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    Herace and Cain arrived at the theater together, but they decided to move separately.

    “That’s too bad—it was hilarious.”

    Herace giggled as he recalled Cain, who had a rare and distinct look on his face when he saw Herace in disguise.

    “But how did Lisha know all that?”

    When Jane’s youngest brother Colin was saved. He can’t believe she knew exactly about Marquis Farhad, which was hard to understand even in the Information Guild. Rather, it could have been thought that there was an acquaintance of the Marquis that no one knew.

    “But that judgment.”

    She had revealed that she knew not only about Marquis Farhad but also about their respective abilities.

    “She sent Sir Knight to the east, the Duke to the west, and me to the south.”

    The southern entrance was where Herace held the most information.

    “I was going to start from the south and get some other information.”

    She knew everything before he even knew it. He would have said that it would be boring if he already knew it for a while, but he was more curious than despondent when he was informed in so much detail.

    “It’s not anyone else, it’s Lisha.”

    If someone else did that, he would’ve started it after taking their tears.

    For Lisha, it was Herace who couldn’t even imagine that in the first place.

    “No, but don’t you know more than me?”

    Perhaps she already knew all the information papers they gave to Madam Evien. From that thought, countless speculations filled Herace’s small head from time to time. It was like an instinct as an information guild leader, so he couldn’t help it.

    “……I laughed so hard at first that I wanted to cry.”

    However, the end of such thoughts was the idea of Lisha herself. He doesn’t know what it is, but he feels better. A pleasant sensation that is different from fun and interest.

    “Well, by the way.”

    Even if Eugene didn’t tell him, he knew that Eugene had been ordered by the McNahan family.

    “As a guess, behind the scenes.…"

    Herace moved leisurely, muttering so that no one could hear him.

    “… … … that’s all I have.”

    As he recalled somewhere, Herace frowned slightly. It was still speculation, so he couldn’t touch it.

    “There’s no evidence.”

    He wanted to secure the evidence. Otherwise, Lisha’s bad rumors won’t make any further progress.

    So as soon as Herace and Cain split up, he went to Eugene.


    He was sitting in the front seat. Eugene’s ridiculous face welcomed Herace. Eugene was agonizing over the meaningful command from the McNahan family. Of course, the first one was intended to satisfy a bit of suspicion that he liked to watch a play.

    ‘One of them is to put up a play as a famous theater company. Either it’s going to be great or it’s going to be ruined.’

    Including some professional opinions, Eugene was honestly quite interested in the play.

    But all that thought was wiped out the moment he saw Herace.


    He jumped out of nowhere and sat next to him, not being able to call him “Eugene!” in a friendly way. And more than that, it was the female costume that caught the eye.

    … … women’s.

    “What the hell is that?”

    It even looked good on him. It was because the opponent was the Herace that failed to say that he would respect his taste. What kind of accident is he trying to get into? …maybe it’s because he’s halfway to work. Somehow Eugene felt like he was having a headache.

    Herace, who had been watching his reaction outright, narrowed his eyes a little, and said in a crackling voice.

    “What do you mean Herace. I’m Hailey. Oh, no! Are you playing with your name? Oh, by the way, have fun!”

    Then, he whispered so that it could not be heard by the public.

    “But why are you sitting in the front?”

    Eugene looked at Herace with a look of astonishment.

    “No, you know this play is going to be an accident. But why are you sitting in the front?”

    While enjoying Eugene’s confused expression, Herace continued to say his words.

    “Don’t you know you’re in danger here?”

    “……I know.”

    Eugene replied with a face that gave up something.


    “You have to watch the play in front of the Zagoro.”

    Herace was silent for a moment. He was rarely speechless. The two, who had been silent for a while, faced each other with strange eyes, continued their conversation, deciding to pity their opponents.

    “……Uh, well, yeah. There’s nothing dangerous for you.”

    “You are here too.”

    “So you’re the only one who came?”


    Only then did Eugene come to think of what they had in common and become serious.

    “It could have been something to do with you.”

    “I felt like I was approached by Marquis Farhad.”

    He feels like they’ve approached him cleverly so that he didn’t feel like being used. The Marquis, who spoke out about the plan to assassinate the Crown Prince, Herace, and the guild leader both felt it.


    It was then that he found Lisha on the second floor.

    “Why is Lisha here?”

    Herace murmured frowning.

    “………It’s dangerous.”

    Eugene could hardly take his eyes off that direction. But neither of them was worried. It was because Lisha had her artificial spirit Jen, who seemed unusual, and Daniel next to her.

    ‘Chet. When she’s with Daniel, she has a different face than when she’s with us?’

    Herace thought with an uneven face.

    “Why would Lisha like him?”

    Then Eugene looked at Herace with a slightly surprised face and asked again.

    “Do you know that Lisha likes Daniel?”

    It meant that that it was great for you. Herace now understands that much. The reason why he didn’t notice in most situations was that he was basically a person who didn’t care.

    When you start to care, you will have to change.

    “Of course I know. Why do you ask so subtly? Do you want to die?”

    Eugene smiled as he looked at the bloody Herace.

    “Well, I think we’re talking about something different right now.”

    “What? Speak up!”

    Herace frowned.

    “No, she likes it. You said she likes him, didn’t you?”

    “I did.”

    “So, what’s the difference? Well, it’s okay because they’re close to us anyway. No, that’s not it. You and I said the same thing!”

    “Yes, let’s take that.”

    Eugene nodded his head, raising the corners of his mouth.

    Then the play began.

    By the way.

    “It’s not terrible.”

    The atmosphere throughout the play was strange. Eugene glanced at Daniel and Lisha. Perhaps Daniel would have noticed.

    ‘I wish you could take her out as she is.’

    However, Eugene sighed and turned his head again because he didn’t seem to have any intention of doing so.

    “Hmm. I’ll look for Cain just in case.”

    Herace slipped out from his seat to see if he felt something. Eugene saw him off without saying a word.

    After splitting up with Eugene, Herace searched for Cain’s energy. And unfortunately, he found Ariel Langton with Cain.

    “Oh, really.”

