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This is a story about 'how I used to believe that snake eat berries'

I lived and grew in countryside. My playground was the woods in my backyard and around the village. After school, my friends and I would go to the woods looking for some berries or fruits. We called in an adventure. One day, we explored the woods. I saw some red berries and picked them. Then an older kid in our group said,

Kid: “don’t eat those berries!” actually I didn’t want to eat it, but it’s pretty so I picked it.

Me: “why?”

Kid: “Because it’s snake food. If you eat these berries, you’ll become snake’s friend. At night, you’ll grow tail and scales in your body. In the morning you’ll become a snake.”

Me: “Really? How did you know it?” I was already horrified but still doubtful.

Kid: “My friend told me, he said his friend told him that his dad told him.”

So, an adult who told him then it might be true because an adult never told a lie. (Pffft, an adult never lie, how naive I was. Sometimes I want to shake the mini me. well, I was only 5 or 6 years old)

Kid: “You should stay away from this plant because if a snake found out you wants to steal their food, it will bite you.”

I quickly threw the berries and stayed away from the plant.

Another day, me and other younger kids went to the woods. We found the red berries. Other children curious about the berries and want to picked them. So, I acted as the older and knew it all said,

Me: “Don’t eat those berries!”

Others: “Why?”

Me:”Because they are snake’s food……..” So the rumor about snakes that eat berries spread to all the children.

Since then, every time we saw strange looking red berries we would call them snake’s food and stayed away from them.

Moral lesson from the story: Don’t believe adults, they told lies

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    1. Effugium Feb 13, 2018
      Funny story~
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    2. blues86 Feb 13, 2018
      @Clozdark wow I think you're right considering we had wild imagination.
    3. Clozdark Feb 13, 2018
      @blues86 well maybe here's the story that happen
      dad friend of friend of kid : the berries is poisonous - > friend of friend of kid : is it because the berries cursed? hey don't eat it - > friend of kid : there's snake nearby! the berries will curse you into snake ! -> kid: let me make the lore~
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    4. blues86 Feb 13, 2018
      @Clozdark but the kid 'friend' said that his friend's dad told him. I wonder if it's true, maybe the kid 'friend' was lying. Now, when I think about it, maybe his dad just want to scare his son. So he didn't eat some strange berries cause it might be poisonous.
    5. Clozdark Feb 13, 2018
      the culprit wasn't the adult but the kid 'friend'