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    Keep the misunderstandings coming!! lololol Thank you for the spoiler <3 You dont know how many times I refresh this thread just to see an update >.<
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    Hii, since someone is already sharing the proper translation of this novel I stopped mtling this, but I would like to share the side stories of this, is it okay if I do? thou it's only mtled hehe

    When Ravilov was still the Crown Prince, the Emperor, who did not ask them for anything, asked Daniel once.

    At that time Daniel didn't do the favor.

    “What is the difference between being a test subject now?”


    This is because Lisha opposed it.


    "If you can't, show me a little bit of Daniel's old record.”

    It was unusual for Lisha to be so angry.

    Daniel's old record refers to the records of experiments his country did to him.

    (the previous empire of Daniel is an Empire that experimented on the people living there, including Daniel. That is how he became half human only or something like that, and that is where the spirit of FL saw Daniel before)

    It's been a long time since he got rid of it.

    "It's not bad, Lisha."

    The intention of this request was not bad.

    “It is in itself a bad thing to make this request to you.”

    Daniel looked puzzled.

    ‘This person is sometimes so indifferent to his self,’ she opened her mouth as she looked at him quietly.

    Unlike her, he has never been separated from the painful past.

    “I had my sister freed me from all my pain.”

    Alicia lived her life in Korea, not in a laboratory.

    It had led to some sort of healing.

    "It's my memory, but I didn't grow up with it, so I have to live through another life. I really, really reconsider what is known to an unspecified number of people.”

    No matter how indifferent you are, it will be stressful without realizing it.

    And what you thought was small must have changed so deep and big that it would be hard to touch at some point.

    "Please value yourself."

    There are many complicated problems involved, but honestly, Daniel didn't have to do anything.

    It's just that if Daniel makes a small sacrifice, things get easier.


    So, this was a demand that should not have been made if it was for Daniel.

    "I don't want to weigh you around."

    But Daniel was trying to reason for himself. Alicia felt sad about it.

    "Even if all that goes a little far, I'll take a path that won't hurt you even a little.”

    Just you, if you don't mind.

    Daniel slowly blinked as he watches Lisha adding words in a sullen way.

    He was in a strange mood.

    He was an abandoned man from the beginning. When he was a useful man, he then lived as an assassin.

    It has always been at the bottom of his heart that he is a man who is not worthy of respect.

    All he needed was Lisha. Only her.


    He has never been confident, but he's never thought about the small wounds he had suffered.

    He has a life far from being hurt, and it was a life that wasn't worth taking care of the wounds.


    With a strange expression, Alicia carefully hugged Daniel, who couldn't talk easily.

    “Yeah, tell me.”


    He thought she was phenomenal.

    The arms between her face became tighter and harder.

    “… … I will do what you want.”

    How worried she was, Lisha sniffed in his arms.

    Daniel was drawing a smile that she couldn't see, and then he burst into laughter at the murmur of her thankfulness.

    Because it's lovely.

    This matter was known to Ravilov.

    And Ravilov swore and he decided to take over the troublesome emperor.

    for his sister and her husband.

    * * *

    The people of the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess are made up of the courtiers and his people whom Grand Duke Lovine gathered during the reign of Grand Duke Triel.

    Emma lived her whole life as the chief maid the Grand Duchess and it was Arin who succeeded her.

    Arin, who married his childhood friend Lord Dunn, remained in the palace until Francis became emperor and Louis became lord of Rivera.

    (Francis is Mc’s daughter; Louis is the son of Crown prince and Ariel)

    Rini quit her job as a maid and opened a confectionery shop.

    Her snacks have become a landmark in the city of Rivera.

    Daniel's people, who were both victims of the country as well as those who lost the country, called Rivera their home.

    They found their own way there and settled down.

    The Grand Duke couple developed an anti-aircraft estate called Rivera into a city.

    ‘’ I think that if they become happy, their surroundings will be happy again.”

    "That's right, Lisha."

    Daniel kissed Lisha’s palm and said,

    "But we need to balance our roles…….”

    Alicia and Daniel had clear interests.

    They’re glad they didn't overlap.

    "I agree with that. Then the documents from the tower will go to the second one."

    "Okay, well, uh...…there."

    They talked about each other's thoughts and moved wherever they were willing.


    Daniel asked with a lazy smile.

    Alicia burst into laughter, saying she was ticklish.

    "you’re lovely."

    You always are.

    Daniel gradually moved as he kissed her in the mouth, which had been flushed.

    “It's so sad not to see our Cis in person.” While Francis went on a trip with the three boys, the two regularly checked their children's course and watched for dangers.

    (3 boys (Cain successor, Eugene Disciple and probably her cousin Louis)….I mean like mother like daughter, they’re building a harem hahahaha)

    Although they never touched the ‘danger’ before their children do.

    'we plenty of time, sweetheart.'

    Daniel gave a big smile.

    Even now, when he sees Alicia, he is often fascinated.

    … … In fact, it seems to get worse and worse.

    Since nothing can be expressed, it is simply called love.

    He got happiness from her, was saved, and learned love.

    Every moment they shared was precious.

    “Lisha, it was said that Jane's brother became Sword Masters. What are the gifts?"

    ‘’I know. What would be good...Black, I think it's boring. I'm worried."

    "Should we give an artificial spirit?"

    "Spirit. What kind of spirit is it?"

    "To heal the internal wound."

    "That's fine. The trauma side could hurt Jane...….”


    "I want to pay a little attention to the color of twins. They're very interested in dressing up."

    "That's a good idea, Lisha. It'll be ready in a day."

    She looked only at him, and she was also cherishing her surroundings.

    "But I love seeing you. How is it always like this?"

    “Ah, Lisha.”

    "Is it because you're handsome?"

    “Oh, are you happy with that?”

    "Well. I just think it's because I love you, right? That’s what love is!”

    "Ahahaha! I know."

    He, who didn't expect a handful of people, feels wonder at people.

    "What love is." The process of getting used to her little habit.

    Everything was precious.

    "However, I'm serious about it, but I like to play," said Lisha one day, who stayed up all night working together for about three days in a rush of work.

    It was a serious expression, but a playfulness was seen.

    Daniel smiled and replied casually.

    “Then let's play, Lisha.”

    Even so, I wanted to go in and rest.

    In fact, both of them are people who have no problem staying up all night, but still.

    "No, if I play, what about you?"

    Lisha asked fatally.

    Daniel replied with a joyful heart as if singing.

    "I like looking at you, so I'll look at you."

    At that moment, Lisha's expression shook slightly.

    "……why are you looking at me?"

    "If I look, I'll reach you. Then you won't disappear from me forever.”

    Unknowingly, Daniel said to her with a calm smile.

    "And you'll come up to me too.’’

    Before he knew it, Lisha kissed Daniel.

    And she smiled deeply and looked at him lovingly.


    The conflict was obvious in Daniel's eyes.

    he must take care of his work now, but he suddenly wants to postpone it.

    ‘’But Daniel is the best."

    she smiles as much as she did when she was young, and her smiling face was lovely and mean at the same time.

    Daniel looked at her with a slightly dazed look and began to work again sullenly.

    he didn't even know that she was screaming and laughing insidiously inside mentally.

    All those processes.

    Every moment of getting to know each other deeply, mixing with each other as if they were falling apart, shone.

    Maybe it's even more dazzling because the time that has passed doesn't come back.

    "You are my world."

    One day after a long time, Dan suddenly confessed.

    A piece of petals landed on his head.

    Lisha looked at him with a surprised look for a moment.

    Countless words, many confessions that became more inexpressible as the years passed, made her heart swell as if it was bursting.

    You are everything to me forever.

    She confessed to him slowly, with a smile.

    "I love you, too."

    ***sorry for the grammar mistakes, please do know that is only machine translated and I only edited it to be more readable. thank you~!!!
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    Oh i am sorry if it looked like i make your works go to waste :blobtired: of course you can post anything you want, do you want to continue posting the MTL that you already worked on?

    She thanked them. She said she missed them. Eugene and Cain looked around the small drawing room with their own feelings. Then they saw Herace heading towards the snack Lisha had made with a very pleasant face. Really, with a very pleasant expression.

    “I heard a lot of work has been reduced.”

    “I don’t think that’s the only reason.”

