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Whom is the best main girl from Yuusha Youjo?

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  1. Don't be dumb, its Aria, of course! She's such a cute baka princess!

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  2. Um... you wot?! Kiku is cutest by far! I'll protect her and she'll protect me!

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  3. Naturally, the best is Kaede, yes? I'll have to kill you if you think otherwise...

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  4. Fufufu... you don't need to be a Sage to realise there is no option besides Seria.

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  5. It... it's not like I find Rishya attractive or anything! You idiot!

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  6. Truly very sorrys, but others wrong. Will not move. Kali is my destined one!

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  7. It's scarier than Cultivator, but I want a harem route! Loli is justice! (All of the above!)

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  8. None of the above. (Please post a response explaining your choice...)

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    CHAPTER 69

    So then, Kali... is a Veranian? I guess her tan implies she is from this hotter part of the world.

    Hold up a sec... didn't Seria say something about hot-blooded men with bushy eyebrows?

    I envisaged some muscley barbarian type.

    Wait... I suppose that’s still not far off. She has strong looking abs and legs. She wears a feathery shawl with a big necklace of beads. Let's not focus on her lack of upper-wear. Err... she punches things. Not an axe... but...

    It's been awhile since I did this... I identify her.


    HP>> 77/145 (=STR+END+50)
    MP>> 8/17 (=INT+PER)
    13 YEARS OLD
    Strength 25
    Agility 22
    Endurance 40 (+30)
    Intellect 11
    Perception 6
    Charisma 13

    <<Meenaora Adherant>> (A powerful martial artist, she can channel Fire Spirits into unarmed attacks and as power for her limbs, using her own endurance as a cost, rather than magical power.)
    <<Soaring Blazefall>> (Martial Attack, costs 12 HP, A special jump attack made with temporary super strength.)
    <<Rising Meenaora>> (Martial Attack, costs 9 HP, A special uppercut made with the imbuement of a mythical flaming bird.)
    <<Hexenheight Talons>> (Martial Attack, costs 3 MP, A combat kata, restores vitality with a vampiric multi-strike impact.)
    <<Flash Step>> (Martial Skill, Instantaneous Movement, costs 6 MP)
    <<Combat Fitness II>> (Long martial training regime for years, gives a +20 bonus to Endurance)
    <<Exceptional Vitality II>>
    (Long desert training fosters exceptional resilience beyond norms and appearance, +10 bonus to Endurance and bonus +50 HP.)
    <<Blood of the S’tavi Elders>>
    (Grants bright red hair, +3 bonus to Charisma and Strength).
    <<Steel Will III>>
    (Gains +15 bonus endurance to resist pain and unconsciousness. Does not apply to confusion or fear.)
    <<Mercantilism II>>
    (Gains +6 bonus intellect to calculate financial sums and conversion rates, to haggle, and to appraise the value of goods).
    <<Glass-working Basics>>
    (Has basic knowledge of glass-working, but no practical experience).

    Well, that's somewhat of a surprise. I guess she's the HP tank type, with an overwhelmingly higher HP amount than me or the rest of the girls. She attacks using her own vitality for powering her stronger attacks, so I guess it’s needed.

    "Ahaha! To have the filthy gaze of a strong man makes Kali shudder! How fun!"

    Oh crap... I forgot appraisal did that.

    Aria chops me on the head. I go swirly-eyed since she didn't hold back much of her strength.

    "Well... since Elijah accepting new girls is a foregone conclusion, and having further frontline support is always appreciated, welcome to the team, Kaliasta. I hope we'll get along." Aria says.

    Kali observes her closely.

    "Kali likewise thinks."

    They shake hands.

    "But Aria. Why not show if love Elij... kakakaka!"

    What was that!? ...I was still dizzy. I look around and see Kali's hand is being shaken very intensely, and I think it's almost turned into arm wrestling. What on earth?

    "C-crushing through even desert blue steel!? Aria is worthy oppon... friend after all."

    "Yes, yes... I'm sure we'll be good friends, Kaliasta." Aria grins.

    My thunder spirit wants to leap out of my chest to make sparks again.

    Aria's tsundere is pretty adorable at times. But every day I feel I'm closer to an early death before I even catch a whiff of the demon lord.

    But whatever should we do now? Actually...

    "What were you girls doing before over the remains of the skull beast?" I ask.

    "Um... it was my suggestion. We need to bring proof of the beast’s demise to the local guild. Ah! And report about the dead in the rest stop."

    "The... dead in the rest stop? We didn't stay there long but..." Yuuzu asks, gulping.

    "They were slaughtered by the skull beast. I wonder if it was stalking all of the survivors, yes?" Kaede says, deadpan.

    Yuuzu sighs.

    "I did wonder why it was chasing us. We had barely come out of a fight with three skeleton knights when it ambushed us in that chamber. How did it get ahead... the wings... hah..." she thinks out loud.

    "All void based creatures are malicious." Seria shrugs.

    "True of Kuro-chan too! Hahaha!"

    Yuuzu snickers at Kali's rude comment, but Kurono is still off sulking in the corner and doesn't notice.

    Well, I guess we should make time for this nearby city. We're all still fairly exhausted, so backtracking our steps and hoping for a smooth ride upwards is our best bet, and we should escort Yuuzu and Kurono back as well.

    "Shall we go back to the nearby city, then? We can continue to delve further tomorrow, but as Kiku says, we should make a report. And... we should take Yuuzu back."

    Yuuzu sighs and nods. She then looks at me.

    "The escort will be... the least you can do after poaching my front-liner." She smiles wryly.

    "Kali is extra sorrys, Yuuzu!" She bows in twain, leaving Aria aside.

    Yeah, there is that. I shrug and grin. Yuuzu looks to the corner of the room.

    "Will you be alright carrying that skull, Kurono?"

    "...yes..." she whispers, barely audible.

    "Errr... she's going to carry... ah!" I begin to question.

    A void mage. So she can hold more than Rishya's little bag, right? But that things entire skull!? I... I guess she carries that massive longbow in her pocket dimension?

    So they were prying the skull off earlier.

    Well... I don't know why that especially is rattling me, I've already seen weirder things. In any case... it's likely already night outside, and we should make haste.
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    Who is Kali? Kali is Kali. Why ask question of fools?

    Ah! Kali understands! Kali is from Verania, the S'tavi. Kali be the biggest little one of four little runts. Only strong girl. Mother is important, matriarch of flame. Father one of the shining, the master glassworkers. Both flame and glass important to town, so Kali lucky daughter. Mother picked father as a favour to receive her love due to his skill, but Kali thinks she actually liked him. But matriarchs not allowed to like a man.

    Kali come of age. Has been taught mothers fisticuffs, hard work, lots of training, has learning much of the way of the Meenaora, and it custom to become stronger by finding trouble and beating it up. Only strong girls allowed to be trusted in town, vote as elder, and pick men of choice. So many girls mercenary.

    Kali probably silly, but always enjoyed fathers stories about travel and learning to glasswork. Want to travel more than just mercenary time.

    Crafts not allowed for girls though, but Kali still like to see world, so asked to learn money as normal for girls to become traders for the elders. Learning Jezzathan to talk to others very hard. So different to Saskar. But Kali learn well. Got gift of blue steel legs and arms from parents to fight. Left and found big city.

    Hard to go through desert. Many scorpions. But Kali strong. Learn mother’s style well. Crush.

    Big city quite different to big Veranian cavern town. Always reaching to sky. Sometimes strange weak men try to trick Kali, but Kali punch them. Find place where fighter people gather.

    There, find pretty magic lady with golden sand hair and strange girl with big bow that likes kissing other girls. Make trio of strong girls for fighting! Beat up evil! And Yuuzu-chan is now friend, as is Kuro-chan, even if Kuro-chan rude.

    But then, Kali and friends fools. Caught in pinch by scary massive dead. Kali useless. Arm broken. Very hurt. Cannot save friends. Very sad. Maybe about to be in dead book.

    But! From nowhere, a strong man, who makes fire from glass! Who speaks even in Saskar! Who saves Kali and friends!

    Strong man very strange thing. Never seen before! Not tanned enough. Does not have much brows. But still, Kali likes! Uses flame and glass like mix of parents. Very auspicious. Not expected to find husband so soon. But must have!

    Kali has many rivals though. Man is hero? Loved by many strong girls? Very strange. But Kali runt. Not yet matriarch. Cannot command. But Kali will win. She will follow. She will use girl charms. Sorry to leave friends... but must have!

    Will not lose fight ever again. Will be victorious!
    Yessiree; it's the Kali chapter. Writing in her broken Jezzathan/English is really quite entertaining. :blobReach:
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    Also, its time for the best girl survey!!
    Feel free to post your reasoning! They've all become kawaii daughters to me recently. I will actually take audience choices into consideration. I'm not guaranteeing Elijah will make the most democratic choice or anything, but I will attempt to write more content for everyone's favorites as time goes on.

    EDIT: Obviously this is over now, and for some reason you cannot delete old surveys and add new ones here, but if you're still itching to vote, you can do so HERE at RoyalRoadL
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    Sorry guys, forgot to mention before, no chapter today, I have a family visitation going on.

