Spamming the blog section?



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Am I? Ranting too much? Oh well this section if the forum is pretty quiet and relatively inactive though. So I guess :blobwhistle: and hey! I didn't even create 25 blogs yet! :blobcat_knife: need them trophy! :blobhero:

But I guess viewers must be tired of seeing my depressing, heartbreaking, cringy blogs and poetry :blobsad: Morever I wonder if it's fine writing out everything but I do think this to be a much "safer" option than ranting in a thread in general and get replied to by weirdos...

Hey @Tony :p Thanks for the blogs section. Even if it's kinda buggy, I like how we can add so many stuff in the comments. Well but then unless we watch them, we need to tag whoever we are replying to other than the blog poster :sushi_dead: And yeah I have a hard time with the rating system too. But still I enjoy it. I dont think the way I write in here is appropriate for threads....

Guess will keep spamming till I feel shy or something....:sushi_dead:


    1. AliceShiki Jun 16, 2019
      There is actually a trophy for 50 blogs too~

      And I don't think it's spamming if your blogs have a point, they're a good way of organizing your head, I did a lot of those in the past~
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    2. Donutmindme Jun 12, 2019
      @Blitz thanks. tha'ts good to know.
    3. Blitz Jun 12, 2019
      @Donutmindme you can still play with the alerts so no one will get alerts for it. For blogs that is. Not threads
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    4. Donutmindme Jun 12, 2019
      You see, useally it's dead. but then Tony brought the new update for Blogs.
      Before when you posted a blog it would go unticed becase the place was quiet. now, if you post somthing here your followers(or stalkers, lol, jk, jk.) will be notified.

      Yep, it's not so dead!
    5. Nyann Jun 11, 2019
    6. Blitz Jun 11, 2019
    7. Nyann Jun 11, 2019
      @Blitz what lime? :sushi_dead: I think I am more sour and salty now than I was in the past though.
    8. Blitz Jun 11, 2019
      I feel like you were able to in the past<.<