was a good influence. This is because looking at Eugene, Cain, and Herace have significantly reduced the amount I get dizzy.

    'I'm getting used to it.'

    Anyway, I see more beautiful faces almost every day.

    "I'll stop by at Jane’s and go. She said she wanted to learn how to wield a sword these days."

    Daniel replied, nodding his head strangely.

    "Don't stay too long, Lisha. They should also go to bed early, too."


    I nodded my head calmly.

    "And the twins...….”

    Daniel frowned as if he was confused. Then he looked at me once and drew a soft smile with his sunken eyes.

    "What about them?"

    "No, I'm still thinking about it, so I'll tell you later."

    Oh, finally!

    It is said that he discovered the twin’s talent and then put them on board. They were called the genius in the power Daniel used. Now I know that power was the affinity for dealing with artificial spirits.

    ‘Daniel couldn't have discovered that talent now. Hehe.'

    Since I didn't break up with my sister and found the talent, the twins had a bright future. Daniel wouldn't let the twins do the assassin thing if they didn't want to.

    "It's not a bad thing, is it?"

    "Of course."

    When I asked him with a wild guess, he replied with a really warm smile this time.

    "It's a good thing. To put it into perspective."

    I walked slowly with him to Jane's house. When we arrived, Jane greeted us with a slight smile while hanging out the laundry with her brothers. The girl who didn't know how to laugh became a girl who smile little by little.

    "Jane, I got you something delicious."

    When I lifted up the red raspberry cake I bought on the way, I was very pleased with Jane's quiet eyes.

    "You don't have to do this, princess."

    "But what should I do if I like it when you enjoy it."

    Jane smiled a little brighter.



    The active side of the twins and the youngest greeted the cake with a cheer. Saying hello to me, I laughed happily because they were so cute because their eyes wouldn't fall off the cake.

    'Oh, I’m so happy!'

    It was a perfect routine.

    * * *

    After coming back to the palace, I opened my diary with a pen in my mouth. A diary that always added as many new pages as needed after I was recognized by Jen.


    Jen will see it, no less, but just opening this amazing diary makes my head spinning.

    The incident on the original work began when Ariel came to Konkuk University Ball. Ariel will make her debut a little late at the founding ball. There, Ariel suddenly rose to stardom, and in fact, the process was not smooth.

    ‘She got into a fight at the ball. After winning it with pure appearance, she become the star by discovering the salons in the back alley.’

    These are the events of the National Foundation Ball and the subsequent days. But this was not the end of Ariel's ordeal.

    ‘After that, there was an international magic terror attack, and a head-on confrontation with my sister Libertia.….’

    There were a lot of accidents, but the process of solving them was very simple. It's happening! Ariel cried! Or Ariel ran hard! Or Ariel called the Crown Prince!

    ‘It was one of those three. I'm sure of it.'

    Even though the memory of sister Libertia became impossible to know, the memory of the original work was perfectly vivid. So it's clear. When the case bursts and Ariel chooses one of those three then move, the case begins to be resolved.

    ‘People saw Ariel's innocence and were moved to see her perform, or to see her run hard.….’

    If those things didn't work, the sub-menus or the Crown Prince will come and swept them all away.

    ‘Evien was a friend of Ariel’s, so she got swept away sometimes. What's more interesting is...….’

    Ariel's thoughtless remarks contained the most important key to the incident. Just like when she accidently caught Cain.

    "……...really, a blessed human being."

    She also lived comfortably.

    Anyway, I had to stay here for another three months then run away. And in the meantime, I will achieved the safety of myself and my people. Just these two.

    ‘To be honest, I'm not worried about my safety anymore.’

    The Crown Prince still violent and willing to let me live. However, if you think about it, it was also evidence that you became close.

    'You're a better person to kill before you even look alive.'

    Besides, it seemed that he had become strangely kind to me...…. No, no. Ugh, I can't let my guard down!

    'But I'm not as scared as I used to be.'

    And Daniel. Now he's a little different from what I thought... It was in shape, but I became close to him anyway.

    'Even if he tried to be as cold as possible, we're not in a relationship where 'll just let it die.'

    I even signed a contract. Blood contract! I haven't heard exactly what kind of contract this is.

    'Then it’s settled.'

    All that was left was the safety of the people around me.

    'In fact, I just don't want them to have feelings for Ariel.'

    Eugene, Cain, and Herace.

    'As long as you don't get too close to Ariel.'

    Madam Evien, and Jane. The latter two were almost settled. At least he didn't put Ariel before me.

    But the three former sub-males...….

    "Will it flow as planned?"

    I don't think it's such a tough relationship...Isn't it …?

    However, we should not ignore any small possibilities.

    Besides, they were not the only ones to care about. Now I want the people of my palace to be even.

    "The rumors of the wicked woman...….”

    The Crown Prince said that he was going to fix it. Eugene and Cain, who were temporarily separated from me, are doing it in name only.

    "It's worth taking a look at it."

    Until now, I had chosen to be a little passive about resolving rumors about the wicked woman. I was going to leave anyway. But it's different now.

    "If the rumors get better, there will be less attacks around me...….”

    If I actively participate, I will be able to watch the Crown Prince, Eugene, Cain, and Herace from the side. There will be a chance to read the atmosphere between Ariel and them.

    In addition, we decided to solve all the dangerous cases in the original work in advance. It doesn't matter if the original work was a mess. As long as my people are safe.

    "Then I'll leave in winter."

    About three months later, in the early winter, magical terrorist incidents occurred on the continent. That's why believers began their pilgrimage, and believers come to this empire. You said this was your last pilgrimage.

    ‘They come for great reasons, but in the end, they were the roles that praised Ariel's angelic personality.’

    I was thinking of leaving the empire with Ariel’s lauders.

    "It would be perfect if I prayed at the temple then said I'd leave."

    Of course until then, I have to kill the rumors about the wicked woman so that they can see it well.

    I'll take Eugene, Jane and her brothers, if they can't find a place, and I'll take Emma if she wants to.

    "Because I still have a lot of money."


    I'm rich, so I can feed you all!

    My contemplation, which ended with money, was interrupted by Jen.

    [Master, you're leaving in winter?]

    I feel like I'm holding it in. I replied with a slight surprise to the voice of my black eagle spirit.


    ‘… … .’

    My spirit was silent. What is it?

    "What's wrong?"

    But Jen hasn't been able to answer since then. I waited because I was worried, but at some point I fell asleep.

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    As always, thank you for the spoilers!!
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    Btw, I may have glossed over this once but, did the novel say about the synopsis of the book that Tia wrote? I mean what was the snow princess and the frog prince about?
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    The next day, I woke up early. Just one day before National Foundation Ball. Because today was the day I had an important appointment with the Crown Prince. When I went in after knocking, the Crown Prince, who was sitting in a serious face with his legs crossed, welcomed me.

    "Sit down.”

    Yeah, I'm glad you didn't kill me. Besides, I know now. I'm nervous about how I look right now.

    "Ariel is coming soon."


    No, didn't I tell you today to talk about how you're going to hide Emil? It was a secret that my identity was Emil. First of all, I was burdened, and my brother was worried that Ariel's attention would be on me. My brother gave me a letter with a cold smile.