    Herace took a backward step after glancing at Cain, who was standing next to Ariel in an uncomfortable atmosphere. Then, he went around and sat next to Eugene.

    “What’s wrong?”

    Eugene asked curiously, and Herace replied with a sickening face.

    “What’s wrong with her?”


    “Is that, that Lady Langton? That.”

    “……is she here?”

    Eugene also looked ugly for a moment.

    “I won’t mistake her anywhere, that lady.”

    “That’s what I’m saying!”

    Lisha didn’t know, but they both had quite a few piles on Ariel.

    “She kept approaching Lisha. I don’t like how she doesn’t cry because Lisha told her not to cry!”

    “In addition, if you make eye contact, you will sharpen your teeth.”

    Ariel popped up everywhere. It’s also around Lisha!

    It’s not always like that, but it’s often. In addition, around Lisha, especially Eugene, Cain, and Herace, they open their eyes as if they were seeing a thief stealing treasures. It’s the same with Daniel, but Daniel never made eye contact, and he laughs and cries before he even made eye contact.

    “Why is she here?”

    “……Maybe she followed Lisha.”

    “Yeah, I suppose so.”

    Herace lamented. Cain was probably ordered by the Crown Prince who couldn’t stop Ariel.

    “You hate the Crown Prince, but you listen to him when he orders you.”

    Herace lamented one after another. Eugene also nodded his head with pity and glanced in the direction of Ariel and Cain.

    ‘What a mess.’

    Ariel, who looked at the 2nd floor where Lisha is located, or Cain, who looked so disinterested while looking at the situation.

    However, there are times when other people’s misfortune is your happiness. Cain’s lethargic appearance was rare, so Eugene laughed a little. Herace, who hates it, also having fun. Eugene was able to enjoy the reaction of the two because he was more of a non-conscious person like Daniel.

    ‘… … It’s new, but it’s not bad.’

    The reason why he was a free knight was because he thought he didn’t need anything to protect. But there’s a lot to keep. It was because of Lisha, but Cain and Herace were not bad, and the Crown Prince was gradually not bad.

    ‘I don’t know much about Daniel.’

    He can’t stop being vigilant because he feels like he is hiding something, it’s not a bad feeling, but he is still a strange man.

    ‘I don’t think it’s a bad idea to live like this anyway. Maybe she’ll get married later, or not, and I will live as a knight who serves her blood in the future.’ :blobsob:

    Yes, even in the future. And he realized it while thinking about it.

    ‘Lisha is… ’

    There’s not much time left.

    He glanced at Herace. Yeah, really, to be honest, he wasn’t really interested in McNahan’s mission. This is because he has the ability to master it as soon as he goes to work. He kept his thoughts on basic boundaries.

    ‘Which way is Herace thoughts?’

    About Lisha’s death.

    ‘Give up or otherwise don’t think about it.’

    Or maybe he doesn’t want to think about it.

    “That’s weird.”

    Herace, who was gradually focusing on the play, murmured.

    “What do you mean?”

    The play was interesting. If it ends safely, the theater company would be famous. Until then, Eugene had not expected the company to become famous in a different sense.

    “Yes, it’s splendid and magnificent, but somehow the content is different.”

    “Oh, for sure.”

    Eugene nodded in a strange manner.

    “The main character didn’t go that far, did he? There’s a lot of cruel changes.”

    “That’s right. It looks like you’ve added brutality to the small parts. Is it to stimulate interest?”

    “To stimulate interest? Only?”

    “In fact, the lines have changed a bit.”

    At Eugene’s words, Herace saw him.

    “The script?”

    “Yes, in that part, there was no line like ‘I finally decided to take away all the light.’ The original line ends before him.”

    “……How do you know that?”

    “I’ve seen it at least once a month for ten years.”

    “… … .”

    Herace looked straight ahead again with a dazzling face. He’s making him speechless in the unexpected part. No, more than that. Herace opened his mouth again as he watched the play.

    “It’s not that kind of problem. It’s the unique feeling of those who wear swords.”

    “… … … that part is a little annoying. In fact, some of the famous actors are quite good at praying.”


    However. Herace squinted his eyes. Perhaps it’s hard for Cain and Eugene to recognize it at once. He felt almost instinctive living.

    ‘Something’s about to happen.’

    He looked indifferent toward Daniel. He noticed that Daniel had already felt it. Well, as long as Lisha’s safe. Herace grinned, feeling as if the least amount of bastion was kept.

    Soon after, Eugene and Cain also hardened their faces.

    “This is…….”

    “It’s weird, isn’t it?

    Eugene quickly recalled the mission. The contents of the questionable but not difficult mission paper.

    “… … … we need to investigate it.”

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    omg... I love you so muuuch!!! thankyou for the translate.. I always waiting ur translate :cookie:.. U will translating all the chapter, rite? rite?? pleeasee.. hheheheh
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    Thank you for the translation, the story is becoming more interesting. I can't wait to see everything to be uncovered and the development of this novel
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    no, but Daniel and Libertia did travel after all the problems and ruckus, etc... after traveling the King(FL father) gave them a title as the Grand Duchess and Grand Duke, take note the title is separate and not as one household but two different households, so imagine the power they have. and then after that Fl and ML built a city wherein most of the people who live there are the people of Daniel from their fallen empire
    FL has the power to be close to spirits or summon the special/king spirits. sicne Dante is powerful because he is devouring hundreds of soul or something like that from raphaelis and from otherprevious experiments he did, the king of spirits( I believe there is 4 spirits but I'm not sure I forgot thou) and Jen (the spirit from her diary) helped in defeating Dante, also Daniel helped Libertia since Dante is also the reason why Daniel's empire fell and was not actually the royal family(FL family) doings.
    yes she did, they actually found the cure but it didn't work on Libertia so they panicked since her vomiting got worse and she really felt the pain. I forgot how she got cured thou. ofc everyone was happy when she got cured
    yes he did, he always saves Libertia, there will also be one time wherein Libertia will be in a coma for a long time after defeating Dante and he searched for stones( I posted the mtl part of this in my previous spoiler hehe) to save/wake her up
    Only Dante died, he turned into an old mummy-like corpse after being defeated since his really old already, and the reason why he wanted raphaelis is to have "eternal youth"
    not sure if OG did aked FL but if she did, I believe it's because according to the novel, OG was sentenced to death by Crown prince from 'harming' Ariel, there will be one side story where in Ariel visited OG in prison asking why did she did that or something (not sure abt this part since I've read this months ago)

