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    They're so lovey-dovey :blobnosebleed::bloblove:
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    The soft leaves are fragrant. It may be because of the excitement and freshness of everything that humps have been embraced in its tiny body. Spring came with soft leaves and colored everything lovingly.

    “It has to be perfect.”

    Said Rabilov.


    Ariel shouted.

    “His Majesty said you can use anything, so there’s nothing to be worried about.”

    “Except for the period… she received a proposal in winter, and she is having a wedding in spring. We don’t have enough time to prepare.”

    At the height of their honeymoon, the two were paying keen attention to Alicia’s wedding preparations. Marquis Gail, who was watching at the sullen Ariel’s words, slipped in.

    “More than that, she said she wanted the sequence to be simple…….”



    Marquis Gail stared nervously at the Crown Prince and his wife, who quickly became gloomy.

    “……we’ll just have to keep it brief.”

    “That’s right, Mr. Fairy, and each one is the best.”

    In fact, Marquis Gail visited the newlyweds because he had business.

    ‘He said he’d finish all the orders in an hour and share the food.’

    It is necessary to convey Lisha’s intention. But seeing the two people working hard together and imagining a super-luxury wedding.

    ‘Your mouth doesn’t fall off.’

    Eventually, the Marquis, who was watching, spoke only when the two began to envision their honeymoon around the continent.


    Two people got off the wedding carriage running from the square. Everyone looked at the bride, holding their breath, as she took the groom’s hand. It was a breathtaking beauty.

    Princess Alicia’s wedding dress was white and extremely long-tailed. It was a dress made with angels as the motif, so it even made her feel like she had wings.

    When Daniel, dressed in black suits, stood by Alicia's side, everyone was mesmerized by the beauty of the boy and the girl. Daniel’s unique soft and dangerous atmosphere was exceptionally strong next to Alicia. It even led to the delusion of what angels and demons would be like if they fell in love.

    “Oh, my God.”

    With admiration, Lady Sophia murmured.

    “I heard that Her Highness poured everything into the dress with tears in her eyes. It’s absolutely perfect.”

    “Lisha’s existence itself is already perfect.”

    Madam Evien responded seriously. Lady Sophia also nodded with a moving face.

    Marquis Gail, who was standing next to them, sighed while looking at the two with strange eyes. Familiar people who were a little far away came into Lisha’s eyes. It was Eugene, Cain, and Herace.

    The three men had strange faces. Basically, they had a bright face.

    “Wow, she’s getting married, isn’t she?”

    “It doesn’t matter, Herace.”

    “I didn’t know she’d decide to marry so soon.”

    When he looked at Daniel, feelings of weakness, absurdity, and irritation were seen.

    ‘What a consistent group of people.’

    Marquis Gail shook his head. And looked up again at Alicia and Daniel. Lover’s light kiss and ring exchange. Next, another kiss.

    ‘Originally, there should be this and that in the order.’

    It was an incredibly simplified sequence for an imperial wedding.

    “Sister, is it over already?”

    “Something’s passing by, sister.”

    He heard the twins asking Jane. Yeah, he looked around and in the meantime, they already exchanged rings, and the last kiss was over.

    “It’s not over yet.”

    Jane replied.

    The dinner was served as if they had waited while the commoners cheered and lowered their hands awkwardly.

    “We’ve been invited to the palace, so we can go to the palace.”

    “Oh, it’s been a while since I saw Colin, right?”


    That’s how the festival started. The main characters were now scheduled to go on their honeymoon immediately after their reception. Marquis Gail, who watched the series of processes, sighed quietly.

    “That’s pathetic.”

    Jane glanced at the Marquis at the popping remark. Then she left with her younger siblings. The Ladies also left, and Eugene, Cain, and Herace. The Marquis, who had not left his seat until the surroundings became so quiet, now looked back at the empty place.

    ‘When did it start?’

    Having Alicia in mind.

    “It’s not on a serious level.”

    Yeah, a little bit. A little more than likable. Marquis Gail, who was quite cold around her, wasn’t even close to the princess.

    ‘The only time I stayed close to her was when I was forced to monitor her for a while.’

    But really, at one point. Why did he feel so uncomfortable when he was not invited to a party where only acquaintances gathered? At that time, he was already warming up to the princess.

    ‘I didn’t even get invited to the party.’

    No wonder he laughed.

    ‘Maybe it’s because we are not too close.’

    Eugene, Cain, and Herace. They were close to Princess Alicia in different ways. It’s more like a family. Maybe that’s why their emotions didn’t move in this direction.

    ‘It’s a useless idea.’

    He felt strange. It wasn’t bad and it wasn’t good. It was just weird.

    “That’s funny.”

    A light heart with little trace left before he even started. For himself, it was just a bit funny.

    He brooded for a moment at the odd feeling and smiled uncharacteristically.

    “Be happy.”

    Because a little blessing was enough for him to end the feeble emotion.

    A small pink petal fell on the spot where the Marquis left. The petals stayed there for a while and soon left in the distant wind.

    Many wished for the happiness of the two. A piece of blessing was added to the Emperor’s complex mind.

    One by one, such blessings have been built up. It was a beautiful wedding on a spring day.

    * * *

    Facing the first night at the honeymoon site, both were actually at a loss.

    Alicia was more active in kissing and hugging, but more than that, she lived with little dream. By the way, he didn’t tell Alicia, but Daniel wasn’t very familiar either.

    It wasn’t a lie to tell Herace that he had never dated anyone.

    ‘That’s more than I thought.’

    His heart trembled more than he had imagined. It’s the first night with a loved one.

    They pretended to be natural to each other, but when they came to their senses, they were sitting side by side on the bed… holding hands tightly.



    After realizing their behavior, it was Alicia who burst into laughter first. There was nothing to say, but Alicia looked at Daniel with a flushed face. The flushed face couldn’t have been so lovely.


    Daniel, who was smiling calmly at her, suddenly came closer to her. Alicia couldn’t take her eyes off his face as she looked softly closer.

    ‘He loves me.’

    It was a gentle smirk of enlightenment. New, lovely. Lisha’s lips trembled a little. And.


    The kiss continued, which seemed to be clumsier than the first time, and strangely nervous. Then, he slightly raised the corners of his mouth and kissed a little deeper again. The move, which may be clumsy, is actually based on compassion for each other.

    “I love you.”

    Confession broke out like a groan. Not to mention who goes first.

    The night wasn’t too long or too short. It was a time like forever.

    * * *


    Alicia was about to wake up. Daniel, who was looking at her, held his breath. After a while, she opened her eyes and looked up at him with hazy eyes.

    “...did you sleep well, Lisha?”

    “Yes. What about Dan?”

    “I didn’t sleep.”

    Daniel kissed her slightly round forehead with a careful movement.

    “Because you’re lovely.”

    She wasn’t even aware of the passage of time.

    Alicia just smiled and buried her face in his arms as she looked at him with a slightly helpless look.

    A calm laugh woke up the morning.

    It was a week later that they were given the title of Grand Duke.

    Go where you want, stay where you want. Alicia and Daniel lived like that for a while after their marriage.

    Alicia wrote fairy tales and novels for children from time to time and enjoyed what she wanted to do.

    “Today’s the day to go to the Matap.”

    And Daniel’s life has changed a lot. He couldn’t forget the time when he went to the old Matap with Alicia.

    They regularly stopped by the tower and visited the golden room they had been to at that time. To find a library somewhere in Seoul that only appears when Alicia enters.

    “The automatic door is always amazing.”


    “Yes, did you say electricity? I think there’s something in our world that we can use instead of electricity.”

    “We’ll have to use the spirit and the magic first, right?”


    Having a long conversation, the two headed for the library familiarly.

    “But there are more and more books available.”

    “It’s probably because we come here often. The implementation is becoming more concrete.”

    In other words, invaders keep coming and going, so they evolve it to stimulate nostalgia so that they can’t get out. Alicia said with a smile.

    “That’s a very good thing.”


    Daniel nodded his head seriously. He still seemed friendly and calm, but Alicia could feel that he was purely excited. Holding back laughter, Alicia said.

    “But have you thought about where we’re going to go, about our estate?”

    The decision was made because the Emperor was worried about the imperial couple who only traveled around. The consolation of the Grand Duke was given to both of them.

    “You said we could do whatever we like.”

    They don’t really need a lot of lands. Then Daniel replied.

    “Well, I thought of a place.”

    “Really? Where?”

    If she wants to! He was speechless for a while and spoke in a calm tone.