    By the way, here's a Yuuzu image:
    And a Kurono image:

    In case you were wondering about the other two ladies. :D
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    CHAPTER 70

    Just as I contemplate our ascent, I get a level-up notification rolling across my retina suddenly.

    'Fifth level achieved. 3 points awarded. Etranger bonus has increased.'

    I seriously feel like I'm the terminator or I'm in some VR game whenever this goes on.

    Actually, isn't fifth level a bit stingier than the previous ones? If it’s a milestone, surely it should be more rewarding? But I guess game conventions have failed to apply in the past.

    Aria wanders up to me.

    "D-Did you get stronger again?" She asks.

    "Huh? Yeah... how did you know?" I ask.

    She blushes a bit.

    "I get this weird tingly feeling. It's like I'm being tickled! It's really weird! I-I figured out it happens each time you get stronger... and it carries on until you do something... hah..."

    Well that is weird. Is it like spamming the summoner with a level-up notice? How cruel.

    She squirms.

    "Do I tickle your fancy right now, then?" I taunt.

    "S-shut up Elijah. Hurry up and learn something before I... ugh..." she looks too uncomfortable to get seriously angry. She starts furiously scratching her midriff, showing off her toned belly.

    Hurhur... I wonder if this is why she was so short tempered just after I took out the Crawler.

    But I'm only an incidental bully, I don't believe in excess cruelty most of the time, so let’s call up the skill tree.

    I think I just need to be more useful in general as the next priority. If I'm in a melee... I'm basically kinda fucked still.

    Although I am still carrying that staff, and that branch of the tree does reach up to rank 6, it's 5 points for the second level, which is why I've given it the slip before. I guess that level up is quite a jump from the novice practices? I suppose it really starts you down the road of staff combat in this instance...

    Perhaps it’s time to start on spells proper? I focus back on the 'minor shock' area and to my surprise, 'spark cannon' is now an option. Did Seria ever cast this?

    However, it's basically ideal. It's the short range burst sounding one, like an electric sawn-off shotgun blast? It's also just two points!

    Lets go for that.

    I see a vision of a scrawny little black haired girl sitting next to beautiful woman with long copper hair. The little girls own hair is still somewhat short, and she seems meek and dressed in a shoddy, baggy tunic. She has an iron neck-chain. But she is endearingly paying close attention to the woman's hands.

    I watch as well. There is a sweeping gesture, three fingers twirling, and then an outstretched palm.

    The woman smiles warmly.

    "Lets see if you can get it this time, Eri-chan. You'll get two rolls if you do!"

    The vision ends.

    Oh! Cripes!

    The little girl is... 'Eri-chan' is Seria!

    It's such a change to see her meek and short haired and in a modest outfit that I didn't get it straight away.

    Huhuhu... I feel like I touched some forbidden history here.

    Well... it leaves me with one point. Despite looking, nothing for the low cost perks my interest, so I guess we're saving this one. I confirm I don't want to spend it to the Multivultus Scientica.

    I look up as Aria lets out a sigh of relief. The itching was really that bad, huh?

    Suddenly, Seria then appears next to me from behind, hand on my shoulder, giving me a start. How does she do that?

    She looks incredulous and is glaring under her eyes.

    "Your thunder spirit just grew to nearly twice the size in an instant! What the heck did you do!" She exclaims, moving right into my personal space.

    Her flat chest is basically pressed right up against me and her grasp is squeezing my shoulder with surprising power. It's not especially erotic considering her anger, though.

    "I chose to learn a thunder spell." I state, matter of factly.

    Her brows knit further, but she releases me.

    "Show me." She orders.

    I step back and turn away from her so as to not hit her and Aria, but she moves back in front, just allowing me two feet of space.

    "Boy... I will not be hurt by electricity." She glares.

    Oh right. I shrug.

    I think about that vision of the woman and the little Seria, and about electricity. Suddenly, my right arm sweeps by its own volition. The full gesture completes almost as if that woman from the vision possessed me.

    There is explosion of shocks and sparks! I did it!

    Seria is bombarded in electricity, but it just runs down along her belly and legs and grounds out, doing nothing. She steps right up to me again, as if inspecting my face.

    "A flawless Spark Cannon. As if I myself did it. It is almost like I have imbued you; yet I clearly have not..." She says in my ear.

    Aria has a ‘◊’ mouth in awe. But Seria grunts and looks more frustrated. Her head tilts.

    "Just what -is- that power? It is truly enviable... hah..." she sighs, closing her eyes, and then groans whilst tapping the ground with her foot and her head with her finger.

    Yeah... Multivultus Scientica is pretty creepy at times... but I guess I just skipped a few grades of Thunder Mage School, huh?

    Then she opens her eyes again, looks right in my eyes, and grins so hard I feel her face should split. Her hands grab my face. She gets a slight blush too. Its feverish and kinda ‘scary yandere’ rather than adorable. But... Close!!

    "I do love mysteries. I love you, boy!"

    Uh oh...

    Scary Yandere Seria appears!!
    Anyway, the chapter was slightly late today... I was distracted by Etrian Odyssey V.
    Don't forget to vote for your best girl. I'll keep moaning like a bitch until you do.
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    CHAPTER 71

    "Ehhhh!?!? Whuwhuwhaaaat!" Comes from Aria. She looks panicked in the corner of my eye.

    Seria still looks pretty yandere, but then takes a deep breath, and steps out of my space, relinquishing her hold on my face. She turns to look at Aria.

    "Fufufu... I apologise. I did say I would not play with your things, didn't I, princess? To... to clarify... I love Elijah as a magical anomaly. The Etranger is quite an interesting scholarly topic. And he is my student."

    Seria breaks into a jovial laugh.

    It... it didn't seem that way to me, Seria... but I should probably keep my mouth shut.

    Aria's panic dies down at this firm proclamation. I also notice the other girls wandering in front of my vision now. Kiku is blushing and chittering in 'O RLY' mode again at this development. Rishya is sighing, watching Kiku. Kaede still appears unaffected. Kali is bearing a strange, angry looking grimace.

    I clear my throat and turn away from them. Probably a bit of cowardice on my part. I think I'm really truly getting an understanding of the scariness of the harem situation. They're all so cute, though. I wonder if I can't make multiple choices?

    Maybe that's just greedy? Will I hurt them? Wouldn't I suffer a trip on the nice boat? It really is a dilemma.

    "Are we ready to set off?" I question, changing the subject.

    "...I will take the skull... give me a moment." Says Kurono, sighing.

    Kurono steps over the remains of the skull beast. She narrows her eyes and concentrates. I watch, waiting for her to pick it up.

    But it never happens.

    There was a brief whistling crack that makes me jump, like a bullet had just accelerated over my shoulder.

    The skull then seems to blur briefly, like it is in motion, and it is honestly just gone.

    Yuuzu pats her on the shoulder, giving Kurono a complicated expression.

    "How should we move as this enlarged group?" Asks Aria, sidling up to me protectively.

    Kiku appears to have settled down as she does the same.

    "Um... can miss Kali act as further rear guard to protect miss Yuuzu, and miss Kurono?" She instructs.

    "Gotcha, swordsgirl." Kali states deadpan. She looks worried as she files in with her two charges.

    "How often do the changes in layout and re-spawns occur here?" I query.

    "Not that often, in our experiences. The alteration today was quite significant. We had a brief meeting with the... camp before we came down here as a vanguard. We were due to return after gathering information on one of the routes."

    "This is fairly normal for dungeon exploration, Nii. If large threats appear and no one checks in, there is a gradual increase in the party elites that are sent in." Kiku confirms.

    Probing new content with a single party? That sort of thing of thing would never be game with the MMO crowd. There would be hundreds spreading out in a chaos. It makes sense but...

    "Doesn't that make you three a sacrificial morsel, though?" I ask.

    Yuuzu sighs and Kurono looks angry.

    "That is... probably true. The culture of these places and their tight knit communities... they live here... and we... we were the new outsiders. Why would they not... send us?" Yuuzu gives a wry smile.

    Ouch. I probably was insensitive. How strange. I didn't realise they actually lived in the dungeon. You would think it would be a constantly shifting traveller camp but... hmm... I guess to some, it's a livelihood rather than a mere training exercise.

    Kiku shrugs when I give her a brief look. I guess she knows little as well. She did say her father encouraged otherwise. Perhaps I really wouldn't have liked those people eh? But I also don't think anyone deserved that kind of brutal death...

    "Well, I guess this time that rather backfired on them..." I say, sounding rather morose.

    "Um... It's not your fault, Nii." Kiku pats my shoulder.

    Man, she's a kind girl as well, like Aria. I pat her hand with a clang on her gauntlet.

    She looks flustered and shifty and takes away her hand.

    Oops. Is that putting her on the spot in this situation?

    Well, I can't help it. Barrelling into self-destruction or no, I believe in being honest with the girls as much as I can.

    Am I starting to become exactly the fool of an upstart indecisive protagonist I used to hate? Heh... I wonder...

    Well... twat or not, it’s a far cry from an old life of boredom.
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    "This room is empty, Princess. I do not believe we need to be of concern, yes?" I say.

    Aria sighs.

    "You're right, Kaede."

    She fidgets, warily watching the small necro-fire on the podium. It is so small that one would barely get a hand inside, never mind allow a skeleton out.