    so FL is scarred of CP at first hence the "contract" to help him in courting Ariel in exchange for her freedom. but they're good now, we can't blame the characters for something haven't done yet but at the same time, I resent the 'novel' them.
    Herrace and Daniel isn't normal human, so the nostalgic scent the Daniel can smell is the scent of being experimented at (since he was also experimented at, and he knows the 'scent') they are surprised by the fact that Libertia have this scent when she is supposed to be a "princess" and from a very powerful family (Dante Family) the nostalgic scent he can smell is 'raphaelis' so he knew she had raphaelis from the first time he saw her.
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    i neeedddd to read thisssss, i neeed the bookssss but my bank account says: NO(°▽°)

    i’m so impatient istg, like i stalk the hell out of this thread just so i can read these precious tls and spoilers lol|(๑╹ω╹๑ )
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    Okay, thank you so much for answering the questions!
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    Uuh I guess Lisha's act of vomiting kinda rubs off on me. But instead of doing it once every three days, last night I vomited 3 times. Ugh my body :blobconfused:
    But anyway, as I said, today is the big daayyyy XDD

    “… … … we need to investigate it.”

    Eugene replied to Herace, who looked back curiously.

    “It’s about the mission.”

    You knew but pretend not to know anyway. Herace chuckled as he secretly moved toward Cain with Eugene.

    “I thought the building was shaking.”

    “Hey, you’re all here!”

    Eugene replied with a sighing look at Ariel, who opened her eyes at the three of them at glance.

    “First, we deal with the most lifelike corners.”

    “I’ll take a look at Lisha’s side.”

    “Please, I’d like to ask you to take me out as soon as possible…” (is this Ariel speaking?)

    But it was then.


    There was a roar, and the huge theater and the hall began to shake. At first, it was only a sound, but the three felt a fine crack. Then the flames rose.

    “There are so many commoners here, but an attack.”

    Cain blinked coolly with a thin face. Magic terror attacks are dangerous, but they have not kill commoners randomly yet. Most of the time, they attacked symbolic places or attacked high-ranking officials and safe places. But this...….

    ‘Massacring the commoners seemed to be the object of their purpose.’

    It was a common idea among the three. At the same time, the three faces hardened. Ariel was also white and frozen.

    At the same time, the three began to use their mana and energy to fight the flames and paved the way for people. Herace shouted with a look of severe cursing.

    “Crazy guys, huh?”

    It was because he found the fire wizard. It’s not just the flame of a wizard, but the flame of an elemental fire wizard.

    “Who’s the master of this?”

    An elemental wizard, a person who deals with various flames in various directions in a concentrated and delicate manner.

    Isn’t this the level of a master?

    “Where the hell did that come from?”

    Then Herace remembered.

    ‘It was not exactly that level, but there was a force that had taken the fire wizard, whose abilities were unknown.’

    And that power.

    ‘Lisha’s… ’

    Herace distorted his face. He thought maybe Lisha was the most dangerous person here. At that moment, he could see the place where Lisha was had already half-collapsed. It wasn’t long before the flames shot up there.


    Herace shouted even though he knew she would be safe with Daniel. Cain and Eugene, who were a little far from fighting against the flames, were constantly paying attention to Lisha like Herace. So at the same time, there were many calls for Lisha.

    Herace recalled Lisha’s face when she was with Daniel earlier. Lisha was exceptionally white and lifeless today. Even when Daniel’s special expression was getting on his nerves, her condition was stuck in Herace’s eyes.

    ‘I laughed as if it was the last time I saw it.’

    There was an explosion. It was a series of magic. The situation below was more urgent than up there. Without Herace, Cain, and Eugene, many would have already died. Besides the flames, the invisible mana in the air limit people’s movements and continued to attack the entrance.

    ‘It’s not the only one.’

    The fire wizard is not all. They were close enough not to cause casualties among the invisible enemies.

    ‘If the theater collapses.’

    They could stand around the mana as well, but not ordinary people.. If there wasn’t anyone on Lisha’s side... It was horrible just imagining it.

    Of course, they probably already had Lisha next to them. But now Daniel and Jen are with Lisha.

    ‘She’ll be fine.’

    They convince themselves like that.

    In most situations, even Herace, who had no concept, was desperately involved in preventing the unprecedented catastrophes. Screaming is rampant everywhere. The fire wizard, who covered his appearance with a robe, burst into mana. He was silently expressing his will. He wants everyone to die.

    Cain’s eyes darkened. If he uses the power of the mix-blood vampire he sealed…


    Even so, the place was too small. Moreover, they have to protect people now.

    ‘Is it over?’

    The invisible enemy faltered for a moment. However, the three were in a state of despair at the moment. When the wizard falters, it meant retreating or preparing for greater magic. And now, there is no reason for the other party to retreat.

    An enormous magic was approaching as he thought it was the end. It’s over. They couldn’t stand it and looked towards Lisha. Daniel had to take her and run away.

    At that time, the enormous magic that attacked people with a deafening roar came upon them.

    But nothing happened.


    Rather, everyone was safe. More than just a moment ago, definitely. People opened their eyes.


    “This is.”

    A shield miraculously spread, catching their eyes. It was not magic.

    “What the hell, this shield.”

    “It’s not magic!”

    When Cain spoke in a hurry, the answer came from Herace.

    “This is the spirit’s...… no, but she’s this good...….”

    Then they could see it. In the eyes of the three, the situation above them was clearly visible.


    There was a groan without knowing where it came from.

    * * *

    Lisha’s purple eyes were smiling faintly in this situation. She saved people. Daniel seemed to stop breathing with the color of death spreading such relief.

    Within a few steps, he lost Lisha. Daniel’s shock was tremendous as he hugged Lisha, watching her fall right in front of him.

    ‘In the first place. Oh my God, was it a good idea?’