    “… … .”

    It was a letter that smelled like flowers.

    <Dear my fairy.

    I couldn't sleep last night because you said you would let me meet Emil. It's the same night sky as me, but yesterday, the stars looked especially bright.

    Oh! Emil! I can't wait to see you!>



    I read in cold sweat.

    <The arrogance of the Snow Princess! The sorrow of the Frog Prince fascinated me completely. Mr. Fairy, you said you'd read it before, right? Have you read it? How was it?>

    Oh yea… I thought it was my ability to speak informally to the Crown Prince. It's all my brother’s permission to exchange letters. And the letter ended with such words.

    <If anyone has the kindness of the Frog Prince and the gift of the Snow Princess, that would be my ideal type. Oh, I want to try to love too! You know, is Emil a woman or a man?>

    “… … .”

    “… … .”

    Ha, I wish I could vomit blood one more time! For the first time, I desperately wanted to vomit blood. Then I won't die by that bloody brother's sword.

    "Isn't that okay? Oh, calm down, brother!"

    "What, do you mean its okay, sister?"

    Oh, my God! Come to think of it, you were still in an unrequited love!

    "I'm a woman! Yikes!”

    Don't pull the knife! Fortunately, my brother slipped the knife he had pulled out in my cries. And told me.

    "We were supposed to meet today...…."

    No, I guess I was talking to myself. I rubbed my eyes for a moment. The Crown Prince seemed to become sullen. It was disgusting that a man who had just given me life did such a thing. What the heck

    "I shouldn’t have said that I'm Emil."

    It was fortunate that I was a woman, but after I saw the letter, I realized I was still Emil, and I felt a crisis that there would be a stalker. The Crown Prince would not have wanted such an ending in a different sense. As expected, he nodded in a gloomily.

    "Why did you write that?"

    I just laughed. His eyes, which had been a little soft since I threw up blood last time, were intense again. His voice was gloomy.

    "That.. Thanks to that book, the lady came early right? In other words, this is an opportunity, brother.”


    He paused. Gradually, the poison faded from my eyes and I began to think about something.

    "I see."

    When it comes to Ariel, he was an unusually unbecoming brother. I have been agonizing over how to deal with this creature.

    "Well, how about this?"


    "Read the book and pretend to be interested. It's important to share the same hobbies."

    It would be great if the nature of the fairy tale was improved a little.

    "And first of all, empathy! Expressing empathy. And then…."


    My brother tilted his head with a unique creepy expression that did not blink.

    "Well…… going from place to place. It's morning right now, right? Take her out as soon as she gets here. You’re going to look around where Emil could be, then watch a play, watch martial arts contest, and so on!”

    Listening quietly to me, he straightened his head again. I swept my chest away. As expected, my brother nodded seriously.

    "I'll try."

    You're just like a national ambassador.

    "Yes, it’s big…."

    Let's not laugh. Don't laugh.

    "Well, that's it. I'll be on my way. Get ready for your date, brother!"

    After a big smile, I quickly opened the door and pushed myself out.

    "Are you done?"

    Daniel, who was waiting outside, welcomed me with a gentle smile. I felt all the anxiety and worries washed away by the healing smile.


    And… … I'm caught in anxiety and anxiety again.

    "Oh, brother?"

    The door didn't close. My brother, who came up to me as he was, grabbed the door and stood, said to me with a very creepy look.

    "Where are you going, sister?"

    "Well... I am going to prepare for the ball today…”

    I was keeping my word that I should participate in the ball every evening for the sake of my rumors. Mostly with Daniel.

    ''Thanks to you, Daniel has begun to intervene in my rumors.'

    Anyways, we're going to prepare for it.

    "Why do you do that?"

    My brother looked very incomprehensible.

    "I have a lot of things to do. Haha."

    "No. Shouldn't you help me get ready, sister?"

    I thought it was creepy, but when I looked closely, I was desperate.

    "As my sister said, I'm not very good at making mistakes."

    I was speechless with his sparkling eyes and young desperation.

    "Come back in."

    "Your Highness."

    At that time, Daniel interrupted me, who was about to nod, with a smile. The Crown Prince’s cold eyes touched Daniel, completely different from when he was facing me.

    "What is it, Baron?"

    "May I help you, too?”

    My brother tilted his head with an expressionless face. Daniel continued to talk without being shaken even though his skin was stinging.

    "If you're in a hurry, you might make a mistake, so I'll shorten the time and add some more comments."

    I felt a sense of incompatibility when I saw Daniel.

    'I feel like I'm talking to the wall.'

    Smiling was very habitual, and the way he spoke was polite and emotionless.

    My brother was silent for a moment. Then he looked at me again. And with a strange look, surprisingly unwilling, he nodded.

    "What, what is it!"

    The two looked at me at the same time because of the surprise that came out unknowingly.

    "Don't say weird things, sister. I don't tolerate mistakes.”

    The red-haired prince whispers like a snake.

    "Shall we go back if you're not feeling well, Lisha?"

    Daniel's face, which was warm toward me without hesitation, came a little closer. Even in front of the Crown Prince, he called my nickname and looked at my complexion. It's so sweet and soft that it makes me confused.

    It was touching that the Crown Prince and Daniel were completely different people who could not be mixed like water and oil. The air between the two was somehow brutal.

    Daniel, why are you arguing so openly? The Crown Prince accepts that again. Evil.

    I just gave up.

    "Oh, it's you."

    And for about an hour after that, I watched a verbal fight under the guise of exchanging opinions between the two. Daniel seemed a little upset. He whispered that it would not be Jen to say that it was because of the fall of the kingdom. Huh.

    "Good work, sister."

    The prince said, looking at me. Daniel went on to say,

    "Good job, Lisha."

    I think of something to put up with that jerk who seemed to have omitted in the first place.

    It was when I was sweating.

    Surprisingly, across the hall, our Eugene, Cain, and Herace were walking together. They had a curious look on their faces.

    "Sir Volton, Duke! My angel!"

    I welcomed them with a bright face before they opened their mouths.

    "Your Highness?"

    “… … .”

    "Lisha, why are you pale again?"

    Eugene was puzzled, who alternately looked at me, Daniel, my brother, and Herace, who came up and threw away my curious questions.

    My handsome guys. I don't know why we met in front of the Crown Prince's palace all at once, but still.

    "It's been so long!"

    When I cried a little with joy and welcomed them, the three of them paused. Then they made the same expression that I couldn't describe and each smiled.

    Wow. Wow!


    Coming up, they stood around me in a familiar formation. And just as they tried to ask me something, a cough broke in.


    It was the Crown Prince. I turned around with a smile and the Crown Prince was looking at me with a twisted mouth. And Daniel also said something.

    "Lisha, why are you so happy?"

    No wonder it was a cool voice. Blinking his eyes because he didn't know what to say, Herace said.

    "Why don't we meet Lisha? It's a problem because I like it so much when I see you."

    It was a bit of a troubled voice. I laughed as I recalled him who was sad because he couldn't see my tears. Herace briefly disappeared with Daniel in the game the day Daniel first entered as my escort. What kind of conversation they had come to, there wasn’t much to say from then on.