    Cain and Eugene talked as they headed toward Herace. They were going to go eat the snacks that Lisha made anyway. Then the three stood together to greet Lisha and Daniel.

    “I worked hard on it. It’s just a small party. Oh, Daniel helped me a lot.”

    The three men hesitated when Lisha added. ”It was great to prepare together.” Herace laughed bashfully and made a strange face that distorted his face. Daniel, that unlucky guy was smiling gently at them with a very pleasant look.

    “Oh, you didn’t eat that snack, did you?”

    Without knowing the subtle war of nerves between the three and Daniel, Lisha said.

    “Don’t eat it. Daniel was in such a bad shape after eating it.”

    She said she didn’t know what she had done wrong, and she said would take care of everything.

    But no matter how weird the taste was, it’s obvious to Lisha. Daniel’s behavior touched those three’s nerves. So they bit Lisha’s cookies in front of Daniel. And after a while, sadly, they understood Daniel.

    “Lisha, what’s this...…?”

    “Don’t eat that.”

    Why does this pretty-shaped snack taste rotten? No, it wasn’t rotten, but it tasted like it had been poisoned. Actually, it seemed to be a bit poisonous.

    How the hell did you...….

    Lisha couldn’t have ruined this party food like this.

    ‘I’m sure someone’s been playing tricks on you.’

    Yeah, Daniel, the assassination guild leader, that nasty escort. The three glared at Daniel, who seemed to be the culprit. Daniel faced them with a helpless look, saying that he knew nothing. But the smile around his mouth was very meaningful.

    Eugene shook his head close to Herace’s whisper, “Can’t you kill him?” It was an hour-long when they saw Lisha to their heart’s content and talked with her freely. They couldn’t ruin it. Then Lisha said.

    “If you’re not busy now, why don’t you take a break?”

    There was a look of longing somewhere. Daniel’s smile dimmed. Looking at it, Eugene replied with a cheerful smile.

    “If you allow it. I will return as Your Highness’s escort. The more escorts, the better.”


    Flowers bloomed on Lisha’s face.

    “I’m not done with my vacation yet, so if you allow me, can I visit you often?”

    Cain continued to ask for understanding, and Lisha’s face blossomed again. Herace giggled as he alternated between Daniel, Eugene and Cain.

    “Okay, now that I’m done with work, I’m going to play! Play with me, Lisha.”


    She looked happy.

    Daniel sighed. He squinted and soon drew a gentle smile.

    ‘I can’t help it.’

    Lisha likes them. He didn’t like it, but he couldn’t express his dissatisfaction when he saw her laughing.

    ‘To be so happy like that.’

    A little bit of time has passed. When the Crown Prince and Marquis Gail arrived, the small reception room was rebuilt.

    Lisha seemed to want to watch people. Daniel, who was holding everyone in his eyes from a short distance away, looked still. She seemed to be caught up in some of her feelings. Daniel was suddenly seized with a slightly bad hunch. She looks good, but somehow she looked a little farther away. Then, their eyes met.

    “Do you have anything to ask?”

    Daniel asked Lisha, who looked up quietly, with a smile of no concern. Then Lisha replied.

    “Will you go over there and have a good time?”

    The friendly whisper was light. However, it was not taken lightly. She struggled to ask if he wanted to be alone, Daniel nodded.


    He found a dark spot. Daniel didn’t mean to hang out with anyone. Sir Volton and Duke Eirik were lazy to be beside Herace. He stood in the shade and blocked all eyes. He just made eye contact with Lisha. He didn’t take his eyes off her.

    There was something about her today that made it even more so. When he frowned a little unknowingly, Lisha clapped her hands. Daniel slowly closed his eyes and opened them. She looked beautiful from the distance. It was like a pure but dry flower. With a bright smile on her face, she stumbled for a moment.


    After barely holding back the moment that almost popped out, Daniel clenched his teeth slightly. He felt like he had to wait and see today.

    “Your Highness, are you all right?”

    She quickly stopped Duke Eirik from approaching.

    “It’s all right. Other than that.”

    Her eyes met for a moment. A friendly glance passed through him.

    “There’s actually one more reason I invited you today.”

    In time, she opened her mouth.

    “I just found something, and it was a tool to recreate the most beautiful memories as pictures.”

    A tool to leave the most beautiful memories. Daniel looked at the stone-shaped tool she was holding in her hand with her sunken eyes.

    “This is it.”

    He didn’t know what it was. Why she wanted it too.

    … … He didn’t know.

    “What if we take our picture with this?”

    She was smiling in a quiet atmosphere.

    ‘It’s so cruel if you look at it, Lisha.’

    That’s not what she intended.

    He rolled his eyes slightly to catch the people in the drawing-room. Sir Volton first had an incomprehensible look, but he gradually turned pale. Herace kept his mouth shut, and Duke Eirik was as stiff as a statue, looking only at Lisha. Everyone looked shocked as one.

    ‘If you left, the only thing they will have afterward would be that picture as a memory, not you.’

    She seemed embarrassed by the subdued atmosphere.

    “It doesn’t leave much! Just a group shot? You can copy it and share it. It won’t be a hassle.”

    She seemed to think that everyone would hate it to leave a trace. It was only a portrait, but she behaved as if asking for it was something that had to be understood.

    “Well, if you have this, you can see it whenever you want.”

    These people responded this way in the first place not because she did something wrong or demanded something too much.

    ‘But she doesn’t know.’

    It’s always wrong because she always had to be in a position where what she said sounded wrong.

    “I can remember.”

    Daniel lowered his eyes as if he were sinking.

    “If you take the most beautiful moment, you can see it when you’re a feeling little depressed and gain strength.”

    And as if attracted, he looked at her.

    At least some of the people here knew she couldn’t live longer. Even Lady Sophia was quick to notice. To those people, Lisha is speaking carefully.

    She wants us to miss her. She was there at a beautiful moment......

    ‘I ask you to remember it like that.’

    She spoke as if she would write it, but there was no one here who could not read it. In breathless silence, her voice continued.


    She and Daniel’s eyes met because she couldn’t speak anymore. Daniel did not know what expression he was making.

    “Uh, that….”

    Just looking at her trembling eyes, he guessed his expression would be down.

    Daniel watched the bitterness and sorrow spread over her sunny face.

    … I had to get closer.

    “I said something useless. I’m sorry, everyone.”

    He had to say it wasn’t. He should tell her not to cry alone. In the end, she didn’t cry. Daniel found it in her eyes. It was actually all the same mind.

    But he felt like he had discovered her loneliness, a thin part that’s deeply hidden. No one could talk easily at that moment.

    “I’m just happy to see you all together.”

    “Ugh, Your Highness! No, it’s not. I’ll have it!”

    However, when one person exploded, the other reaction followed, as if waiting. And

    “Lisha, why are you crying? I’ll do it for you.”

    “Me too.”

    Lisha cried and laughed. The spreading smile was brilliant.

    “Because I’m happy.”

    Before the dripping tears could reach the floor, Daniel swallowed it.

    Only then did Daniel move. Only after swallowing those tears. He didn’t wait for tears, but only then he could move.

    His gesture dried her eyes and left only a smile.

    “Thank you, everyone.”

    Lisha, no, their princess, was the one who smiled happily just by asking them to remember her.

    “Sniff, then, can you all stand over there?”

    Where she pointed was the space of her dream. Seats decorated with silks and flowers in full blooms. Everyone headed there. For Lisha who smiles brightly.

    Lisha stood far away, looked at them, and looked at them again. Although she occasionally stumbled because she was out of energy... She looked happy. But there seemed to be insufficient courage to intervene between them.

    Daniel quietly opened his mouth.

    “Lisha, come here. Leave it to me.”

    I asked you to remember. I can’t blame her for her lack of courage, but I couldn’t wait to see her.


    She asked in a bewildered tone as if she had never imagined it.

    “But…….I have to hold on to this.”

    At that time, Lady Sophia looked at Lisha with her eyes red and said, raising her hand.

    “No, I’ll hold it! All I have to do is think and hold it right, Your Highness.”

    “Well, that’s true.”

    Lisha replied with a blank look. And she approached with an awkward and a little nervous step.

    She sits in the middle, surrounded by others.