    “The capital of the former Robine Kingdom.”


    Alicia paused. And she asked him with a little concern.

    “Are you going to be okay?”

    The capital of Robine. The palace was also a place where he didn’t have very good memories.

    ‘Half-blood spirits, born through painful experiments.’

    Even if she was not a mixed-race spirit, many people were affected by various experiments related to spirit power. Most of Dan’s people were like that.

    ‘In fact, if Dan’s men knew about this, they would have stopped Dan.’

    “It’s okay.”

    Her thoughts about to deepen but immediately stopped.

    “If Dan doesn’t mind, so do I.”

    She answered without hesitation.

    “If it’s the capital, I think it’s the right size.”

    As the territory of the two Grand Dukes.

    “It’s the best place to study the proper use of spirit power and magic.”

    “That’s right. It really is.”

    “Thank you for your approval.”


    Alicia grinned. She didn’t even ask again if it would be okay. Because she trusts him. He is not a bully for himself.

    “What a lively look you have there.”

    “What’s the name of the estate, Lisha?”


    Alicia replied after thinking.

    “Rivera, it’s from the word freedom. What do you think?”

    “That’s great.”

    Thus the estates of the two Grand Dukes were determined. Daniel’s men and abilities, the support of the Matap, and Alicia’s immense wealth have been added. The capital of the former Robine Kingdom was rapidly transformed. It also grew on the basis of the ideas of the two Grand Dukes have on a library in Seoul.

    Spirit power and magic used their own characteristics to create all kinds of amazing objects. Rivera’s developments did not take long to commercialize. In that way, it was around the time when Rabilov ascended to the throne, and after retirement, he spent his time with Empress Ariel there.

    Rivera, the Free City, was born..

    I may a slave for snusnu scene, but fluffy moments actually make me blush more :blobwhistle:
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    [How to survive as a servant of the Monster Duke.]

    Once upon a time, there was the most beautiful woman in the world in this country. Her name is Beatrice.

    She was so beautiful that many people have been courting her since she was very young. She was the joy of her family. But the joy didn’t last long. Unfortunately, after her age, the love of her suitors began to go crazy.


    “The men who were singing her love wanted to own her.”

    The sound of Daniel’s words followed.

    They took away everything she could get away with. Family, relatives, money, and honor. When she came to her senses, she was ridiculously called the Yobu(Lamia) of the Era. Before she eventually lost everything and was sold to a full madman, she finally made up her mind.


    The story teller did a great job telling the story.

    “So what did she do? Resolution? What resolution?”

    “Well, next time at this time?”

    -Out of 66 episodes.

    “I’m just saying, but Dan, I don’t know the backstory.”

    Alicia said one day on a pre-marriage trip.

    “The story doesn’t end like that in my memory as Alicia. It was so mean of you to hang up like that.”

    Alicia babbled so much and soon gave him an anticipated look.

    ……Cute. A smile crept around Daniel’s mouth as he looked at her.

    “Well, okay. I’ll tell you. There’s nothing special about it.”

    Her eyes glistened. Daniel continued the story, holding back his pouting laughter.

    “She disappeared along the way, and after a while, she reappears when she marries the Duke of this country.”


    “That’s all.”

    Daniel replied languidly, slightly lowering his eyes. It means there’s something that he doesn’t say in such a way. Alicia’s eyes narrowed.

    “Is that really the end?”

    “Yes. That’s why it became a status-raising beauty contest.”

    Are you sure that’s it? No matter how hard she looked at Daniel, there was no answer. It was just cheeky to face each other.

    Alicia nodded, swallowing strange regrets. And this is Beatrice’s story, which is never known to the public.

    * * *

    Beatrice Lindea was the beauty of the century. But her beauty forced her to lose everything by her crazy suitors.

    Before she ended up being sold off to a full nut job. She finally made up her mind.

    “I’d rather be the servant of that monstrous duke than marry you.”

    That was the best way to say it was better for her to die.

    The place of the monster duke, who slaughtered people like livestock, was called a tomb in the public. Many boys who had gone through that position had always been famous for not being able to survive for less than a month. But Beatrice wasn’t afraid of that at all.

    “If I go, I’ll be able to avoid seeing you for a month.”

    She had her hair cut that night. The rich silver hair fell at the foot of her feet. She covered her chest with a bandage made of cut bedspread, and put a bandage on her belly to balance it. Finally, wearing an old men’s uniform, she looked a little boyish. No, she wanted to see it.

    “……disappointment beauty.”

    It was like advertising in the neighborhood just for dressing up as a man.

    Beatrice, who had long disapproved of the mirror, swept the dust and soot from the narrow room and covered it from head to toe.

    “It’s better.”

    She was a great beggar boy.

    Sighing deeply, she carefully picked up her hair with a body that had become difficult to bend down.

    “If you leave it behind, it’ll definitely be used for hard work.”

    The touch of the hair on her hand was very soft. Her silver hair used to be praised for falling starlight.

    “The starlight is a horn. I have to burn everything and go.”

    As a result, however, that wish did not come true. This is because the stairs were ringing outside even before she burned her hair.

    “Oh, my God. Already?”

    Perhaps they were worried that she would run away, so crazy people came into her place early in the morning.

    She had to leave immediately. She quickly stuffed her hair into her luggage. Then Beatrice swallowed her curse and grabbed the window frame with her hand. Her old outer garment was hung over the luggage on her back.


    The sound of breaking window frames rang lightly in the air.

    She bent her back in the dark. Beatrice, who successfully became a beggar boy, took a busy step.

    She headed to the Duke of Lapeltern’s mansion, the private residence of the “Monster Duke”.

    There were many reasons why the Duke of Amelot Lapeltern was called the Monster Duke. First of all, he had black hair and eyes.

    Black, a symbol of ancient magic, was a color that humans could not have at that time. There would be only one man with that color throughout the continent. It’s usually close to black, but it’s faintly purple when Amelot uses magic.

    The magic he uses was the magic of destruction. Odd and destructive. In addition, his beauty coincided with that, making him one of the most feared beings in the world.

    “There were so many horrible deaths there. The image can’t be good.”

    Looking only for shadows, Beatrice murmured, moving quickly. She held a leaflet in her hand. It was a job offer to seek the Duke’s exclusive servant from the Duke of Lapeltern.

    “Wow, did the duke look for servants through a flyer? Well, no matter how much money he pay, a fool looking for a place to die...…Oh, that’s me.” :blobrofl:

    Fucking suitors. Beatrice once again hurled abuse at the main culprits who ruined her life.

    It wasn’t long before she paused to catch her breath. In the distance, the Duke’s mansion was visible.

    “I came because it said to come to the mansion. I don’t know if you’ll accept me this night.”

    But to her dismay, the shabby door, which no one was guarding, squeaked open as she approached.


    Staring inside the mansion with a grim look on her face, she moved with a stiff face. And she ran into a man inside the empty castle. A monster with a light smell of blood.

    “The first three applicants works for his beloved Emperor.”

    Looking stupid, the monster opened his red lips and said suddenly.

    “The second was an assassin.”

    “Oh, uh… I see.”

    Beatrice rolled her eyes frozen. The sword, struck right next to her face, was bloody.

    “So, what are you?”

    She gulped down her dry saliva and started introducing herself to live.

    “My name is Ben. I’m 15 years old. No ointment. Totally clean. Not worth killing.”


    Beatrice, no, the boy who is now Ben, looked at the man with an expressionless face.

    After a brutal silence, Beatrice saw the corners of the man’s mouth before her. At the moment, the light from somewhere revealed the man’s features. It was unexpectedly elegant.

    His black eyes as deep as the grave and his rose-colored eyes met her. That was their beginning.

    Ben (Beatrice) had never seen an elegant man in her life. Even a terribly handsome man.

    ‘Even a human being as crazy as me!’

    She had to take care of her neck before she could even be blinded by his external beauty.

    ‘The Duke of Lapeltern will be right?’

    Ben said to the amazing creature who throws a sword when he is bored.

    “Eat your meal, Master.”

    It was also the servant’s job to remove and return the sword that she managed to avoid today.

    Ben did a series of things with liberation.

    ‘I don’t really have anything else to do.’

    Cleaning, laundry, even the meal she told him to eat now. Someone who can’t see everything used to do it.

    ‘I was nervous at first because I thought there was a ghost.….’

    She’s not nervous right now. She wanted to at least bow down to a ghost.

    “I told you not to bring out the heart of a red dragon.”

    Toward the air, the Duke said. Breathing life.