    "Your Highness."

    Eugene stared at Daniel for a while and asked me.

    "Are you on your way back after talking with the Crown Prince?"


    They knew I was helping the Crown Prince with something.

    "What about you three? Why did you come together?"

    "When I heard you were here, we came to meet you. Are you happy?”

    It was a polite and a little smirk. The words asking if I was happy were a little bullish. I burst into laughter and nodded.

    "Rox and Ripley are waiting. Let's go, Your Highness."

    Cain said with a rather soft look. The Crown Prince and Daniel were staring at us again.

    "Should I?"

    When I checked the two and looked uncomfortable, Eugene raised one corner of his mouth slightly with a smile. Anyway, it was an opportunity to break the uncomfortable atmosphere, so I brightened up again.

    "Well, I was about to go. Let's go, Daniel. I'll be on my way, brother."

    The Crown Prince frowned. But somehow I wasn't scared. I wasn't even breathing life. In addition, no matter how dissatisfied he was, he was in the position to meet Ariel now.

    So we went back together, leaving the Crown Prince behind. But before brother's penetrating eyes fell, I saw another person approaching this way.


    A lady was getting closer with a gesture that could attach the modifier.

    "That person...."

    Sky blue hair, sky blue eyes. Beautiful lady with a slightly drooping eyes.

    "Do you know her?"

    Cain asked, and the answer came from Daniel.

    "Ariel Langton, that's the girl."

    After a moment of watching Ariel, who was getting closer, we stepped aside, making a path for her to pass. If you see such a big move, you'll be able to look at it once.

    "Mr. Fairy!"

    Ah……, Ariel Langton was a strong enemy.


    Eugene muttered with a suspicious look, and I held back my laughter desperately. Ariel began to walk around as if it were very natural for her to take our path. Her eyes were fixed on my brother, the Crown Prince, who had just finished preparing for the date. We naturally had no choice but to look back where she had just left. And everyone was silent.


    It was because there was a prince who was kind, caring, and looked handsome somewhere.


    There was more admiration than laughter. You asked me to give you advice only on the friendly side. He is thoroughly tailored to Ariel's ideal type. Although it was a sudden ideal type because of Emil.

    Daniel, who was standing next to me, folded his eyes softly and whispered in my ear with a smile.


    "Yeah, the prince on the white horse...…."

    "… … a white horses?"

    "That's just an image. Just dazzling."

    Daniel gave a short pleasant laugh. While laughing together, I made eye contact with Herace. Eugene and Cain were definitely looking over there just now, but now they’re looking this way.

    “… … ?”

    Herace, who had a strange expression when I opened my eyes wide, said to Daniel.

    "As expected, I'm afraid I'll kill you too."

    “… … .”

    Daniel responded with a finite smile.

    … … I've forgotten that the world's most handsome people are equipped with the ability to say the things that I don't know. Ha ha.

    "Ariel, how are you?"

    "Yes! What about Mr. Fairy?"

    "Wow, he's a real fairy...…."

    Herace exclaimed. It was a face as if he saw an alien. It was no different from Eugene and Cain. At the fairy's sound, we all decided to watch the strange scene.

    "My brother... Let's cheer for their love together."

    When I whispered so that I wouldn't be heard over there, Eugene laughed and held back his laughter.

    "Fairy, let’s go find Emil? Together?"

    "Yes, Ariel."

    My heart is racing. She’s asking you out! Will he succeed?

    "You told me you'd find it."

    Oh, God.

    "You promised."

    Oh, my God… I could imagine the tears in her blue eyes falling from behind. Because she was sobbing.

    "She’s easy to cry."

    I covered my mouth with my hands at Herace's astonishing exclamation. It's making me crazy.

    "Oh, Ariel."

    "That's mean, Mr. Fairy. You promised a friendship...…?"

    I'm going crazy. Please save me.

    At that time, Daniel smiled satisfactorily and said to us.

    "You're different, unfortunately."

    He's enjoying himself so much.

    "I guess so."

    Even Cain.

    In fact, he used to act like he was wearing a mask when it came to the Crown Prince. They didn't seem to have any good feelings.

    "I came early to spend the rest of the day with Emil!”

    "Ariel! Ooh, don't cry."

    "Really, I'm disappointed, Mr. Fairy...… .”

    It's not me, it's that lady crying. Seeing Ariel, who turned her head like a heroine of a tragic love affair, made me feel a little sore.


    Cain laughed for a moment. And he sighed and said bluntly.

    "Let's go."

    Wow, what should I do?

    The Crown Prince was truly lost in thought and didn’t even care about our side. I nodded my head, thinking that I should just avoid my seat.

    I realized that some of the events didn't really have enough explanation so it can be a bit confusing. Be patient sweeties, i am sure we will see the light eventually :blobsweat_2:
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    The way back was wrapped in a strange silence.

    "Your Highness, are you here?"

    Arene, who was cleaning the room, welcomed us when we arrived at the palace.

    "Should I bring tea...?"

    Arene looked around at us and asked me grotesquely. I nodded my head blankly. In fact, I needed a place to laugh alone, but unfortunately, there were people with me, so I decided to calm down. We sat around the table in my room and Arene took a sip of the tea she left behind with a worried look on her face.

    And Herace burst into laughter.

    "Hahahaha! Ha ha! Ha! He's a fairy!"

    He seemed to be thrilled that the prince was a fairy.

    Of course, everyone except Herace didn't say much. After his laughter subsided a little, I realized that this was not a laughing situation.

    "I'm sure you'll really, really like her. What can I do."

    I feel sorry for you, but more than that, my life became a candle in front of the wind, crazy.

    "It's up to you, Lisha."

    Daniel spoke in a rather indifferent tone.

    "I agree with that, too."

    "I don't think it's a help...Was it… ?"

    Eugene nodded, and Cain asked me with a rare embarrassment.

    "Yes… … ."

    "But Lisha, what can you do for him? You've never been in a relationship before right?"

    What the heck.

    Daniel smiled affectionately at Herace and spilled his words as I avoided his eyes.

    "That's what I'm saying. I don't know how you got caught up in something that bothers you.”

    I'm telling you to listen to this. Well, of course, I wouldn't have been involved in other people's relationships if I wasn't risking my life.

    "She wouldn't have been able to say no, obviously. Stop it. That's rude."

    But there was only Cain. That's right. My point exactly! Of course, it's a little different.

    "Oh, for sure. I see."

    Eugene nodded and replied seriously. "Is that so?" Herace also made a serious face. I coughed loudly and in vain, trying to catch Daniel's strange eyes that seemed to know everything.

    "By the way!"

    Let's change the subject. It's something we have to do anyway.

    "Didn't Rox and Ripley say they were waiting?"


    Eugene exclaimed.

    "Your Highness, they've improved the medication."


    I knew that they were also doing research with Rox and Ripley in addition to the rumor-related work I asked for. I decided not to stop him now. Because I thought it would be a big misunderstanding if I stopped him. Like I've given up my will to live. That's a no-no. A pretty lady who always lives positively and brightly! Because I want to hang out with them and leave.

