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Rolling around


Two people sitting in river bank while gazing the setting sun and the streaming water.

A foolish conversation began between them, together with the day which reached its end.

“Another day has ended huh…”

“Yeah, time quick to fly away. I wonder what will we able to achieve if time always fly fast like today.”

“I am sorry to damp your sentiment, but today was very fulfilling for me. So I believe I can achieve anything if this day continued forever.”

“Fulfilling? What did you do today?”

“Do you have interest on what a girl did in one day?”

“…I can’t say I don’t.”

“Then let me explain my holiday. First, I woke up at five.”

“Ohh, you woke up early huh. I usually oversleep at holiday.”

“Then I sleep once again.”

“You are not waking up then!”

“Then I leave the bed at eleven in the morning.”

“Normal people will consider it as noon. In the end I woke up earlier than you.”

“I brushed my teeth, took shower and ate breakfast. And then went to bed.”

“You sleep again?”

“I woke up once again at the evening, eat evening meal and then sleep.”
“One day ended while you were rolling in the bed…. Even sloth in the zoo move more than you, I think.”

“But didn’t some say that no matter how trivial it is, if we continue to polish it every day it will become a talent. If I master rolling around it might be useful for something. Or rather, how about make a living with that?”

“No way, how do you earn money with only rolling in the bed.”

“Become a roller.”

“What was that…”

“People who mastering rolling around all day along. They study the best environment to rolling around and earn money from that.”

“You just made it up now right?”
“Therefore a bed is essential for their live. And then sweets and drinks.”

“Sound like they will become fat.”
“If they want to play game or read manga, it’s better to take the mild one. After all the main objective is rolling around, so it’s undesirable to let the means and the goal switched.”

“You thought it through, in a weird way.”

“And then, a pet bottle I guess.”
“Eh? Didn’t you already list drink?”

“An empty pet bottle, not for drinking but releasing. It’s troublesome if they want to go toilet when they are in the middle of rolling around. Also, they should finish the big one before rolling around.”

“Just go to the toilet!”

“That’s because when you leave the room, no, the time when you get up from the bed, rolling around is ended. They won’t be able to become a real roller like that.”
“How they can release it without getting up from the bed?”
“A beginner roller will use the difference of height of bed edge. Well, boy won’t need it though. And a pro roller will use catheter.”

“What is a pro roller?”

“They are a union all roller in the world whom hired to roll around.”

“A weird demand has born…”

“To join roller union you need to fight against shadow pro roller.”

“Don’t make it sound like shadow pro golfer!”

“The day end when I thought something like that.”
“What a happy live you have.”

When one of them stood up, the other also stood up.

And unknown who initiate it, they hold hand, turning their back from today, and walked away.

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