    He’s smart, expecting this kind of damage in the first place.

    ‘So, that’s why Jen called me.’

    It seemed like something had broken that his thought was stuttering.

    [I asked you to save my master.]

    With the modifier, please. Even though he knew he would have done so without it, there was a reason for the spirit to do so.

    “Four years!”

    Daniel embraced Lisha’s fallen body and covered her eyes.

    “How dare...”

    The empty dark brown eyes turned towards the wizard. The bare-faced emotion raised its head with ferocious power.

    “Without knowing the subject.”

    He was a murderer. It was a life with dying things. Nothing, he couldn’t love anything completely.


    But none of them. He couldn’t break what he wanted to protect. He lost his reason at that moment. However.

    “Daniel, you can’t kill him...….”

    Her faint voice rattled him to a halt. The wizard’s life could last a little longer at that moment.

    But this person. What should this beautiful person do?

    “You… .”

    Who can kill someone in front of you? He can’t even do it, and he’ so......

    “Now that you know it, get some rest.”

    It’s strange for him to speak so softly in this situation.

    “………leave the rest to us.”

    But seeing her face dyed with relief, it doesn’t matter.

    ‘Thank you for being with me.’

    ‘… … Can we be together in the future?’

    He wants to tell her the truth. No, desperately.

    ‘Of course.’

    You said so.


    ‘Living! You’re right. While you are alive, you have to stick by my side. You even signed a contract with me, right?”

    ‘I’ll come back alive.’

    ‘I’m so glad Daniel was there.’

    He said something to her when she said so with a pale face.

    “……I’m glad we’re here together.”


    'Aren’t you a friend?'

    ‘Well, I don’t know.’

    ‘I like Daniel, and Daniel likes me, so it’s a good thing.’

    ‘… … I don’t think so.’

    You said you liked me. Daniel thought of her voice as if he was engraving every word. Artificial spirits seldom forget something. But he can’t forget her words, and he is not enough to dwell on them.

    ‘Just. I want you to be mine.’

    He finally faced the chaotic reality of his mind. It is now that Lisha had been working too hard to spread the shield, throwing up blood, and collapsed. Now, perfectly.


    While Herace’s voice was cracking, he realized.

    That he loves her. :justabotheart::justabotheart:

    * * *

    The world called her a wicked woman.

    Princess Libertia. A woman as cold as ice that doesn’t melt, and as vicious as a demon.

    While the false rumors spread, the only thing accurate was her appearance. The white skin, which is beautiful but cold and chilling as snow on her platinum feet, the bright purple eyes are full of ominous energy, and the beautiful face is a kind of sympathy, just like those who prey on people.

    Among those who familiar with such rumors, at least half of those who gathered in this grand theater knew the face of the princess in the rumor. This is because most people were able to see the face of the princess when there was an official event. Even though it’s only been a few times.

    Therefore, some of the people who saw her at that short moment, just before her shield was completed and she was in Daniel’s arms, had recognized her as the princess.

    The more urgent the situation was, the more rumors were. People were told that the one who saved them up there and collapsed was Princess Libertia. In fact, they had little doubt.

    “Your Highness?”

    This is because Ariel, who has a slightly better healthy level of physical ability and incredibly good eyes recognized the princess. Ariel, who didn’t tear a single collar and leaning against Cain’s sense of duty, began to shed tears that she had endured by stimulating her unique protective instinct.

    “Hu hu, Your Highness!”

    She told her not to cry, but now the princess is in a situation where things may have gone wrong, so it was not under control. Ariel began to cry out for the princess, almost wailing.

    “Well, Your Highness! To save the people! Hu, hu, Your Highness, that’s......! Are you okay? Ugh!”

    Herace, Eugene, and Cain flew to Lisha, so no one was there to relieve her panic. As a result, she could cry for Lisha to her heart’s content.

    People recognized the beautiful young lady. And

    “……it’s heartbreaking to see.” (really? lmao)

    The greatness of the original heroine began to be helpless against the tearful attack.

    “What…… is that true, what that lady said?”

    Those who raised these questions were already assimilated by Ariel’s wailing and sorrow as if the world was over.

    “You said she threw up blood.”

    “What a solid shield. If you want to achieve this, no matter how great a wizard is, you have to change your soul...….”

    “… … otherwise, you would have had to make a great sacrifice!”

    Oh, my God. Oh, my God. This is what happened! The Princess, who they treated like a witch and chewed behind them, is now lying down like that to protect them.

    In fact, most of those who spread the rumors knew. That the rumors they happily spread and inflate may not be true. What’s more, in such an extreme situation. As soon as the facts hit their faces, their futile prejudices began to shatter.

    But how the air in the audience changed, was meaningless to Lisha and Daniel, Herace, Eugene, and Cain who were there.


    Herace ran while screaming.

    “Lisha, princess... .”

    Eugene is calling Lisha anxiously as if she had died.

    “How...Your Highness, Lisha. How do you feel now…….”

    If something big happened to Lisha, Cain would have a lot of pouty comments. On top of that, Daniel was so ignorant that even the three men who approached him were naturally frightened.

    “Look over there.”

    People began to get serious with the woeful and heavy atmosphere of the four men surrounding her.

    “Maybe she risked her life… … !”

    “She put out half her life and used that magic!”

    “She’s so critical that she’s about to die!”

    Those who gathered in the Grand Theater and those who were kept in places other than where Lisha was. There were quite a few people gathered there.

    While the rumor was spreading out of control, Ariel ran to Lisha with a tearful face. As soon as she arrived, the four of them accidentally took Lisha out of the theater.

    “The knights are taking Her Highness...….”

    “… … I caught a glimpse, and he hurried away without seeing the Duke’s daughter following him.”

    It’s obvious that it was serious. People turned white. As for the princess, they had to bow their heads down, at least as long as they had a conscience.

    “……The terrifying wizard who was making the red flame went to Her Highness and she collapsed in front of it.”

    The more detailed the circumstances were, the more it was.

    “You don’t even have the strength to protect yourself...….”

    It was the princess who saved them while listening to all the harsh words. Ignoring her own life, it was clear that the rumors were also lies that had been maliciously inflated.

