Spoiler Who said that the engagement is broken for the reason i don't remember// 'masked villainess'

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    Who said that the engagement is broken for the reason i don't remember, but most importantly that it's ugly under the mask
    (Ugh,, the title was too long to fit in...)

    • 身に覚えのない理由で婚約破棄されましたけれど、仮面の下が醜いだなんて、一体誰が言ったのかしら?
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    Description [MTL]:
    Katya, the daughter of the Duke of the Mask, was told by the first prince of the country to break her engagement. And because she doesn't remember ...
    Under the mask, look frosty at the prince. There seems to be a mask for the reason, but who said that the bottom of the mask was ugly? In such a situation, the Duke of Chrome Klein, whom Katya admires as "Oni-sama," appeared. Overturn the place where he is confused by breaking his engagement. Comicalize of popular online novels!
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    I’m currently reading this novel with MTL, it’s a short novel with only 40 Chapters + 4 Extra Side Chapters (Completed).
    and here is some spoilers.
    Our female lead Katya is a lady of a Duchy so she is engaged to the kingdom's prince, but on their graduation ceremony the stupid prince finds a bxtch and together with his girlfriend they accuse her of bullying and attempting to kill his girlfriend because she did a courageous thing and gave testimony, and they also call her ugly because they can’t see her face. The fox says that if FL bows and asks for forgiveness she will forgive her which is BS. all the nobles are looking at the prince and his gf and criticizing them.
    ML comes and is angry at the prince. FL was not attached to the prince in slightest and is just annoyed at him, she accepts the cancelation of the engagement and explains how she couldn’t have done it with evidence and witnesses but the prince is still being a DB.
    The king and queen are very angry at the prince because they wanted this engagement very much.
    later the prince is dragged out by guards and his bxtch is caught while trying to run away.
    ML is furious with the royal family and tells them they better repay this good or else.
    after that the prince sends her a letter saying that he wants to make his gf the queen (which the king and queen dismissed strongly), and that if FL asks for forgiveness he will make her a consort.
    thus was a political engagement that benefitted and supported the prince but he was only being stupid and arrogant for thinking that and I’m not even bothering with the prince anymore because it seems that he is just a extra in the novel and both FL and ML look down on him because he is stupid and don’t even think about him when he isn’t around.
    Katya was originally born in a empire, and her parents were aristocrats who had title both on the empire she was born on and some other kingdoms and were away most of the time, so she was feeling lonely.
    her grandfather was also a important person that had many children so FL had many relatives, cousins, and family, but girls were rare in the family so she was like the only girl i think.
    She is sent to this kingdom to stay with ML who is the Duke and is her family (related to her somehow), which is why she calls her older brother.
    The reason she wears a mask is a family tradition that they have to wear mask until they start to go to school at the age of 14, for men they only have to wear a mask that hides part of their face (like the ML). but when she comes to the kingdom at the age of 12 she is engaged with the prince and the royal family had this condition that she has to keep wearing a mask until her adulthood which is at the age of 16 in the kingdom (the adulthood age is different in the kingdom and the empire). and that she can only take it off in front of family or people who she considers family (like servants in her mansion, etc.)
    idk the motive of the royal family for making her keep wearing a mask but I will spoil if I read it.
    They are family, the family tree is complicated and I didn’t really get it because MTL.
    but I doubt this is insect. I will spoil it if I did get to know how they are related.
    FL name is Katya Celestine Krom Klein and ML is 2 years older than her. He is The Duke of Chrome Klein on the kingdom and also has title in the empire. (names are MTLd).
    The ML is FL’s guardian and they are very sweet and affectionate (as family).
    FL is brocon and ML is siscon and they cherish together very much.
    I don’t have much info on them so I will spoil more about them as I read more into the story.
    Novel Raws: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n7039fp/
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    Ohhh this is interesting, I wonder how they will go from brocon/siscon to romantically involved :blobpopcorn:
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    So how fl and ml first realize their feelings?