    I have trained in a place like this before. There was a very small dungeon not far from master's house. It was a test for his children to sneak through it unscathed. I didn't pass the test, as I ended up resorting to combat in one instance, and somehow he knew. I got twenty lashes. But it was an educational experience. My young self… had a certain hubris to her, and this was the final stage of forging me into the weapon I am today.

    "You are still worried, yes? I do believe Elijah is no longer quite as fragile as you believe. Or is this just your affection showing itself, like in the manor, I wonder?"

    I blink. All of that came out my mouth!

    Master always said 'a dam, once broken, is hard to stem.'

    Alas, I think I am finally understanding the wisdom of this anecdote a little too late...

    Aria's head snaps to me, and in an instant, she pins me to the wall. She seems a little mad.

    "What do you mean... in the manor!" She cries out.

    Oh right. I don't think she saw me. What a novice blunder.

    Well... now the mistake is made...

    "I mean when you were straddling Elijah and you said you wouldn't mind him having interco...mmmph"

    Aria slams her palm over my mouth suddenly. She has taken on an exceptional shade of crimson, and has an amazingly expressive face. I envy her for this sometimes.

    " were..." she stutters

    "Guarding you whilst the two of you were vulnerable in your sleep, yes?" I mumble through her hand, matter of factly.

    She reels backwards as if I punched her in the gut.

    "K-k-kaede..." she stutters.

    "Ah... but Nii-sama punished me for eavesdropping." I add, attempting a morose tone.

    Aria blinks repeatedly. There is a beat or two...

    "Hmmm... he did? Well... I suppose I shan't say anything else then... haahh..."

    Well... he called it a punishment but... there are times when my lack of expression is useful. Is this a deception I should be practicing? Strange.

    "The new attack pattern we practiced was adequate, was it not?" I change the subject.

    "I don't know. It wasn't really enough, even with Kiku's assist." She shakes her head. "It reminds me, though... however did you come up with that?"

    I ponder for a moment.

    "I did not come up with it. It was simply a jutsu I failed to comprehend as a child. I could do the motions, but the spirits would not respond. But seeing that Crawler ablaze... I think perhaps that may have changed... well, this is all conjecture, yes?"

    "Your ability is so mysterious... though I can't talk. I make Seria quite mad by skipping all the steps, teehee!" Aria taps her head with a balled fist and sticks out her tongue.

    Perhaps if I could be as casually cute as her, Elijah might get atop me al... what am I even thinking!?

    "Ah... Kaede... you blushed!"

    I did? Ah...

    Aria narrows her eyes and has a quirky smile.

    "Elijah really has changed us all... hah... what an asshole." She curses as she pounds me on the shoulder. It's kinda painful.

    "A blade cannot choose to..." resonates in my head, and I reactively clutch my face.

    He's an asshole... yes... that is an adequate description. I was satisfied in my role before, but I am turning into a fluttering maiden. What kind of assassin cares for what others think... is concerned for her emotions... is corrupted by her interest... and even... even wishes to obtain a man's favour? I am being broken... and yet... and yet I do not wish to stop the process.

    It is the most I have ever felt for anything. And the true tragedy is that... I am a fool that is joining a six horse pursuit. What madness.

    Aria sighs audibly.

    "What an asshole." She repeats.

    "Indeed." I confirm.

    She looks up in surprise, then starts laughing in a guffaw. I find myself infected.

    Normally I am quiet when the others are jovial... but my facial muscles twitch, and a lyrical noise emits from me. More than just a snicker that I usually force out, it is a lost sound I had forgotten. It doesn't last long but...

    "Huhuhuha... Nii-sama is such a son of a bitch. Even more than master. I hate him, yes! Hahuhuaah..."

    Refuse and hubris spills off my tongue almost naturally. I can't say that! I must stop. I will get lashes until I die!

    No... actually... I won't. I crouch, holding my sides.

    Aria looks wide eyed at me, ruffling her own hair.

    How embarrassing.

    She sighs and mumbles something like 'what have I done...' to herself whilst face-palming.

    Yes indeed.
    Another Kaede chapter, with Aria this time. Sorry for no chapter yesterday; working late and then distracted by Etrian Odyssey V.
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    Eh wot... I'm quivering...

    Nii smiles at me, and peels himself off me.

    He pushed me up against a wall! What! What is going...


    What a dozy mare I was. I nearly got bisected by that great-sword. The skeleton knight ambushed us from behind and I didn't even notice. I didn't even have a sword out. What a crap rear-guard.

    Aria has instantly killed it though. The spear has actually penetrated the back of the skull with a crack. She seems rather strange right now.

    Its bones collapse whilst the skull remains skewered, the great-sword dropping and skidding next to my foot as it cries those blue tears.

    What a pathetic protector I am... my charges are protecting me. All because I was moping about being a burden before.

    Ah! I was saved! My face burns up... and I feel fuzzy.

    The party has already started to move on, but I am just totally stunned, rubbing my legs together and squirming my back against the wall like some pervert.

    "This is bad. I can only think about Nii... he even saved me again. I must stop. I need to..." I whisper, head down.

    "Ufufufu... dalac sorni mes kataross il vist, sabac kataross il visti."

    What? Seria is front of me suddenly as my head snaps up. How does she do that?

    "That is to say, swordsgirl, 'If I deny my feelings then I only deny myself.' It was one of my master’s favourite anecdotes. Very applicable to magic." She nods.

    Gaah! Fuuuuck!

    I quick-draw a sword and throw it past Seria with a clang almost instinctively.

    "I'm sorry." I immediately apologise. She looks mildly rattled, understandably.

    Did the others not hear it clang? They continue to move, now out of sight.

    "I will forgive you." She says.

    "You shouldn't. Why are so kind to me? You even taught me that resonating sword concept. What is it you want..." I ask all once. I am seriously a fucking idiot questioning someone’s kindness.

    She puts a finger to my lips.

    "You rather remind me of my younger self." She answers, smiling. "Captive to emotions. All fire and thunder. Quite literally... in a spiritual sense."

    She stretches as she relinquishes her finger and her neck chain clinks.

    "A-are you saying I can be a mage? Eh wot?"

    She smiles.

    "Ufufufu. No. You do occasionally attract a pair of fire spirits. But never for long. It would be a fool’s errand to embark on that path. Especially now you have engraved the dispelling mantra on your mind..."

    "In any case... all I am saying is... love in all forms is always humanities gift. Demons rarely understand it... It sounds like nonsense... perhaps it is... but it... it is never something to suppress." She continues.

    I look on, stupefied.

    "Did you know? Sages die when they lose interest in the world? The spirits do not care for such boring people, and cease to sustain them."

    What is she saying?

    "At one point, barely six months ago... I considered dying. My research was all I had. I had forsaken students after I had to murder one of them for treading the wrong path. Would you believe that my power recently has begun to return to what is was in my youth? And all because..."

    "You have found something to love..." I finish.

    "Fufufu... it is embarrassing when you say it so clearly. When did I become such a deceitful old bat?" Seria sighs.

    I think of her earlier incident, when she proclaimed her 'scholarly' love for Nii. Aria may have been fooled... but...

    How does Nii do it? Saving girls can't be all there is to it. Honesty?

    I blush again, thinking of when he gazed at me so lewdly when we first met.

    All I wanted before was to get stronger to meet Dad and Kako and Celia's expectations. But now...

    Now I want to be strong for Elijah. Is this what Dad was going on about?

    Seria pats me on the cheek.

    "Even if it is doomed to failure. We are..."

    "In this together?" I propose.

    She cackles.

    Then she grabs my hand.

    "Yes. See... you even finish my sentences. We are hilariously similar."

    I grin back. I will protect her too. And Aria, Rishya, and even Kaede and even that weirdo punchy girl.

    It is my duty as a knight. I think I understand Kako a bit.

    My family has sure grown.

    I need to stop dwelling on my mistakes and be the sword for them all.

    If that means a coward like me fighting the lord of demons himself... even if I will die...

    I will not be afraid.
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    CHAPTER 72

    The stuffiness of the air subsides as we make our way upwards.

    We at last make our way outside. It’s really damn cold out here now, a stark contrast to the warmth of earlier. I guess deserts are like that.

    The lagoon sloshes silently around my feet. It is still floating with corpses. I wonder why these ones have not dissolved into flames like the skeletons do?

    "What... what happened here!?" Exclaims Yuuzu.

    "Elijah happened." Aria snickers.

    Yuuzu looks momentarily aghast, with creased brows, but nods. It has been an upwards journey of shocks for her, hasn't it?

    I stop and take a deep breath of the air. It's got a weird tinge to it, presumably due to the bodies, but it’s a step up from the mustiness of the dungeon. I look at the girls as they pass by me. It was tough, but we really made it through!

    I close my eyes briefly.

    I think... it’s not only me. They've all gotten stronger. Everyone has learned new skills when I wasn't paying attention, so I can't slack off or be left behind.

    I'm starting to get used to this. I don't know if it’s a good thing, but I'm certainly a different man than I was nary a few weeks ago.

    In such a short time, I've been blessed.

    And cursed, I suppose.

    I'm not dense enough to miss the fact that, at the very least, Aria, Kiku and Seria, at the bare minimum, are starting to get rather affectionate for me.