    Sophia knew herself so well that she had a poor memory, so she stared at the scene blindingly and immediately grabbed the stone tool.

    Soon, the painting began to be drawn slowly on the paper on which the tool was placed.


    Sophia gave a small exclamation.

    Lisha was sitting blankly watching it. Judging from how she felt, Daniel unknowingly drew a slightly sad smile without even knowing it.

    Meanwhile, Eugene was out of his mind. He couldn’t even take it easy to see Lisha. He wanted to ask.

    ‘Why is it like this, as if it’s all over?’

    It’s like you’re organizing everything and throwing it away.

    ‘… … like it’s a scene from a memory that will never happen again.’

    But afraid of the answer she gave, he just posed, laughed, and pretended to be happy as she wanted.

    She looked almost ecstatic, but when she heard Daniel’s request to leave herself with him, she looked like she had heard something very unfamiliar. Then, she stood still in that state.

    A picture of one’s group to which she belongs.

    ‘If you look at that reaction, you probably haven’t even thought about it.’

    With such a crying face, that was the only thing that Lisha said in a long time.

    “……How nice would it be if Jane and her brothers were here.”

    As the thin smile was added, the grim face became soft.

    His master, that’s who she was. A loving, lonely, and affectionate person. The person who wants to protect even the trail that is moving away. Eugene clenched his fist hard then relaxed.

    But the next moment, he faced another true face of the princess.

    “It looks like something went wrong.”

    While Lisha was leaving her paintings, Herace approached them and whispered softly.

    * * *
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    Hiiii, no its actually okay tbh I'm really thankful for your translation I've posted all the mtled I did before so its really okay, thank you so much for your translation I really don't have any tl more on this novel since I'm working on other novels I just wanted to ask permission since you might have a translated version of the extra chapters and I also don't want to waste your tl since your translation is better than mtl don't worry, I honestly dont feel like my mtl was wasted hasgahahhaa since mtling is easier to do than proper translation, so I really apprieciate your work if you need help in proofreading or editing the novel I'll gladly help you
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    Well if someone already TL the side stories i will still translate it but not going to post it. I know its hard to make sense some of the words since i also have zero knowledge about Korean. :sweating_profusely:
    Thanks for your over for proofreading anyway :aww: I will ask you in case i cant make sense of it after looking around for answers. Lemme know if you are done with that other novel you are working on :bloblove:
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    lmao i read through like an eighth of this spoiler and stopped- i was like “no....i must save these cute stories until i finish the main story spoilers!” i’m so impatient but i must waittttttt
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    Oh, my. My sister. I put her in like this!

    Time for the party to end. I was thrilled to hold the group photo Sophia gave me.

    Right, this body is my sister’s. I finally got the group photo!

    ‘We’ve achieved it.’

    I felt like I should say that. But this is just the beginning! There are so many things I want to do with you guys.

    Then, as I checked the last picture, I suddenly asked.

    “By the way, when are Jane and her brothers coming?”

    They weren’t coming until it was over.

    ‘I’m getting worried.’

    Emma was in for a while and she said she would find out. I looked anxiously at the back.

    ‘I’m sure everything’s fine.’

    I looked at the pictures again. The last picture was of my sister I took. She is standing in a seat full of roses.

    ‘I thought it was awkward, but it came out better than I thought!’

    My sister looked white, pure, and seemed to be looking at a distant place. Even the faint smile was perfect.

    Somehow I felt the quiet surroundings and looked up. Everyone was still looking at me. What’s the matter?

    “What’s wrong?”

    Everyone shook their heads as if they had promised. Looking at them in wonder, I thought of Jane and her brothers again.

    ‘It’s weird. It can’t be this bad.’

    I’m getting nervous. It was time to say that it would be okay because there were some people around the house who protected it.

    “I think I found it.”

    Herace whispered to Daniel. I heard it because it was right next to me.

    Something was ominous.


    Then Daniel called me.

    “I think something happened to the youngest.”

    I felt as if my blood was getting cold. I turned my head and looked up at Daniel.

    ‘Someone around me who would be called the youngest...’

    There is only one youngest.

    “What’s wrong with Colin?”

    Colin, the youngest brother of Jane. I have an ominous feeling. He was a small child who turned nine but looked only five years old.

    “I think he was dragged into a black cave.”

    “I beg your pardon?”

    A black cave. It was where I saved Jane’s brothers. To be exact, I had to go there and get it before I got angry. In the original story, Jane and her brothers went to a black cave and were almost sold as slaves, and suffered a fire.

    ‘I thought I saved him. What should I do with this?’

    Daniel quickly continued after seeing my appearance.

    “……I think he was on his way to buy a gift.”

    “What do you mean a gift?”

    I’m sure Colin was sick and Jane and her brothers were coming late. When asked in astonishment, Daniel sighed.

    “Actually, I couldn’t prepare a gift. I said I would buy it late. But I had a cold, so I asked him to look around for a gift.”


    Herace, who was talking to Eugene and Cain on the other side, with an expressionless face, look at me and approached me as if he was flying.

    “It seems that only the youngest was kidnapped after coming out to buy a gift.”

    I put a guard around them, but he was taken to a black cave.

    “I sent it to you because you wanted to choose it yourself...”

    My heart is beating nervously. It was also a place where human trafficking was carried out. There was no time.

    “When did it happen?”

    “It was a while ago.”

    Herace replied with a look of trouble.

    Madam Evien, Lady Sophia, and brother approached us to know what was going on. Jane and her brothers were close to me, and none of the people here knew about them.

    “… … it could be complicated.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Well, the siblings helped us with our work.”

    I never stopped my face from hardening.


    “I told her you wouldn’t be happy with her helping us. Jane was tough.”

    The prediction was spot on because I’ve been given a hint of it. Perhaps Jane and her brothers played a role in collecting or dealing with the rumors outside of the palace. I asked, thinking about the black cave as much as I could.

    “By any chance.”

    There was a point.

    “Did you touch the Marquis of Farhad?”

    Some people, including our handsome men, opened their eyes slightly. They didn’t think I knew. Anyway, that’s right!

    Crazy. The reason I didn’t think about stopping the Black Cave fire was the Marquis.

    “That’s a big deal.”

    Marquis Farhad was one of the noble from the Crown Prince’s faction, one of the capital nobles with considerable power.

    “He’s the big hand of the black market.”

    I began to think about everything I knew. I didn’t recognize the quiet surroundings.

    “No, actually it’s more than a big hand. He’s the center of the black market.”

    To be the center of the black market meant to be the king of the underworld.

    “The identity is hidden, but I’m sure anyone knows it.”

    At least it wasn’t a secret in the original because the people who knew about it were the main characters.

    “If it wasn’t just a normal kidnapping, but kidnapping because we touched the Marquis...”

    Surprised expressions caught my eyes, but I continued firmly. There were no courtiers here, and there were only people I trusted. And a while ago Daniel threw the curtain around us.


    And the believers knew the path that later treated Marquis Farhad as if they were worms. So it didn’t have to take as long as the original.

    ‘Because I know the original.’

    Before long, I opened my mouth.

    “Honestly, he’s a pain in the neck, isn’t he?”


    “Why don’t you hold it firmly in your hand this time?”

    Later, Marquis Farhad will do everything in order to make the Crown Prince his puppet. You will see the hint later.

    My brother, who was staring at me, soon replied with a distinctive twisted smile.

    “If you want to.”

    All right, then.

    “Thank you, brother.”

    After a big smile, I told the three handsome men who had moved with my brother for Ariel in the original. Ariel was kidnapped back then, wasn’t she?

    “May I ask you a favor?”

    In turn, Eugene, whose face color has improved a little, replied.

    “As much as you like.”

    Cain looked at me and bowed politely. Herace replied with an excited look.

    “What is it? Just say it!”

    I felt Daniel sighing beside me. After a quiet smile at him, I told them again.

    “Thank you, then, please.”

    So, how did they move?

    “The Marquis of Farhad created a kind of small kingdom around the Black Cave. It hits all the east, west, north, and south. Sir Volton to the east, Duke Eirik to the west, and Herace to the south.”

    And he told me the entrance, the code, and the way to get there. Originally, it takes some time for Herace to figure this out, but now I don’t have time.

    “Colin will be trapped in the northern basement. I’m sure it’s in the north.”