    “And didn’t I tell you to come out only on rare moments? …… What on earth does it have to do with human beings here? That’s my servant.” (did he really talk to a ghost?)


    Couldn’t ‘that thing’ just go away?

    “……okay, it’s been going on for quite some time. The blood smells good. All right, I’ll take that into consideration.”

    Back off. Wait. Blood?

    “I hope my servant finds out that if he doesn’t betray me and run away, there won’t be any problem.”


    Eventually, Ben had no choice but to stay at the table until the end, holding back what she wanted to go back to. Time flew without a hitch, and a month had passed.

    “How come you’re alive and not dead?”

    Ben, sweeping the front yard of Lapeltern Castle, where snowstorms were blowing all year round, stopped.

    “Will it be all right?”

    It was Ben talking to herself as if he were listening.

    “It’s mid-winter and I get bitten by a big mosquito every morning.”

    Snapping. The nasal discharge slowly resumed.

    “There’s definitely only fresh food in the pantry, but it’s bloody everywhere around there.”

    The blazing self-talk continued.

    “I eat three meals a day, and I have anemia?”

    His expressionless face was frightening.

    Whoosh. A cold wind blew.

    “...the ghost never finds himself going to the bathroom.”

    You’re just making people angry like this, aren’t you?


    Ben looked back, grinning at the sound of his voice, raising her mouth.


    It was a smile on her lips for a month. A bleak, fresh smile.

    “There’s something I want to ask you.”


    Where did the blood-mad man go, who had proudly flown the sword in the beginning? In a month, the man in front of her became a blood-mad man in a different sense.

    ‘No, you’re not human in the first place, are you?’

    When she stop talking for a while and look at him, she is fidgeting to see if she was stabbed. The Duke of Lapeltern was doing something very cute.

    “Is there any such thing as a risk allowance?”

    “There is.”

    Ben smiled vainly at the answer as if she had waited. She ran into a vampire when she came to avoid the crazy guys! Oh, my, my.

    “Do I have it?”

    “Well, if you don’t go out, I’ll give you gold and silver treasures in boxes every month.”

    “Oh dear.”

    My poor blood!

    “Wow, that’s good. Before we collect the risk pay accumulated earlier, let’s talk about it first, Master.”

    There was a cold wind blowing again. Is it an illusion? The wind is very embarrassed. Ben walked ahead with her shiny silver hair flapping after a cold laugh.

    “I will go to the reception room first.”

    “Well, I’ll catch up.”

    Amelot Lapeltern, the Vampire Duke, the secret weapon of the Empire. He stared blankly at the small, weak little puppy walking in.

    [Unfortunate human!]

    [King! Deal with it... Let’s give him a little scolding.]

    [King, let’s just draw some blood.]

    “Shut up.”

    Unknowingly, the Duke took a step after the whispers of the wind.

    ‘I’ve been listening to weird things lately.’

    Fresh food came in, and it wasn’t just fresh, it was a delicacy.

    ‘No, more than a delicacy.’

    So he paid attention to save it. Don’t get sick, don’t get stressed.

    ‘By the way.’

    He rubbed his chest with a strange feeling. Just looking at the food makes his heart hum strangely. As many humans know, the Vampire King had a heart. A cold, mechanical, bloody heart. That heart beats fast.

    ‘It’s not even three pieces. Not even an assassin of the aristocracy. It’s clean as if falling from the sky.’

    No, he knows even if he doesn’t do that background check.

    ‘That boy’ didn’t do anything to the Duke.

    ‘I’m the one who did it.’

    The servant looked pretty good, but more than that, the blood tasted great.

    ‘Even if I save it, I had to eat it once a day...….’

    It was addictive. He just bit his hand for a while, leaving little tooth marks.

    ‘Big mosquito....’

    The Duke became a little depressed without realizing it. Anyway, he did something, but he seemed to have suffered.


    He walked as slow as a snail, but it was the reception room. He gulped under some unknown pressure.

    “I’m going in.”

    And that day, the Duke was unwittingly robbed of his personal information by his servant smiling grimly.

    It was about three months later that the relationship between the two began to take on a strange aspect in earnest.

    “Why do I want to have you?”


    The handsome black-haired man looked into Ben with his eyes wet with rain. He asked again without realizing it, and Ben came to her senses and answered.

    “My blood tastes good…?”

    There was silence for a moment. Only the cold winds were raging.

    [Damn! Humans are also weak, dull, and lacking!]

    [That’s not the average human being, my King.]

    [He doesn’t even read novels...]

    Ben rolled her eyes. In fact, she’s been starting to feel her mana lately. She had light mana. Yeah, because the people of her family used to have light mana.

    ‘I mean, that’s it.… it’s natural. The problem is that I can hear those winds talking.’

    What do you mean below average? No.

    ‘No, well, it takes a couple of times to catch on.’

    She wants to be with him for a long time, and she wants him to tell her everything he wants to eat. The expression on his face as he sang the special poem looked like he didn’t know what he was doing.

    ‘But you can’t forget.’

    The Vampire King somehow loves Ben.


    “What’s wrong?”


    With a complicated look on her face, Ben secretly swallowed a sigh.

    ‘I’m dressing up as a man.’

    Maybe vampires are gender-conscious.…?

    ‘Or is that your orientation?’

    However, before all those questions, there was something else that confused Ben.

    ‘Why don’t I feel bad?’

    Because of the crazy suitors, Ben started chilling when someone said he loves her.

    ‘But why is it different for that less fallen vampire lord?’

    Deep black eyes with a cave-like voice. The Vampire King, as perfect as he looked, was sullenly estranged.

    ‘Why, do I want to catch him?’

    It was confusing, so Ben unintentionally got into the push and pull.

    Of course it didn’t last very long. When they were about six months old, the Duke took care of Ben’s severe illness day and night, and made the two of them in touch.


    [Something like that.]

    “How much did I do! Do you know if I’ve been thinking about it? Whoo.”

    “Well, that’s....”

    Although Ben’s gender issue has gone viral.

    Anyway, the two decided to get married less than a year after that. And Beatrice Lindea has a happy ending...….


    She should have reached it. Beatrice stared blankly at the Duke, who was howling as he stared at the sword that stabbed him.


    It was the work of one of the suitors who never forgot her until then. He was a man of considerable ability. Killing his companion in front of the vampire lord.

    ‘I love you.’

    The front of her eyes became blurred. She can’t see his face. Beatrice Lindea’s ending was such a tragedy. And.

    “Beth. Ben. I’ll find you.”

    The Duke of Lapeltern swore on the spot.

    “No matter how many years go by, I will find you.”

    It will reach our happy ending that you have longed for.

    * * *

    “Historically, Lady Beatrice was murdered as soon as she got married.”

    Looking at the placid face of sleeping Lisha, Daniel murmured. Because he didn’t want to ruin Alicia’s mood. He just, he liked this moment. Nothing was more important than his lover. There was a gentle smile on Daniel’s lips.

    And the capital of the Triano Empire, far from them. Eugene, Cain, and Herace were having this conversation.

    “Your Excellency, you’re drinking too much today.”

    “I’m not drunk, so it doesn’t mean much.”

    “It doesn’t mean much. What day is it today?”

    When Herace asked sourly, Eugene also looked at Cain without a word. After the silence, when Herace was on the verge of irritation, Cain spoke at the right time.

    “It’s my birthday.”


    Eugene blinked his eyes. He understands exactly what it means because Herace still an intelligence guild leader.


    He passed it as if nothing happened, but Herace’s lips were slightly sticking out.

    Cain’s birthday was the day when the child was born between a vampire father and a human mother. And it was also the day when his father disappeared and his mother began to suffer. Eugene, who belatedly recognized the meaning, shut up.

    Only the sound of passing the alcohol for a while continued. Then Cain took something out and showed it to him.

    Click. The thing on the table was a black brooch.

    “It’s a memento from my father’s father.”

    You’re not quite drunk. Eugene and Herace looked face to face and shrugged.

    “Can I take a look?”

    It’s the belongings of a real vampire you can’t see now. It was worth being curious about.

    Cain nodded.

    “What’s interesting about that?”

    Surprisingly, Herace showed little interest.

    “I feel strange.”

    Is this the vampire’s magic? Eugene scoured the brooch.


    After a while, Eugene, who discovered something chubby, lifted his eyes and read it.

    “……Amelot, Lapel……Tern.”

    “That’s the name of the last vampire.”

    Herace replied sourly. He was more interested in Duke Eirik’s drunken appearance than the vampire that he cannot see now.