    I suppose being a dense harem protagonist... has its merits? Ignorance is bliss and all that.

    "You do think to yourself alot, don't you?"

    I open my eyes. It is Yuuzu. The others have moved a fair distance away.

    I give a wry smile.

    "Probably my biggest weakness. I think too much, rather than doing too much." I answer.

    "I see. You are similar to me in some ways, then. I thought, once, that I had no choices in my life. It turns out I only had to stretch out my hand and do something..."

    I turn to look at her. She has creased brows.

    "... and it turns out, my thinking about much of the world was wrong. You must do things." She continues.

    "Solid advice." I reply.

    "More like I am a fool pretentiously waxing lyrical... But doing nothing... fearing the consequences of change... that is more foolish."

    Wait... is this harem management advice...? Surely not. But the twinkle in her eye is suspicious.

    "Do you love Rishya?" She suddenly bombs me.


    I instinctively snap my head to look up to the other girls ahead. Rishya is arguing (?) with Aria.

    Just who do I like? Isn't it too soon to like anyone? But... in some ways, I have grown to like them all.

    "No wait... you don't have to say anything... that is the best answer… hehe..." She replies, still bearing a funny smile.

    This cunning woman. Did I just react exactly how...?

    "Hahh..." I sigh.

    "Don't be disheartened. It is the sad fate of strong men... errrm... so I hear..."

    She tentatively pats me on the shoulder and walks off to join her cousin.

    Don't I know it?

    Before, I was a generic cog in the machine. Mostly beneath notice. Not likely to often pull off a Casanova with women except a tiny minority with a weird niche for nerds. I exploited the latter occasionally but it never became serious.

    Now, with so much to eat at the table, I am paralysed despite a healthy hunger.

    First world problems, eh?

    Maybe Yuuzu is right, though. I need to stop hesitating and follow my heart.

    If that means hurting them, or buying a ticket on the nice boat, then... well... I need to face that choice like a man. I know I hate indecisive main characters, and hypocrisy.

    At the moment, I don't especially -love- anyone. Maybe that will change. But I -like- them all. I'm clearly a lolicon pervert even if I try to deny it, so I want to do... things to all of them. It’s clearly just lust, so part of me rallies against that. Part of me is trapped by fear.

    Fear of what?

    It's not like the Earth police will suddenly leap out of nowhere and reveal this was all an elaborate sting to catch a suspicious man.

    A perv with interests is not necessarily a paedophile. I don't want to hurt anyone.

    I think that’s it. I'm afraid of what people will think. Will I cross a point of no return? Is it really safe to court a young girl without an accusation of grooming? A fear that you have exploited a certain naivety?

    This will never end. It is the twisted Gordian knot in which I've been trapped.


    For better of worse. This may be the path to hell itself.

    But you know what...?

    Screw what people think.

    Yes Elijah, something something dark side! :blobhero::blobdead:
    I see we have a vast 3 votes now. Thankyou if you're one of those three people.
    EVERYONE ELSE! PLEASE VOTE!! :blobfearful:
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    Ah... the sun is rising.

    It is quite a sight, but I'm suffering from a persistent ache in my chest so I can't fully appreciate it. I grasp Michael white knuckled and sigh. The city sits eastward from us, and the cracks of a sun can be seen struggling in rays behind it.

    Our group has been walking to Hal-Castemour for about an hour from the dungeon, and it isn't too far now.

    Michael isn't very happy for some reason. I normally feel relieved holding him tightly, but the last few hours, he has been... reluctant to help me. I feel more tired when healing. And it feels as if...

    Yuuzu slinks up next to me and I grimace. She has that annoying mischievous expression she has when she finds something funny, so I recoil a bit.

    Even so... I'm so glad I got to see her again. I love Yuuzu alot. Taking care of Aria made me cry sometimes, and Dad never coming home much did as well. We always stuck together. In school. At home. I was like an annoying little sister, I'm sure. It’s really... But she never...

    Yuuzu suddenly hugs me.

    "I'm here, Rish."

    Tears are spilling from my eyes! What is this!

    "J-jeez... I said I would b-be strong." I choke out.

    "You were." She assures me, hugging me tighter and rubbing my back. I sigh, letting my tears run silently into her big chest. I don't hic or let out any embarrassing whining noises. It would be unbecoming of a lady.

    I let Yuuzu go after a moment, and suddenly Elijah is there behind her. I gasp reflexively and my chest ache returns.

    What is wrong with me!?

    "Rishya-chan, Are you..." He begins.

    "Shut up! I am perfectly fine! It's not your concern! I was just relieved over Yuuzu!" I storm at him.

    He visibly deflates as if just slapped him. I feel my chest twist tighter at this. Why!?

    He takes a breath, smiles, and says "That's good then. I'm happy it all worked out."

    He pats me on my shoulder, and then he turns and walks back over to where Aria is. She has a wry smile, and then also turns away. My chest pain only intensifies and my shoulder itches.

    This douchebag! He is so inconsiderate!

    But he did save Yuuzu. And Aria. And even me.

    I almost crumple on the spot, but Yuuzu holds me again.

    "Are you truly just grateful? Or do you like him?" Yuuzu whispers to me.

    "W-what is there to like!? He's an irredeemable pervert! I hate him!" I snap at her in a restrained hiss.

    "And yet you didn't want him to hear you say that?" She grins. I suddenly hate her as well.

    What is wrong with me...?

    I was supposed to be objective! Aria is clearly in love with that horrible man! And I...

    What kind of friend am I... all I can think about is...?

    Pressing my chest against him like that one time and whispering under my...


    It hurts. My head is blank. My hand holding Michael burns like I was putting it in a furnace.

    I squirm and feel feint, but Yuuzu holds me like a vice.

    "Rishya..." Yuuzu suddenly says. She... she is so serious.

    "You cannot hold this back. Your spirit. It will kill you." She continues, her voice urgent.

    My tears keep falling and my legs buckle.

    "B-b-b-but... I n-need... to be... s-strong... I-I need... to... protect... Aria f-from him!" I grit my teeth as I hiss. Pain wracks me all over.

    "Isn't the best way to protect her from him not to take him for yourself?"

    Yuuzu kills me.

    She might as well have slipped a knife right down my throat.

    My resolve was truly paper thin after all, was it?

    Why!? Why does that idea fill me with such sinister joy?

    Am I... jealous!?! Why!?

    What is wrong with me!

    What is wrong with me...?


    Nothing is wrong.

    I just love Elijah.

    My heart explodes. But for some reason, it stops hurting. I stop quivering and squirming, my back straightens, and I find my feet suddenly.

    Michael suddenly erupts with power as well. I feel a rush of blood to my head as my heart thumps with new resplendent fury. It's intoxicating.

    "Sendervil loves people to love. The light is with you again." Yuuzu suddenly whispers, sighs in relief, and then lets me go.

    The sun comes up fully now. Rays of light suddenly shine directly in my eyes.

    The light is blinding. The future is terrifying. I am following a disgusting lolicon pervert into hell. I even have no chance of winning, do I?

    But I don't close my eyes.

    What a blind fool I am. It hurts. It hurts so much.

    But I will walk by his side.

    Poor Rishya... she only wanted to helpful to Aria.
    And yes... I think that light spirits can be a bit sinister as well...:blobspy:
    Also, no Friday chapter again, I know. They might be missed on the run up to Xmas, as I am very busy at work.
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    That weird little Yuuzu has stopped crying when Yuuzu-chan stopped to hug her alot. I wonder why the sunrise made her so upset?

    It is funny that they look quite similar. Yuuzu a bigger girl... scary lady assets. If I had to fight her in lady’s battle... might be very hard. But... Rishya is only a bit bigger... might have chance, as Kali started to grow nicely of late. Bigger than other girls interested in Elijah. But does Elijah not prefer it missing? Hard to tell. Seems to like Silver Princess and Green Swords-girl alot.

    I am walking with Kurono at the back now. The sun is starting to rise. Kuro seems very sad...

    "Eh... is Kuro-chan okays with big skull?" I ask her.

    She glares back viciously, moreso than usual.

    "I'm not talking to a traitor like you." She says, deadpan.

    I shrug.

    "Kali always like men, Kuro-chan. Just missing one’s worth attention paying to." I clarify.

    She sighs.

    "Why does Kuro-chan hate men so? Never said." I ask.

    She gapes as if I just punched her.

    "You... are really insufferable."

    I grin back.

    "Little brothers often say things same. Hahaha." I laugh.

    She sighs.

    "My household was robbed. I was kidnapped. My parents were killed. A male bandit group." She grimaces, her teeth audibly grinding.

    "Gah! Why I am even saying these things to..."

    I grasp her in a hug, following Yuuzu's example, and she gasps. She tries to push me away, but I'm way stronger.

    "It be days for hugs; Kuro-chan. Kali very sorry. Does like Kuro-chan. But not for kisses."

    She goes quiet and limp in my grip.

    "We fight muchly, but you are still big friend of Kali. Always remember."

    I let her go. She is wide eyed.

    "You really are insufferable." She crooks a tiny smile.

    "Hehehehe" I snicker, rubbing the back of my head.

    We carry on walking... we are lagging behind the others now. And is it my imagination or is she closer than before?