    "Yes, then let's go."

    I smiled comfortably and raised my body. But I suddenly got dizzy. Daniel supported the staggering me.

    "It's because I suddenly got up."

    Daniel glanced at me with a calm smile without a word. Looking at me in the eyes. And the eyes of relief. My heart was throbbing a little as I read the gaze that was so clear.

    "The drug they developed...….”

    Daniel kept his eyes on me and opened his mouth.

    "Can I listen too?"

    "Of course."

    Eugene, who was clenching his fist with a stiff face, said.

    "Herace guaranteed it, and His Majesty granted it. But…."

    "It’s confidential, it’s just basic."

    Eugene was silent for a moment due to Daniel's smooth reply.

    "……Your Highness, can you walk?"


    I replied to Eugene with a smile. And after naturally escaped from Daniel's gaze, which seemed to be binding, he bravely opened the door and waited for them to come out.

    "Lisha, you're going to give the Crown Prince another piece of advice, aren't you?"

    While walking together, Herace asked me at the point where I could see the pharmacy.

    "Yes. Why?"

    "No, just. I was wondering if I could."

    "Mr. Angel."

    I called him affectionately. Herace tilted his head with a helpless look. I don't think they'll know what's going on.

    "No, you just want to play around."

    "Oh, come on! I want to see her, no, the Crown Prince cry!"

    Herace chanted as he immediately changed his words to Eugene and Cain's eyes.

    "Because you're serious about it. So you shouldn't joke around."

    I answered him as kindly as I could with a soothing heart. As always.


    Herace looked unconvinced, but he nodded with a strange look. I smiled at him and looked ahead again. Then I felt the gaze and looked around. It was Daniel.

    "……Why are you looking at me like that?"

    "What he said... no, it’s nothing."

    There was a look of admiration somewhere. I've never seen Daniel like this before. But I thought I knew. Herace listened well, right? Hahahaha. I laughed significantly and shut up. It's no use telling him.

    ‘Is Herace weak against his sister and stubborn with his brother? I think it's that style.’

    What's the point of saying all this?

    Rox and Ripley gave me a new drug that arrived shortly after. And the moment I swallowed the medicine, I threw up blood.

    "I'm… … ha?"


    In fact, the amount of blood I vomited these days was a little unusual. It was a surprising amount for anyone to see. Still, if you take blood supplements and energy supplements in advance, you will end up vomiting blood.


    The problem is that I was caught by the Crown Prince today and couldn't eat. While my view was blurring, I said, hoping that those people would be less surprised.

    "I'm going to rest, just for a little bit……."

    It wasn't long before my vision went dark.


    Daniel hugged the Princess. It was a natural behavior. Watching the series of actions, Herace murmured with a dissatisfied look.

    "I don't like it."


    It was the end of the story that Daniel escorted the Princess closely among them. So everyone didn’t say anything. Herace replied to Daniel's friendly question, looking at the Princess.

    "Not crying."

    Eugene sighed with his sunken eyes.

    'In the past, it might sound like rude and grumpy.'

    They studied together and investigated rumors outside, so there was no such misunderstanding.

    "She’s going to suffer more and more, but she doesn’t show it.”

    Daniel lowered his eyes to Eugene, who added words as if he were adding words. There was a tiny bit of dry blood around her mouth, which he wiped with a familiar touch.

    "I think she'll just laugh until the end."

    Herace gritted his teeth.

    "How could you do this?"

    He looked very upset.

    To be honest, Daniel was slightly confused whether his friend was worried or disappointed. But he decided not to nag him this time. Thinking of Lisha, who was dealing with Herace earlier, he questioned her instead.

    "Well, I don't know. She's having fun."

    In a slightly cynical manner, he recalled the Princess at the Crown Prince's Palace earlier.

    'That brightening face.'

    Few people are more sensitive to human subtle changes than Daniel. In his view, Lisha was always somehow nervous in front of the prince. She showed her strong affection toward him, sometimes showing impatience.

    'To those three.'

    It shows almost unconditional liking. It was different from what Daniel looked like to her.

    'Yes, it's different.'

    The indescribable difference bothered him.

    "Lay Her Highness over here."

    The idea was cut off by Ripley's voice. Without removing the smile from his mouth, Daniel laid her in one bed without saying a word. And he sat next to the bed without being involved in people's conversation.

    Rox opened his mouth first.

    "As the courtiers have examined, it seems that Her Highness vomits blood approximately every three days.”

    "Three days. What's the cause?"

    "I can think of two things. First, when the shock of the soul builds up on the body, it releases the accumulated damage into blood. In this case, the cycle will be reduced in the future."

    Daniel lowered his eyes and listened with a rather indifferent look. His eyes were on Lisha.

    "That's what makes it more frequent, doesn't it?"

    "What else is it?"

    "In other cases……."

    Pale, thin. The rich platinum blonde hair was also thin if you look at it closely. When she open her closed eyes, Daniel's favorite purple eyes will shine brightly. Daniel shifted his gaze from the Princess forehead to the tip of her nose and to her mouth.

    "This is just a perfect hypothesis, but...... .”

    More slowly than the hesitating Rox's words, the gaze touched the thin white neck.

    "This is a hypothesis that came up while thinking about the cause of the disease, Rafaelis."
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    OMG SO MANY GOOD SPOILERS!! Thank you so much everyone for your contributions!!!! Can’t really mention everyone that posted something cuz I forgot most of the user names. But @AileenOwO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR POSTS. They are great as super easy to read!! So thank you!!! I hope you continue doing them
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    OmO I am happy to hear that the TL is easy to read! Happy readind X3

    Daniel paused and caught her face again. Then, he raised his hand and carefully handed over hair that had been hung on her forehead.

    "The way to destroy the soul has long been a curse and a thought since ancient times. Then the source of Raphaelis could be one of the two."

    "Until now, the orthodoxy of Raphaelis has been the curse of God. It was almost a theoretical principle to break down the soul with thoughts."

    Daniel looked at Lisha with a thoughtful face as he slowly recovered his hand.


    There was a mixed silence for a very short time when Herace asked the serious question. Cain replied in a rather absurd voice.

    "………That's what people think."

    "I know. I mean, so?"

    Daniel lifted the corners of his mouth slightly. But the smile quickly disappeared.

    "We paid attention to Her Highness’s rumors."

    "Those vain and malicious rumors. It started there, and surprisingly, I was able to make a hypothesis."

    Now. Daniel murmured silently.

    "Raphaelis may be a disease caused by human malice...…."

    That was the answer.

    "A hypothesis."

    "If the hypothesis is correct, does the disease go away when the malice disappear?"

    "That's not true."

    Yeah, it wasn't. A disease that already exists eats the soul like a yeast. Terrible pain occurs here.

    The internal conversation was cut off for a while. Everyone seemed to be lost in thought. Daniel recalled how Lisha reacted when she read this in the book he gave her.

    'I was glad.'

    Like the tears told me. The joy was true.

    'Thanks for letting me know.'