    Thus, the rumors of the princess began to spread in a new direction on the rapid current.

    I spent a lot of time, staring at those words... imagining his face... and now hoping the manhwa can proceed a little faster :cookie::cookie:
    From this point on, you can expect more cute moments EHEHEHE
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    Kyaaahhhh finallyyyyyyyyy!

    Also those side comments for Ariel is killing me lmao. That drama queen should be omitted, or should be censored lol just kidding (or not) ಠ_ಠ
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    Agreed, She is very annoying like a cockroaches
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    LOL.. OMG Eugene..!! u already killing Lisha??! :blobjoy::blobjoy:
    btw, what the use of Ariel in there just bcm a microphone that talk news about Lisha's sacrifice and crying... hhahhahha...
    and.. and.. the scene when Daniel realize about his feeling.. I WILL WAIT THAT SCENE ON MANHWA!!!
    actually many scene I hv waiting...:blobpopcorn::blobpopcorn::blobpopcorn::blobpopcorn::blobpopcorn:

    I will stay camping here, and checking everyday!! tysm for your hardwork!!:aww::aww:
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    The 7th spoiler can you please give the chapter? I really want to read that and see the detailed reactions of them. Especially the four handsome men:blobpopcorn:
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    tbh the reactions isn't really detailed even in the novel, when the villainess loves is actually more of a narrative type of novel not much deep thoughts abt other characters and focuses more on our FL but it does show subtle thoughts that the other character feels so it's upto your imagination or comprehension to make out of the novel/manhwa dialogues:blobwink:.
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    ‘I’m feeling sick...’

    I tried to reach out and hold it, but nothing was caught. I came to my senses half-dazed. It felt like something was floating.

    ‘… … is it a dream?’

    It seemed like that.

    ‘Oh, no!’

    However, the reason I immediately denied it was because I saw someone who was too clear to be a dream.


    Oh, my God!

    Yes, this was my sister’s memory after a long time. I was so moved that I stood there for a while, then sobbed and cried to her, who looked a little far away. I ran.

    Her platinum hair and purple eyes. Her white skin is flawless. The cool and smooth lines of her neckline stands out.

    “Long time no see, sister!”

    It was our sister Libertia!

    ‘This is the last memory, right?’

    I remember my sister reading a book by herself after she sent her dog, Lisha, to another place. I whispered in my sister’s ear when she was reading a book, and then I met my real sister.

    ‘……I’ve never met my sister since then.’

    It seemed to continue from the last memory I saw last time. My sister was still reading a book like the last memory. I watched the scene quietly and approached carefully, gripping my pounding heart.

    “Because I want to talk to my sister...….”

    When I met her, I was going to tell her that I was safe, that I was not in danger, and that I kept all the people I wanted to protect.

    ‘So don’t worry.’

    But the moment I tried to whisper to my sister, the surroundings began to distort strangely.

    “… … uh?”

    All the colors and forms began to mix. I felt my body bumping into somewhere. The baby’s cry began to be heard in a dark space as if the lights were off. The crying sound was overlapping like a microphone.

    Soon after, like a panorama, my sister’s memory began to continue from the beginning.



    Unlike before, when I usually saw the moments when I received a gift, the memories were closely continuing. My sister, who had a cold expression since she was young, walked and started running. I held my breath and looked at the sights.

    “All of it, I’ll keep them all……I have to keep it!”

    Just looking at it makes me cry like a baby. She was just like an angel. Ugh. That’s when I remember.

    “Oh, this is the memory when she was five years old!”

    This is the memory of my sister jumping hard in a place that was definitely not the Imperial Palace. It was a vast meadow. My sister didn’t smile as I remembered, nor did she show any particular facial expression.

    It was when I was happily watching my sister’s innocent appearance. My sister suddenly stopped, and turned her head, and looked behind her.

    “What did you see?”

    Mumbling an unanswered remark, I shifted my gaze toward my sister’s eyes.


    Then someone popped out from behind a big tree in that direction. And my sister started running again.


    I alternated between someone running in panic and my sister running faster than before. What’s this? What the hell is going on?

    It was now becoming clear. A slightly distorted face with sweat on her forehead. My sister, who is still a child, was running away.

    “This, uh, no!”

    The person chasing my sister was all dressed in black and his face was hidden. His movement was strange. Like squeaking, like a broken robot.


    A scream burst out without my knowledge. The pursuer’s movements were strange, so my sister could run away, but there was a limit to that as well. My sister was caught quickly. They had a conversation, and it didn’t sound strange.

    As soon as I grunted my ears to listen properly, the memory slipped away unnaturally. It was ridiculous to see the distorted and changing surroundings.

    “……What is this.”

    You were happy to play innocent, but wasn’t it just playing?

    “Is my sister safe?”

    You were telling me that you are safe in the future. Yeah, I’ve seen the memories when she was six years old. But as soon as I rolled my feet, a new memory took place. Strangely, from the age of five, the memory seemed to be less compact.

    “Is it because there are too many.”

    Well, your memories will be richer as you get older.

    “Oh, my sister. She's so pretty.”

    First of all, I decided to postpone meeting my real sister after this strange memory. It was because I felt like I should.

    My five-year-old sister continued her daily life as I had guessed. Emma was by her side, and she seemed to be more businesslike and more wall-mounted than she is now.


    However, I couldn’t cheer for my sister’s daily life as precious.

    “What was that earlier?”

    Why was my sister in such a strange place? Thinking of the expression earlier, there was something I could read now. Even though she tried to pretend to be expressionless, she couldn’t hide her fear.

    ‘It was real.’

    It wasn’t just because it was vaguely unfamiliar and scary, but because I felt like she saw the scariest thing in the world.


    “Why can’t I remember anything after that?”

    On the contrary, such memories remain for a long time. Even if it can be shocking to see.

    “Was she kidnapped?”

    Yes, that was the most realistic.

    “Because she’s the daughter of Lysian Banus... maybe they didn’t protect you properly?”

    But since she’s a princess, when she went out, she should be protected by knights.

    “There are knights around there, they could have saved you.”

    It was doubtful, but I had no choice but to accept it that way. I tried hard to straighten out my expressionless sister’s face.

