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Finding a title to a work is a surprisingly easy effort to me.

I dunno, I heard stories of people that took weeks to find a good title to what they made, but... For me, it kinda comes... Naturally? I just put what feels right, and it generally fits well enough.

Though I think I might have problems with naming a big series, but short stories and chapters tend to be really easy for me.

But it's kinda fun when I think about it, because my title giving process changed a lot from my middle-high school days.

I remember back when I was writing school essays, the teacher always said to leave the title for last, to first write out the story and then give it a fitting title... I always considered that nonsense, the first thing I did was make the title, then the essay.

Though I guess I ignored almost all advice from my teachers on essays... Like, making a plan of what you will write first, then making a draft on pencil, then writing it out on pen... Nope, not of that, go on pen without thinking one bit about what I'm going to do and let's just get this essay done.

It's also pretty funny because the essays used to have minimums of 20-30 lines, which was... Incredibly hard for me to reach, I had to make my letters a lot bigger just to make it fit. Nowadays I'd laugh at anyone that gave me a topic to write at, and forced me to limit myself to only this much, it's impossible for me to write only 20-30 lines of text these days... Maybe I should make another blog post about that one day... Oh well, back to titles.

In any case, that was how I usually made, I had one simple idea of what the story would talk about, made a title and then wrote the story about it, I didn't really pay much heed to the title... Rather, I usually forgot about it 5s after it was writter or so.

On the other hand... Nowadays it kinda... Naturally changed?

I don't know if it is because school essays just had really boring topics (why do I need to write about RL!? (Okay, I do know why, it's pretty obvious actually, but it doesn't mean I have to like it) Let me write some fantasy!) and I just wanted to get them done with, but the title didn't matter for me...

Now though? I kinda want the title to represent what I'm writing... And well, I just couldn't think of a good one until I actually wrote what I wanted on the paper... Then it suddenly became easy, it was obvious! And then I write what I need.

Sometimes it gets a bit tougher when I write a story with around 10k words split into multiple chapters, like... The chapter titles are easy, but the story's one tends to take a few minutes... Still goes pretty smoothly I guess, since only a few minutes is a pretty small amount of time, but it's still a lot more than an instant decision.

I have fun with coming up with titles though... One thing that I noticed was that my titles usually reflect the end of the story I wrote a lot more than the beginning or middle... I think it's because the end is a lot fresher on my mind.

I wonder if this is a good practice or not... I mean, it's nice because it gives something for the reader to expect, and then it makes sense when they actually finish it... On the other hand, I feel like it would be nice if talked about the whole of the work instead of mainly the end of it.

But... I think it might be impossible to find a small title (Let's not go into 50 word titles, okay?) that can give the essence of the entirety of what was written.

Hmmmmmm... Overall, titles are very important for any work, I guess I am happy that they are easy to come by for me, hopefully it keeps on being so~

... Ah! Right! It's kinda funny when I forget to go back to the beginning and give something a title though, suddenly looking at it again and seeing a "Lalala" (that's my default title name) instead of an actual title usually gives me a few giggles... Dunno why though~
Oh well~


    1. AliceShiki Feb 27, 2018
      @Dountmindme I always bullshited through it all on school essays! xD

      The themes we received were always about RL and social problems and stuff like that... I write Fantasy, Comedy and Romance! I don't write to highlight some societal problems or whatever! >.<

      It was too bothesome, so I just did it pretty randomly~

      Especially when we started needing to make our essays being more academic-like... Agh, I was too lazy for that! xD

      Good thing I'm over that phase already, I don't miss those essays in the slightest~
    2. Dountmindme Feb 27, 2018
      I feel the same about this. Although school subjects and the topics they give us don’t really bother me. Sometimes I jus bullshit through it all, and ppl actually buy it. >_> it was good enough to fool the teachers, and students.
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    3. Raneday Feb 12, 2018
      @akki at least you're body would be preserved/pickled
    4. jamechi Feb 10, 2018
      S-sounds dangerous >~>
    5. Raneday Feb 10, 2018
      @jamechi there is
      Cheese and I - @Matsurika's adventure to find the greatest cheese
      Watson the Vampire Eater - @BlancFrost's memoir
      It Matters! - or how @jamechi was studied thoroughly molecule by molecule, atom to atom and so on...
      The Refrigerator - the action adventure of the tx- @Tony -47 that was sent in the past to protect X
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    6. jamechi Feb 10, 2018
      Good titles! Are there sequels?
    7. AliceShiki Feb 10, 2018
      @akkihime-sama *laughs* I suppose it can give that impression...

      Well, there is no blog category for writing, so it can't be helped~

      Though I wonder if anyone actually looks at the categories... >.>
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    8. Osamaru Feb 10, 2018
      orz... I have to admit, @Raneday. those where pretty good.
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