    Daniel sometimes saw her very strangely without Lisha knowing. Like now. She was a whole new kind of person to him. The fact that she was the princess of the empire who trampled on his kingdom was actually meaningless since she first confirmed that she was recognized by the artificial spirit. But even so, he didn't know he would like her this much.

    I liked her.

    ‘It’s not important.'

    Even if he liked it, he had more precious people than her. Herace, a friend who lost his childhood memory and was left with only his instincts, and those who were chosen by the Spirit he was leading. They were his family.

    But sometimes she's unbearably good...… .

    "No matter what you think, is there no way?"

    He heard Eugene's words as if he had suppressed them. Daniel knew the answer. There's no way. Raphaelis is a disease caused by human malice. The collapse is irreversible.

    She will die soon. But if you listen carefully, you can hear her heart beating. When he is close, it thumps a little lighter, making a pleasant echo. As he concentrated on the sound of her heart, Rox's answer came out clearer.

    "There is nothing for sure yet.”

    She shook her eyelids. She seemed to open her eyes. Daniel opened his mouth only then.

    "Sleep more, Lisha."

    The speech stopped.

    Those people over there try to hide a lot from her. That the rumors outside are more horrible and malicious than those in the Imperial Palace. The fact that even the serpent-like prince had his tongue out.

    'Lisha, just in case you're shocked and your lifespan may be reduced little bit, they did that.’

    They are completely different from Daniel, who liked her but didn't feel anything about her death.


    But Daniel knew. Even if he told her all of it, she would be truly fine. She is strong.

    ‘I can't believe a man could have been blind.’

    She may be more dazzling because she was never in his world.

    Daniel was an assassin. He was accustomed to death and could not afford to keep his people from dying. No matter how much he became fond of her, Princess Libertia was the princess of the empire. The blood contract will end the day her breath stops. She dies following her course. For him, it was best to leave it there. There was no request for her, and at least she tried not to die from assassination. But that's all.

    But there's nothing different now.


    Lisha mumbles on Daniel's hand, which gently covered her eyes, and calls him. Her lips, which seemed like a dead man even though the redness was circulating, keep his name in her mouth and keep it alive.

    "You threw up so much blood, you must be tired."

    He caught all of it in his eyes.

    "It's all right."

    Hesitation, and a smile. Everything that comes in.

    "Wake up."

    It was a friendly echo with sunshine. Daniel casually spat out something else while looking at his hand that covered her eyes.

    "It's small."


    "Lisha's face."

    I blinked my eyes under his hand.

    "It tickles."

    I bursts into laughter. I could vividly feel the smile of my eyes bending gently under his hands. Daniel was immersed in this moment when his light sense gave him.

    "Just sleep more, Lisha. The sun will set soon."

    As if reading a book, Daniel whispered affectionately with a carefree face.


    Lisha's flickering eyes began to slow down.

    "Good night."

    Hoping that she would fall asleep comfortably, Daniel gently raised his lips. Perhaps the smile she would not see was a smile that she believed as if this moment would last forever.

    He wasn't impatient. He didn't even want her to live longer. He has always lived in conformity, and he has something to protect.

    But one thing, he always wanted her to be comfortable.

    Even if he didn't do anything, Lisha loved herself enough. She always finds ecstasy in small moments, knows how to jump and love.

    Yeah, those aspects just caught his eye. That's why he’s giving her his heart.

    How long has he been watching Lisha, who fell asleep? Only then did Daniel get up and approached those who were listening without saying a word.

    Rox and Ripley sat in discontent, not showing where they had gone.

    "Then now."

    Unlike a while ago, Daniel had a cool smile on his mouth.

    "Let me tell you what I know."

    "What is it?"

    Eugene, who admitted Daniel in that he perfectly erased the threat from the assassination, asked. Daniel replied.

    "Three months."


    "Three months from now, she said she would leave."

    She’d be leaving in winter.

    Jen, the spirit who hates him, had asked for help.

    "To where?"

    Cain asked with sinking eyes.


    "I thought she will be going on a trip."

    Daniel thought she was almost beyond pain. But he didn't think she would be completely free from him. So he had no choice but to come to this conclusion.

    "I think the purpose is to find a place to meet the end."

    In a calm tone, Daniel nailed them to their hearts. And they recalled one after another the latest moves of their princess. She wrote a book, left it behind, accepted the Crown Prince's unspeakable request, helped him in a relationship, often looked outside alone, and became friends with Daniel, the assassin.

    It was not the attitude of those who were afraid of death. It was already prepared beyond fear. She vomited blood like that, but yes, she couldn't have not felt her condition. Even if she didn’t say it, she feel it and make your days shine. And maybe that's why...... .

    ‘Isn’t it something you want to keep.’

    The hearts of everyone who shares her time.


    She deserved it. Oh, she's such a strong person.

    "……I wanted to protect you."

    Breaking their own thoughtful silence, Eugene groaned.

    "It was kept on the contrary."

    Daniel looked at Eugene with a mysterious smile on his face. And Cain. And lastly, Herrace.

    "……I guess you guys were so worried that you dropped it."

    Herace frowned and snapped. It was to Eugene and Cain. They couldn't have not felt the desire to keep the two apart in the recent years. He’s fine now, but at first, he was quite upset. Eugene lowered his head and said.

    "I guess it was because we were afraid it would be too hard for us later."

    It would have been seen that her death gradually began to tie them down. There's no way that a wise princess didn't know that. Cain closed his eyes gently.

    "I guess she didn't want to weigh time together."

    He could guess what she was up to without telling him.

    Without noticing Daniel's strange appearance, the two of them began to talk and listen.

    "Maybe she just wanted to remain a memory of us having fun together."

    "No, I'm sure she did."

    "The rumors… when asked to find out, she seemed reluctant. I couldn't understand why she didn't want to ask...…."

    "Her Highness didn't want to fall either."

    Daniel blinked his eyes. Listening quietly, something was strange. He didn’t think this is it.

    'I’ve never said it like that before.’

    He just wanted to say that she is strong and has no fear of her own destiny enough to prepare for death on her own. Since I'm strong, I was going to worry about nothing and tell you lightly not to feel pressured.


    However, it did not seem necessary to pour cold water on him.

    Daniel glanced at Herace. Herace was watching Eugene and Cain alternately with a fierce look. Even though what Herace said was the beginning of this conversation, he felt like he couldn't understand what he said. How do you become the information guild leader? If it weren't for a genius memory, the deputy guild leader would have already become a guild leader.

    "What are you guys talking about?"

    "Ask me later, Herace."

    It's not like that. When Daniel barely swallowed his hind words, Herace nodded calmly for some reason. Daniel was thrilled that this immature friend had listened to his advice, so he missed the timing to say something else he was going to say to them. She said she wanted to travel with him.

    ‘A journey with an assassin to find a place to die. It was amazing.'

    Of course, if he had heard it, Herace would never have listened to his advice, so it's a good thing.

    * * *
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    I can’t wait too see the moment when Daniel goes from “I don’t care if she dies” to “No way in hell i’m gonna let her die”.