    And it became my sister’s 6th birthday. I began to look forward from the bottom of my heart.

    I will, too.

    “Emma, what’s that?”

    Because it was the first time I heard her voice!

    “It’s a gift, Your Highness.”

    Soon after, I saw my sister smiling faintly after receiving the gift, and I grabbed my heart again.

    “Oh, my sister is an angel... ”

    It was then.

    I used to think it was weird, but when I saw her red cheeks, she turned it over. It came into my eyes.

    <To Her Highness The Princess, who is safely over five years old. Congratulations on your six years old birthday.- Dante Banus>

    I paused and glanced at the note before my sister folded it up.

    “Dante Banus.”

    The head of the Banus Family. Probably the brother of Lysian Banus.

    “My sister used to be this happy back then, but she got really cold when she sent Lisha away.” (the puppy)

    However, no matter how thoroughly I looked at the letter, I couldn’t find anything unusual. However, the word ‘safely’ in the letter was particularly on my mind.

    ‘For sure… ’

    It sounds like you almost didn’t make it through. I can’t confirm it because I’m not sure.

    ‘She usually spent time indoors.’

    It means it’s safe. If someone in the black clothes you saw before appeared inside the palace, it would have been crazy.

    ‘It’s not just a problem for the princess...... .’

    It would have been accepted as an attempt to assassinate The Imperial family, and furthermore, the Emperor.

    ‘I’ve never heard of you being threatened.’

    … … except for the previous one.

    I frowned and my sister folded the letter and handed it to Emma.

    The first gift she received was a white fountain quill. My sister always carried it with her after that. It was a similar routine to when she was five years old, but somehow my sister was brighter, so I was looking at her with a happy face.

    “Hehe. So cute.”

    Apart from that, however, I could see how indifferent and malicious people around her were to my sister.

    ‘She didn’t do anything, but people called her a villain... so sister did it.’

    What she said before she died in the original. I remembered the words that made me very fond of my sister. … my sister’s reality was colder than I imagined. I didn’t sympathize with my sister, but I just tried to see her with a liking heart .

    “……sister, fighting.”

    I whispered words that could not be heard. Of course, not in your ears, but far away.

    Fortunately, the threat seemed to be the last time at the age of five. Sister’s time went by rather quickly. It wasn’t until the time I saw the nine-year-old sister that I was relieved.

    “It just happened.”

    The man in black clothes was too suspicious to say that it just happened once.

    “Nevertheless, I’m glad.”

    It was better than the conclusion that my sister was in a constant state of anxiety. There was just a bit of annoyance.


    I murmured a little depressed.

    “Sister…… If you’re going to show me, show me everything.”

    Every year, as if she was wasting some time, she was showing only some amount of the quantity But it was closer than I had known.

    “That’s too bad. But it’s okay!”

    I just have to meet her and listen to her! Hehe! It was the moment when I was going to meet my real sister with my eyes shining. Someone came to visit her.


    “Yes, Your Highness, if you allow it, we will send someone to serve you directly from The Banus family.’

    “… … is that so.”

    At the invitation of her mother’s family, my sister hesitated a little. The person who delivered the invitation at the moment said.

    “Wouldn’t you like to be ‘selected’?”

    I could tell. She didn’t like this situation.

    Soon, my sister nodded.

    “Okay, I’ll accept it.”

    So another important memory opened.


    What did you just say? I was a little nervous and watched the memory without realizing it.

    ‘Looking at that, sister’s memory at the age of nine was...'

    Sister’s memory when she was nine years old. It was the daily routine of a ‘slightly cold’ sister unlike now.

    “I’ll serve you.”

    I stopped thinking and looked at the man bowing down deeply to meet her. He was a figure with a gray robe from head to toe. I could only guess by the voice that he was a man, but other than that, he was covered. No, one more.

    “Hold my hand.”

    The man spoke mechanically, reaching out his hands. Yeah, mechanically. The man was giving of the feeling of a squeaking doll somewhere.

    ‘Like... like that weird person when you were five.’

    Is that too much?

    “Uh, I don’t want you to go!”

    Stomping my feet, I shouted. I’m so nervous! I’m going crazy!

    The visible scenery of my sister passed by. The scenery gradually clouded over, and it became as if I was trapped in a whirlpool. And a little later.

    “This is the main house of the Banus family.”

    Strangely, they didn't add ‘Your Highness’. Even trivial things were bothering me for no reason.

    ‘It feels like I’m going to the house of the devil without knowing anything.’

    Again, I would have stopped her if I were next to her. Oh my gosh.

    The black and rusty door opened silently. Beyond it was a vast and desolate garden.

    “It’s evening and it’s winter now, so the scenery is not good.”

    The man said in a mechanical tone. My sister nodded.

    The memory immediately passed. Anxiety is said to be a good fit well. It was a problem because it fits so seriously this time.

    “That one.”

    I stared in astonishment at the sight.

    “……What are you doing with those people?”

    “What is this now?”

    My astonishing cry overlapped with my sister’s calm question. There was a bloody scene in front of me. A scene beyond description.

    ‘An artificial human.’

    It was a scene that could only be expressed like that.

    “It’s about creating a wizard.”

    The man replied. In the fantasy laboratory, there was a scene of one side being renovated and the other side of the room where modified humans were training something.


    My sister was silent. Looking at the cold hard look, I didn’t feel good. I was scared.

    “Get out of here, sister.”

    What is this? It’s not normal.

    At that time, the fire began to rise from all directions. It was a familiar fire. I looked at the pillars of frozen fire and slowly turned my head. In the direction where the modified people were training. There was a wizard exploding a light.

    “This empire must be destroyed! Thank you very much, Banus!”

    I’ve heard those words that were uttered with a crazy smile, the insanity in them, and the voice that was saying it.

    ‘At the theater terrorism.’

    Someone approached and knocked the man out. The flames were evolving as if they were light. There was no damage.

    “Why are you showing me this?”

    After a long time, my sister opened her mouth. I looked back at my sister and cried. Instinctively, I covered my sister’s front and hugged her. But it was just a memory, so I couldn’t hide her, so it seemed that that my sister had seen all those scenes.

