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    Winter Writing War
    Poem Competition
    Holiday Icons

    NEW: pick one icon and specify that in your submission

    Friday, December 20th, 2019, 00:00 Chicago Time
    The submission period has closed​

    • The poem must be your original work
    • This is an individual contest and you shouldn't be receiving significant help from another for this
    • You may get insignificant help, such as proofreading or editing, or other general help, but the poem must be yours to make
    • Be reasonable, you would understand if a poem was made by you or not
    • Plagiarism will not be tolerated
    • You may only submit one poem per person
    • No NSFW please~
    • No minimum or maximum word count
    • Edits allowed before deadline
    • You may give it a title, or keep it untitled
    • Author notes should go in a spoiler box
    • There will be 3 winners, based on the top 3 highest average scores
    • Fan favourite will be decided through a poll done on the judging period (December 21st, 2019 to December 27th, 2019)

    1st: 2,000 Nuffies + Chicken icon (or other holiday icon) for a week
    2nd: 1,000 Nuffies + Non-Chicken Holiday icon for a week
    3rd: 500 Nuffies + Non-Chicken Holiday icon for a week
    Fan Favourite: 500 Nuffies + Non-Chicken Holiday icon for a week
    Results will be announced on January 1st, 2020. The poem competition's announcement might change depending on availability of participants and judges.

    @Pyoo @Osamaru @Nargol

    Judging Criteria:
    Creativity (10 points)
    Creativity. Did the author interpreted the theme differently? Did the author used an uncommon poetry style or technique? Was the poem plagiarized?
    Theme (10 points)
    Interpretation and Clarity of Theme. Did the author stick to the theme? Was the interpretation clear in the poem?
    Flow (10 points)
    Flow aka Cohesiveness. Did the poem flow from the beginning to the end? Was there any awkward gap? Was it hard to understand or to grasp the poem's essence?
    Overall impression (10 points)
    Overall impression aka 'WOW' factor. Did the judge like it? Did it move them? Did it wow them?

    This thread is for submission only, any other post will be deleted.
    Discuss about the competition in the discussion & interest thread here

    ===== Update =====
    The submission period of WWW Poetry Competition is now closed!

    The polls for the most favourite poem is now open and will continue to be open until December 27th, 2019~

    1. Cooked Turkey by @Vilidious
    2. Poetic Yandere: Frozen in Time by @zhainan2157
    3. Ornaments by @Anra7777
    4. Untitled by @scriptor
    5. Snow by @Lurking
    6. Snowflake by @KUROz
    7. Bell by @LNOnlineOtaku
    8. Christmas by @andykhang
    9. Mistletoe by @Nyann
    10. Shit, Is It Cold Outside by @Evil_Ginger
    11. Christmas Cheer by @Simon
    12. You're next @Pyoo by @Nurman
    13. Kindled Together by @BB_Tensei
    14. @Pyoo @Pyoo by @LysUltima
    15. Untitled by @AMissingLinguist
    16. The Red Shadow by @Sunlight_Brother
    17. Winter by @udonsage
    18. Snowflake by @strikegunner
    19. Untitled by @NZPIEFACE
    20. Untitled by @Siostar
    21. Gifts by @Loni4ever

    Judging will be done from December 21st, 2019 to December 27th, 2019 with the awards handed out on January 1st, 2020.
    Judges: @Pyoo @Osamaru @Nargol

    Come and watch the discussion thread for more info on the other events!

    Because holiday icons would be gone by the time of announcement, the prizes are changed as below:
    1st: 2,000 Nuffies + Star icon for a day (or other 300 Nuffies/week icon for a week)
    2nd: 1,000 Nuffies + 300 Nuffies/week icon for a week
    3rd: 500 Nuffies + 300 Nuffies/week icon for a week
    Fan Favourite: 500 Nuffies + 300 Nuffies/week icon for a week

    *Anyone can upgrade to rebel icons for a day
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    Sample Entries

    Example poem by @Pyoo (put 'Untitled' if you wish to keep it untitled)
    Theme: [icon chosen] e.g. Penguin
    [Insert unlimited words]
    lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