    "It wasn't even just that. For three days. Left me in a room with my rotting parents while they looted our estate, raped the maids in front of me and killed them too. I screamed and cried so much that they beat me senseless. It was maybe... fortunate. It meant I kept my own chastity for just long enough."

    I feel like I shouldn't interrupt her. Kurono-chan's melancholy and dark edge were always quite evident. I guess I was lucky to have such a great father and such a strong mother. I cannot imagine just how terrible it would be to be unable to defend myself.

    "And then... just as they were stripping me, barely conscious, about to be broken, I was saved..."

    "Kali thinks a lady adventurer came? That right?"

    She smirks.

    "Yes indeed. Just a middle aged mercenary woman doing an investigation job. Not even that special. But right then... blood and limbs of those men flying around me... she looked more ~beautiful~ than even Yuuzu!"

    She jumps in shock and looks around as if she is telling an important secret

    "Do not give up, Kuro-chan. Maybe even get big Yuuzu in bed one day. She maybe only tolerant to mens. Kali not sure." I assure her.

    "No... it’s a l-lost cause..." she stutters.

    "Has Yuuzu-chan ever directly denied Kurono?" I ask.

    She halts for a moment and her brows crease. She opens her mouth but no sound emerges.

    "Then not lost cause!" I smile, and grasp both her hands in my gauntlets. She blushes.

    "Kali has silly cause too. Not many female merchants in desert. Man Kali likes... is surrounded by many lovely girls. Surely much tougher!"

    She sniggers.

    "Yeah... you're fucked as well."

    "Kali hopes so!" I laugh.

    She takes in my obvious innuendo and starts laughing as well. I've never heard her laugh so rambunctiously. She is shaking.

    It's a loud noise. The others look back, so I shrug at them and they continue.

    "Ah... why is life still worth living? I'm a depressive that stinks of death and misfortune enough to get a Void spirit. It whispers to me to die every hour of every day."

    "Don't listen, Kuro-chan. You can have happiness."

    "Hah! You... you're totally a fucking insufferable, mad Veranian bitch, Kaliasta." She curses.

    "Ah! Kuro finally used Kali's name! Happiness!" I exclaim.

    She blinks as I grin at her, and then she gives a wry smile back, shaking her head.

    I'm a little sorry to be leaving her and Yuuzu behind. But at least left without sour memories.

    I think this is good.

    (note: this chapter was added later on)



    I am tired.

    And, it's not just because of the skull beast fight. It's because Elijah has gained yet another female supporter. Even Rish, after having a talk and a hug with Yuuzu, is starting to give him longing, maidenly glances. I knew it was only a matter of time. I even told her as such.

    People think I'm dumb sometimes, and they're not far wrong, but I'm not so dense as to not realise what Kiku and Seria are up to.

    Then again, what appeal do I have? All I have is... a spear... and a pretty face. Kiku can cook and be a cutie. Kaede is just... well, even I can watch her progress towards humanity and be enthralled. Seria's obscenely smart and mature. Rish is like the kindest person in universe when you pull aside her thorns. The new girl is exotic.

    But I... I never thought I would mean anything to anyone. I'm the last princess. One unable to be of much political or social use; and only good for beating skeletons over the head.

    Do I have an inferiority complex over my big sisters? Well... sure...

    Cadence had a bright future... she had a great mind, unlike me. Before the demon invasion, she led a scholarly group that helped advance the reliability of flying skiffs. Even after, I heard she was a great strategist. She deployed her Etranger like the rapier she favoured, a precision tool. We all thought dad would nominate her to be the next queen; she looked very much like mother, and losing her must have made dad feel like she died twice over.

    Melody was a troublemaker, like me, but everyone let her off, because she was a genius with numbers. She even improved our economy and saved us from an impromptu financial downfall. And obviously, she was by far the most stunning woman in existence. Cadence had a great regality and evoked pure queenliness. But Melody just -oozed- beauty. Big chest, shining long silver hair, a perfect grin, and a twinkle in her blue in blue eyes that could sink a ship.

    We didn't tell Elijah that Cadence died to demons because she lost faith in her Etranger. A letter arrived from her posthumously. He was feeding the demons our battle plans and intelligence. All so he could come in and save the day. We lost more than we gained, including Cadence's life, all to satisfy his hubris, because he felt this was some kind of game.

    As for Melody... it was a poison that set her to an eternal sleep. A poison called arrogance, that believed she could be the saviour where her sister failed. She tried summoning three Etranger at once, and all with strict conditions, like loyalty and modesty. Summoning sickness is still poorly understood, but in this case, it was inevitable, even for a genius.

    Etranger could save us, and they could also kill us. So why do we do it?

    An Etranger must be the one to slay a Sage of Void. They are outside the rule of this world.

    It truly shocked and surprised me that Elijah managed to deduce something that even the other Sages never knew.

    But even though Jeraldine is the so-called specialist of summoning, as we trace back to, apparently, the goddess Saulm, people fail to realise our actual legacy is our fair and just rule.

    Fathers lessons about being a fair and objective ruler of the people are truly noble.

    But jeez, this fair play shit is a pain when you're a maiden trying to gain a man's attention.

    Hah... I'm trying to get his attention...? Of course, I am. I'm also not dumb enough to deny my own feelings.

    Well... ok... I was. Back at the manor. I was scared witless, realising properly for the first time that someone actually had lustful feelings for me.

    For me!?

    I put on a face of bravado, and disguised it behind an excuse. I was shocked at how adult I sounded for a moment. Maybe I'd be better in court than I realised.

    D-did he really... pleasure himself to thoughts of me?


    But if that's my only advantage here... it’s a slim one.

    I wish I could suddenly learn a new hobby that could be useful. I wish I played around with Melody-nee less, and focused more on my lessons.

    I think that's it, isn't it? Elijah... he's just so earnest that it drives us all to try harder, to try and reach out our hands and grab more than we ever expected to have. He's... got this... expectation, I think, that we are bastions of dreams. But for some reason, we all realise this, and don't want to let him down.

    So, we change ourselves. We become hope for him. It's crazy.

    We are nearly at Hal-Castemour now. The gates are coming up.

    Perhaps there is one thing I can be. I can still keep my dignity. I am, after all, a princess. I can puff out my flat chest and be the legal and moral shield for us all. I can be there as Elijah's summoner. And I can always, at the very least, protect him.

    Even if he loves the others much more than me. I will stay regal and keep my upper lip stiff and only cry in private.

    As this countries’ only remaining princess... this is the least that I can do...
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    CHAPTER 73

    So this is Hal-Castemour?

    It's not as big and obviously prosperous as Jeraldine's capital, for sure. But it still certainly seems a lively place. The highlight is certainly the ivory towers. Even with the sun at their back, they still almost seem to shine.

    We moved towards the coast a bit before we joined the line at the gate. There's a few merchants with us, and one of them is with a crew on one of those hovering skiffs.

    It's the first time I've seen one up close.

    It mostly resembles a regular boat, but with shallow sides, no obvious underdeck, a cabin at the rear, and crates piled on palettes.

    It floats off through the gate in front of us after being cleared by the guards, and starts to rise off towards one of towers. Passing through the gate appears to be mostly a formality.

    We move forwards.

    One of the guards, a girl, blinks rapidly as the two sweep their gazes to us.

    "Silver... W-wh-wait! Is that... the princess Aria!?" She exclaims to her male compatriot.

    "Oh shit!" He joins her.

    I notice Aria is snickering to herself as if gloating. She does enjoy it when she actually gets recognised... but then I think she finds being incognito entertaining in its own way as well.

    The guards have gone down on one knee.

    "Your majesty!! You did not need to wait to go through!" The older male guard exclaims.

    "You may rise. Do not concern yourself. You are doing well."

    Wow... Aria is actually capable of taking on an imperious tone sometimes.

    "Your majesty is merciful." They say in unison, bowing as they stand. It's clear that they sigh in relief.

    I suppose the standard situation with nobles like this involves the guards being punished for daring to make them wait.

    "We will let Viscount Remus know immediately of your arrival." They exclaim.

    Aria looks troubled, and for some reason, so does Yuuzu.

    "No. This is not a formal visit, as my attire attests. I am here as a mercenary only. Please do not make a report. We have an important mission for the crown that relies on secrecy." She states clearly.

    The guards look a little troubled in return now. It's probably an unreasonable request now, where it wasn't before? I wonder why we... well I guess we don't have time for a noble reception, do we?

    Though there is a moment’s hesitation, naturally the guards let us through without further incident.

    We move through the streets of what appears to be the wharfs and dock area. Despite how early in the morning it is, it is a hive of activity. There are several street stalls and everything here is punctuated by the smell of fish.

    "Ufufufu... it -IS- still a fishing village at heart after all." Seria muses.

    I guess she's not wrong.

    At this point I notice one of the towers has started billowing smoke.

    "Is it on fire!?" I exclaim.

    "It is not. That tower is a production centre for alchemical products."

    Kurono answers. She seems much less distressed than before. She even answered me without a prompt from Yuuzu. I wonder what happened?

    "I believe that they also manufacture parts for the flying boats there." Aria adds.

    "That is correct. It is a precision process. Many craftsmen live in Hal-Castemour." Kurono clarifies.

