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@Tilgarial, 9 July 2019​

Truly, you certainly are awesome, @Tilgarial :'p
And with such lucious fur too, fufufu~

Ohohoho, thank you, dearest~
If i dare say so, those eyes of yours are a true delicacy for mine~

Aww, how nice of you to say that :'p
*grabs hand*
*kisses the backside of it*
Truly, a fine specimen~

Ohohoho, such a true gentleman~
*smiles seductively*
I guess many a thing i heard about you mist be true~

*smiles honestly* i dare hope you only heard the best :'p

*smiles mischiveously* certainly not... but with a charme such as yours, might as well call it all the best~

*dips head*
If only my Charme could rival thy beauty, oh what i would give~

Flattery will ony get you so far, young one~

Ohh? And how far would that be, i wonder~

Not as far as you seem to be aiming for~

A pleasing presence to while away at eternity, i already have~
Or would you deny me such a gift on a short notice?

Everything ends, and sometimes distance brings closer than contact ever could~

Oh how shall my heart even hope to survive on its lonesome, if thy ever were to vanish?~

Vanish i shall not, as not just yours it would trouble...

Then farewell, oh beauty of my dreams~

God darn it.


@Ddraig, 9 July 2019
From post 1 it is clear that tilga is into fur.
From post 2 considering he is a tigergirl, he might enjoy eating his own eye.
From post 3, he has enough ability to grab his other hand while simultaneously arching back and kissing his back.

From post 4, it is clear that he has a thing for gentleman, and even smiles seductively at them.
From post 5, he only wants his own self to know about his good parts only. Sad in a way.
From post 6, it is clear that he might be a tigergirl but he possesses the heart of a vixen.

from post 7, it can be seen that he tries his best to fake being a gentleman.
from post 8, it appears that he thinks he is older than he actually is, and his older self prefers younger tigergirls.
from post 9, he understands that he loves getting flattered and thus knows his other self will too.

from post 10, he seems to deny enjoying flattery even though based on previous posts and his seductively smile he clearly yearns for it.
from post 11, Tiger realizes that his older self loves a bit of indirect flattery and thus resorts to using poems to get in his own pants, or fur. dunno.
from post 12, it might seem that he is rejecting himself but actually he wishes for dates and love letters before starting to mate.

from post 13, he is not ready to leave and wants a bit of action.
from post 14, he understands that they both in reality want a bit of action.
from post 15, he decides not to make any physical advances on her and decides to respect her decision.
from post 16, he realizes that it was just a dream and screams in agony over being unable to fuck his ownself.

In conclusion, I believe this poem by @Tilgarial written in a dialogue-esque form is a something beautiful. It showcases what the author thinks his ideal mate would be, or rather mates. While not explicitly stated, the author potrays the two self within one soul, one being masculine and gentlemanly to potray a male ego while other being feminine to potray the inner female ego.

On surface it might seem like a simple case of self love, but in reality it is author's wish to potray two opposite parts of one self, young and old, male and female, gentlemanly and vixenish to show how everyone is comprised of a mixture of them and are whole only when they accept all of those parts about themselves.

Analysis by @Ddraig
Dated : 9 July 2019


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