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Sometimes I feel like I should have just given up on something ages ago... Yet I keep on holding to it, even though it's giving me way more trouble than it's worth... I just don't want to let go of it, I'm a person that has a hard time moving on.

Today I gave up on something though, it felt weird... I'm not particularly relieved or happy about it, or rather... I feel like I still want to go back and hold it again, I still don't want to let go.

Sooner or later you kinda need to just push those things that bother you away though... I wonder why I keep on wanting to cling to it, it's given me so many headaches for so little benefits... Yet I still want it, I still want things to somehow fix themselves and let me stay with what I want to stay with.

And yet, I took the courage to just stop... It's strange, 2 years ago I learned how to fight my fears, how to face my problems head on and not run from them anymore... To just solve things instead of running time and time again, letting time do its job... This time though, I think I'm learning the opposite... I'm learning when I should just turn away from a problem and give up on it, to just let go and decide that what was once something I cared for is now a problem, and that I should give up on it.

I guess we always learn new things as we grow up... But dear God, how annoying it is, why can't those problems just solve themselves?
... I really don't want to give up after all... Enough is enough though... I had my fill, and I should have quit a long time ago... It's one less headache off my back I guess... It's something.

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    1. Osamaru Oct 13, 2018
      *pats Lily*
      Don't know what's going on, but you'll haves have support here if ya need it.
      Fight one Lily! You're stronger than you think.
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    2. AliceShiki Oct 11, 2018
      @Emmyy *hugs back* Thank you Emmyy-chan!!

      Yeah, I'm working on solving my problems... There are just... A lot of them I guess, I'm slowly solving them though, one at a time~

      I'm glad I could help though! I'm happy that my words could help you out somehow! ^^)/
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    3. Emmyy Oct 11, 2018
      *Ganbatte* and a *hug*.you said that a few times to me so now I say it to you.. It really helped me. Since I first came to NUF you have always been such a supportive person to anyone with a problem.All the while you seem to struggle with your own which can be seen through many of your blogs.. You are so awesome and I hope it all works out for deserve much happiness !
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