    "Ah... thanks!" I say to her.

    Here's the glare and the 'hmmph'.

    Makes sense I guess. If you're gonna have an alchemy place, and if there’s even one dozy girl with an affinity for explosions working there, it’s good to keep it away in the stone, less likely to burn so hard tower. Keeps the streets from choking in bizarre smoke too.

    "Um... whilst there are questions... is there... an inn... called 'The Furious Stallion' around here?" Kiku asks tentatively.

    Kurono stops glaring at me, and her expression softens but looks surprised.

    "Ah... yes... it is close, in fact, just two streets back from where we came."

    Ah, I see. Looking at Kiku, her fists are balled and she has that starry-eyed look.

    "Have you been there before? I wouldn't normally recommend it as the most... hospitable... place for travellers, but..."

    "Is by chance, the food well renowned?" I ask.

    Kurono blinks and nods, raising an eyebrow.

    "Celia-shishou's shishou!" Kiku exclaims.

    I look back to Aria and Kaede, who both have wry smiles.

    Wait... Kaede has a wry smile? What the fuck?

    I am bewildered by another strange development that has somehow slipped by me like a ninja in the night.

    "I guess the place we're staying is decided." Aria shrugs.

    "Eh wot!? Is that ok!?" Kiku acts joyous.

    She really is like a bundle of happiness when good food is on the horizon.

    "Well... don't say I didn't warn you..." Kurono sighs and says something ominous.

    Late post is late, I fell asleep. Not likely to be a Friday chapter again by the way...
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    CHAPTER 74

    "You made a wrong turn, ladies. Get the fuck out!"

    A cranky old woman waves a stick at us as our group wanders into 'The Furious Stallion'.

    Holy hells, my danger sense even leapt through the roof. She is white haired and with a gnarled appearance and tanned brown skin. Is the old lady a secret badass?

    Even Aria shirks back somewhat next to me.

    We split up from Yuuzu, Kali and Kurono to come here at Kiku's desire; but wow... this place is kind of a dive.

    It's strangely meticulously clean... but the outside looked like it was about to fall down, and it's one of those pubs I recognise as a British guy that one does not enter unless one is associated with a local. The glares from the regulars at the bar that could melt steel attest to that. An angry cat also hisses from a shelf. Customer service isn't the number one concern in a place like this...

    Fortunately, brave Kiku leaps in to tank for us as usual.

    "Um... Excuse me..." She starts to ask, gulping herself, but showing some steely resolve in her big green eyes.

    "The fuck? You harder of hearing than I am? I told you to leave, girl! Begone!" The old woman interrupts, firmly grabbing the stick in a stance with both hands. She clearly doesn't need it to stand.

    Holy shit... it's a sword cane!?

    But Kiku remains firm, somehow, despite the fact I'm sure the rest of us feel like pissing ourselves.

    "Are you… Violet?!" Kiku asks.

    The old woman continues to glare, but her stance drops and the cane clicks back on the floor.

    "Do I know you? I fucking don't know any little green haired bitches. And don't you dare claim to be me granddaughter as well!"

    Kiku shakes her head and responds. Is she quivering?

    "You don't know me. But you know my master, Celia Florents."

    The old woman, Violet, stops ranting.

    "Your... master...? Celia... took a damn student? What the shit? You're lying! Who told you to..."

    "Um... When the horse brays, it does so wishing for a..."

    "...A finer day than this."

    The old woman finishes her sentence. Is this like a spy code between chefs? Weird.

    "Well consider me fucked. Except I couldn't give it away these days." She cackles.

    Her entire demeanour changes. My danger sense relaxes somewhat.

    "You... you're barely fucking ten or something." The old woman says.

    "Eh wot!? I... I'm thirteen." Kiku exclaims.

    "Same difference."

    Violet cackles again, snatches up Kiku's gauntleted hand, and sniffs it suspiciously. Kiku looks aghast.

    "Hmm... maybe I was mildly rude. You're a sapling... but you can handle a blade..." she says, nodding slightly.

    Mildly rude? I wonder what she considers very rude. How can you even tell battle prowess from sniffing a hand?

    I yelp slightly as she squints at me suddenly.

    "This your husband? Your hands are already all for him, right?"

    "Eh wot!?! Um... I!" Kiku cries out, blushing as red as blood.

    The old woman snorts, shakes her head and shuffles up to me. She gives the appearance of being infirm, but given the stance earlier, it's probably an act.

    Violet grins at me. Scary.

    "You better fuck this girl before her legs give out. I know you're a pretty weak mage dude or something, but don't be a pussy, that's what she's for." She says, deadpan.

    What the! What!

    I gape.

    Aria has gained dot eyes and there is an uncomfortable silence of death all around me.

    Violet snorts again as she looks over the other girls.

    "Ah... right you are. Well, aren't you a lucky little shit? Don't get your dick in a twist, I think they'd all share." She continues.

    I swear that if this were an anime, everyone would fall over in a huge collapse right this second.

    The last thing I expected was for a crude old bat to address the elephant in the room.

    "Boy... there's so many legs willing to open here, I feel like I'm a madam in a whorehouse! You'll be dead afterwards, but be a man and get on the job already!"

    She taps my cheek with a sharp nail as a ghost pours out of me.

    All the girls are frozen like me with the appearance of a ripe tomato field.

    "Bloody hell! Take turns if you must. You want your pussies to go dryer than mine?" She berates the girls.

    Then goes over to vegetable’d Kiku, who has steam coming out her ears and is shaking like a boiling teapot.

    "Anyway. So you can cook, and you wanna cook better? Celia was a dumb bitch in love with herself, crap at teaching..." Violet grimaces.

    "But she could cook, so if she taught anyway, you're clearly worth a test at least. I'm putting you all up for two days. No fucking charge."

    Well... that's lodging sorted. But what the hell do I even do now?
    I marked this NSFW because of Violet's mouth... hahaha... what a funny old bat.
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    Just a quick notification that you can now follow Yuusha Youjo on RoyalRoadL if you like that platform.

    I will gradually be adding chapters over there to catch up with here, though I imagine it will be at least a couple of weeks for that side to catch up.
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    CHAPTER 75

    My cowardice is showing.

    Using the excuse that I was tired (which was true), I snapped up the offered key immediately and got out of there, finding my room.

    The snide grin on Violet's face made me wonder if something was up, but I wasn't thinking straight.

    I collapse on my knees after opening the door at the far end of the second floor.

    My huge room is the damn wedding suite or something.

    What the hell.

    "Nii... what's wrong?" Kiku and the others wander up, showing some concern.

    "Ah!" She then exclaims, putting her hand over her mouth.

    Seria starts cackling.

    "Fufufu... I think she got us good."

    "Omygadds... really..." Aria also realises.

    My head cranks around like some broken dolls.

    Yes, much like I feared.

    Everyone has a key labelled 'seven'. How lucky.

    "It appears to have quite an extensive bed, yes?" Kaede states un-needed information.

    I feel a sense of dread.

    "Kekeke... is this to your standards? It is the nicest room. Unfortunately, this inn is a small one, and we only have seven rooms, but I am currently burdened with six lodgers." Violet appears, suddenly the picture of helpful customer service.

    "Um... Nii... we... err... don't have to stay here... it..."

    Kiku is fidgeting.

    Nope. Why my sudden cowardice? Was I just rattled as the consequences of a six-girl party started to rear their heads? Is my interest that shallow?! I should be jubilant!

    I leap back up.

    "Thankyou for the hospitality. This will be fantastic." I state, with firm resolution.

    Violet appears momentarily surprised and squints, with a snort.

    "Huh... maybe you have at least one ball after all."

    She cackles, rubs her hands together, and wanders off.

    Most of the girls are gobsmacked.

    "Fufufu... I like this woman!" Seria says, ignoring the frozen others and linking arms with me.

    "Well, student of mine, we need our rest. Let us go."

    I certainly am tired...

    Exhausted even. My feet are killing me. We've been non-stop since the manor.

    "Ah! Me too!" Aria grabs the other arm.

    "Then I shall join Nii-sama also." Kaede looks frustrated at her loss of initiative, grabbing a finger.

    "Eh wot! Then!" Kiku grabs another with her.

    "Haaaaah!? What in Sendervil's name is wrong with you all! You!" Rishya is the voice of reason for a change.

    "You cannot do this!"

    And then she glomps me from behind. I feel her chest pressed up through my fabric.

    Reason...? Not so much...

    Pressed from behind, yanked forwards, pulled by hands and fingers, there is a disturbing sense of cohesion in movement towards the huge king-size four-poster bed.

    I swear I feel a snide, bemused gaze from the stairwell as well.

    My breastplate and cloak are removed, and I am basically thrown onto the sheets. It is in fact a lovely bed. Clean white sheets that feel good, lots of pillows.


    Just a shame I'm surrounded by girls that have become furious devils.

    I shut my eyes, resigned to my fate.




    ...I really was tired...

    I think in my life there was only a handful of times I fell asleep almost instantly.

    But then again, dungeon crawling and deadly combat was not a hobby of mine before.

    I am surrounded in a serene picture.

    Lolis in various stages of undress, arranged around me in a whirlpool.