    @AileenOwO Again thank you sooo much for sharing. I wanna ask, did you buy all five books? How far are we into the 3rd book? I’m not pressuring you at all for more posts. Just take your time and share if you want. You are already kind enough as it is with us!
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    I bought 4 books since entire book 1 was already covered with the manhwa.
    We are in the middle of book 3 atm. Tbh i already translated up to 1/3 of book 4 :blob_pout::blob_pout: Should i post longer chaps then? I post it slowly so that when suddenly i have stuff to do and cant TL i still can post everyday
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    Its not that he"doesn't care if she dies" at first, its just at first, Herace, his only bestfriend is more important than the princess who he never met and the princess of the empire that destroyed his empire, he liked her when he gets to meet her a few times but not enough to par the bonding Daniel and Herace have, if you notice in the first meeting and second meeting, he is still polite to her and helps her, he even warned her about his plan that he is supposed to assasinate her but he still protected her and guided her a the Beatrice competition...but when he accepted the fact that he's falling for her, he confessed to her and he helped her revenge for OGLibertia still, instead of those mindless ML from other novel who chose to sacrifice someone else, he tried his best to save both ngl for me, Daniel is the best ML for me
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    thank you very much for your translations ❤️❤️❤️ I really can’t wait for the confession scene.
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    “I think love is amazing.”

    I murmured blankly.

    “Your Highness?”

    “What…… are you talking about?”

    It was the morning of the National Foundation Ball. Rini and Arene, who enjoyed refreshments after a long time, tilted their heads.

    “Just. It's amazing how people change and stuff like that.”

    “… … Who confessed to you?”

    No wonder Rini asked in a dreary voice. I shook my head.

    “No, just. It's really just.”



    I thought I heard Rini say it wasn't at all, but Arene's quick response made me didn’t hear anything.

    “Your highness, now that you've enjoyed your refreshments, you should get ready!”

    After a while, the two, who were whispering between themselves, told me with very motivated faces.

    “As long as you don't get humiliated.”

    This evening's ball is the Founding Ball. It was attended by a large number of high-ranking officials who came to the Crown Prince's birthday ball before. In other words, it is a time when it would have been known that I claimed to be a servant to the Crown Prince while wearing a veil.

    “You've been there enough, so you can go until today. It's better if you don't see it!”

    As the Crown Prince said, the ball went hard whenever possible. Thanks to you, I couldn't even ask Jen for anything! I think the rumor about the wicked woman is definitely lessened, and it's enough.

    “No matter what you wear, you won't be humiliated, but you won't, Your Highness. Your Highness should be the brightest!”

    In this case, Rini, who became more self-assertive, spoke enthusiastically. Eventually, I couldn't turn away from the glare.

    How long has it been since I gave up my body? At the end of the evening, I came to my senses in front of the mirror.

    “Oh my....”

    “Right! You look like a goddess.”

    “You are beautiful, Your Highness.”

    The two of them quarreled happily to the words that I didn’t know. There was no time to be embarrassed because the reaction was too natural.

    “It's too noticeable.”

    Today is Ariel's debut day and the start of the original work. Originally, my sister the princess didn’t even attend the ball. The flower of this ball was Ariel. I don't even care about the original work because it already changed. The problem was that the Crown Prince would be very, very keen on such a situation.

    'Well, being pretty isn't a crime, though. What can I do for being the prettiest, hahaha.'

    I decided to enjoy my sister's beauty with joy.

    I opened the door and faced Daniel who was waiting.

    “You're gorgeous today.”

    “That sounds bad, Lisha.”

    “No, I just looked at the mirror and my eyes got a little high, so stop.”

    “Oh, I see…….”

    Daniel gently raised the corners of his mouth.

    “If so, you have to understand.”

    Then he held my hand lightly and kissed the back of my hand. I took a breath as it came and went like a flower petal on my glove. Oh, shoot me. I've never been here before!

    Of course, I couldn't say this. After just smiling a little bit, I put my arms together with him as if nothing was wrong. His dark brown eyes folded slowly. The door opened, and we stepped into the room together.

    It was the beginning of the original.


    Eugene frowned at Daniel as he looked at the princess walked into the venue with her arms folded.

    “Why do you look like that?”

    When asked by Cain, who was with him, Eugene replied.

    “Because I feel lost.”

    Cain slightly raised the corners of his mouth in his honest answer. This is because he felt similar.

    “He needs to be vigilant.”

    After yesterday's realization, Eugene and Cain changed their minds. They decided to keep an eye on the princess. Hopefully she won't be swept away by their impatience. They hope she can be happy enough as she is. Daniel seemed dangerous though.

    “The assassination guild leader. More than a guild leader. But….”

    He was more secretive, more fearful. There was such a person next to her, and somehow the princess looked happy.

    “Because she's happy.”

    At a sigh, Cain agreed without saying a word.

    Daniel was unique. He treated her as if she were going to live long.

    'Like she is going to live long.'

    And as soon as they thought so, they realized. They treated the Princess as if she were about to disappear, and that might have been painful for her.

    That's why they finally admitted Daniel perfectly yesterday. Eugene and Cain saw the comfortable-looking princess with her soft eyes beside Daniel.


    Ariel attended the National Foundation Ball as a partner to the Crown Prince. After debuting like that, there was a group of people who were noticing.

    “It's good that people can't see."

    “That's a relief.”

    It was thanks to Daniel's method of recognition disturbance magic. I am still waiting for Ariel to finish the original and thanked her.

    And after a while, I saw the beginning of the original.



    “It’s beautiful. Those two.”

    Ariel and Rabilov were together and were quite a good couple. It was because of the way Rabilov looked at Ariel.

    I asked Daniel to unravel the recognition disturbance magic. This is because something can happen to help the Crown Prince.

    As soon as he dissolved the magic, Madam Evien found me and approached me.

    “Your Highness.”

    “Madam Evien! You look beautiful today.”

    “That's too much praise. Your Highness is so beautiful today.”

    Madam Evien's hawkish eyes were sparkling. I grinned and nodded. She was growing her top properly as she is busy these days. The speed was enormous even for me, who knew nothing. It was also noticeable at today's ball with many high-ranking officials.

    “Madam Evien, I call you here and there. Go ahead. I'll be resting.”

    “I will, Your Highness!”

    Madam Evien moved away after answering with a grim face that made a firm commitment. Enjoying a comfortable silence with Daniel, I looked inside the hall.

    Ariel indeed follow the original. Stuck next to the Crown Prince, and then falls off when he seemed to be busy. She looked sullen even from afar. She headed to the terrace by herself. Oh, the pack will be approaching soon, right?

    I looked a little excited. The scene that I always saw whenever I saw Rofan. It means that young children go around in groups to mock or personally attack the heroine. I was able to see a group of young girls who are regulars in such scenes.

    “What's so exciting?”

    Daniel asked me. I answered in a gentle voice.

    “Just, everything.”

    This moment itself is interesting to me. In the first place, I tried to avoid the original work because of the male and female characters, but if it weren't for that, I, a fan of the original work, wouldn't be interested in seeing the original.


    Daniel accepted as he sings and smiled.

    Then I made my contact with my brother who was staring at me brutally.

    “… … .”

    “… … .”

    I don't have the same ability to speak with my eyes, but somehow I knew what my brother wanted to say. You want me to help Ariel? No, can't we just let that happen?

