Chinese Will enter the wine by Tang Jiuqing

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    Name: 将进酒
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    Why it should get picked up: it seems interesting, tbh I found this through a fanart, maybe this fanart can convince you

    Wandering scum attack vs beauty will be reported suffer.

    Evil dog is against mad dog.

    Zhongbo Liuzhou was handed over to foreign enemies, and Shen Zechuan was taken to Beijing, where he was beaten by everyone. Xiao Chi heard the smell, did not ask others to start, he would sink Shen Zechuan into a sick scorpion, who knows this disease scorpion turned back, biting his blood. The two men have made a big beam from here, and they will bite when they meet.

    "Fate wants me to stay here all my life, but that's not the way I choose." Yellow sand drowned my hands and feet, I do not want to surrender to the nihilistic life. The holy will can not save my soldiers, the court can not feed my horse, I do not want to die for this. I'm going to climb that mountain, I'm going to fight for myself."

    1v1, HE, HE, HE. Updated every night at 19:00. The outline is finished, I know what I'm writing, And I want you to see HE clearly, respect me a little bit, thanks.

    (Sorry for terrible MTL)
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