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    1. SummerForest May 10, 2019
      *hugs Ocean* good boy! This ol' granny is very happy~
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    2. OnceandFutureLurker May 10, 2019
      @TwilightForest , i went with the cereal . will have one of the others for lunch though :blobbunny:
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    3. OnceandFutureLurker May 10, 2019 , i love both the scientific measurement of amounts you gave and your apparent love of junk food :) and Nyan sempai like this.
    4. Living Dream May 10, 2019
      Cereal or melt the cheese stick over the corn dog
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    5. OnceandFutureLurker May 10, 2019
      (Btw you may change the category of your blog to "blog" instead of default "Anime") @Nyan sempai , thanks. Me be lazy though in this matter:blobtaco::blobtaco::blobtaco::blobtaco:
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    6. SummerForest May 10, 2019
      Haha, Ocean, I sometimes eat only fruits for breakfast, so I understand. But you should think about your health, ok?
      *puts the non-existent glasses on and lookes through them*
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    7. OnceandFutureLurker May 10, 2019
      :) , TwilightForest , i am the type of person who has eaten many , many times pizza for breakfast :cookie::cookie::blobcatcop::blobcatcop::blobpopcorn: the other two options would almost be considered normal
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    8. SummerForest May 10, 2019
      Cereal *makes a serious face*
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