    If you have to have author notes keep it under spoiler boxes

    @Nyann @Lurking @SquadCammander354 @Moonpearl @Anra7777
    @insteadofdeath @NZPIEFACE @Hibiki @Ged Merrilin @Pythagoras Theorem @Bielt @Siostar @Carm @Fabulist Ed @shad12ow @Nurman @Arcadia Blade @udonsage @Aster Anemone @Princess Renesmee @hatoyin97 @Action @Osamaru @J-Mitch @Autumn Wind @Risus @Ophious @Hizashi @Nargol @Accidentally @DCLXVI @Loni4ever @Notaborax @lexlangel @Lavenderia @Butler
    @Carm @J-Mitch @Accidentally @Arcadia Blade @Nurman @Glaurung @Clozdark @lexlangel @Risus @LysUltima @Butler @Notaborax @Raneday @Osamaru @Siostar @Aster Anemone @SilentFyre
    @Action @AliceShiki @andykhang @Arcadia Blade @Ars @Clozdark @Cyrus King @Ddraig @Dragn555 @ducpika @Encore @Fabulist Ed @Fluffy13unny @Ged Merrilin @Gitami @Haxagen @HikikomoriGirl @kryner @Kudaranai @Liron @MangoGuy @Minaku @Mizura @Naraku @NiQuinn @Novela @Novice @NZPIEFACE @Omnifarious @Pandamonic @Phillipsi @Pyoo @Rajikai @rawuyu @Recouer @Ruyi @Siostar @Slayerwolfx2 @Teivel @Tramsloof @Trane @Yggdrasil108 @Zone Q11 @zzz
    @Myross17 @Fluffums @Ruyi @Trane @ducpika @HikikomoriGirl @A.I.M.E-02847 @AardwarkThe2nd @Aca1814ina @Action @AliceShiki @amilhs @AndrewOrion @andykhang @Arcadia Blade @archduke @Arcturus @ArianDruj @Ars @Balthazzar @Bielt @BlancFrost @blee8 @BPLeon @BunnyPillow @Clozdark @craBebe @Cyrus King @Dayfinder @Ddraig @Devils Advocate @Dountmindme @Dragn555 @Drakolous Maxima @ducpika @ExitedDeviljho @Fabulist Ed @falcon92 @faststomps @Fierbras @Fluffy13unny @Friickina @Fossil @Ged Merrilin @gheist1234 @GilgameshX2114 @Gitami @Haxagen @Hazery @HELLiCOPter @holyshin @HumanSashimi @iampsyx @Imnotarobot @imsodone @Jigoku Shounen @JinVodka @jmf028 @jzar @Kagami Ren @kenkenkang @Kickuck @Koalala @kryner @Kudaranai @Kysil @L4 @LaDyViL @leegood @Liron @LoneSoul @Lost Panda @MangoGuy @MasterCuddler @Mazino @mayy @Minaku @Mister Div @Mizura @mrezman @Myross17 @Nahrenne @Naraku @Nbhan101 @NiQuinn @Novela @Novice @Nurman @NZPIEFACE @Omnifarious @Ophious @Osamaru @Pandamonic @Phantomask @Phillipsi @Pyoo @Rajikai @rawuyu @Razogul @Recouer @RRL Vocaloid @ScipioM @Senros @seriouslynope @Setra @Slayerwolfx2 @shad12ow @Shirasaya @Siostar @Slayerwolfx2 @Snowdust @SnowTime @SpearOfLies @Teivel @The Everdistant Utopia @TheJackWrite @Tramsloof @Trane @Twilight Fox @Underload @Way @Yash @Yggdrasil108 @yuzuki @Zek @Zero300 @Zone Q11
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  3. Vilidious

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    Jul 28, 2017
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    Cooked Turkey

    Winter came, none can blame, the frozen heart of a person lame.
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  4. Zero300

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    Rant Poem by @Zero300

    Pyoo asked me, a story wright.

    To make a poem, she said I write.

    Why should I desecrate my rite,

    And do something against my right?
  5. zhainan2157

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    Jan 12, 2016
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    [​IMG]Poetic Yandere: Frozen in Time[​IMG]

    A face that warms my heart,
    Love burning like a hearth.
    Wipe your tears away,
    The pain will soon fade.