    There were two entrances to the north, where the Marquis is also located. The Marquis’s workplace and another place.

    “Daniel, can I ask you a favor?”


    He responded with a gentle smile. He knew Jane’s siblings, so it seemed that he would help me, so I was grateful.

    “Thank you. Then Daniel will take over the north.”

    While I was at it, the original story also told me about the embarrassing pitfalls and unexpected surprises they will experience. No-one stopped listening to me. Thankfully.

    “It will be over after some time if brother goes to the Marquis’s house.”

    It was fortunate that there was an answer. Yes, our youngest will be safe!

    “I probably won’t help, so I’ll stay with Jane. She must be very anxious right now.”

    Finally, after I finished talking, I got thirsty and took a sip of water.

    Suddenly, I felt that it became very quiet around me.


    There were some vague expressions. Daniel has always been the same. After a while, my brother tapped Marquis Gail, whose mouth was wide open. Marquis Gail was staring at me like a fool.

    “That’s great.”

    And for a moment, my brother, who was looking at me with a very pleasant face, burst out laughing and opened his mouth.

    “Okay, I’ll trust you. ……what are you all doing not moving?”

    As if they had come to their senses, Eugene and Cain flinched. Herace began to clap. Daniel stopped me just before I said something.

    “Lisha, come with me. Are you going to Jane’s house? I’ll take you there.”

    I wasn’t going to bring Jane here, I was going to wait with Jane at her house. How did you know? I smiled and nodded.

    Daniel was glaring at Herace. After ignoring the light in Herace’s eyes, he hugged me.

    “……Can’t we walk?”

    “I’m sure you’ll get tired on the way. Let’s just go, Lisha.”

    Yes. It was hard to resist. I thought I was a little angry for some reason, so I just nodded.

    And before that night is over, I drank sleeping pills and safely save our youngest, who had been sleeping in the dungeon.

    * * *

    It was toward the end of the party that Suha, who had been attached to another friend of Lisha, Jane and her brothers, contacted him.

    ‘Oh, of course.’

    Marquis Farhad was such a troublesome opponent that that even the Herace, who was just leaving, felt a moment of frustration.

    ‘If the hostages were caught, there would be even more.’

    Marquis Farhad. He was also the candidates among the big forces that spread the rumor. In conclusion, there was no fundamental entanglement in Lisha’s rumors outside, but there was some friction in confirming them.

    “She shouldn’t have dragged her brothers in the first place.”

    Eugene replied immediately after the news from Herace.

    “She volunteered, and I accepted it because I knew her heart was sincere. We need to focus on the solution for now.”

    Herace nodded sourly at Cain’s words.

    And around that time, Daniel, as fast as Herace, informed Lisha that the division had taken place. The three watched Lisha in a somewhat troubled way.

    ‘You shouldn’t be too surprised.’

    But Daniel seemed to disagree with them in that regard. Perhaps he told Lisha clearly. As soon as she found out, they couldn’t hide at all. Eventually, Herace came up to explain in detail why the situation was serious.

    “Well, the siblings helped us with our work.”

    He wanted to say as little surprise as possible, but it didn’t work out.

    But at the next moment, Herace was surprised.

    “Did you touch the Marquis of Farhad?”

    How can she think about Marquis Farhad just by mentioning that much information? Herace had a rare, genuinely absent-minded look. But that was not the end.

    “That’s a big deal.”

    It was the first time he saw Lisha with such a stiff face. Eugene and Cain also approached with embarrassed looks.

    “He’s the big hand of the black market.”


    The three of them paused at the same time. But regardless of their embarrassment, Lisha’s words continued calmly.

    “No, actually it’s more than just a big hand. He’s the center of the black market.”

    Thud. There seemed to be a sound. The Crown Prince who was watching quietly blinked slowly. It was a fact that he also vaguely informed only recently. There was no evidence, so he just waited and see.

    ‘As long as you know the entrance to the main building, it will be solved.’

    Perhaps the youngest child had to give up. But his sister looked somehow calm. When he rolled his eyes, Daniel had already closed the curtain. Perhaps he could hear Ariel hiding in the bush with a pile of blankets given by the Crown Prince outside. :blobwoah:

    The Crown Prince listened to Lisha as he looked at Daniel satisfactorily.

    “If it wasn’t just a normal kidnapping, but kidnapping because we touched the Marquis..”

    There must be no hope. The Crown Prince looked after his sister. But there was no sign of despair.


    It was then. Lisha suddenly looked back at him.

    “Honestly, he’s a pain in the neck, right?”


    He looked at his sister with interested eyes. Her calm, intelligent shining eyes were new.

    “Why don’t you hold it firmly in your hand this time?”

    The Crown Prince stared at his sister. Yes, his sister was an outstanding human. He didn’t know she had such a good idea. The Crown Prince nodded, twisting the corners of his mouth in a pleasant mood.

    “If you want to.”

    “Thank you, brother.”

    And at the following words of Lisha, the people around her held their breath.

    “The Marquis of Farhad created a kind of small kingdom around the Black Cave. It hits all the east, west, north, and south. Sir Volton to the east, Duke Eirik to the west, and Herace to the south.”

    Even the Crown Prince kept his eyes wide open to the words that followed.

    He couldn’t even know the location and entrance of the headquarters. The way to attack the four entrance, the dangerous parts, and even the trivial codes. As if drawing the place in front of her, Lisha’s words were unstoppable.

    “Colin will be trapped in the northern basement. I’m sure it’s in the north.”

    Lisha seemed to be unaware to the shocked surroundings.

    A man named Daniel took charge of the north. His eyes glistened subtly at the suggestion. Lisha didn’t seem to have noticed.


    The Crown Prince opened the softly responding face quietly.

    Herace told him that he was the assassination guild leader. But even though he knew who he was, the Crown Prince was most suspicious of the human attached to his sister. And the feeling was quite accurate.

    Daniel was briefly caught up by the ridiculous idea of whether Lisha knew his real group disguised as an assassination guild. But that would be impossible.

    “I probably won’t help, so I’ll stay with Jane. She must be very anxious right now.”

    After finished talking, Lisha looked around after drinking water. No one could speak. They were just looking at their princess.

    Is it because it was new to see her cool and calm side after seeing her always bright side?

    ‘Good thing Ariel didn’t see this.’

    If she had seen it, it would have been quite difficult.

    The prince looked at his sister quietly and burst into laughter.

    ‘By the way, it almost matches the information I know.’

    No, it’s more specific. And judging from what he knew, it was quite reliable information.

    Is that it?

    ‘The instructions are quite clear.’

    It was extremely efficient.

    It was telling another fact.

    ‘She has a clear understanding of each person’s ability and power.’

    His sister was much more competent than he knew.


    His sister gave him every opportunity to threaten the Marquis. The situation was arranged so clearly that it was ridiculous.

    “What are you all doing, not moving.”

    The Crown Prince said, tapping Marquis Gail. And he looked at Daniel and Lisha again. It felt like they were squabbling.

    Daniel did not care about the prince’s gaze. He looked at Lisha, whom he casually hugged, and opened his mouth.

    “I’m sure you’ll get tired on the way. Let’s just go, Lisha.”

    In a short time, a lot of worries crossed his mind. How much does she know?

    ‘It’s strange.’

    Even if she knew something more about him, he couldn’t imagine harming her with it. Lisha doesn’t harm his people, so...…

    ‘Maybe it’s something I want to believe.’

    Is it because he knows her as someone who only wants to be remembered and laughs like she has the whole world in a picture?

    On the other hand, he was admiring more than feeling alert.


    Daniel recalled Eugene and Herace, who were shocked earlier, and Cain, whose eyes was shining.

    ‘There’s never much information she can have. If so, this would be insight.’

    Lisha’s information is accurate. She didn’t know that, but Daniel knew it. Sometimes you get to know better in the assassination guild.

    That evening, they regained their youngest, and the Marquis of Farhad, who reigned for so many years as the king of the underworld, became the perfect horse of the Crown Prince.

    … … and Lisha.

    She stayed at Jane’s house for a day, seemingly unrelated to the whole situation.

    “Come on, look at this. Jane, isn’t amazing?”

    With the same fine smile as always.

    “When Colin wakes up, show him this. He will be happy.”