    It's a good situation for me to be accused of being a wicked woman. When I pretended not to know and tried to roll my eyes, my brother sneered at me and said with his mouth.

    'Go. Now.'

    “…… curse.”

    “Don't go. You don't have to go.”

    Daniel frowned and said whether he saw the same thing as me.

    “No, I'll be back.”

    I just decided to go with ease. Anyway, I had a duty to always be elegant and as sweet as possible at the ball according to the manual set by the Crown Prince.

    It would be helpful to Ariel.

    'Because you’re in trouble after this ball because you made a slip of the tongue to that crowd.'

    You'll find the hidden luxury salons thanks to that trouble.

    I walked gracefully out of Daniel's magic range. And I moved on regardless of the surrounding eyes. To the terrace where Ariel and the girls group are located.

    “……So, my lady. I'm saying this just in case my lady gets hurt.”

    “I don't want you to be mistaken. His Highness is a man who treats everyone fairly. You shouldn't be too proud to be his partner for once.”

    Oh, I listened to them for a moment, then realized my duty and coughed. Everyone looked back at me at the sound I made.

    “Your, Your Highness?”

    After glancing at the panicking crowd, I approached Ariel.

    “Are you all right?”


    It seemed like she was intend on answering. When I saw her who was starting to shed tears without fail, I stood covering her and faced the girls.

    “Hey, why don't we stop here?”

    I could see them with their eyes wide open on my honorifics. With their mouth opened and looking at me, I smiled softly and said again. Ariel doesn't have to suffer from gossip because she talks recklessly and got caught by those young children.

    “Well, why did Your Highness...….”

    “It's our problem. I'm sorry, but I don't think it's a matter for you to intervene, Your Highness.”

    I smiled softly at the late burst of laughter. Looking at them who were stopping, I looked at the back. I don't know if she stopped sniffing.

    “It’s raining, get out of the way.”

    But the situation was worse. When I saw her crying and talking to me, I felt intuitively that she already knew the wicked woman rumor. But I stopped her for now and didn't move.

    “Your Highness, what do you want to do?”

    “Are you ignoring us?”

    “And then there was a strange rumor. You're being kicked out of the palace, aren't you?”

    Oh, there's a rumor about the veil.

    “Did you say Baron Roam is here? There's been a very embarrassing rumor about him.”

    “Oh, well, you didn't care about these rumors, did you?”

    Maybe I was too nice, but they insulted me with more pride when I stayed still. About the veil, about Daniel, but I kept my promise to never get angry. You're just talking, you're just doing it. I was too lazy to deal with them. Actually, I'm not that angry. They were amazing extras, and they were moving realistically according to the manual given to them.

    'That’s interesting.'

    All the lines were lines that seemed to have been heard somewhere. I opened my mouth when they seemed to have run out of things to say.

    “You've been paying a lot of attention to me. Thank you.”

    Be gentle.

    “Then we'll get going.”

    It was a good sightseeing. I didn't even say such a thing. After leaving them behind, bewildered, I carefully led Ariel out of the terrace.

    Those girls just didn't know. That I eventually saved their families from the Crown Prince's grasp. Originally, such a level of insult is directed at Ariel, who runs out of the hall with tears in her eyes.

    Yeah, like that.

    “… … ?”

    Like that...?

    I stared blankly at Ariel, who shook my hand and ran out crying.

    What? What is it? Why are you doing that?

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    Ariel went out to the garden and flopped down. And was filled with tears.

    “I was so scared.”

    What she heard at the salon when she first came to the capital was the gossip of this country's princess. No matter how embarrassing and scary the rumors are.

    “Vicious woman, the Princess.”

    She never wanted to get along.

    ‘Besides, why did you intervene there? Who asked you to do it?'

    It was a distraction. Ariel knew how people reacted when she cried. There has been nothing that has not been undone by now. She was sure the girls were also struggling with guilt earlier.

    Ariel recalled the princess she had seen when she arrived at the hall. In the corner, she stood side by side with a man named Daniel. She didn't even dance. But all eyes turned toward that side.

    “Isn’t strange? I can't see Baron Roam's face.”

    “It's more magical than dark. Oh, my God, a wizard.”

    “Your Highness. How come you're getting more beautiful?”

    “There is a little rumor, but it is.”

    Ariel didn't like the wicked woman, nor her surroundings, which were strangely eye-catching.

    “It's miserable.”

    Not being at the center of everyone gave Ariel a great sense of loss. Eventually, another big teardrop formed in Ariel's eyes. It was then.

    “Are you okay, Ariel?”

    It was the Crown Prince.

    The prince with red eyes and red hair was a fairy. Soothing her loneliness on a young day.

    “Mr. Fairy….”

    They lost contact for a while, but he sent her a friendly letter again, which led to their friendship. Ariel walked out together and began to act as if she had become a heroine of tragedy in front of the prince. She like how he treats her specially.

    “I'm... so sad.”

    “What's wrong, huh?”

    “…... not everyone likes me very much.”

    Ariel opened her mouth, wrapping it up with sullenness that she wanted attention. Then she faced an unexpected reaction.

    “Who ignored you, Ariel?”

    The prince flashed his eyes and began to pry.


    “Remember in detail.”

    Ariel was embarrassed. Her fairy was ready to rip off all the opponents.

    'This isn't it.'

    Ariel only needed to accept a moment of upsetting expression, and no one actually ignored her.

    'There was one, but the princess stopped it.’

    Oh, the princess. There's a princess. Ariel changed her mind easily. It was a simple idea that she didn't want to be hated right away. So Ariel opened her mouth with an evasive thought.

    “……The Princess.”


    The fairy, more determined than her childhood memories, put his ears close to her.

    “Her Highness Princess Libertia.”


    “The Princess, she, me...… She ignored me.”

    She's known for being bad anyway. You can't even tell what kind of gossip would came out. It wouldn't be weird.

    “Did she ignore you?”

    Ariel was hesitant to see the suspicious eyes of the fairy, or the Crown Prince.

    “Yes, that's why I'm so upset.”

    Ariel whined and sniffed like a child. Because this always soothes her.

    “No way.”


    But things went differently than she thought. As she looked up with a lump in her chest, the Crown Prince looked like he was full of pure questions. But Ariel didn't know whether it was just a question or an accusation. The Crown Prince, who tilted his head to one side, looked just lost in thought, but Ariel was really embarrassed because it was the way he threw off his kindness. Ariel asked with a stiff face.

    “Are you doubting me?”

    As if you were really hurt. The prince tilted his head and shook his head with his eyes wide open.

    “No, it's just a misunderstanding.”

    It was an affectionate way of speaking, but she didn't like the way he said it. Ariel habitually cried and turned her head away. Then she closed her mouth and touched a rose in front of her in a gloomy mood.


    She almost felt a little relieved by the restless voice. But soon Ariel opened her eyes wide.


    Rose thorns!

    Oh, my God, it stings. Ariel shed sad tears with a desperate face. The fairy was surprised and asked Ariel.

    “What's wrong, huh?”


    “Yes, flowers?”