    “Didn’t you say you wanted to be chosen?”

    The man opened his mouth.

    “This is our answer.”

    The man said something more after walking. But to my dismay, I couldn’t hear it.

    ‘What, what is it.’

    When I heard the answer, I was watching my sister staring at the man coldly, and the surroundings were distorted again. And immediately, the memory of my 10-year-old sister continued.

    “I thought it was peaceful.”

    No. My sister seemed to be empty somewhere. It was colder and cooler around it.

    “It’s kind of strange that nothing happened.”

    A birthday present for a ten-year-old kid. It feel even stranger to think about it.

    “…… She was ten when they sent her a puppy.”

    It was the last birthday present I saw. When she received it, Emma was not around, and the servant I saw for the first time was being rude to my sister.

    “Lisha, she was happy to give her a nickname.”

    I didn’t know that joy was the only joy in her 10-year-old memory.


    I lost my voice and watched the sights. The memories up to the age of thirteen was happy and peaceful. Even if in those memories, my sister was always dark except for being a little comfortable with Emma. Only occasionally did she show signs of life when dealing with her puppy, Lisha.

    ‘I’m sick of the gifts from her mother’s maternal family.’

    It wasn’t exactly gloomy, but it seemed like it didn't belong there.

    ‘The important memories are missing, so I got to see what I liked.’

    After all, the memories she told me to find later were dark, intense, and understandable. I guess these were the memories that will help me understand her situation better.

    ‘It wasn’t a memory after the age of 15.’

    But why did you show them separately like this?

    ‘And besides.’

    I chewed my lips hard and recalled. Now in her 14-year-old memory, sister abandoned Lisha.

    ‘That’s the last memory I saw.’

    I came to my senses. As soon as her memory was over, I wanted to meet sister and talk to her in person.

    It wasn’t long before I remembered.

    “Emma, what is this?”

    “It’s a dog house, Your Highness.”

    A mini-sized house of the Imperial Palace.

    “Is this Lisha’s house?”

    Lisha, now a very big dog, barked. Sister, who was reading the message with a stiff face, said to Emma.

    “Emma, give Lisha to someone else.”


    Listening to Emma asking back in surprise, I caught the message my sister was holding. The sender, of course, was Dante Banus. This is what the letter said.

    <Your majesty, who turned fifteen years old safely>

    “Didn’t you hear me? Give it to someone else.”

    <By now, you must have received another gift from us.>

    “……take the dog house with you.”

    <Raphaelis, the funniest and the most perfect human disease ever created.>
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    New chapter is out~ OMG our Lisha looks so pretty (♥ω♥ ) ~
    Was expecting some fluffy moment, but here I am crying instead :cry::(
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    Tysm for this!!! ;w;
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    Ty for the translation!! I made an account just to thank you XD
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    why does MC feels pain now after she throws up???
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    <Raphaelis, the funniest and the most perfect human disease ever created.>

    The letter was always calm...… .

    <I am also pleased to find such a useful thing in Your Highness.>

    It was cold.

    “Crazy. What are you talking about!”

    <I hope you’ll get a successful result. I have no doubt that Your Highness will also wish for it.>

    Raphaelis, an incurable disease caused by human malice. Thanks to Daniel, now I know.


    <However, I heard that you’ve been quite devoted to the child lately. It’s never helpful for our experiment, so you better take care of it. I don’t want you to be rumored as an animal lover.>

    If I understand correctly now, it means that they intentionally spread the malicious rumors about sister.

    <I present the child a house. After the child falls asleep there tonight, she will rest comfortably.>

    Is there any poison in the dollhouse?

    “That’s why you sent Lisha somewhere else.”

    Sister sat still for a long time after sending her dog, Lisha, in Emma’s hand. I don’t know what you’re thinking.


    What’s going on? In the original book, the evil woman’s maternal family was not that important. But one was for sure. Her mother was playing with sister.

    “Even the disease was caused by them.”

    In the original book, it was said that she learned about the disease after receiving a special test when she was young, but now that I see it, I don’t think so.

    “Did you know before you got tested?”

    Sister’s answer didn’t come back, but I was just so surprised that I squatted next to her and burst into anger.

    “What the hell is wrong with these dorks? Oh, what is this? Do you want me to go break it? I can do it!”

    As you may have seen today, I have some ability.

    I know how to use a shield, maybe there are attack magic, the diary itself is a weapon, and there is Jen.

    “There’s nothing to be afraid of if you just give me strength! Just give me strength!”

    I can break everything!

    Ahhhh! I am so upset! I rolled my feet. I shook my head to stop trying to get depressed without notice and muttered angrily at sister’s ear.

    “Blood revenge! Let’s get blood revenge, sister! Everyone does that.”

    No, if she had known about this back then, she wouldn’t have been wronged if she had wiped out Ariel and her mother!

    “No, no, I’m not saying you did anything wrong! Oh, I’m going crazy because I’m angry.”

    It was when I was so full.

    [That’s enough, you’re crazy.]

    “......! ”

    I saw my sister in my dream. No, I only hear her voice.

    “Huh, sister?”

    [You’re so annoying.]

    Feeling someone blowing a honey night on my forehead, I opened my eyes.

    “Your Highness!”

    And as I stared blankly at the faces of some people, I threw up blood.

    * * *

    A week had passed since the theater’s incident. And she still hasn’t woken up. Her acquaintances waited for her to wake up.

    “How's the situation?”

    Cain opened his mouth after breaking a heavy silence at a gathering at the Imperial Palace. For a week, she threw up blood without fail. Recovery was bound to be delayed.

    “She was overwhelmed with magic. ……the cracks in her soul seem to have accelerated.”

    Cain slowly closed his eyes with a grim look on Rox’s somber remark. Herace murmured with a fierce look.

    “She’ll have to wake up and eat something.”

    Although she was somehow holding out with nutritional supplements and magic, there was also a limit.

    “As it is….”

    Lisha’s body can’t hold out. Unable to keep talking, Herace gritted his teeth.

    ‘Lisha... ’

    Eugene sighed and closed his eyes.

    ‘I have a mountain things to tell you.’

