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“Whoa, you have three monster repellent potions and five low-level potions. Gee, we made you use some really rare stuff there.” said Slit-eyes. He stood a distance from Mariella and yet had a firm grasp on the contents of the small pouch.

He’s at least a good ten paces away! All the way from there? And I could’ve sworn his eyes flashed open for a moment there. There was a lean and hungry look in them!

As he commented on the rarity of the potions, Captain Dick shot a glance at Slit-eyes before drawing closer to Mariella to continue his conversation.

“Yes, well. Even though we would have been able to handle the matter without your intervention, it is still true that you were a great help. Taking that into consideration, how’s about we buy the rest of the potions you have and include the payment for the one you had to use as well.”

Hmm, so given how things are going, I suppose that if I refused, you’ll just take the potions and sell me off as well? No need to say any more. I complete understand. Really, though. I just can’t understand why all the fuss over these cheap potions. And I’d really appreciate it if you wouldn’t come any closer – ‘cuz you’re scary!

How wonderful it would have been if she could have said that aloud.

“Yes. Well, it might have been fate that we met then,” replied Mariella with a forced smile. She repented her careless actions.

“Really? Thanks for your cooperation,” answered Captain Dick. His relief was palpable.

It was difficult to discern if his appreciation was from obtaining the potions or if it was because a use of force was not required. If his relief was due to the second reason, then perhaps he wasn’t such a bad person, after all. If he’s willing to pay, he’s a customer.

Not that I should let down my guard though.

Although when all things were taken into consideration, how effective Mariella might be when she was on her guard was questionable as she was willing to call him a customer so soon after her great repentance of a moment ago.

“Now, about the payment……hmm, let’s see.”

One of the guards quit his silent observations of the situation and approached Captain Dick. He quietly conferred with the captain.

I really wish they’d stop doing that. It’s bad for my heart. You keep doing that and I swear it’s going to stop again. Then what will you do? thought Mariella as she wondered what they were whispering. Were they going to just take her potions, after all? Just as her nerves reached its peak, Captain Dick concluded his discussion with the guard. He announced to Mariella the price he was willing to pay for the potions.

“How’s about five Large silver coin for the nine bottles?”


Mariella froze, surprised. She thought her heart would stop for a moment there.

Uhhhh…all right, calm down now, me. Hold on there.

If she remembered correctly, the price for monster repellent potions and low-level potions were both only about five copper coins.

Give that they were in the middle of the forest and price gauging might be a factor, at most ten copper coins would seem reasonable.

I could have finished it today - but my brain refused to do anything that might look like math. + - * / = brain freeze.

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