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Do you have a hobby? Do you pour everything you have to that hobby? Like, your only very sole existence is in that hobby and as a prove, you have to be the at the top no matter what, to be number one. Our protagonist here, Seven, is that kind of person, he dedicate all of his into "Mebius Online", his money, his time, for the sake of becoming the top player. He did... But one day, all of that effort are crushed, by ugly envy. His account is hacked, not only his, but also other top players. The perpetrator is caught, but the accounts he hacked cannot be recovered, devs can only apologize with a sum of in-game money. When that happened to you, what will you do? Will you lash out? One player did. Will you just give up and try again? Or maybe forget it and start another game? Or like our protagonist... Will you choose to die?

Feeling that he is 'dead', he choose to go for a suicide... And end in a midst of the city of another world. He soon realized that he is in world of Mebius Online, not as Seven but as Second, his smurf account. Furthermore, he is in earlier timeline of the game. He thought then, this must be a chance. I live again, in Mebius that I love, and I have knowledge far more than any person here... Laugh, shiver, cannot control the excitement. I can, no, I will... I decided, to stand again on the top as the strongest player!

...... But first he have to release himself from arrestment, for disturbing public business due to over-excitement.

Basically that's the story that I've read recently, written on Narou. The story is quite fun, the writing is easy to be read, it has battle, a little bit of comedy, and likeable characters as well, especially the protagonist, Second. This guy has tenacity for the sake of becoming the strongest, even if he had to hurt himself badly in the process. And then, the heroines, we have:
- Sylvia, she uphold justice and become a knight because of it, however she doesn't have talent in sword. Noticing her aggravation, Second invited her. Dreaming to be strong, She agreed to his invitation.
- Eco, a cute cat Theriantrope enrolled to magic academy. She is bullied because even thought she is blessed with abundant mana, she doesn't have aptitude with magic.
- Yukari, A dark elf, Second bought this slave who has a mysterious past.

Currently it has 62 chapters with not so fast update.

*The title says nikki but it doesn't written like a diary... Hmm?:hmm: