Daily prompt #5 - Which story elements do you find easy and difficult to write?



『 Slowly, steadily — one step at a time 』
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Easiest to hardest:
Theme | Conflict > Setting > Character > Plot

This prompt is actually supposed to be about the kind of plot you want to write but I just have zero ideas.

...wait, is that because I only have vague character concepts?

Okay, I'll work on that.


    1. AnoeticDuckling Aug 16, 2019
      setting > Character > Conflict > Theme >>>>>>>>> Plot

      Honestly tho, what even is a plot? Like, do you need them to write? lol
    2. QuinNoteBook Aug 15, 2019
      theme>plot>conflict>writing the story>character development

      i have 10 or so story in my head but cant express it when writting them down and making it a novel. character development is also at first them are good character but asbtime went by i feel that what the character i want to portrait is starring to stray from what i want
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    3. AlieAHey Aug 15, 2019
      Character > Plot > Setting > Conflict > Actions and Details.

      I’ve added actions and details as a story element because I think that plotting actions, especially in fights, and tweaking small details to reach the story limit are very hard to coordinate and plan. Sometimes, when reading action novels, the movements of the characters in a fight are quite hard to picture, because my thoughts on the action don’t align with the author’s thoughts.

      Gotta respect them action writers.
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    4. Arcturus Aug 14, 2019

      I love write interesting characters and settings and then developing them. It's just setting that into one cohesive overarching story that I find most difficult.
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    5. Naruin Aug 14, 2019
      mine is
      my dreams gives me the plot n the setting already but the character n the detailed parts are blurry T^T
      good luck with whatever u plan to write! o/
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