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    Anyone else reading this? Another VRMMO story by the author of Zhan Long. Set in the same world, just next game by the same developer. MC is apparently someone who worked on the previous game, but quit working for Destiny after the death of his friend and prior to the launch of this game. Latest chapter is about 200 in right now. Anyone wanna place bets whether Ah Fei's girl is a plant by one of the big guilds? After Macha's betrayal in the last story I wouldn't doubt this happening in this one.

    Also, ngl, Ah Fei and MC were attacked twice leaving their apartment before MC moved out. MC was the only reason anything bad didn't happen to the two of them. How careless are they that MC has moved out but Ah Fei has not only stayed there but invited a girl to come live with him? Honestly if the girlfriend doesn't turn out to be a plant, I don't doubt that Ah Fei and the girl are going to be attacked IRL now that MC is no longer there.

    Probably both.
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