    Why can't you comprehend,
    My loyalty has no end.
    If your heart cannot be mine,
    then your body shall suffice.

    Those tethers are temporary,
    For soon your mind will be free.
    If I were to freeze you in ice,
    would your beauty last an endless time?
    [​IMG]Frozen Regret [​IMG]

    Winter cold freezes my bones,
    Aimless wander with no goal,
    Past decisions I bemoan,
    Let it go, frozen blood on a pole.
    [​IMG]Poetic Arrogant Young Master: Wrong Man Under the Mistletoe with my Wife[​IMG]

    From birth to nigh
    I soared through the sky
    Father was strong
    Mother was bright

    Learned in the arts
    Strong in fights
    Admired by all
    I took delight

    Who is this man
    Touching my wife
    So overbearing
    Wanting my life

    Killing my friends
    Loving their wives
    Saying we deserve
    To part with our lives
    Writing multiple out but will choose one of them to stick with before deadline.
    Also I made changes last minute, hopefully I made it in time.
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  6. Anra7777

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    [​IMG] Ornaments by @Anra7777 [​IMG]

    It’s that time of year again.
    Dusty ornaments sit in their boxes.
    I don’t miss the heated arguments about what should go where,
    But sometimes I miss you.

    The ornaments belong to me now.
    But they were all bought by you.
    I wonder if I’ll ever take them out again,
    Or whether they’ll be in the purgatory of storage forever.

    I remember most of the stories behind each one:
    The first ornaments you and dad bought together,
    The ones Grandma sent for my first Christmas,
    The ones representing you,
    And the ones representing me.

    Ornaments, ornaments.
    So many ornaments that in the end
    There wasn’t tree enough to fit them.

    I remember that last Christmas,
    How I refused to see you,
    Too eager to meet my future in-laws for the first time.
    I didn’t know that that would be the last.
    You had no tree that year,
    Because I wasn’t there to help you.
    Because I wasn’t there to do the work for you.

    It took too long,
    Before I was able to stop thinking of you every day.
    But the memory of the ornaments brings you back.
    And I am haunted by you once more.

    Will I dream of zombies again,
    And have your rotten corpse rise to greet me?
    The dead haunt my dreams,
    And always it’s you.

    I cower in my apartment and wonder:
    How soon until dad and his ornaments will join you,
    Ghosts in my guilt soaked mind?
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  7. Trane

    Trane Well-Known Member

    Feb 20, 2016
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    Summer has passed and the leaves change color
    Last night I had a feast
    I enjoy summer one last time
    My bowel is at war
    I donate some fertilizer
    Summer awaits me once again
    But I have no paper at hand
    Shiet . . .:sweating_profusely::blob_coughblood:

    Interpret this however you like
  8. scriptor

    scriptor 『Sigilmaster』 『Immortal Sage』

    May 31, 2016
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    [​IMG]Untitled by @scriptor
    Theme: The best Christmas gift is someone you love coming through the door~

    Leaves are falling,
    Snowing is falling,
    Upon the frosted shore.

    Grains of sand
    Sift down hourglass stand,
    Waiting for him who opens the door.
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  9. Lurking

    Lurking Do the dead suffer, or is it a sweet release?

    May 5, 2018
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    snow snow

    snowflakes fall and flay
    flay to the bone
    bonechilling snowflakes

    snowflakes freeze
    freezing snot in a runny nose
    nose red with the chill of snow

    snow steps bury your feet
    feet sink deep down until...
    until you can barely see your knees

    knees wobble and you flail
    flailing you hope, wish on a snowflake
    snowflakes fickle favor ...

    favors you, to not fall...
    fall facefirst into the snow
    snow shines in the sun
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  10. KUROz

    KUROz Whatevs~

    Nov 29, 2015
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    ️Icon: ❄️
    Title: ❄️

    Never again, I swore to the winter moon
    On the night I last saw her smile wither.
    Never again, shall I make a maiden so fair,
    Bear a burden so unfair, to deal with this —
    Sad man's despair. A boy undeserving of care.