    A picture of the peaceful scenery of one day when Jane, her, and Daniel were together.

    “Your Highness… .”

    Jane looked at Lisha with a moist eyes full of gratitude.

    “You can’t take such precious things, I can’t...… .”

    But Lisha spoke a little shyly to Jane, who cried and stopped talking.

    “Oh, actually, I’m leaving it like this so that I can see it when I’m having a hard time. It’s a special loan, so take it.”

    When Jane was told not to feel pressured, Jane finally received the painting with trembling hands.

    Eugene, Cain, Herace, and Daniel, who returned as escorts, simply stood in an unobstructed street and looked at the scene.

    I post a longer part this time since those part talked about the same thing just from different perspective.
    Btw, I know it was such a crucial moment, but to expose big information like that... make her seems more suspicious :blobjoy:
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    Oh please oh please, If you continue to translate the side story too,please just post it as well! I truly enjoy your translation..pretty please~
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    I just wanted to show my theory of each of the hands on the manhwa cover. I wanted to see what other people think.
    Gloved hands putting a tiara on her- Crown Prince- Prince wears gloves, I think later on he offers his position to Lisha
    Hands holding shoes- Cain- His frilled sleeves are shown in the manhwa
    Hands holding hair- Herrace- only one wearing a black sleeve, not a suit
    Hand Holding flower- Daniel- Same pattern sleeve as in the manhwa- Makes a contract offering flowers for tears
    Hand escorting- Eugene- Normal sleeve- Escort Knight
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    I'm looking for some spoilers on some events.
    1. Does MC flee and avoid the FL and ML like she planned after 1 year?
    2. How do they defeat the villain, Dante Vance?
    3. Does MC get cured after the year? If she did, how did the other people react?
    4. Does Daniel try to find a cure to save MC?
    5. Does anyone die in the novel, anyone get hurt?
    6. Is there a reason as to why OG Libertia asked why MC was so scared of CP?
    7. Why did Daniel think that it shouldn't be possible for MC to have a nostalgic scent?
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    Oooh I'm just hoping for some Eugene and head maid Emma's romance but it just won't happen.
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    On the way back.


    Breaking the silence of each person that had been lost in their respective thoughts, Cain called for Lisha.

    “Before, you told me.”

    There was an uncharacteristically hesitant tone.

    “……...It’s your dream to live freely.”

    Eugene recalled that time. When Cain joined the group to help Lisha, Cain once asked her to be the one holding the Crown Prince in check. At that time, Lisha said that she was not interested in such a position.

    “That time, you said that you are not qualified nor you are interested.”

    “Oh! Yes, I did.”

    Lisha replied softly. Eugene thought he knew what Cain was thinking now.

    Cain, who had not spoken for a moment, just lowered his eyes. And he walked again without saying a word. After a moment of hesitation, what Cain said was very trivial.

    “……Wherever you are, would you call me by that name?”

    In fact, Daniel and Herace were envious. Eugene and Cain were called differently depending on the places. Calling her Lisha everywhere, and always being called by their name. It was a little small and childish envy to reveal.

    But it wasn’t because of this now. Cain approached her.

    “I wish Your Highness would accept me.”

    Lisha blinked slowly, then smiled slowly.

    “I’m nothing. But if you don’t mind, fine.”

    Cain put that smile in his heart. He decided to keep the word that she was the only master he admitted to in his heart. He just decided to remember that smile for a long time.

    “Then I’ll always call you Lisha.”

    Judging from this incident, she was very talented. A little bit different personality regrets in his heart, which he just looked at. She is clearly facing the world even though she is not active. Madam Evien’s usual words finally came true.

    But what came after the surprise was a calm emotion.

    ‘I won’t take the painting back from Jane.’

    Jane, who must have been very surprised, quickly regained her stability with a few words from Lisha. The twin boys, and the boy Colin, was awake.

    ‘The title of the beloved monarch.’

    You must have known for yourself. So maybe she had a dream.

    ‘No, you must have dreamed of it.’

    Although he wouldn’t have been able to reveal it in detail.

    ‘Who knew that Marquis Farhad would collapse in one breath?’

    He remembered her who said she only wanted to live freely. Cain reconsidered the meaning contained in it.

    ‘When you say freedom with your mouth...… .’

    Her unremarkable efforts, hopes, and dreams.

    ‘Dreaming about the future which was not there in the first place.’

    She had never figured out the pain she would be going through, losing her future. He is, they’re the ones who will live. She would have had to let go of all the value she had when she learned of her illness. The things that have been laid aside are so dazzling and wonderful that it is even more unfortunate and regretful.

    He silently looked at Lisha, who asked him to call her by her name. Unlike usual, a smile that didn’t feel a single shade was not just affectionate.

    “I’ll do that. Lisha.”

    She was truly a respectful and precious person.

    “Lisha, if you allow me to.”

    “Of course! Eugene, I’d be happy to call you that.”

    Daniel helped her with an unknown expression as she stumbled a little. Cain glanced at it.

    Cain never thought he could serve someone sincerely. He was the offspring of the monster’s blood, and life was too old for him to be faithful. He never thought he’d be able to be loyal to Lisha. Loyalty was a completely different matter from friendship.

    But he got it. That’s how it went.

    To his master, who lives in ephemeral times more than anyone else, Cain paid tribute with a light slap on his chest with one hand.

    * * *

    I drew something. I mean, I took a picture.

    “What is this?”

    Jane, who had regained stability a little after I came, asked me.

    “These are the moments I want to leave behind.”

    I replied with a big smile. The twins approached with red eyes.

    “You’re a knight, aren’t you?”

    Pell, the one with blue hair asked quietly.

    “That’s the black-haired Duke.”

    Nell, the one with red hair also replied. I patted their heads proudly and grabbed another stone in front of them. It was not long before the brothers and sisters shed their admiration.

    “It’s us.”

    Jane said in a trembling voice. It was my daily life when the siblings, me, and Daniel were together. I’ve been trying so hard to recall memories that would make everyone’s faces come out well.

    The painting is finished. The amazing perfectly reproduced paintings was no less than photographs. Page 39

    After a moment of silence, our youngest boy Colin returned home. It was Colin who fell asleep to welcome the children who rushed out.

    “Are you done already?”

    When asked with exclamation, Daniel nodded and replied.

    “Yes, I don’t have to worry.”

    “It’s all thanks to Lisha.”

    Then Eugene, Cain, and Herace followed.

    “All that’s left is His Majesty’s work.”

    “You don’t have to worry.”

    Daniel smiled softly when he answered the child. I gave the last painting to Jane and returned.

    ‘I did lend it to you. But I don’t think I’ll get it back.’

    This is because Jane took it with trembling hands and I watched Jane put it in a frame and put it on the wall.

    ‘Well, it’s okay! There’s a lot!’

    I can leave it in the future. Let’s leave one at a time. Leave it as a group. Whoo-hoo.

    ‘But we’ve dealt with the biggest case before the magical terrorist incident.’

    In fact, dealing with the Marquis was supposed to be done right before the magical terrorist incident. However, while organizing my rumors, I unintentionally touched the Marquis, and the case was moved forward.

    ‘Are there only small things left now?’

    If it’s something that will bother our handsome guys even a little, we’ll have to organize everything. Hehehe.


    I was walking with a proud smile, and Cain called me.

    “Before, you told me.”


    “… … ...it’s your dream to live freely.”

    I don’t know why you’re saying that now, but it’s still the same now.

    I blinked absent-mindedly and nodded, saying yes.

    “That time, you said that you are not qualified nor you are interested.”

    “Yes, I did.”

    Cain was quiet for a while, and suddenly asked me to call him by his name anytime, anywhere. … … well, really? Oh, I wanted to say that, but you told me first! I was thrilled. It was a good thing to sing it outside, but if you come out like this!

    After I nodded my head, Eugene even stepped up this time. I cried to him, wrapped in joy.

    “Of course! Eugene, I’d be happy to call you that.”

    My smooth virtuous life was alive and well today. Ha ha ha ha.

    * * *

    I copied and distributed the group and individual photos using copy magic. I gathered all the pictures and made a scrapbook.

    “I’m so proud. Ugh.”