    “Is it an injection to sleep? Really? It’s this boring?”

    Of course, a little later he saw Cain sleeping soundly with his side face on the table and he had to be overwhelmed with a sense of betrayal.


    “Wow, you guys are not funny! Uninteresting people!”

    “You don’t live for fun.”


    “What are you doing with the injection?”

    “I’m going to make fun of you later.”

    Eugene looked at Herace pitifully with his eyes on the child.

    The sound of Herace and Eugene, who were arguing about why they looked at them like that, rang in his ears. The increasingly distant noises, Cain didn’t mind. Listening to the cozy sounds, Cain fell asleep soundly after a long time.

    Sooo... they had the child first then got married then the father got stabbed? :hmm:
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    Is there any site where I can find kakao page novels for free? Or is there any site where I can find this novel's all chapter free?
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    I'm afraid not. You need to buy either on kakaopage or google books. But I think @AileenOwO mtl almost what you need after manhwa season 1 end. I'm always thankful for their hardwork to mtl this novel :sushi_dead:
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    A rainbow floated in the baby’s dream. Small, brilliant bluebirds crossed the rainbow and sang the child. The baby opened his eyes.


    Francis looked up at the woman who approached and hugged her warmly.

    “Abu, Avr.”

    “Oh, are you in a good mood? Did our Sis do that? Oh, so pretty.”


    The baby laughing was lovely.

    “Shall we eat, Francis?”

    “Broah! Abu.”

    Daniel looked at the scene dazzlingly.

    ‘You’re a miracle.’

    It was a word that he contained countless times in his heart and then emptied it by passing it through. He was happy.


    Before he knew it, Francis’ meal was over and her burping was over.

    “You can eat first.”

    “I can’t do that.”

    Daniel replied softly as he approached Alicia, who seemed sorry.

    “I’m sure I won’t be able to eat anything.”

    “……I can’t stop you. Really.”

    Daniel just laughed for joy. He knew Alicia would do the opposite.

    Francis grew up looking at such parents. Francis loved the air between his parents even as a speechless toddler. She really liked the eyes of her parents who came to her warmly when she laughed all over because she feels good.


    Somebody get that mobile back to her. She wants to see the black horse!

    Francis was an open-minded child many times faster than words. She didn’t cry, she didn’t laugh very much. But apart from that, she was a strong child.

    “Dad, Mom. Look, the ice won’t melt!”

    Very clear pronunciation for her age. In addition, her conversation skills were far out of her peer level. However, Francis’ parents did not call Francis a genius, or tell her what to do in the future.

    “Sis, my dear.”

    They just loved Francis at any time.

    “Can you see the stars over there?”

    “Oh, yes, Mom!”

    It looks unchanged with a warm gaze.

    “That’s like...hey, it becomes a bear.”

    Francis was a child who didn’t change her expression much, but she was an honest child.

    “It’s amazing.”

    The sparkling eyes of Francis were like stars.

    Alicia smiled beautifully. Francis admired her beautiful, wise, and strong parents. And loved them regardless of all that.

    That’s how Francis’ childhood passed. It’s very flat. Be proud. So.

    “Bam. Sister Sis!”

    “Get out of there.”

    “Si, Sis……?”

    “...go. I was going to say go, mom.”

    Until she met her cousin who was like a foal...… !

    Louis Rabin Triel was the son of Emperor Rabilov and Empress Ariel. Golden, sky blue hair, sky blue eyes, dense features, and fair skin. Louis was a boy who looked exactly like Empress Ariel.

    The boy, who just turned 10, loved his cousin after a long time.

    “Sister, it’s been a while!”

    Sky blue eyes glistened with a little moisture.

    “It’s only been a week.”

    “As many as a week! Sister. I also drew a picture because I missed my sister. One every day. Do you want to see it?”

    “No thanks.”

    She liked both his blunt way of speaking and his sour expression. Louis grinned wildly at his sister.


    Francis looked at Louis with cold eyes and shook her head. Alicia, who smiled a little at the children, clapped her hands once to draw attention and said.

    “Shall we go in first?”

    “Yes, Mother.”

    “Yes, Aunt!”

    Louis grabbed Francis by the hand and ran in excitedly.

    ‘Sis is annoyed, but she doesn’t shake his hands.’

    Maybe the two of them will have fun and come in.

    Alicia smiled with bated breath at Francis.

    “Why do you keep coming?”

    Francis asked as soon as she was out of Alicia’s view. This foal-like brother was famous for being a troublemaker. You shouldn’t be fooled by that angelic face.

    “What else are you going to do?”

    “Oh, I’m not in trouble.”

    Although he was obedient and more like a puppy than a foal.

    “The day before yesterday, you gathered the capital children and had a fight, right?”


    “Even you are now a villain.”

    Louis, who flinched for a moment, tilted his head with a look of innocence.

    “But, sister. They’re kids who haven’t learned the sword too, so there was no way to balance their power?”

    “...I don’t think they were the only ones. Why did you pick on the aristocrats?”

    “That’s it, they kept acting like they didn’t want to see you.”

    Louis inflated his cheeks.

    ‘The rumors are fast anyway.’

    At first, she was going to gather a little bit and play.

    ‘War between the demon king army and the kingdom army! How interesting is that?’

    This is because the story of a princess who fell in love with the devil and a prince who was actually a wicked villain among the books written by Aunt Alicia was interesting.

    ‘It’s a trend to copy stories these days.’

    There, Louis played the villain prince once. Of course, it was simply because the role played the most fights.

    ‘But they’re...’

    He didn’t expect the kids to get together like that. And there were aristocrats.

    The war began to flow strangely, as they were snubbed. They said they should have all the good roles because they are nobles!

    “They hit the others, too, sister. They’re bad kids.”

    “But you beat people up like that?”


    Louis sneaked out of sight. The villain prince is the devil and all the boys in the book have fainted.

    “Even so, my father scolded me a lot.”

    The prince was supposed to die quite nicely, but he never did it. That was a shame, too.

    “That’s what I’m saying.”

    Francis said, looking at Louis with a sullen look on his face, thinking so.

    “You must be on probation now. It was extended even before the end of the last probation period, right? I’m asking why you keep coming here during probation.”


    That’s because he can’t stand it when he's bored! However, it was clear that he would be held by his sister by the collar and thrown into the teleport camp.

    “Don’t laugh.”

    “I miss you.”


    His sister twisted one corner of her mouth fiercely. Louis quickly changed his mind.

    “……I want to see the spirits, and I’ve never played around here.”

    “Get out of our castle right now.”

    Swearing with her eyes, Francis pointed in the direction of the Imperial Palace.

    “I’m a child, sister.”

    “Put it away.”

    Their relationship, which began in earnest when Francis was 10 years old and Louis was 8 years old, has remained unchanged until two years later.

    ‘I’m not gonna do this.’

    Francis chose to ignore the creatures clinging to her arms like leeches. Louis fell when she didn’t respond as expected.

    “Sister, are we going to the hideout?”

    Heading together to the corner of the garden, Louis asked. Francis nodded lightly.

    In time, a small space covered by bushes and trees was seen in a corner of the garden. The faces of the two children were flushed. Francis and Louis were close in this and that. Enough to share the hideout that adults made secretly.


    Louis ran inside. Francis smiled and moved her fine fingers slightly. Blue and clear energy exploded in the air like fireworks.

    “Wow! Star!”

    Stardust fell on Louis. Louis was as happy as a puppy to see snow for the first time, so he jumped around and was at a loss.

    “You’re the best! The best!”

    Francis inherited the power of the long-dead Princess Libertia. Maybe because she is Alicia’s daughter, she doesn’t even run into spirits.

    The 12-year-old child was able to use that power freely. There was a lot to do in the hideout. The two were free to play with dirt there and would think seriously or burst into laughter for nothing special.

    The afternoon sun permeated. Recognizing the passage of time, Francis woke up with a snap of her clothes.

    “I’m more surprised.”

    Louis shows signs of throwing a tantrum. Francis knew the best way at times like this.

    “Okay, you stay here.”

    Louis paused.

    “I’ll go back and eat the apple pie my father made for me.”


    Louis woke up looking at Francis, who turned without regret, with his shaky eyes.

    “Apple pie! Did you say uncle prepare an apple pie?”


    Francis smiled and replied to Louis, who often followed her.

    ‘As expected, it works well.’

    Dad’s apple pie is the best.

    “Come with me, sister!”

