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So.... Trophy points for 100 blogs is up! Spam the blog section you peeps!!! :blobhero: With legit content ofc :blob_grin:

@Tony READ MY BLOG! (*Ehem unlike my followers I have to tag him everywhere I am not biased or anything @Donutmindme :blobsweat_2:)

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    1. Tony Jul 2, 2019
      @Nyan sempai Blogs are just an extension of profile posts so you don't really need legit content. Just write whatever is on your mind. Similar to how you post a profile status.
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    2. Nyann Jul 1, 2019
      It's easy @susanty.smile
      Click on my profile and then click blog button.
      Or just (if you're on mobile) scroll to the bottom, there's "Blog posts : 30" written there

      (Same goes for everyone)
    3. susanty.smile Jul 1, 2019
      wait...how can i see how many blog
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    4. Nyann Jul 1, 2019
      Lololololol OMG!!! BECAUSE OF YOUR AVATARS I TAGGED @Osamaru INSTEAD OF @Donutmindme OMGGGG

      SORRRRYYYYYY :blobsob:

      @Donutmindme I am way closer to 100 blogs than 20 FREAKING THOUSAND POSTS!
    5. Osamaru Jul 1, 2019
      @Nyan sempai QAQ WAS I JUST A NUMBER TO YOU?! *Sulks in corner*
    6. Nyann Jul 1, 2019
      @Osamaru I am way closer to 100 blogs than 20 FREAKING THOUSAND POSTS!!!
    7. Donutmindme Jul 1, 2019
      Nice a hundred blogs. But I’m no where close to that.
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    8. Nyann Jul 1, 2019