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If I went to north pole or south or which ever there is extreme cold and let myself be frozen untill i can't move or breath?. Are there any possibilities that i can survive?


    1. Hallow Cause May 18, 2017
      If exposed to extremely low temperatures for a long duration of time, you might die to one of these.
      •Fever (may cause death if the body temperature rises to or above 108°F or 42.2°C)
      •Heat stroke
      •Burn/Frostbite (Burns don't only apply to high temperatures)
      •Respiratory Tract Infection
      •Adenovirus Infection
    2. mrawesome69 May 17, 2017
      ppl can freeze to death at 0 degrees celsius
    3. Tycheri May 17, 2017
      If you can regulate your internal body temperature like the people who practically swim/sit in the snow naked with no negative side effects then you wouldn't freeze to death as fast as you normally would nyaa. But if you can't breathe by being frozen then you will die anyways nyaa. Except if you could hold your breath for 20 minutes under water like some people can nyaa. Basically you can survive, but only with a of lot training, genetics, and well you would only survive a little longer not indefinitely nyaa.
    4. Hotato May 17, 2017
    5. akki May 17, 2017
      Freeze to death is a thing....