The Silver Wolf



〖Stormy's Better Half〗『Lord of Storms』『The Expert』, Male
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There was once a tale of a majestic wolf, known by her name Song. Tales say that the wolf was a companion of Fafnir, the High Nord Mage. The man's prowess was known throughout all of Nor as the "Ghost of Ash," along with his fellow companion recieving her own title, 'Ice of Song.' Together they would fight in countless battles, with the aim to one day surpass the legends themselves.

However Fafnir himself was lost in battle when the Emma The High Priestess of Tammriel used the power of Sun and Light to conjure a spear that pierced his heart, burning his flesh to ash.

Emma looked at Song and in her heart, she felt sympathetic for the wolf who has lost her sole reason for existing and left her alone, leaving Song to venture for herself. As a spirit animal, once one decides to live for their master, as long as Fafnir was alive she could live.

Without him however she grew weak, and like all guiding spirits she would be reborn. The grief in her heart gone, with the passing of her mind.

- - - - - - - - - -

"Wah, grandpa! That story was so cool!", said the small child.

"Hohoho, kids that was no story, it was the retellings of an ancient past.", said the hazy hold man, who looked at the night sky with his grandchildren, gazing at the starlight.

"Nuh’uh, you're lying!", said the young boy.

"Oh, so does that mean that I shouldn't give you a present?", the old man said, mischievously.

"NO! I want it! Is it candy!", said the boy, with a sparkle in his eyes.

"Hah! It's something even better, something even your old man would've wanted!", the old man suddenly had an odd light in his eyes.

With that one line, the boy sat where he was, gazing at the door the old man had left through. Suddenly the boy felt happy, like the one thing he's wanted has been fulfilled. The old man's shout brought him out of his trance.

"Boy! Here it is!", in old man's arms held a do-wolf. A really cute one at that.

"A puppy! A PUPPY! GRANDPA YOU'RE SO AWESOME! THANK YOU!", the boy rushed to the little puppy with those words. Before the old man had a chance to say anything else, the boy showed his own wishes.

"Hmm, you're nice, fluffy, and soft. You're also really cool to look at, you're as white and beautiful as the snow, but I have this feeling that you're more than a puppy, you're a storm!

I'll call you~ *with a cute tilt of his head, the boy thought*~Ty, I'll call you Little Ty!"

Right when he said that, the dog opened her eyes, licking the boys face. >w<

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      I remember the story, but not the names.
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