    And a few days passed. Eugene has returned as my escort, Cain comes every day saying he will visit often, and the same with Herace, saying he will come whenever he wants.

    “There’s nothing more I wish for.”

    Another day of vomiting blood. I felt the memory is coming back, and my body stumbled.

    ‘Uh... ?’

    I came to my senses. Until now, my body, which had felt somewhat separated from me, had a strong sense.


    Starting from near the chest, a prickly sensation passed by. However, it was so momentary that I thought it was an illusion.

    ‘It’s weird.’

    It was so short that I barely felt it. I was like, “Huh?” and it went by.

    I straightened myself from stumbling. Unlike before, I was fine. As usual. I looked in the mirror.

    ‘It’s pale.’

    I thought blankly. It never happened. Was it an illusion? But...

    Do I need to get some rest?

    Yes. My sister’s illness hasn’t healed yet. It’s not good to overdo it because it’s in progress.

    ‘Was it a little too much for Colin? But what can I do. Hmm.’

    My head was a little blank.

    “Oh, my God, Your Highness!”

    I walked out of the room in a daze, and someone looked at me and screamed, raising my eyes as big as a flower lamp. I flinched at the loud sound without realizing it, it was Madam Evien. She and Emma were together.

    “Good morning.”

    I was greeting her with a hearty smile, and Emma looked at me and said.

    “Your Highness, you look so pale. Why don’t you lie down first?”


    Even before Emma could said anything, Madam Evien said first. While looking at the two alternately, I followed the words without saying a word, recalling the pale appearance in the mirror earlier.

    I solved the morning briefly and lay down. While Emma went to call Rox in the lab, Madam Evien opened her mouth.

    “By the way, did you hear them? It’s called the Sun Fairy Play at the Grand Theater.”

    “Wait a minute. Is it real?”

    Only then did I come to my senses.

    “The Sun Fairy.”

    That doesn’t make any sense. This is because the Sun Fairy play is hosted by Marquis Farhad, who was completely obedient to the Crown Prince last time. Marquis Farhad was also a prince, but he used to scratch the Crown Prince’ nerves. The same goes for the play of the Sun Fairy.

    ‘It was originally intended to express opposition to what my brother was doing.’

    And around this time, Marquis Farhad had made a move to escape from the Crown Prince’s faction.

    ‘The play was part of the plan to assassinate the Crown Prince.’

    It was a sign to inform the assassins that the Crown Prince had come.

    But Marquis Farhad is now in brother’s hands, right?

    That’s weird. … … Is the Marquis crazy?

    “Is that a play by the Demarich Theater Company?”

    “Oh, that’s is.”

    Madam Evien, who looked at me with worried eyes, replied.

    “It was suddenly canceled the day before yesterday, but a certain theater company appeared. They said it was the Nuba Theater Company. But there’s something strange, Your Highness.”

    She said casually.

    “Well, the table says ‘The party continues.’ Could that be a sign for something?”

    Madam Evien smiled lightly and tilted her head.


    I couldn’t figure out what to do. It’s not the Marquis’s theater company, Demarich.

    ‘And that phrase.’

    Are you provoking the Marquis’ extremities? So it’s a bad mix with the Marquis?

    ‘But that sounds like something you’re saying to me.’

    Maybe it’s because of my feelings. I got a little goosebumps because the word “party” seemed to refer to the original incident.

    The original incident. It was an accident which Ariel went to the theater to see that play. Ariel went to the theater to see the play, and a group of people came to assassinate the Crown Prince.

    ‘I was caught up in the incident and several people were killed.’

    If Eugene weren’t there, everyone there might have died.

    ‘It was definitely an accident that happened on Ariel Langton’s birthday.’

    Maybe not, but if that party refers to the assassination of the Crown Prince.. In the original, Eugene saved Ariel and began to look out of Crown Prince’s sight in earnest. But that wasn’t the point anymore.

    ‘The original has changed.’

    This, you need to find out.

    “Madam, when is this play?”

    “This play? The day after tomorrow.”

    It became more and more sinister. The accident coincides with Ariel’s birthday, and the Crown Prince rarely goes to the theater.

    What should I do?

    I was convinced that the assassination plan was in progress. But I couldn’t tell anyone, and I had no choice but to find out. If it is part of the assassination plan, who is doing this instead of Marquis Farhad?

    ‘And if a person dies.’

    People who don’t know, but as long as they know there will be an accident, it should be prevented.

    ‘This is sister Libertia’s world. All the more.’

    I want to stop what can be prevented.

    I am not worried about my brother the Crown Prince, who tried to cherish Eugene as the original story flows. It already changed a lot. Both my brother and Eugene.

    ‘… … the main culprit, Ariel.’ :blobhero:


    I shuddered as I recalled the white hand trying to take a sneak peek of my self-portrait yesterday.

    It happened yesterday when I was proudly looking at the pictures that I eagerly copied. Several pictures have accidentally blown by the wind and fell into the bushes in the garden. Of course, I approached.

    But then, someone took the picture with their thin hand and took it away!

    “… … .”

    As I witnessed the strange sight before my eyes, I had lost my voice for a moment. After a while, I heard a scream swallowing in the bushes.

    “Lady Langton?”

    Her eyes and mine met. It’s Ariel Langton.

    “Well, Your Highness!”

    Ariel jumped to her feet with an ecstatic look.

    Someone jumped out of the bushes. It was so different from what I imagine in my head and to actually witness it in person.

    “Gee, now….”

    There was so much to ask that I couldn’t know what to ask first. However, there was no change in the fact that I had to be cold when dealing with her. I came to my senses.

    “What the hell are you doing here?”

    When asked in a cold manner, she was trembling but happy at the same time, she didn’t know what to do.

    “Well, that’s...….”

    I listened with one ear and looked at her slowly as I heard her floundering and continuing her explanation. A large blanket with an unusual feeling, the corner of a cushion near the waist slightly out of the side, and these flies sparsely hanging around her hair.

    “Well, it’s a letter!”

    “… … .”

    I saw her at a short, unexpected scream. It seemed like she was excited while talking to herself … … what the hell is she doing, this girl!

    Cool or whatever, I just collected the pictures from her and sent it back quietly. Because I am in a hurry.

    “… … .”

    I’m scared. When I remembered that time, my body trembled again. I think something is wrong! So, hurry up and show me all your memories and meet me......

    Of course, my sister didn’t answer me.

    * * *
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    ariel- pls i beg of u. go tf away(⌒▽⌒)
    stalking is nottttt okay. rabilov my sweetheart pls get this child under control!

    and thankq again for the hard work
    edit: is libertia unable to meet lisha atm? or is she ignoring her? it also seems like lisha’s would is beginning to fully adapt and manifest into libertia’s body. so i’m assuming through this process she’s experiencing pain?
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    I don't think Libertia is ignoring Lisha, remember when Libertia said that Lisha wouldn't be able to see her for a while even if she calls? I think that Libertia is more unable to meet with her.
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    Anyway, I decided to go to the theater. But there was more to consider than I thought.

    ‘I think I’ve been getting tired quickly and recovering slowly lately.’

    I knew it would get worse until I completely found all the memories.

    ‘But something is not right.’

    The sensation of the body has become very vivid compared to the beginning.

    ‘And a little… I think I’m sick.’

    Yeah, that was the problem. She said there would be no pain until I completely become one with this body. There was a time when I felt a sharp pain for a moment.

    ‘As if they were trying to keep me from going.’

    Am I getting ahead of myself? I agonized for a moment, then I spoke to myself in case my sister could hear it.

    ‘Sister, those dying people are your citizens, and Eugene will get caught up too?’

    To be honest, I have never seen sister protect her people as the princess, but if she wanted to die as a princess, she would not be happy to turn away.

    ‘And Ariel......’

    I don’t know if you were attached to them, but wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable if someone you knew died? Eugene saved you in the original. But I don’t know what will happen now.

    Of course I know this is dangerous! But it’s not dangerous!


    I’m sure. My sister was drying up. The sensation, and the pain, getting a little clearer...…

    Hey! Hey! I’m really not in danger!

    [Master? Wait. What the hell is this? Master’s soul...… !]

    “………it’s all right.”

    I told a white lie. According to the original story, the building collapsed in that play, and the surrounding land was cut sharply and deeply, creating a living hell. Of course, the theater is making basic preparations, but that is a disaster-level job.

    ‘And since I don’t know who the enemy is, I have to go and see it, even if I should take the risk.’

    And it’s about saving as many people as possible.

    “Hey, Jen.”

    [Master, what’s going on?]

    “You know what.”

    I asked with a little difficulty. Since I signed a contract with Jen, I knew how to use this diary, which is like Jen’s house. Among them, there was a shield. Originally, the shield in the diary is small, but after signing a contract with Jen.

    “What if you spread the shield big enough to protect one theater?”

    The soul of the contractor resonates with the spirit and the magic is amplified.

    [It’s impossible without fail. Especially the owner. Once you start it, even if the contractor is confused and unconscious, it consumes the mana that accomplishes the fundamental thing until the task you ordered is over.]

    “That means I can keep it even if I fall down?”

    That’s a relief. Look at this. I’m not going to die. I smiled quietly.

    [It’s dangerous!]

    “Still, it’s okay.”

    Jen continued after a moment of silence. Page 53

    [If it has to be used, it’s fine. Let’s finish it as soon as possible before master over does it.]

    Oh, to be honest, I thought you’d be against it. As if reading my mind, Jen said.

    [It’s no use opposing it anyway. Master always...I mean.]

    “What do I do?”


    Somehow Jen spoke to me in a stiff voice.

    [… … I expect so.]

    “What do you mean?”

    [No, it would be better to help master in what you are trying to do, and make you suffer a little less]

    To sum up, I’m not saying I’ll help you with fewer side effects. I smiled broadly, thanking him from the bottom of my heart.

    “Thank you, Jen.”

    And I went to visit my brother right away. Because it was an assassination, I couldn’t just pass by it.

    ‘Because I could be suspicious if I say it too clearly, just a little.’

    I spoke to him.

    “I heard you’re going to the theater, brother. Lady Ariel is here, so please pay more attention to escort than usual. Don’t just think about walking around comfortably. ……you have a lot of enemies.”

    But the reaction came back differently from what I thought.

    “……Thank you.”


    “But, more than that.”

    He thank me without a doubt. I was looking at him feeling confused, and my brother suddenly hardened his face and told me.

    “Don’t worry about that, just rest.”

    “……That, brother.”

    I decided to speak more clearly because he seemed to misunderstand something.

    “It because I don’t feel good.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “You know, you’ve been controlling Marquis Farhad, and you’ve been very active lately. Honestly, I’m worried about the assassination attempt.”

    To be honest, I hope you don’t go.

    “I don’t know what to say if you’re too worried.”

    “No, you’re right. The Marquis stopped today.”

    My brother spoke sourly.

    “Is that so?”

    Although Marquis Gail was feisty, his ability to read the plates was excellent. He is not close to my brother for no reason.

    “Okay, I’ll try to avoid the theater if I can. But what about you?”

    “Well, I have business to attend to.”

    “At the theater?”

    “Yes. Actually, Eugene went there. I didn’t say anything specific, but I think it’s the McNahan family. It would be dangerous for the family to come forward like this. There’s no Marquis Farhad, and it’s weird.”

    “You know the danger, it’s not just for me.”

    At that moment, Daniel appeared from behind my back.

    “You can go with me.”


    As I looked back and smiled, he looked at me seriously with a light smile. My brother looked at Daniel and nodded. Looking at Daniel’s worried look, it seemed like Jen had called.

    ‘This is great.’

    Rini and Arene were motivated by the news of going to the theater with Daniel. Just go to the theater with style! It was a shiny outfit, unlike the ball. But I was really pale, and even with my cheeks dyed red, I was just like a pure white doll.

    ‘I’m definitely not feeling very well.’

    Overall, I feel heavy. I tried to shake off my closing eyes.

    ‘Let’s be alert.’

    Already, Eugene went to the theater with understanding today.

    “Marquis Farhad is not here, so why didn’t the flow changed.”

    It was the question that had to be solved. I was worried, but then I felt Daniel holding my wrist lightly. He’s going to measure my pulse. He, who explained it as if it were passing by, lowered his eyes and focused. I felt all kinds of anxiety disappearing from the sight.

    But then Daniel reached the tip of my finger. Gosh, my mind came back. I glanced at him subtly and laughed to myself.

    “Thank you.”

    The feeling of being sagged by my heavy body was improved thanks to him.

    “Thank you for being with me.”

    “……Can we be together in the future?”

    The question that came back was something subtle.

    “Of course.”

    I replied with a grin.


    “Living! You’re right. While you live, you have to stick by my side. You even signed a contract with me, right?”

    I smiled at him naturally, pulled out my hand and picked up a painkiller. I’m not sure, but I think I can feel the pain a little bit.

    Oh my. Don’t worry, sister.

    “I’ll come back alive.”

    Slowly, I murmured for you to listen.

    Then Daniel said.

    “……Duke Eirik and Herace are also going to investigate.”

    “Herace too?”

    I frowned at the conversation I had with Daniel about the prophecy that Herace received. Daniel rubbed my forehead gently and spoke in a soft voice.

    “Lisha’s guess was correct. Marquis Farhad confessed. There was a plan to assassinate the Crown Prince.”

    Before I knew it, I was seeing a spectacular Grand Theater. I smiled lightly at his tickling touch.

    “Herace will be fine.”

    “…… is that so.”

    “Of course.”

    He looked at me with a look of hope, but I looked puzzled because I had nothing more to return. After a while, he shook his head with a gentle smile on his face.

    Anyway, I sat down. It was the second most spectacular seat on the second floor of the Grand Theater.

    “Where’s Eugene?”

    “Excuse me.”

    He was in front of the stage. Well, I didn’t know, but I think I came here because I really liked it.

    The actors appeared below. The actor playing the Sun Fairy stood at the center.

    <The collapsed world. The age of chaos. We sing...… .>

    It’s beautiful. It sounded like I’ve heard it a lot before. Anyway, the play was fun. Daniel had a subtle look.

    “What’s wrong?”

    “Well, that play. It seems a little different from the original.”

    “Which part?”

    “……I don’t know. What’s the charm of the actor?”

    He spoke lightly with a fidgety look on his face.

    “It’s a blindingly attractive fairy in the play.”

    “Oh, that’s it.”

    I burst into laughter.

    “In terms of charm, it’s just Daniel.”


    I could feel Daniel panicking. He wanted to say something to me, but he ended up smiling slowly and slowly straightening his head. I held back my laughter at his side view. His ears seemed a little red. Oh, really.

    “Daniel is a really nice person.”


    The play was escalating.

    “Lisha, do I look like a friend?”

    Inline with the actor’s song, a calm voice dug into my ears.

    “Aren’t you a friend?”

    I looked back at him and asked. Daniel was looking at me with a close expression.

    “Well, I don’t know.”

    “I like Daniel, and Daniel likes me, so it’s a good thing.”

    “……I don’t think so.”

    He spoke in a mood of wandering.

    “Just. I want you to be mine.”

    *OHOK UHUK UHUK* *dies*
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    Thanks for everyone's spoiler. But erm, I don't understand who Alicia is? Is that Libertia's twin sister? Was she already shown in the manwha or not yet? She's a different character from Ariel, the CP's wife, right?

    Thanks for answers!
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    Alicia is our mc, she is actually libertia’s twin sister. idk how but her soul was transferred to another world in order to protect her i think? from libertia’s family. libertia has this book that would show MCs life (just like how MC had a book abt libertia [the novel she read]) and saw that mc would die so she transferred her soul into her own body to save lisha. lisha doesn’t yet know that libertia is her real sister but i think she’ll find out soon.

    if anyone else sees this and finds any issues or mistakes pls feel free to properly explain since this is what i understood from the given spoilers.(´∀`)
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    Alicia is the MC she's libertia's twin sister
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    You know.. reading this i feel like invading their private life :blobmelt:

    Always thankful for your tl :aww:
    Can't believe we got a fuwa fuwa moment in the midst of soon to be a possible accident :blobhero:
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    believe me, you will get a nosebleed :blobpopcorn_cool:

    “Daniel, that’s.”

    I tried to speak only among my loved ones, but I couldn’t keep talking. But strangely, it feels like my cheeks are getting hot. Then suddenly, I felt a cold sensation.


    This is really weird. I felt like it was not me who was trembling, but sister Libertia.

    “Lisha, step back.”

    Daniel moved as if he were covering me with a stiff face. And


    There was a roar from the periphery.

    Uh… ?

    I was shocked to see the flames rising from all sides.

    “Fire Wizard!”

    People began to scream. Somewhere, at the sound of someone shouting, I knew that the flames were magic.

    ‘Oh, over there.’

    People shouted “Fire Wizard” because it showed itself. Near the stage, a male-looking wizard was stirring a staff.

    ‘This can’t be the case.’

    The original story says only the magic bomb exploded.

    The fire wizard was precious. It was a fact that even I knew a little bit of common sense except for the original one. Not only the fire wizard, but also the wizard itself with the fundamental attributes of water, fire, wind, and land was precious. Their elemental magic is several times more powerful than other wizards.


    I saw the situation below me without hearing the sound of someone calling from the side.

    ‘Wait, come to think of it.’

    And suddenly, I realized one fact.

    ‘A voice similar to the one who sang earlier.’

    Why? The reason why it came to mind at an urgent moment.

    ‘It wasn’t the voice, but it sounded similar. The habit of pronouncing the second syllable slightly from the end.’

    It was a habit of my sister Libertia. And

    ‘It says that it’s a pronunciation that’s unique to you and your mother... ... .’

    I turned my head like I was possessed and looked at the stage where the person who was singing was. The stage was empty as if the person who was singing had avoided his seat.

    “You’re a strong wizard.”

    Daniel’s firm voice gave me a real buzz. Daniel was holding me in his arms and examining the situation. As I looked at him, he said.

    “An elemental wizard is strong. Even though they are not using all of their energy, the fire is fierce.”

    He calmly explained the situation, but slowly came out and made eye contact.

    “Are you all right?”


    “I tried to avoid it as it was, but seeing what I did before coming, I thought Lisha wouldn’t want to.”

    Daniel had an unknown expression on his face.

    “But don’t worry, you can avoid it safely anytime.”

    I was completely in his eyes. He had a tired look but his dark brown eyes are so sweet and soft.

    “And Jen. Knowing that you must have come even if you knew it was dangerous. Right, Lisha?”

    It was the calm voice that didn’t fit the situation. I felt my mind gradually stabilized.

    “……That’s right. And thank you.”

    He gave a sneaking smile.

    “I’m so glad Daniel was by my side.”

    I told him as if I had to say what I had to say. He blinked quietly and said with a hazy face.

    “……I’m glad I’m here with you.”

    “I’m fine now.”

    I came to my senses after a big smile to reassure him. It was my first time experiencing it, so I was embarrassed, unlike my original plan.

    ‘And that singer from before, I feel uncomfortable...….’

    But that’s it. We had to figure out the situation even if we unfold the shield. When I looked at it, there was only a roar and a fire, but no one was directly hurt. That’s a relief.

    “Eugene, Herace, and Cain will be fine, right?”

    “……Yes, they are.”

    They’re not going to get hurt in this situation.

    “I think I’ve noticed that Lisha’s coming.”

    Still, I was relieved by Daniel’s definite answer.

    “Your brother and Lady Langton didn’t come, did they?”

    My brother said he wouldn’t come. But Daniel’s answer was being delayed.


    [Master, I think she’s here.]

    Then Jen spoke in an awkward voice. I was surprised.

    “Lady Langton is here?”

    “……But the Crown Prince didn’t come.”

    “What happened?”

    You’re not with Ariel Langton on her birthday!

    “Herace and Eugene met her.”

    Daniel, looking somewhere in the air with thin eyes, said. I looked at him with my mouth wide open. What! The basic flow of the original doesn’t change, does it?

    “Maybe the atmosphere...…!”

    Are you just sweet?

    “Well, it’s not good. But you don’t have to worry.”

    I subtly looked at him for a moment and looked ahead again. It is because the flames rose again. It was a bigger fire than before.

    “But I’m glad that the Grand Theater is a good place to deal with this situation.”

    “… … yes.”

    I nodded at his words.

    The original version also mentioned the great handling of the Grand Theater. An urgent stream of wizards guarded the people, creating a pathway for them to evacuate. In addition, the magic on the wall prevented casualties.

    “But it won’t be enough to dispel the magic of the elemental wizard. There may be more bombs.”

    Just like the original. As I muttered, Daniel nodded heavily.

    “The flames are moving.”

    The flames, which had been threateningly burning alone, were gaining power. Furthermore, there were no signs of a bomb.

    “Daniel, I’m sure there was a roar earlier. Didn’t the magic bomb go off? But now I can only see the flames.”

    Originally, only the ground was divided because of the bomb. But now.

    “Lisha, can you take a few steps away?”

    Daniel, who was still looking at the wizard, did something. Maybe he used his power.

    ‘No more.’

    I wish I had known the situation here. The bomb will probably explode more, and as far as that unknown element wizard is mobilized, it’s a real “magic terror.”


    Then the fire wizard grabbed the boat and started giggling. Then as soon as I tried to open the shield, I started approaching the entrance.

    “That one!”

    It was obvious that he was going to burn it. It must be prevented.

    “Jen, Shield!”

    [Got it.]

    I don’t know mana. But I felt it for the first time that it existed. It seemed to be electrified from the bottom of my heart. My head was ringing once, and I began to feel unknown energy all over my body.


    I instinctively reached out and opened the shield.

    [Listen, master. Originally, it was all you had to think about, but it would be more difficult for the caster.]

    I could also feel that Jen was helping.

    [If master spreads it for the first time, I will keep it.]

    I saw Daniel’s expression was disheveled for the first time after the roar. But I couldn’t care less. We must stop them. The only thought was that I longed for a shield as wide and solid as possible at my fingertips. Maybe because it was the first time. The shield, which stretched out uncontrollably, began to unfold in a form larger than I imagined.

    But it was rather fortunate. Judging from the fact that the wizard had to go to the entrance, unlike the original, the purpose of this attack was not to assassinate the Crown Prince.

    ‘I’m going to kill him.’

    This is real terrorism. If so, we needed the strongest and widest shield possible.


    The fire wizard looked this way. At the moment, I felt like I had made eye contact with the wizard. No, we ran into each other. I didn’t see the wizard's expression, but the moment I met him, he stopped.

    “Lisha, stop!”

    “I can do it.”

    No, if you didn’t know, you wouldn’t know! There’s a way to save everyone from dying, who wouldn’t choose that?

    ‘Sister, I won’t die! I’m going to take Eugene, Herace and Cain back in good shape!’

    “I can protect you...….”

    I clenched my teeth to my sinister heart and shouted to myself. Now I couldn’t afford to respond to Daniel.

    ‘If I make the shield as perfect as I can, Jen will keep it.’

    Then no one will get hurt. Me, them, and those who almost got attacked.

    ‘Was there any happy ending like that?’

    I sneaked a smile in the middle of cold sweat. The shield heavily covered everything except for the suspicious wizard. And thicker.


    In reality, a few seconds passed like an eternity.

    [Master, it’s enough now.]

    The wizard made a devilish noise.

    [Now leave it to me.]

    He turned around and I realized I had done my best.

    Oh, it’s very good! I won this! Feeling delighted with the victory without an opponent, I laughed while my body was collapsing.

    “Four years!”

    The wizard came close in an instant, but Daniel didn’t see it.

    “How dare... “

    With his hand covering my eyes and his arms tightly wrapped around me, I heard the wizard’s tearing screams.

    “Without knowing the subject.”

    Hehe. I laughed quietly without realizing it. Daniel’s creepy voice towards the wizard couldn’t be so reassuring.

    Anyway, I whispered to him, grasping the clouding spirit.

    “Daniel, you can’t kill him...….”

    We’ll catch him and dig him up!

    Fortunately, there was no need to talk behind the scenes. Daniel, who paused for a moment, murmured.

    “You’re… … . First of all, get some rest.”

    Leave the rest to us.

    I was perfectly relieved by the blunt remark.

    “Then… … I’ll get a little better… I will.”

    After that, I headed to dreamland with ease.

    * * *

    :blobpopcorn::blobpopcorn::blobpopcorn::blobpopcorn::blobpopcorn: it's escalatiiingggg