    Perhaps soon the Empress will come running to finish her son’s runaway. Let’s have a last supper before that.

    “Eat a lot.”

    “Yes! Sister, I love it!”

    A soft smile smudged Francis’s lip today. And at that time. Empress Ariel, who arrived earlier than Francis expected, was half-running to see Lisha.

    “Oh, Lisha! Long time no see!”

    * * *

    “Welcome, Ariel.”

    As expected, Louis must have taken after his mother. With that thought, Alicia welcomed Empress Ariel.

    “Uh, I’m sorry, Lisha. Our foal came in again, right?”

    Hugging Lisha once, Ariel asked, drooping the tip of her eyebrow.

    “The kids are playing in the garden right now.”

    Alicia smiled with bated breath and replied.

    “It would be better if my brother and Ariel came in together next time.”

    “Are you here?”

    Daniel grinned and greeted Ariel and her. Ariel, who was grinning at Alicia’s words, was greeted lightly.


    “Next time you come together, we’ll prepare a real dinner, not an apple pie.”

    Daniel said softly if he had heard Alicia a while ago. Ariel exclaimed with a flushed expression.

    “Great! Great!”

    Perhaps Rabilov would be happy to take his hips off the chair if she asked him to go here, if anything else.

    “No, not like this, I’ll just call him now. To bring my son to his senses.”

    Ariel immediately called Rabilov. Of course, Rabilov ran with everything behind him. As the adults talked in such a cordial manner, the children are coming in.

    “Sister, that’s why I...….So, Brother Colin......it hurt, but it was fun!”

    “What if he cries like that? Jane won’t leave you alone.”

    “In fact, I’ve been avoiding Jane since then.”

    “……are you proud of yourself?”

    Ariel breathed a sigh. Her son really looks just like her, but his head is like his father when he was young. The personality of Rabilov and Ariel mixed together to give birth to a foal...….

    “And again. I did.”


    Louis was very fond of Francis, even when he heard the contusions so much. Louis was the only one making a fuss, but Francis was also slightly louder than usual. Pretend not to be, but it must fun.

    The three faced each other and laughed as they listened to the conversation getting closer.


    Louis, who was babbling excitedly, turned white. Francis expressed her condolences to herself.

    ‘You’ll be dragged away without a pie.’

    Not only Aunt Ariel, but also Uncle Rabilov.

    Louis was just restless when he saw Aunt Ariel, and froze when he saw Uncle Rabilov, who appeared from teleportation. Uncle Rabilov must be scary.

    ‘I think you’ve decided to hold on tight this time.’

    It all came to its own. Francis bowed to the two she hadn’t seen in a long time after about three seconds of mourning.

    “Hello, uncle, aunt.”

    “Long time no see.”


    Ariel approached and rubbed her cheeks, hugging Francis lightly. Rabilov smiled and nodded to Francis.

    Francis could tell without seeing Ariel, holding her still, reaching out her hand, and grabbing Louis’ ball.

    “Uhhh... it hurts!”

    “I’m pinching you to be sick, prince!”


    “Really! Who do you look like?”

    Ariel, who is almost thirty, still cried out in a sulky voice. Francis handed Louis over to Ariel and approached her mother.

    Alicia hugged Francis with a loving smile.

    “What did you do, Sis?”

    “I showed him my blue power, Mother.”

    It was a power that Louis only recently began to show. It was less than the first time it was shown, but it was still as much of a favorite as it was to see the spirits.

    Francis smiled softly. Alicia burst into a small smile on her flushed face.

    Francis was basically a somewhat less expressive child. But she used to look more relaxed when she was with her parents. A child whose everything is lovely.

    “Oh! Louis must have liked it.”

    “He did.”

    The whispering conversation between mother and daughter continued.

    ‘I’m happy.’

    Daniel thought as he listened to the conversation.

    “You have changed a lot.”

    Rabilov, who was watching Louis scolded by Ariel, smiled at him.

    “You’ve changed a lot, too.”

    Daniel glanced at him.

    “Shall we just do it, Your Majesty?”

    He was a man who spoke softly but still did not treat Rabilov with high regard.

    ‘So we could be a family.’

    Rabilov continued in a jovial mood.

    “More than I am. I thought you were going to be a patsy, but when I see you in person, I can’t help laughing.”

    Daniel looked at Rabilov with strange eyes.

    “Why? What?”

    When Rabilov asked with a sneaky temper, Daniel said with an expression that he was looking at everything.

    “……You’re talking about someone else.”


    What else does that means. Alicia, Daniel, or Rabilov, who sometimes use mysterious language, asked uncomfortably.

    Of course, Daniel just shook his head.


    He was lazy to explain. The two men, who had been looking at each other strangely for a while, soon turned the subject.

    “It’s full of troublesome things.”

    “It’s been two years since you ascended the throne, and you’re still saying that?”

    Two years ago, the Emperor simply packed up and left. Although he often looks for his children, but most of them were only telling him where they were by letter.

    ‘Did he say he should take responsibility for something?’

    Daniel, who recalled him for a moment, asked.

    “……that thought, didn’t it change then?”


    Rabilov, who understood immediately, replied. The two were looking at Francis.

    “As the years go by, I’m convinced. The next great Emperor will be that child.”

    Daniel replied in a dry voice when he smiled.

    “I think you’re mistaken. It’s not Your Majesty who decides that, it’s our Sis.”

    “Of course it is. But I assure you, she’ll probably choose the throne.”

    Daniel gave a disapproving look on his face. Rabilov smiled a little grumpy.

    “I can see it when I try it. It’s different from what I imagined when I was the Crown Prince. She’s the kind of person who’s going to do this job happily.”

    “Your Majesty’s son doesn’t say anything?”

    At Daniel’s words, Rabilov remained silent for a moment. Nevertheless, he asked his son. Do you have a heart for the throne?

    ‘And so.’

    Rabilov’s expression crumpled strangely.

    “……he said he wouldn’t live as a workaholic as his father.”


    Daniel glanced at Rabilov with a significant look. Is it okay for her daughter to walk the path of the workaholic?

    “Don’t do that too much.”

    When he was young, the Emperor, who often flew without knowing that he was scared of the world, said quite sullenly.

    “Your daughter has my son and we have them.”

    You probably won’t be a workaholic. How poor Louis felt about Rabilov when he said that! He couldn’t help but be sullen when he thought of that look.

    “You won’t be like me…”

    “Anyway, it’s a long way off.”

    “Yes, it’s a long way off.”

    Rabilov, who will be full of work in the future, lamented and replied. Daniel laughed as if it was. A peaceful time has passed.

    Francis was cautiously heading somewhere in the middle of the night. The destination was a small attic on the roof of the anti-aircraft reservoir.



    After closing the door soothingly, Francis breathed in a handful of air in the attic. It did not accumulate dust by putting magic, but the quiet sleeping air unique to the attic remained the same. It looked a little damp and piled up with old moonlight.


    This was her own space, which she didn’t even show Louis.

    ‘Although I’ve invited my parents from time to time.’

    Francis walked freely and laid the blanket on the floor with a familiar touch. Then she lays down and took a deep breath again.


    A satisfactory smile bloomed around her mouth.

    The tune singing the stars that she heard from her mother whistled out. Francis, now 14, was a young lady with long, rich dark brown hair and vertiginous purple eyes.

    Francis’s beauty was a blessing in the meantime, although her parents also had immense beauty. She was the best combination of the two. Though she herself didn’t put much importance on her unrivaled appearance.

    The dark brown hair fluttered softly on the blanket. The moonlight was young along the curves of the elegant and lovely face.

    Francis, who had been breathing for a long time, rolled over and fell down. And she took out the book right within her reach.

    ‘The White Whale and The Blue bird.’

    It was Francis’ favorite fairy tale when she was young and she still enjoys it.


    Francis fell into the book with a faint, invisible smile.

    There was a whale living in the sea. The whale was a special whale with a white body. The whale was a lonely whale who broke up with her family when she was very young and was thrown into a remote sea.

    [If you can go over the mountain.]

    Wouldn’t it be nice if that rainbow could serve as a bridge? The whale firmly believed that there would be a family waiting over the mountain. But there was no hope. In addition, unfortunately, the white whale was ill from the waste of magical supplies thrown away by humans.

    [I’m going to die.]

    The whale cried sadly with a beautiful sound.

    [I’m scared.]

    The whale moved aimlessly and cried and cried.

    [Such a beautiful voice.]