    “I was stabbed by a thorn...….”

    The fairy, who was excited to smash something, asked Ariel again shortly.

    “… … thorn?”


    Ariel's biting eyes stared at the fairy, distorted as if they had experienced the saddest thing in the world. The fairy stood still and looked at her in the eyes, and blinked once and again.

    After much consideration, he cut off a thorn in the rose for Ariel. With a knife.



    Ariel stopped crying and looked at her fairy unfamiliarly. Prince Rabilov looked back at Ariel with a little hope.

    Meanwhile, the eyes of Daniel and Herace, who were watching the two, became irritated.

    “What are they doing?”

    “Never mind. 'Cause they're just seeing each other.”

    “So what are they doing after meeting each other?”

    “… … .”

    Daniel sighed with the familiar flow of conversation when he was with Herace.

    “I don’t know. Well, do you mean a date?”

    “Hey, I have a question.”

    “What is it?”

    When Daniel spoke in a gentle tone, Herace asked sourly.

    “Does the prince like that strange woman?”

    “… … .”

    Daniel thought it was fortunate that this conversation was not heard below. Then below, Ariel began to talk to Prince Rabilov.

    “The brown-haired girl, the blonde girl, and the ripped-eyed...... they all said something to me on the terrace.”

    “I see.”

    She felt like the topic was back again. This time, it seemed that he had stopped because she didn't mention Lisha.

    Indeed, it was an act that would have been discovered. This was because the paper in the hands of the two contained a list of gossip about the Princess Libertia today.

    Daniel was about to go right in and stopped Ariel's words, and he was going to use his hand if Ariel's slander continued.

    “It keeps going like that.”

    At first, she was talking about the real thing, and when Rabilov asked her what they had done, Daniel blinked slowly as he looked at Ariel, who began to made up words. Herace, who was just looking at it, snapped.

    “There's no one like that. I guess she had a dream.”

    The conversation between the two stopped. Herace watched Ariel, who raised her head, and the serpent-like Crown Prince with a disapproving expression. Herace jumped off the tree.

    “… … .”

    Daniel laughed while chasing Herace with his eyes.

    “What, there wasn't anyone like that. What do you mean?”

    Ariel was furious. Herace said.

    “I know, I'll tell you. There's no one like that. By the way, did you cry because of the thorn in the rose? Really?”

    Ariel replied with a nod to the words he threw without context.

    “How do you know? Who are you? And yes. I was stabbed by a thorn and cried.”

    Herace opened his eyes round with that confidence. Daniel was not nervous unlike when he was with Lisha. This is because Herace's face was more malicious than favorable.

    'That's just a look at a new race.'

    Daniel shook his head and suddenly disappeared. Thinking that he had been away too long from Lisha. Ariel wasn’t in his head anymore.

    “Come on, Ariel. Calm down.”

    Prince Rabilov spoke affectionately to Ariel. He managed to make a friendly voice to Ariel's recent taste. He couldn't control his facial expression. He was glad Ariel didn't see it.

    “Yes, Mr. Fairy, but who is this?”

    “He is….”

    When Ariel turned around, he even organized his expression. Herace, who was watching the Crown Prince's behavior from opposite Ariel, shut up with the expression that they were both idiots.


    However, Rabilov, who was trying to explain to Ariel about Herace, stopped talking when he found something in Herace's hand.

    “Fairy? What is he? Why you stopped talking?”

    The paper in Herace's hand. It was probably an information paper. And there was only one piece of information that Herace would bring to him at this time.

    'The sources of my sister's rumors.'

    Ariel tilted, but Rabilov couldn't answer because he was so focused on the paper.

    Herace gave a slight wink toward Ariel, with a hum. Rabilov nodded right away at Ariel’s glance, asking if he could give it to him.

    “It's all right. Just give it to me.”

    “If you said so.”

    Said Herace, throwing lightly the paper he was holding.

    “It’s definitely reduced at this ball.”

    “Should be.”

    Rabilov answered while reading it as if he had snatched it.

    What is it?

    Ariel tilted her head once more as the situation flowed without her.

    “Mr. Fairy, what is it?”

    “… … .”

    But the answer didn't come back. Ariel opened her eyes wide as she tried to weep sadly. It was because of the emotion that was revealed on Rabilov's face as he read to the end of the list. It was a very violent, violent feeling. And...

    'It's cold.

    Your smile can be that cold. Ariel frowned, thinking blankly. She doesn’t like the fairy's expression. She approached Rabilov's side and checked the contents of the paper with her feet up.

    “Are we going to identify the people who speak ill about her?”

    Something was wrong with the title on the first line. And there was a list of people below it. She couldn't find out the contents of the list because it was in secret code letters. When Ariel read the first line aloud, Rabilov gave Ariel a look as if he had just remembered it.

    “Ah…. Ariel.”

    “What is this?”

    “It's nothing. There's been a lot of bugs these days.”



    Ariel's round eyes met Rabilov's unnatural friendly eyes.

    “I see. Worms are disgusting.”

    “Right? It was a lot, but now it's pretty much down. So don't worry.”


    Ariel looked at the fairy's friendly eyes with a strange feeling.

    'You looked as scary as the evil wizard in The Snow Princess and The Frog Prince.'

    It wasn't until spring sunshine, but a warm look like winter sunshine.

    ‘You're an amazing person. Something's different from that princess...….’

    Oh, again! She remembered the image of the princess again. Ariel shook her head with tears in her eyes.

    “… ...Ariel?”

    Herace, who was watching quietly, yawned and asked Rabilov.

    “You know what, Your Highness? Do you really like her?”

    Rabilov looked at Herace with an incredible look. Fortunately, Ariel didn't hear it.

    “That's weird, no matter how you look at it.”

    “Shut up.”

    ‘I have to go back. It doesn't make sense to think of the princess even though there's a fairy. I'm just mistaken. It'll make a difference if you look at it again.’

    Ariel concluded that and raised her head. The face of a fairy with dark clouds welcomed Ariel. Ariel tilted her head at the fairy, and said solemnly.

    “I'm going back.”

    “……To where?”

    It was a gloomy question. Ariel said with a big smile like any other day in her childhood.

    “To the ballroom!”

    “I see. All right, Ariel. Well, I'll...….”

    “I'll go alone!”

    She’ll be alone with her to understand that this strange feeling is an illusion!

    ‘It's not like you're a distraction, but...… .’

    Ariel shook her head, thinking rambling. She wanted to go to the princess as soon as possible.


    The fairy nodded somewhere sullenly. Said an unlucky man named Herace.

    “Your Highness, let's go. I don't want to see it.”

    “… … .”

    Ariel frowned at the sound of Herace giggling. He’s really a bad person! She swung around and fluttered back to the hall. She thought on her way.

    The capital city is scary, too.

    There were some young children who came to quarrel, and her fingers were in trouble with the thorns of roses. But she still have to be brave.

    'Until I see Emil.'

    The novel that gave her a ray of light in her lonely villa life. She had to cheer up to meet Emil, the author of the novel.

    * * *

    Making a fuss over a single rose thorn, typical a confined princess. Please help me not to hate her so much :blobsleepless: