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Hi, I'm Dino Altair and I'm going to tell you how i got to another dimension. Before that, I'll give you some facts about me related to what I'll be talking about. First, I'm a mild psychosis patient for reasons such as abstinence and insensitivity to most things which symptoms are intoxication, dizziness, numbness (loss of sensation) then trances. This can recur sometimes for 7 nights straight on the same time of the night....... but only on special occasions. And yeah, it somewhat started again...

Don't ask what game

About a day ago, I started having short illusion (Approx. 12 mins.) if there was really another inside a monitor. It was after I changed my wallpaper to something with a female standing with a faded, foggy, dim, light blurred tone (As what I saw onset). Like every other case, I know that soon I'm going to lapse out of it and forget the lightheaded sensation, so I try to recreate the effect by altering the wallpaper with Photoshop. After a few minutes of playing around in Photoshop attempting to recreate it I came up with something bad... Well, it doesn't look bad but somewhat off point. But it did captured at least a quarter of the elements I want to convey.

I (normally) have been lost to the other side in many ways;

1. Browsing at the application on the frames; it feels as if I'm on suspended animation while the rest is moving with time.
2. Looking at it from a distance; "That after me is another world." says the frame with borders that are emphasized the background.
3. Looking at the figure; "if you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you" is no exaggeration it looking as if alive and all.
4. Looking at the corner from the inside; "Wow, that's deep." there is a slight dark to lighter contrast that creates that effect.
5. Layers; "The white background is the furthest" After all, the girl is drawn with detail then it should be closer to you.
6. Gothic Theme; "Is it just me or does it have a quite strange charm?" Aesthetically complimenting the theme, especially the gripping impact of the maid's solitary figure.
7. Animation; "I'm alive." enuff said.
8. Gap and Dimension; "It's normal but at the same time not." It feels like a normal desktop, but the center being an inviolable (useless) territory because your attention is always more focuses on the side. It's like having two backgrounds at once.

Overall, you get this sensation of oddness and discomfort which is pretty normal in some obscure painting, nothing special, but I just want to show what I created which incorporates few of them in a single live wallpaper.

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