Chinese Wind Blows from Longxi 风起陇西 from Ma Bo Yong 马伯庸

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    Name: Wind Blows from Longxi 风起陇西
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    Why It Should Get Picked Up:

    Ma Bo Yong is a very respected author
    The novel is amongst one of the top 10 books from Douban (it is noted 8,1/10)
    It will soon adapted into a drama (with Angelababy, Chen Kun, Bai Yu and Sun Yi being part of the main cast)
    Description :
    During the war between Wei and Shu, the Shu defeated the Wei using the crossbows they make. In order to attain this powerful weapon, the Wei sent numerous spies to infiltrate the Shu kingdom and steal it. Chen Gong and Xun Xu are Shu spies who have infiltrated Wei kingdom for many years. After knowing the plan of Wei, they decided to work separately to stop it. Chen Gong continued to stay in Wei kingdom, while Xun Xu went back to Shu kingdom to investigate. In the midst of investigation, Xun Xu finds out the thief of the crossbows - Mei Chong. He also discovers a highly skilled spy named Zhu Long who is ambushed in Shu kingdom, who is waiting for the opportunity to initiate the Qing Ping plan. Xun Xu devised a scheme to hook Mei Chong, using it as an opportunity to destroy the spy network in Shu kingdom.

    Despite eventually capturing Gao Chengtang, a corrupted officer, the real Zhu Long is actually someone else. Chen Gong also ends his spy career in Wei kingdom, and goes back to Shu kingdom. Together, Xun Xu and Cheng Gong investigates the Zhu Long incident and discovers the truth behind the Qing Ping plan.
    (cf : Wiki Drama)