    It was then that she met a bluebird. The bluebird was a pretty bird with both the color of the deep blue summer sky and the clear light of autumn. The white whale forgot to cry and looked up at the bluebird.

    [Who are you?]

    [I’m a bluebird.]

    Wings that seemed to cut out the blue sky fluttered gracefully.

    [I am, I am a whale.]

    The white whale was mumbling, he added.

    [White Whale.]

    The bluebird burst into laughter like the sound of an instrument. The two met frequently, and became close by leaps and bounds.

    [This is a secret.]

    One day the bluebird said.

    [I’m a bird that makes wishes come true.]

    The white whale opened its eyes wide and saw the bluebird.


    [Yes, only a small wish comes true. I like you. So I’ll grant you a wish, whale.]

    The white whale made a desperate wish to the bluebird.

    [Tell the others about me over the mountain.]

    I wanted to reach out to my family. The bluebird happily nodded and flew up.

    [To whales over the mountain? All right.]

    The bluebird disappeared in an instant. Without a promise, she left. The white whale hovered and hovered around where the bluebird had left. Then she burst into tears.

    [Why did I make such a wish?]

    The bluebird could not cure the disease or take the whale over the mountain. But he could have stayed with the whale.

    [I’m alone.]

    What was scarier than dying was that he would be alone until the end. Realizing it later, the whale called and called the bluebird.

    “But the bluebird didn’t come.”

    Francis, as a child, shed tears as she read this part.

    ‘Are you crying, Sis?’

    She replied to her mother who asked that.

    ‘It breaks my heart, Mother.’

    Her mother held Francis tight at the time. Francis recalled that time every time she read that book. The bookshelf that stopped for a while went over again.

    “White whale was…….”

    The white whale was somehow alive after years. Only then did the whale begin to feel strange.

    [Why does the pain gradually disappear?]

    She was getting healthier. And when the whale was fully healthy, a white rabbit approached and said to the white whale.

    [You’re the white whale. I was asked by a bluebird. She wanted me to deliver the message to you.]

    [What, what did she say?]

    [She told you to live a healthy and happy life.]

    The white whale finally found out. The bluebird was not actually a wish-fulfilling bird. What the bird could do was not grant the wish, but stabilize her magical power.

    The bird did her best for her whale friend. However, the whale was so big that it was not enough even with all her strength.

    [She asked you to live long for her share. I’m delivering it now because she told me to deliver the message after you got healthy. Then.]

    The rabbit that finished talking went away. The whale felt sadder than ever. But what is clear is that there is a reason to live. Unlike before, when there was no hope and life was meaningless.

    The whale became strong. She didn’t cry anymore, she sang really beautifully.

    She befriended the white rabbit, who had been saved by the bluebird, and mingled with all kinds of water creatures she had never seen. The last chapter of the fairy tale book was a picture of a white whale and a bluebird, who became stars, playing together.

    Francis smiled with a faint smile. Francis, as a child, somehow cried more at the ending than when the bluebird left. Her mother was embarrassed because she cried so sadly.

    “I don’t know why.”

    Longing is a heartbreaking emotion, but it may be an essential element of happiness. Like this moment becomes more precious because we can’t turn back the time. It’s like it’s raining, so you can enjoy a clear world after the rain.

    Francis recalled what her mother had said after she finished reading the book.

    Crying hard, Francis said.

    ‘Mother, I want to be a bluebird.’

    ‘I see. Why?’

    ‘It’s stupid, and it’s beautiful...….’

    It wasn’t for a very young child to say, but her mother didn’t take it strangely. Instead, she smiled softly and said.

    ‘I see, but even if Sis becomes a bluebird, she won’t leave like the bluebird.’


    ‘Sis is full of Sis’s bluebirds.’

    A sweet voice that used to fall softly in her ear. Even when she was sleepy after crying a lot, she could hear her mother clearly.

    ‘So we can be happy until the end together.’

    Her mother had kissed Francis on the forehead.

    Francis covered the book. And she lays on her side and closed her eyes.

    ‘I’m going to sleep.’

    Early autumn nights, she could sleep soundly without covering anything. A gentle moonlight tickled the sleeping child.
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    A space full of only light. The prophet who protects the tower sits alone in it.

    Platinum hair that looks as if a pile of light was collected and created nicely, and white skin that glows softly as if silver dust was scattered. Closed eyes, slightly open scarlet lips, and two hands gathered together. All of them are beautiful and noble like a dream.

    Her expression is both sad and happy, and it makes the viewer look at the place where the earnestness of this noble bystander reaches.

    Francis looked at her silently and carefully drew a family marker at the bottom. And she hesitated for a moment and refreshed her appetite.

    “What should the title be?”

    Soon Francis moved her brush as if something had come to mind. Now you can take this to her beautiful garden.

    Louis and her secret garden have been transformed into natural ateliers for the past few years.

    “As expected, you didn’t come.”

    Her cousin, who is like a foal, became a trainee from the second year. He said he doesn’t want to be a knight, but he said a strange thing that he liked black.

    ‘You told me you’d win.’

    Francis was a child who heard the sound of genius no matter what. It was no different now at the age of 15. Louis was a man who wanted to win in his favorite field.

    ‘I’m done planning it. Stupid Louis.’

    It was a collaboration between several uncles and aunts, and Francis. Louis followed Francis more fervently after being beaten to death with a sword by Francis, but on the other hand, he sharpened his teeth. That’s why he was less likely to go to this place than when he was very young.

    “Thanks to that, I feel free to move.”

    Francis smirked. She was very fond of this atelier of her own.

    “I can’t draw enough.”

    It’s been a pretty good hobby.


    Atelier, hidden in the hideout, appeared as Francis picked her finger, softly memorizing the spell. The sun shone like a light through the trees that hit their heads in the air.

    Paintings of preservatives, framed with leaf leaves and hung against trees welcomed her everywhere.

    Francis hummed her own hum and looked around for a place to put the pictures she had brought.

    “Oh, that would be nice.”

    The Lady of Light sits where the branches are bent out. It was a relatively sunny spot. The painting, which finally found its place, had a moist vitality.


    The touch of the rustling grass touches the heart. Francis smiled with a relaxed expression and walked away. In one corner of Atelier was a modest desk. Unlike the center, it was perfect for reading books because it was a place where sunlight shone through a gap in a little lower place.

    Francis plopped down in front of the desk and opened the book she had brought with her.

    “Where do father and mother get these books?”

    The book, translated into her parent’s handwriting, was only permitted to Francis.

    “It’s interesting.”

    A whole new world. Perhaps it is a hypothetical country. It was far from Francis’ common sense, but it was certainly a very interesting place.

    ‘There are plenty of things to learn.’

    Frankly, Francis, who has little to learn from her teachers, is like a straw in a dry land.


    After a while, Francis was immersed in the mysterious book of economics. For a while, only the sound of turning the book was heard in the Atelier. So today is the same day as always...….


    “…? Who is it?”

    Francis, who immediately covered the book, sprang up, concealing it naturally in the bottom of the tree.


    She didn’t know if it was going through the bushes or defeating them.

    Flop... flop.

    Flop. Two unfamiliar people are fluttering.

    “How can you…….”

    This place has now formed a double shield with her blue powers and magic. Neither her parents nor her boys of her age could breakthrough. Apart from Francis’ embarrassing situation, the boys were a mess.


    “Effepet! Phha! I..…!”

    Then two pairs of eyes met her eyes.

    It’s a little bit.

    There was a moment of silence, blankly facing each other.

    It was her first meeting with the children.

    * * *

    “Oh yeah. Dan, did you say that those three people are coming back today?”

    Alicia asked while having tea with Daniel.

    “Yes, Lisha. It’s been years since they saw you.”

    Daniel smiled comfortably and replied. It was a bit of a welcome sign.

    “It’s already been three years. I wouldn’t have sent it if I knew it would be this long.”

    “Ha ha.”

    It was already three years ago that Eugene, Cain and Herace went on a trip to investigate Cain’s father. Although they were in constant contact, they could not attempt instantaneous movement because their place was so rough and remote. It’s been 3 years since she has seen them.

    “You said they received students of the same age as Sis?”

    “Yes, I’m curious.”

    Eugene was still teaching Jane’s brothers privately.

    ‘He said he doesn’t accept anymore disciples.’

    Alicia smiled inwardly.

    “I heard that he looks so much like Eugene that he is misunderstood as his son.”

    “That’s amazing, but I’m more curious about Cain’s successor.”

    “Well, yes.”

    Cain said he accepted the red-eyed half-vampire child as his successor, although she did not know how.