    But yet again, not even 4 seasons past,
    And yet I spoke to the moon yet again,
    Whose heart gone cold, and mind aghast,
    That the sisters spun another's to again entwine,
    In this filthy little blanket of mine.

    I've felt as though I now remember,
    Those feelings I felt that one summer,
    Where the stars lost their twinkle,
    And the sun lost it's splendor,
    That moment when I heard the bells jingle.

    To this little man, his patron replies not,
    But let out a gentle tear, a frozen sparkle,
    She wonders why does man learns not,
    From the memories of yesteryear,
    That true love comes not, from a flickering ember.

    Those little flames, no matter how you think grand,
    Even when you let it grow,
    To consume all that heaven holds,
    Can do nothing still, when the heart is cold
    You'd just be a little flicker, to what she holds.

    Winter's snow melts not from a little ember,
    Only Summer's love can dry her tear

    I wanted to put in both candles and snowflakes as the icon theme, but since I'm on my phone, I'm a bit limited in terms of editing

    If you want context, I'll leave the link to my previous poem here
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  11. LNOnlineOtaku

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    Jan 18, 2018
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    A ping I was given this day of December
    Was it a sound of a bell, that set me into an ember?

    I question myself simply of how I got this alert
    Was it because I was a jerk?

    Then again, it was fun
    Now I guess, this poem is done
  12. andykhang

    andykhang Well-Known Member

    Oct 9, 2016
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    Title: Chrismas
    Icon:Giftbox pls

    Chrismas is boring
    Nothing better to do
    Aside from playing FGO
    Chrismas is fun

    Chrismas is fun
    There're something to do
    ...Though it's just FGO again
    Chrismas is boring

    Chrismas is boring
    There're no one to talk to
    Aside from friend on Discord
    Chrismas is fun

    Chrismas is fun
    There're somebody to talk to
    ...But then there is that party again
    Chrismas is annoying.

    Chrismas is annoying
    So many thing have to happen
    But then that's what it is
    That's why Chrismas is fun
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  13. Nyann

    Nyann NyanyanyanyanyaN

    Sep 30, 2018
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    [​IMG] Mistletoe
    Hmm... Oh wells. Placeholder.

    I regret what I have not done...
    The chance is long gone...
    I stand in there and freeze...
    Tears rolling down my cheeks...
    A warmth which was just as cold...
    As the empty air which lay beside me...

    His smile was warm...
    His eyes were too...
    Before I could feel the warmth of his lips
    I turned my gaze...
    My heart beating across my chest
    My face burning hot...
    I couldn't feel the cold anymore...
    I wanted... To tell him...
    I wanted to touch him...
    But even more... I wanted him to see
    And feel the warmth in the cold air
    I could feel around me...

    We were under the mistletoe...

    But then... He shook his gaze
    And says...
    "I will see you then, it's cold and almost nine"
    And I feel like I missed a chance of a lifetime...

    I wanted to kiss him under the mistletoe...
    I wanted to finally let him know...
    But he couldn't feel the warmth that I felt...
    I can't do it anymore...

    I gasped
    And found myself wrapped in blankets...
    There with my best Christmas gift...
    The cold made us both fall fast asleep...

    So was it just a dream...? Or a past memory?
    I smile and I feel like I have the world with me...
    I noticed the mistletoe hanging on the wall and smiled...
    I gave him a kiss and he groggily whined...

    I sighed and closed my eyes...
    A mistletoe appearing before me...
    And now...
    In the that dream, you and I
    Were kissing underneath it with glee...
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  14. Evil_Ginger

    Evil_Ginger 『Lawful Neutral』『Cheese Master』『安德鲁』

    Apr 19, 2016
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    "Shit, Is It Cold Outside"

    It is that time of year again
    A time where people rush about.
    A bleak and dreary time
    That makes me want to shout.

    Screw you! You piss me off!
    This stupid season can just go die!
    And the blasted dreaded cough,
    I think I'm about to cry!

    And here I am walking outside in the cold.
    A blistering chill that tightly grabs hold.
    But it is something else I want, all foretold,
    I wish to have someone, if only I were so bold.

    The wind scrapes by and scratches my face to pieces.
    Oh how I wish my brother would stop bragging about my nieces.