    Stuff is piled up off the rooms side, including armour, weapons and clothes. Most of the girls are sleeping in just tops and panties. Kiku and Kaede's hair is down.

    At some point, Kali has also appeared, and, basically only wearing her body bandages, has joined the group.

    The sun is starting to fall in the sky. A nice breeze is coming off the sea through the window, mitigating the heat of this six-girl pile-up.

    That's good, really. My legs and arms are dead exhausted. It's like I had a hard session at the gym before sleep. I couldn't move far without touching something anyway.

    Well... I have been sleeping with Aria nearby before, sort of accidently... but this is new.

    Perhaps I was needlessly scared. This is... nice.

    I may have dodged a bullet though? The girls almost seemed a bit feverish at the end there.

    I don't appear to have lost my pants. Thank the gods.

    Even though it’s not a naturally erotic scene, I can't resist being terribly excited downstairs, compounded with good old morning wood that has no reason to go away.

    I sit up slightly and cautiously, and drink in the sights.

    Didn't I resolve earlier I wouldn't care what people think?

    Watching many lovely girls sleeping besides me... Is this not actually like a lifelong dream?

    I'm so used to not being the subject of such luck. It is luck, right?

    Maybe I will eventually need to come to an important decision.

    But for now, I should just relish in my good fortune.

    I'm an honest to goodness master of a harem of lolis!
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    Ah oh fuck. Oh shit. Balls.

    He's... um... looking at me.

    What the shit?! What am I even doing here? I was following the flow... but...

    Now I'm lying right next to Elijah in my under-slip and panties.

    Why did I choose here?

    I was trying desperately to seize the initiative at the time... I got a good spot.

    And I slept straight after.

    There was some minor dissatisfaction in me at the time, though. Just because...

    I wanted to do the things Celia and Dad did that one time.

    Fah! I want to boil up, but the breeze is so cool.

    My heart is racing so much...

    I was seen right through by master’s master.

    Have I really become like one of those... sluts? I cannot deny my feelings after all... nobody has ever been so kind, made me change so much.

    What an idiot I am. Dad gave me a lecture before I left about the dangers of listening to a crush. How a girl can be taken advantage of. He was so serious and concerned looking, but almost had a sense of... resignation.

    But then... Kako, with a wry smile, whispered in my ear that nothing can stop love. She hugged me like never before. It was weird.

    And Seria-chan too... even Aria gives me a kindly expression when my head isn't focused and I act like a dreamy maiden.

    There is almost... when he fell asleep... when we were all caught out by master's master... there was almost a tacit understanding that we wouldn't try to argue with each other over this...

    Ah no! He's smiling at me! I'll explodeeeee! I shut my eyes harder!

    Ah! Ah! My eyes shoot back open! I'm busted... noooo...

    All because... he is ruffling my head again.

    But this time, his grasp doesn't stop, and runs down the side of my face gently.

    His hand is big and warm and soft.

    So different from Dad's calloused hand. It's never held a sword, or trained much.

    He's no warrior. And yet... maybe that is precisely why? I was always surrounded by warriors. I wasn't so dense as not realise some of them viewed me as something other than a child. Some of them only never made a move on me as they were scared of dad. I hated it... and that's why I even planned that farce in the guild with Kaede-chan.

    Saulm save me from this!

    Do I want to be saved... though...?


    I close my eyes and breath out wildly in resignation.

    Then... he lets go of my face.

    I open my eyes again, and he has a difficult expression for some reason...

    What? No... please carry on...

    I then realise Aria's big blue eyes are open and twitching next to me.

    Seria's too. She is sat up and smiling scarily.

    I burn up properly now. We're all a bunch of liars, huh? I think we did all sleep but...

    Maybe we're all sensitive to the one we love? Hahh... what a useless bunch of idiots.

    I think I understand Dad's warning. Swooning maidens are way more dangerous than any monster, both to themselves and everyone else.

    What a heavy mess... fuck...
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    CHAPTER 76

    It's late afternoon, and me and the girls are sat around a long table. Most of this inn's other patrons seem to have just been around for a liquid breakfast before, and have retired.

    There is an uncomfortable silence and nursing of drinks going on.

    It’s unusual for this group.

    Oh yeah... I guess drinking laws aren't a thing here. Or possibly just that Violet doesn't give a shit. Aria is on the Ionia Cider, Rishya has some suspicious blue cocktail, Kiku and Kaede are both on (different) wines, Kali has a frothy beer, and Seria is swirling a tumbler of whiskey.

    Come to think of it, it was Aria that recommended that cider to me my first night in this world. The one that became the molotov. She must be a connoisseur. Or maybe she really likes apple juice? I can see both making sense.

    The molotov, was in many respects, the real door into our current circumstance.

    Suddenly, Kali downs her tankard of beer and slams it on the table.

    "Kali doesn't mind sharing!" She exclaims.

    There is a sudden uproar at this statement. A cacophony of noise I cannot even begin to filter.

    I suppose it's not a surprise. I was probably getting ahead of myself, rubbing Kiku's face like that. She looked so cute, clearly trying to pretend she was asleep.

    The argument is senseless already. Just girls trying to talk over each other.

    I can't let this turn into a bloodbath though. Harem maintenance is a job and a half... but it's now my responsibility.


    The drinks all skip into the air slightly as I slam the table. I want to scream 'objection!' but...

    "I'm a lolicon pervert!" I shout instead.

    All the girls stop and stare.

    "But as a man who is also a gentleman, I won't tolerate this."

    "I feel like all of you are amazingly cute. I want to treasure you all. The fact you all appear to like me is amazing... but I have never had fortune like this. I am very sorry that I don't know how to handle it right. But I will promise to try. Please bear with me, as always."

    There is a silence.



    It is broken by a howling laughter from behind the bar counter as Violet limps out.

    "Not bad boy, I'll give it a pass mark." She snarks. "Well ladies... whatever will you do? Aren't you compatriots?"

    They all look back and forth at one another, and though this is an unfortunate expression to use, there is a pregnant pause.

    "Elijah... you are insane." Aria breaks the silence.

    "You know... I'm a princess. I could just tell all these others to back off and make it illegal to be in love with an Etranger by the death penalty or something. I'd do it. Even you, Rish."

    What. Aria would really abuse her power like that? Things have progressed that far? This is like that visual novel where aliens destroy the white house accidently and then instate a Japanese schoolgirl as president with brainwashing.

    "Whatever happened to the wrong priorities..." I mumble.

    Aria sighs.

    "Yes Elijah... wrong priorities. I know. I'm stupid and also a hypocrite. Aren't we all?"

    Aria rubs her forehead.

    "Maybe it’s not even real love I feel for you. Maybe it is a strange effect of summoning. Why is that..."

    My mouth opens by itself.

    "Aria, did you just say you love me?"

    She stops, and shakes. I feel like she's about to froth at the mouth. Whether from shock or anger, I don't know...

    "Holy fucking shit!" Rowdy Kiku appears. "Why is it there's always somebody stood in front of me!" She slams her face into the table, raises her head again, and bursts out in a ghastly wail.

    "Niiiiiiiiiii! I looove youuuu tooo!"

    I gape. That was a ~horrifying~ confession. Her forehead is bleeding. But the problems aren't over yet.

    "To my chagrin, yes, it appears that, despite our short time in proximity, I am also concerned by feelings of an unusual degree of affection for your personage for reasons beyond my understanding and control." Kaede states, deadpan.

    My gape grows. Kaede was capable of such a sentence?

    "Fufufu... what a player. Well... you have already received my confession, boy. As an intellectual curiosity... I have vested interest in you." Seria interjects.

    So, that was a confession after all? Jeez...

    "Ahhhh!! It's not like I like you or anything... but you'd best not... go anywhere... or else!" Rishya's tsundere only makes it worse.

    "Kali simple. Kali likes. Destined one. No questions."

    Actually, I have plenty of questions, Kali. There's nothing simple about this.

    "So, the consensus reached is a formal declaration of war, then?" Aria has suddenly taken on a regal tone again, like she did with the guards.

    It silences the rowdy proceedings once more.

    "Wait!" I shout. "This isn't...!"

    "...What you wanted?" Aria finishes. "No... onii-chan... I'm sure it isn't. We all appreciate the fact that you are plausibly confused and just naturally kind to girls. But you cannot... we cannot... abide by such a wishy washy non-decision."

    Well shit.

    It works for other harem protagonists. But I'm doomed…
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    CHAPTER 77

    "What does... war mean in this circumstance, princess? I think violence over this issue is a little... overboard, and a competition is only going..." Seria queries, with a wry smile, flexing.

    " render us pointless as a party. I am aware. Time is also of the essence, and in fact, we have shown to have good cohesion." Aria answers. She can be really quite glib when she wants to be. "Not to mention... I allowed things to progress like this. I did not... but... ah... excuses are pointless." Aria sighs.

    "Um... do we just talk about it, then? Communication is... very critical in parties with mixed gender mercenaries... this kind of thing..." Kiku answers, swiping away the blood from her head and looking serious.

    "Kali question. Not understand at all. Girls meant to share strong men unless girl very stronger than others? What is problem?"

    "That thought is the problem!! You perveerrtt..." Rishya is still not helping.