    “I can’t wait to see them. It’s better if they become good friends with Sis.”


    Daniel nodded as Alicia smiled freshly.

    “That would be fun.”

    He was cute when he unconsciously held Alicia’s one hand while drinking tea. Alicia turned a blind eye to it.

    They had no idea that the three children had already met.


    Francis glanced at the two intruders who popped up.

    The intruders were boys the age of Francis. One had white hair and black eyes, a somewhat more distracting impression than the one next to him. But something as cute as it looks.

    ‘Noble family?’

    But there was a sense of incompatibility for that. Or those distracting eyes rolling around.

    ‘Then this is.’

    The other one was very noticeable with black hair. Francis’s eyes have narrowed. As soon as she saw him, she remembered her uncle who she hadn’t seen for three years.

    ‘……Don’t tell me.’

    Her uncles had sworn celibacy. Besides, they looked about Francis’ age. (this is so sad)

    ‘But it feels like...….’

    The boy with black hair and red eyes had very pale skin. Francis, who was scrutinizing them more carefully, suddenly smiled in vain at their posture.

    One of them was looking at her and talking, and the other with an expression of abstinence...…. He sat down very confidently.

    ‘I can’t believe it.’

    And they were dressed like travelers.

    ‘Are they some sort of trainees?’

    One guy certainly seemed to be. But the other guy...….

    ‘Is he a wizard?’

    Looking at it again, the energy felt was unique.

    ‘This is the energy I’ve felt somewhere.’

    It’s mana, but it’s different from mana.

    ‘……Asmodians. Based on the level of energy, you’re half-vampire like Uncle Cain.’

    Francis’s eyes briefly littered with this bond. In the meantime, she was showing more dignified charisma than she was conscious of herself.

    ‘Let’s do something about it, shall we?’

    ‘What do you want me to do?’

    At first, they thought she was a goddess. Without adding a lie, they thought they were in a different world.

    ‘He wouldn’t either.’


    Pictures that look like they’re going to be sucked in even though they just closed their eyes for a while. It seems to be a reproduction of the story or mythical content, but it was so lively that it gave them goosebumps. And the girl at the center was unrealistically beautiful.

    Rich dark brown hair. Purple eyes that are sunken deep in anger. White skin with a noble glow and elegant lines. Elegance and heavy energy were young even in the angry face.

    They gulped down their saliva.

    “Who are you?”

    ……looking closely, she had a sword on her waist. Uh, somehow there was a huge sense of crisis.

    There was a storm.

    Francis was never generous to the enemy. She also had assassination skills she learned from her father. It was unfortunate for the two boys.


    Francis smiled coldly as she slowly searched the little ones who were overpowered with her sword. She was now sitting comfortably in the reading seat. Fiddling with the sword.

    “You got caught trying to sneak out to see the city without the teachers coming into this house, and you’re spoiling it?”

    The two boys were beside themselves.

    ‘I couldn’t see the sword.’

    ‘That’s real.’

    “Answer me.”

    ‘……So cool.’:blobxd:

    Shouting in unison, the two boys nodded madly. Francis, who was staring at such boys, asked.

    “Did your teachers come through the front door?”

    “Yes, yes!”

    The goddess’s expression became subtle. Something, it was on the verge of swearing.

    “……What are your teachers’ names?”

    The two were at a standstill. They were worried if they could say the names of their teachers recklessly. However, the concern was short. That girl, she seemed to live in this house.

    “My teacher is Sir Eugene de Volton!”

    The clearest voice so far, the gray-haired boy replied.

    “My teacher is Sir Cain.”

    “……I see.”

    The goddess flinched exactly twice. And began to murmur subtly with a hint of relief.

    “It’s a good thing.”

    The boys put on a curious face. They don’t understand what she is saying, but somehow the goddess seemed to know their teachers.

    ‘So you’re not worried about dying, are you?’

    The goddess’s fierce energy was dampened, and they breathed a sigh of relief secretly.

    ‘It would be nice if you could release this mysterious bondage.’

    Cain’s successor, the black-haired boy, lamented to himself.

    “Here… are you back?”

    The fool next to them seemed to be distracted by the trajectory of the flying sword, but their limbs were tied to a subtle light that is unknown now. The black-haired boy was more afraid of this subtle light.

    “Yes, where is uncle without his disciple.”

    Francis, who muttered so much, glanced at them. And at one gentle gesture, the sword and soft lights were collected.

    ‘Wow, dope.’

    ‘It’s amazing.’

    With amazement, the two boys immediately knelt to their knees. Francis, who stared at them with a sour look, said softly.

    “This is my space. And you weren’t allowed in here. Even if you’re our guest children, it’s rude to be rude. Get out.”

    “Well, sister, please.”



    “Don’t pretend to be close.”

    Out. Francis smiled coldly and pointed her finger at the exit. The gray-haired boy cheered inside, surprised at the moment of his life felt.

    ‘What are you doing?’

    The black-haired boy gave his friend a hint with cold eyes. He can’t believe he’s crawling on his own. That goddess was one step ahead of them by any stretch of the imagination.

    ‘It’s not as if I’m going to go on a rampage.’

    But it is not yet freely controlled. And strangely enough, she couldn’t beat it even if she mobilized it.

    ‘But you’re not. Crazy, let’s go when she let us go.’

    It’s not a sister, it’s a goddess. Apart from counting this and that, that person was just a goddess to Roheem now. He didn’t like it when he first met such a goddess. If she knew their teachers, it would be better to dress up properly afterward.

    “Well, then your name!”

    Unfortunately, however, his friend was a straight shooter.


    The appearance of the goddess was serious. The way he looked at his friend, he was desperately worried about how to deal with it.

    The black-haired boy with head on, since then, decided to sit comfortably. And while pretending not to be true, he caught the goddess in his eyes and captured her again and again. She was an elegant goddess even with magic.

    Francis, watching, thought it was a little funny. Her eyes could see things that were less than a bite rolling her head. Their sparkling eyes reminded her of her crazy little cousin.

    ‘It’s too late to hide Atelier. And when I see my uncles, I’ll have to see them again anyway.’

    So she decided to give them her full name.


    “You have a nice voice, Francis.” (ROFL)

    The gray-haired boy murmured vacantly. And he came to his senses and continued.

    “I’m Ephraim.”

    Ephraim had slightly burnt skin. His white smiling face looked very harmless.

    Francis put him in her eyes, nodded and turned to the black-haired boy.

    “……I’m Roheem,.”

    In a calm tone, the black-haired boy said. Contrary to the tone, the red eyes shook vigorously.

    Francis stared at a boy named Roheem for a little longer, and then, similarly, looked away casually. Then she lowered her eyes, thought for a moment, and said to them casually.

    “Your teacher and I are acquaintances, and today’s rudeness will be overlooked by my two uncles.”

    Before she knew it, the two people who were disciplined replied, “Yes!” And she opened her eyes round.

    “All right.”

    It was because Francis smiled slightly. It was a smile that disappeared in an instant, but the two felt something beyond words at that moment. She’s an amazing person. She is a Goddess.

    “That’s it. Let’s go back together.”

    They followed in her footsteps, not knowing that they were going back to get scolded by their teachers who were looking for them in a daze. Francis’ Atelier was slowly transformed behind them. Warm darkness permeated the place transformed into an empty hideout.

    “How old are you?”

    “I’m fifteen years old!”


    “Oh, it’s the same.”

    On the way, they found out they were the same age.

    “Make yourself at home, I’m done with what I did earlier.”

    “Yes, no, yes.”

    “Uh, wait.”

    Unlike Ephraim, who answers blankly, Roheem only remembered something and turned pale.

    “……we are going now.”

    “I told you to stay put for a second. You can’t keep that?”

    Even before Roheem’s words were over, a bleak voice was heard from somewhere.


    Eugene hugged Francis as he approached her with a soft smile.

    “Sis, how are you?”

    “Yes, I’m glad to see you again.”

    “It’s so nice to see you, too.”

    “I’ll go in first, so take your time.”


    “Thank you for your consideration.”

    Ephraim and Roheem looked at Francis, who entered with a wistful gaze. But it didn’t touch her. Oh my god.

    “Well, kids, look at me. I thought I’d repeatedly tell you not to ruin your first impression.”

    And looking back slowly, Eugene, like the Grim Reaper, was laughing bitterly. The two shouted sullen surrender.

    Before Eugene went out to find his runaway student and Cain’s successor. Eugene, Cain, and Herace made a surprise visit to the Grand Duke and his wife.

