I don't know what to do.



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Sometime life is hard, and there is so much I still don't understand.
I feel alone and all I have is just myself.
I talk them over and things still don't make sense.
I have been told in time it gets better.
But I hate things to be like this; it's worse than ever.
Have I been jinxed, or maybe I didn't wake up yet.
I have to be awake; this hurts, with pain and real sweat.
All I can do is pray I go to a better place.
It can be in my head, heart, soul, and body ... My inner place...


    1. AMissingLinguist Sep 12, 2019
      I recommend talking it out with someone, even a stranger. Letting loose feelings can be cathartic and may help with stress buildup. Intimate actions like hugs and heat pats can help, if you're fine with it. :bloblove::blob_patpat::blobnobully:
    2. Naruin Sep 11, 2019
      come come.. join us have fun here in nuf... it may not be physically but atleast it may somehow make u spiritually/mentally happy?
      *pats n hugs*
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    3. Aho Sep 11, 2019

      Would you like a Cuddle?
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