    All day every day with all the racket
    Makes me a sad man with a lousy jacket.

    And it is this jacket I pull close to me, as it is the only thing I have at hand,
    A shame, I say, but only because I am the loneliest in the land.

    Eh? What's that? Who else is dumb enough to brave the weather?
    This dastardly force that can nearly turn my skin to leather?

    Oh, you poor thing. It seems you dressed too light.
    I hope you don't mind if I partake in your plight.

    No, don't mind me. I mean no harm.
    I would hate for one such as you to be alarmed.

    I am fine. Take it, please.
    At least that jacket can find release.
    Just remember that on days like this you need another,
    Someone to keep you warm and not be a bother.

    Me? No, I do not have someone like that.
    I am free as a bird, and content as a cat.

    Eh...you really don't mind? I mean, I love leftover ham.
    Wait, what do you mean I am such a sham?
    Fine, you got me. I shall come clean.
    You caught my eye, I hope you can glean.

    For what better way to spend these cold wintery nights?
    Alone together, away from the snow that bites.
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  15. Simon

    Simon [The Pure One's Chief Steward][Demon Beast]

    Oct 30, 2015
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    Christmas Cheer [​IMG]

    Watching my baby drive off,
    Seeing her fade into the distance.
    The world seems to get brighter,
    As the snow becames whiter,
    Her smudge is gone and it brings me cheer.
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  16. Dawngawser

    Dawngawser †PUNK Sɇɇꝁɇɍ† (+†‡ - ‡†+)

    Mar 22, 2018
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    Title: Dont do this ever again
    Theme: I don't being pinged and I have no theme, not like it matters I'm not winning.

    Did you really have to poke me 2 times
    Please dont copy paste ping lists
    I just wanna to read memes
    So stop it you beast.

    And so I've realised
    Who are you actually
    Your ping list sure isn't biased
    Not like I care anyway.
    Satisfied? I did the thing can I get my prize now.
    Who are you anyway.
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  17. Nurman

    Nurman ( ಠ∩ಠ) [Retired Ton]

    Sep 7, 2016
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    Theme: [​IMG]
    Titled: You're next @Pyoo

    Tagged seven times and alerted from my slumber
    Leave it to @Pyoo's chimes to make this blunder
    Is my return a crime? This truely makes me wonder...
    Here I leave my rhyme before returning to my bunker

    Maybe I'll add some thyme to sate my hunger
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  18. BB_Tensei

    BB_Tensei [Crystal Operator][Jack of all Trades]

    Aug 31, 2017
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    Tags: @Pyoo
    Kindled Together

    It's softly snowing outside,
    But cozy with you by my side,
    Our eyes meet so bright,
    Like sparkling candlelight,

    Softly uplifting, this sensation,
    Lazing away all of my tension,
    A lovely arrow set loose,
    Made my heart blow a fuse,

    Candles brighter than the sun,
    Crackles electric, dancing so fun,
    I'm lost in these hands on my cheeks,
    The flames igniting such wishes in me:

    To spend enternity among candles together,
    Kindle this fire forever.
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  19. LysUltima

    LysUltima Riichi! Tsumo! Toitoi! Suuankou!?

    Aug 6, 2017
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    Title: @Pyoo @Pyoo
    You're it, no shit,
    What's with that tag list?
    Two pings, two stings,
    Would you please desist?
    You've won, I'm done,
    Prepare to meet my fist.
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  20. AMissingLinguist

    AMissingLinguist [Not Here][Blank Sect][Nuffian #N]

    May 15, 2016
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    Two people meet and
    are cursed by the mistletoe
    to kiss each other.

    Who would do such a
    terrible thing to two boys
    on this time of year?

    Das x Westeller,
    Tony x [put your choice here],
    and even more ships.


    Is this too long now?
    When should I stop writing this?
    Is this the right form?

    Did you enjoy this
    poem that I am writing
    for competition?

    Remember to like,
    comment, and subscribe to my
    channel, WorshipCats.

    I just wrote whatever I wanted for this competition because I wanted to have some fun. Good luck to everyone else here. :blob_pompom: