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Might as well post it since i've wasted time doing this.

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    1. Nobody Aug 11, 2019
      Ok, thanks. Just downlaoded it, I'll try it.
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    2. Soceura Aug 11, 2019
      I recommend autodesk sketchbook.It's free and has a variety of brushes,I used it for this painting too.
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    3. Nobody Aug 11, 2019
      Hmmm, I'll try that. What app do you suggest for android? if you're android.
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    4. Soceura Aug 11, 2019
      Hope you earn money soon.It's possible to draw in your phone with your finger tho.I used to do that when I have no stylus.
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    5. Nobody Aug 11, 2019
      Yeah, I mean stylus. lol
      I want to get myself one of those but then I see my wallet, it ain't got nothing in, even for the cheapest one. I need to learn how to earn!
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    6. Soceura Aug 11, 2019
      Do you mean a stylus? If so, yes I used one.
    7. Nobody Aug 11, 2019
      You can do this on a phone? Do you need a pen for this? Don't need to tag me, I'll hang my tab here for now while I read novel. Hehe
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    8. Soceura Aug 11, 2019
      Ooh,that's really nice.Actually I did this one in my phone,bringing a computer around is pretty inconvenient.
      Sorry,I kinda forgot to tag you earlier