The Great Burrow

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Bad Storm

"I've been staring at the edge of the water"
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Dear friend, @lucjanssens:
Here’s your poem. Hope you like it~

Green grass stands tall
In the vast meadows of freedom
Wildflowers scattered about
To the rabbit's kingdom, welcome!

Fluffy fur and bushy tails
That white king looks handsome
Gentle eyes but piercing gaze
Ahh! The does hearts already ran

But the meadows is wrought with danger
And storm came a savage beast
All the wildflowers scattered
But this time, in a mud-filled feast

"The warren! The warren is no more!"
And woeful became the colony
For what was once a paradise
Is now hell on earth, a purgatory

Yet hope blooms in the face of adversary
The white king, to the great world yonder, he go,
In search of a new life, a new home,
The place they'll call The Great Burrow​

"The Great Burrow"
Courtesy of the ʂɬơཞɱ ɠųıƖɖ​