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I really, really want to write chapter 2.
But you see the thing is is that I left it off at on a note so open I don't know what to do.
It's supposed to start off with the MC on their way to the first quest of their newly created character in a VRMMO.
Here are some of the ideas for what the quest could be.
  • Kill x amount of monsters
  • Escort mission
  • Train your basic abilities on a dummy
All of those are so boring! So I thought that during the middle of one of these the MC happens to find themselves in the house of a man(or women; not trying to be sexist here) that hanged themselves. But you see the thing is is that they didn't hang themselves; the MC smells burnt flesh, looks around the house to finds nothing relating to it, only to be drawn back to the body and cuts it down, and then finds out that their throat was scorched. It was murder I say!

You see, that sounds much more interesting. But the half of the whole draw of RPGs is the combat, but describing combat without a story driven reason is so boring! So then this is my second idea that I am coming up in the current now now time. Uhhh... The MC has to go kill insert level one monsters/animals only to then encounter someone calling for help. And the MC gets the choice of assisting them, robbing them, or leaving them. This is a randomly triggered event, so the higher level and more difficult monsters will come when to where they are no matter his choice. And so the stakes are raised!

Orrr! He could encounter another group of new players and join their party for a dungeon and then encounter another party that ambushes them!

Orrr... Idk anyone else have any ideas!? Please I'm mighty desperate! If I use your idea I'll give you a thousand of NUF currency. Or I'll give you a pat on the back. Whichever you prefer.


    1. Bitter Sweet Oct 12, 2018
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    2. Silver Snake Oct 12, 2018
      @Bitter Sweet Thanks for your suggestions! I've decided that the quest will be a tutorial mission to get him used to the movement and combat of the game. I know it sounds boring but I think I can make it interesting.
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    3. Bitter Sweet Oct 12, 2018
      Here are some vague ideas:
      MC unintentionally starts a quest to become an unordinary player/demon and wants to avoid completing it. But plot says screw it and forces progress.

      MC arbitrarily meets causal dev and has fun doing random/silly stuff.

      MC learns a way to modify things in minute ways.

      MC makes game crash and stuff happens.

      MC tries to do a special emote and unintentionally garners attention.

      MC finds cake where there shouldn't be cake.
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    4. Silver Snake Oct 11, 2018
    5. Emmyy Oct 11, 2018
      Yeah its funny cause I was gonna tell you about it then I saw it was your thread. ..
      Hahaha:eek::p..good luck ! Im off to work
    6. Silver Snake Oct 11, 2018
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    7. Emmyy Oct 11, 2018
      Asking for what people like in a video game.. I had a break was looking at home page to see if my novel was updated.. On top saw your thread.. Isnt it for ideas for your writing ?
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