    “Oh, my God.”

    Alicia greeted the three with exclamations. Daniel was smiling as if he knew it.

    “I missed you, Lisha!”

    Cried Herace.

    “It was the least interesting trip in the world!”


    Three years ago, everyone stopped Cain from leaving because he was trying to tread on the trail of the last vampire alone. Then the three people came along, when Herace was very excited.

    “Did you have a hard time, Herace?”

    “Sigh. That’s what I mean.”

    Daniel said it was exciting to travel with a friend. Because Herace had no friends but Daniel. But now that he has been there, he felt so happy to be back.

    “He didn’t let me do anything. It’s so annoying that I can’t do it even though I can...….”

    “Why don’t you think you’re lucky that we stopped you? Lisha, most of what he wanted to do were jail time.”



    Alicia and Daniel looked at Herace and looked convinced. Herace gave up his sullen performance and stared fiercely at Eugene.

    “Well, it wasn’t all blocked. Thanks to that, I even got children.”

    With a smile, Eugene continued in a soothing tone.

    “Children? The disciples?”

    “Yes, Lisha.”

    Cain replied with a nod.

    “Herace found my successor in the ‘trap he touched in anger’, and while he was ‘catching the accident and running away’, he brought in Eugene’s youngest disciple.”

    “That’s right, thank you.”

    “Yes, thanks to me. Everything!”

    Herace, who was proud of himself, tilted his head late to see if something was wrong.

    Alicia and Daniel held back their laughter. As she was sharing the sea afterward, Eugene discovered that the children he had brought were missing. And Herace smiled secretly as if he was after it. While he was out of his mind, the children ran out of the castle.

    “Thanks to Herace, the children always learn good things. Either they don’t listen to me like this, or they disappear without a trace...….”

    Eugene smiled slightly and glanced at Herace.

    “Last time I was trying to stop you from teaching them how to steal, so I...…sigh.”

    Cain tapped Eugene on the shoulder without a word. Herace cried out in frustration.

    “Spying, not stealing! I’m spying on you!”


    “Both of them are good materials as information guild members. It’s too bad, they are not good enough.”

    No matter how much it attracted attention for a moment, it wasn't unusual to hide the appearance like this.

    Herace gave the children a hearty compliment. And he had a good night.

    “Hey, how old are you!”

    “People are the same.”

    Eugene had been cleaning up all kinds of trouble for the last three years and learned that sometimes it was a night rather than a word. Herace squatted between Alicia and Daniel with a sad look on his face.

    Alicia exchanged glances with Daniel as she gently stroke Herace’s hair. Herace’s face is a little relaxed.

    “It’s great to see you after a long time.”

    Hearing Daniel’s soft voice, Herace nodded with a deeply embarrassed look.

    “So did you get anything?”

    Daniel asked Cain.

    “About the last vampire.”

    “Yes, I got it.”

    Cain nodded and was lost in thought for a moment. It’s been a long time since the maids began to disappear for unknown reasons.

    They were originally a small minority who lived in hiding, but why are they disappearing into thin air? Looking for traces of his father, the Vampire King, Cain wondered about it.

    “They seem to have returned to their world. They say it’s a harness.”

    “The harness…….”

    “I think that’s how my father disappeared.”

    However, Amelot Lapeltern himself delayed the timing as much as possible. To wait for someone he loved. But it is said that the lover who he barely met again was not the man he was then. Rather, having recovered several memories of her past life, his lover was thrown into great confusion.

    The Vampire King chose to go on a devil’s journey, which he had postponed for his companion. Cain calmly took out what he found because he could speak to those here.

    “And I found Roheem in the trap of Lapeltern Castle.”

    A mixed-race demon child with black hair and red eyes. It is said that the child was abandoned there as soon as he was born.

    “I don’t know the child yet, but I think he is my father’s blood.”

    There was also a record that the wind demons remained by Amelot Lapeltern’s side until the end. In fact, Lapeltern Castle would never be known if it hadn’t recognized Cain and opened the door. Among them was the Trojan fruit, which was related to the demons.

    ‘It was a meaningful information that every time the fruit appeared, a black-haired person also appeared.’

    Perhaps Daniel already knows. The Trojan fruit he embodied could also be completed because of Cain’s manna.

    ‘As for the Trojan fruit, I shall speak to Daniel later.’

    Cain decided so after thinking about it. He didn’t want to tell Alicia about the time she recalled Libertia.

    ‘I wonder if she’s okay now.’

    Ten more years have passed. Did time dilute your longing? He can’t ask, though.

    “I see, you must be tired. Let’s take a break and eat together.”

    Daniel said with a light smile. Alicia nodded and looked at them lovingly.

    “Then I’ll go get the little ones who ran away.”

    “Oh, what about Sis? Our pretty Sis!”

    “Sis is probably in the garden. I’ll see you later.”


    He can’t ask, but Alicia looked happy. Cain thought that was enough.

    “Then I’ll prepare for the training of the children who came back...….”

    If Eugene prevented them from causing trouble with a small amount of honey balm, Cain tended them to train in hell after causing the accident to his heart’s content.

    Escaped from the first meeting with the Grand Duke and his wife. Cain sharpened his sword, worrying about the two increasingly resembling Herace.

    “Why so bloody? They’re still kids, right?”

    “……because they’re not normal kids. It’ll be a big deal if they go on a rampage...….”


    “There’s such a thing. Actually, Cain told them to be quiet for just one day? But they escaped! Guys, they look a lot like me.”


    Everyone smiled awkwardly and saw him off as he headed for the martial arts field.

    The family members of the Grand Dukes watched the hell drill and opened their mouths.

    “It’s usually normal, but when both of them runaway, the race will be different.”

    Both were fighting Cain with their ears pointed. It’s a training that ends when you find the reason. You have to be able to handle that state at your disposal.

    “That way, they’ll find stability.”

    “Yeah, and in that condition, it’s worth competing for, Uncle.”

    Eugene burst into laughter at Sis’s calm reply.

    “Is that so?”

    Sis’s phenomenal talent was beyond the level of a talent mixed with the blood of a different race.

    “However, Sis. As I saw earlier, it seemed like I couldn't even attack Sis.”

    Those were the eyes that were completely infatuated with Sis.

    ‘What did you say, the Goddess is the daughter of those Grand Dukes? Did you say it?’

    The cute youngest disciple shouted in a stunned look. Roheem’s reaction was no different. Sis blinked for a moment and murmured, barely raising the corners of her mouth.

    “Is that so?”

    “……Yes, I will.”

    “I’ll have to get Louis.”

    Well, Louis was the magic bullet for losing his temper. Eugene shed a cold sweat.

    ‘Well, come to think of it, the kids of this generation are amazing.’

    Louis was a genius, even worse than Sis. There is a reason why the Emperor’s son can wander through the capital without escort.

    ‘Ten years. Maybe five years.’

    Eugene was so excited for the moment when the children would catch up with him. And at the same time, he feels ominous.

    ‘I think we’ll get into trouble when the four of them get together.’

    Francis is not a trouble maker, but is basically freewheeling. She knows how to do anything safely, and she sees the world wisely. He has no worries. Only if Louis is added to it. No, what if they’re with them as well?

    “……hey, Sis? Why don’t you reconsider?”

    If your kids try to do something, he’s sure Herace will step up and help. Then maybe it’s not just going to be a mess!

    Sis glanced at Eugene and smiled again. It was a no. And some time later, Francis, with Louis, Ephraim, and Roheem, flew in at once...….

    “Oh, Sis is going on a trip. Louise, too? Your brothers managed to let you.”

    “Maybe it’s because you have Sis?”

    “Herace also said he will help.”

    “That must be a good experience, Lisha.”

    “You two are easygoing. Am I the only one who’s nervous?”

    Running away from home, no, they went on a trip.

    “Don’t worry too much, Eugene.”

    “If Sis had gone alone, I would have been worried. The other kids are coming with her, and Herace is with them?”

    ……Isn’t that exactly the problem?

    Eugene had so much to say, but he gulped down and sighed. Because in his head, he was convinced. Sis would move more safely when there was someone to protect.

    “Sis knows how to ask for help when she needs it.”

    Eugene was relieved to see the smiling couple.

    “I see.”

    That meant something had already been done. And Francis and her party began to pick and choose what to do with the flag, except for the Grand Duke and his wife. So she got friends and colleagues and took the path that no one forced her to choose. Francis the Great, one of the greatest, was born that way.
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