    During the week after the theater accident, there were big and small things. There were things to be sorry for and things to be pleased for Lisha to hear. But she can’t hear it.

    The magic she cast was powerful. Even if you do your best, you can’t put on such a shield if you’re an ordinary person. He thought she would be weak. He didn’t think her outstanding part would be at least force.


    The amount of her mana was too strong. To the point where he gets goosebumps.

    ‘If you wanted to.’

    Perhaps she could also be a transcendent wizard.

    ‘At that time, I didn’t know she was surrounded by fire, smoke, and then collapsed.’

    He felt goosebumps late. About how strong she was.

    ‘But it was her choice to keep. A spirit name Jen said she couldn’t do attack magic.’

    But he wondered what it would have been like if she had learned it. Though she would shake her head, saying she doesn’t want it as usual.

    ‘Just. Always....’

    The conclusion was that he wasn’t given the time and opportunity. It was heartbreaking.


    Eugene tried to ignore the pain in his heart, over and over again.

    “I’ll go back to Her Highness.”

    Rox said and raised himself. It was already the time for a regular check-up. If he goes now, there will probably be Lisha, who closed her eyes, and Daniel, who has not talked to anyone for a week.

    ‘Daniel, he’s...….’

    Herace frowned slightly.

    ‘I’ve never seen him like that before.’

    He didn't talk to anyone. He had nothing to say about not being able to protect Lisha. He just wait silently in Lisha’s room.

    ‘And those eyes...… .’

    Thinking of him, Herace sighed unknowingly. He’s like an enemy, but he was his friend and was in pain. Cain, who glanced at Herace’s dead face, spoke bluntly.

    “I’ll accompany you.”

    As usual, the three followed after Rox.

    Daniel threw his usual friendly mask and was in Lisha’s room with a stiff face. There was no point in being polite. It was only meaningful for Lisha to wake up. His men were also tense at Daniel's appearance for the first time.

    ‘Captain, calm down.’

    If he doesn’t control himself, there will be a disaster.

    ‘You’re getting a little better, aren’t you? You’ll wake up. That’s right.’

    … … no, they were more concerned about him.

    ‘Please eat some food.’

    They also told Daniel that if Princess Libertia was so precious, they would never let that precious presence lost.

    “… … .”

    Daniel, who recalled her, lowered his eyes for a moment. If she’s such a precious thing to him. He was out of breath at those words. Yeah, he thought she was precious.

    ‘I can’t believe she’s this precious.’

    I’ll never lose her. At that realization, she fell down. Recalling the breathtaking scene, he closed his eyes tightly.

    ‘I know. She will get up.’

    She’s getting better now. Rox was looking at the situation rather negatively, but Daniel was feeling it.

    ‘Even though the cracks in her soul already this big, she’s not dead......the crack should be said as producing another result.’

    Jen was on the same page. The spirit scattered its wings to create cozy darkness for the room to become cozier.


    He needed it. He desperately wanted Lisha to open her eyes and look at him. So it remained like this. He couldn’t see anything. He thought she’d be fine, but somehow he thought she’d disappear if he took his eyes off.

    It was bright. It was time for people to come for a morning checkup. The leaking light was filtered into Jen’s tent once and hung in the room like a subtle light. Daniel moved slowly to give way to those who came in.

    [You sleep long enough...…]

    Jen mumbled something bitterly and faded the curtain for a moment. A little brighter room came in with Rox, the three men, and Emma. The two maids who were close to Lisha also came in and closed the door after seeing if they had time. For a moment their sighing eyes reached Daniel.

    In fact, either Arene or Rini would be next to Lisha, who is unconscious. But Daniel seemed to do everything they had to do with magic and insisted on leaving it to himself.

    Daniel’s decision to let the maids go was to make Jen move freely. Jen’s mere presence near Lisha can give strength to her soul. Those who did not know such circumstances accepted Daniel’s arbitrary action as a guarantee from Herace.

    But for some reason, whenever he came in, he was greeted with that ferocious look.


    Herace clicked his tongue.

    ‘Your eyes are very red. It’s gone, it’s gone.’

    Whatever the principle was, Daniel knew that the color of his eyes was greatly influenced by his feelings. Herace didn’t know everything, but he knew that color.

    ‘You have to be careful about anything if it’s red.’

    It’s not just that you’re angry, it’s that kind of eye when you’re driven into the drama as if you were angry.

    ‘Because it will be when you have the least self-control. So you shouldn’t be touched.’

    Why aren’t you talking? For the first time in his life, Herace was worried about Daniel. But that’s all. Herace’s attention soon turned towards Lisha.

    “……Open your eyes, Lisha, will you?”

    Herace, who had been looking at Lisha for a while, murmured. Although he was not aware of it himself, it was accompanied by a pampering that seemed to be looking at his elder sister. However, despite Herace’s sullen conditions, Lisha had no answer. She’s just breathing lightly with a pale face. There was nothing but silence between them, which had always been amicable.

    It was then.


    Everyone held their breath for a moment. Please. The desperate eyes crossed. Daniel looked at Lisha, narrowing the distance he had fallen for a while.

    Soon and slowly, purple eyes appeared.

    “Your Highness!”

    Those who froze at Rox’s cry surrounded Lisha in unison. Somewhere, the empty purple eyes stared blankly at them.


    Daniel called Lisha with a strangled voice. She couldn’t answer, and vomited blood again. It’s a different amount than before. Daniel embraced Lisha’s pale and crumbling body.


    At Daniel’s call, Rox was unwittingly dazzled. This is because it was a voice reminiscent of a king of a country. For a moment, he was awakened by Daniel’s gaze at him.

    “Your Highness, you are awake.’

    It was not a good situation because she threw up blood, but he had to prepare as much as possible to take care of her body.

    ‘The pain relief, probably the strongest...….’

    The Emperor had to be informed. The Crown Prince, who came whenever he had time, and Lady Langton, who was as worried about her as the people here. Rini and Arene immediately left the room to deliver the news. Rox looked at Emma with drooping eyes. Emma also nodded and left with Rox.


    Uuh my heart broke imagining Daniel like that :blobsob:
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