    "Kali is pervert. So is little Yuuzu. So is others. Wants man inside, no?"

    The entire table faceplants.

    Kali is direct, isn't she?

    I swear I hear Violet off cackling somewhere. That bitch.

    Ah... but I suppose the sexual tension was already peaking. I've even resolved myself to not be a wuss any longer. When a man and girls share life and death situations all the time. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. What to do...

    My mind is racing.

    "Hahhh... that we all seek... sexual relations... with an older man is not... not... (gulp)... un... unusual... w-when he... helps us and is... a weirdo lolicon pervert..." Aria is still trying to be a chairman of a meeting despite writhing like a snake and blushing furiously.

    "Gahhhhh! Even Aria! What is wrong with me... boohoo... I just wanted... to... to... not... like this... I wanted a cuter first lo... gaahhh!" Rishya rubs her hair furiously and rages, then mimics Kiku in slamming her head into the table.

    "Fufufu... how bemusing... I suppose we must all agree to disagree. Perhaps the Veranian culture may have the right of it in this situation after all. Did your own father have many wives, Kali?"

    Kali tilts her head.

    "No. Kali's mother a sub leader priestess. Master of fists. Very strong Meenaora. Beat up challengers to father and Kali. Happened many times. Father very desirable like Elijah."

    "So we are back to war again, yes?" Kaede replies.

    Kali shakes her head.

    "Actually? Very strange now Kali thinks. All other fathers shared alot when desirable. Good for clan. One husband only possible when girl much stronger. And then must promise to elders to have many children. Not normal."

    A natural matriarchal polygamist culture, huh? I guess that's why Kali was the one to bring up sharing. It's kinda fascinating that Kali's own mother was the weird one. I guess my own sensibilities suggest monogamy is normal... but one has to wonder if it's really right in all situations. The opposite clearly works for some.

    Just what is normal?

    Narrow mindedness and ignorance is nearly always one of the main drives of human conflict, behind greed, pride and envy, I suppose.

    Possessiveness is the enemy here. I'd like to have all the girls. But they'd like exclusive rights.

    I'm stating the blindingly obvious now.

    But a war here isn't the way. We need to focus on cultivator. We need...

    "A non-aggression pact." I state.

    All of the girls stare at me.

    "This is the only option, right? Not sharing as such... a distribution of resources. Time where each of you has turns at strict control?"

    I gulp again. Actually...

    "Um... is that really different from sharing?" Kiku worries.

    "Fufufu... the boy is somehow comparing us to some kind of city-state republic. But history teaches us it is an effective means, in theory, where domination cannot be established. It gives the illusion of temporary control."

    "Like... the Republic of Jevenir?" Aria looks frustrated.

    Seria nods.

    "Though not three years at a time, I imagine. Let us say... four days, instead... where each of us is the sole lover. During this period, the others may not complain or intervene."

    "Giving a month-long cycle?" Aria clarifies.

    Seria nods.

    "That's a little... but yes, it is better than a free for all." Aria sighs.

    "Um... how do we determine turn order?" Kiku queries.

    "That must remain up to me. As long as I promise to see you all each month." I say, trying to take control to an extent.

    "Mmmm... that is not... a terrible idea, boy. Perhaps a system where you favour us based on our... contributions? We could not assign turns ourselves without conflict, but we could accept the alternative, I believe. It would also give us a goal to work towards and allows you to focus."

    Seria sweeps her gaze across the others. Rishya is making chewing motions with her jaw, and Aria has a grimace. Kiku and Kaede are looking at each other quizzically. Kali is nodding with her eyes closed. It seems like there is no overt objection.

    I guess this is a landmark day.

    Today is the formation of 'The Treaty of Fair Elijah Distribution.'

    How very insane.
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    CHAPTER 78

    "Still seems like a wuss solution to me. Whatever works though." Violet shrugs and adds more unnecessary fuel to the fire.

    "Anyway, if you're done arguing over the D, I'd like to abuse your chef. I have several customers this evening, and food for the fuckers would be nice."

    Kiku's eyes go wide, but she stands up.

    "Um... straight away? Aren't you going to... um... test me?"

    "Girl, I run an inn known for food. I practically have residents sat around like grintoads with open gobs waiting for fatflies. Do I look like I fucking have time and ingredients to waste like that? This... this is the test you dozy bitch."

    "I... well shit." Kiku rubs her forehead, sighs, and gives me an eye for a second. Perhaps she is worried about losing ground after the ratification of the treaty.

    Violet cackles, clearly enjoying herself.

    "Wash your hands, bandage your dumb head, do your damn hair back up, and meet me in the back. Chop chop!"

    "Eh...! Ah-aye ma'am!" Kiku jumps and dashes up the stairs.

    Kiku must really want this.

    Violet slinks off as well, cackling to herself.

    "We need to speak to the mercenary guild anyway. Kiku's food will give us incentive to come back fast, right?" Seria illustrates.

    She's right. We can meet up with Yuuzu and Kurono again as well. They were due to sleep like us and then meet us there to hand in that skull. I'm happy to give them the credit, as only Aria and Kiku among us are even known as mercenaries. Ah... and Kaede I guess? And Kali? Well... whatever.




    The streets outside are still lively.

    Unable to otherwise come to an initial decision on who's first, I decided that it should be a rotation based on the order I met the girls.

    So... right now, Aria is linking arms with me, and the others are following behind.

    Rishya appears dissatisfied with this, as does Kali. Kiku seemed happy before we left. Unfortunately, there's no way to please everyone, is there? It's the problem with executive decisions in general.

    I did consider some mad ideas for the changeover though, even rock-paper-scissors, if I can instruct the girls on that.

    "Err... Aria?"

    "Onii-chan...?" She tilts her head sweetly. My nose wants to do a volcano impression.

    But I restrain myself. "Err... I know that... you want this... but is it... is it a good idea in the big city like this? Won't somebody recognise you?"

    "They probably will. Not many silver haired people." She nods.

    "And especially none as cute as you." I add. Easy compliment chance get!

    "Hehe..." she blushes.

    "But... honestly... its fine, Elijah. Its... irresponsible of me... but in some ways... I was already a useless princess. Cadence and Melody had suitors lining up outside the castle drawbridge. Me? Not so much. A few recently because I'm now the pity pick. The best option was almost insulting though, just some country Marquis."

    "And Viscount Remus." Rishya adds from the back.

    Aria narrows her eyes and looks back at her.

    "He would take a female pit snake, if it was below a certain age, Rish. He's always after you too."

    "Hmmmph... he's the worse kind of lolicon pervert!! Dad wouldn't allow it!"

    Oh... suddenly their behaviour at the gate makes sense.

    "Worse than me?" I jest.

    "Ugggh... don't even go there, Elijah. You have no idea. He looks like a sweaty grintoad, and he is notorious for molesting underage girls in Hal-Castemour."

    She shakes her head.

    "You... you... at least... you're well... pure, almost? There is no malice... you-you're just a nice pervert."

    "A gentleman and a pervert." I add.

    All the girls laugh.

    "Sure whatever... hehehe" she agrees.

    Actually, that fills me with happiness to finally get that acknowledged! I grin and she rolls her eyes.

    "But... why is he still in power here, then?" I query.

    "Unfortunately, he is an amazing administrator, and otherwise relatively honourable and competent. Most of the people here just... turn a blind eye to his gluttony and lust. Err... some foolish girls even try it on... and I think... they get compensated for their silence when they are inevitably... ah!"

    She is blushing whilst simultaneously looking disgusted. It's a weird look.

    Hmm... I thought this would be an actual incident of the disgusting idiot noble archetype and that there was just a complex political web preventing Legato from making a move. But, in this case, it's a difficult position.

    Personally, I hate this man already for ignoring the cardinal rule of 'Yes Loli, No Touch.' (even though I realise that's a tad hypocritical given my current situation...)

    But if there's even invitations and a public blind eye being pulled... and he is otherwise a good man and competent ruler... I guess his foibles would have be overlooked by the king.

    Still... how vexing.

    Ah! Here the mercenary’s guild. I look up. They're always imposing buildings with lots of banners, eh?

    We should go inside and find Yuuzu.
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    As you can see by my profile, I am both commenting for the first time/ reviewing for the first time so please don't be too harsh if I mess something up,
    I feel like the story has a great storyline going so far, and as you can see by my picture, I am a harem protagonist enthusiast, so I really enjoy that the story has progressed down that slippery slope of happiness.
    As for storyline, it might be going a little fast, but it still works well as a romantic comedy.
    I personally love Kiku's ever changing from polite to full on cursing language that makes me feel like she is actually Violet's daughter or granddaughter.
    I feel like Kali's personality was designed a bit too simply, but i guess it fits as in as a different troupe in the harem.
    I feel like Aria's character is being fleshed out more and more as time goes on, and she has been becoming less of a muscle head and more of a love struck schoolgirl.
    I would like to see more of the Kaede personality building chapters, because I think see does need more than what has happened.
    I like Rishya's 180 emotions and words, but I think that she could still be more aggressive at times, like right before they had gone to bed.
    I think there if nothing wrong at all with the lolibaba Seria, she is the perfect combination or sassiness and adorableness.
    All in all, the thing that I want most about this story is, more chapters. Keep it up, it is a great story and I love it.