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[Ani's C☕ffee-mate #3] [ѕєяιαℓ ѕнσσ’єя], Male
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Putting the random questions in blogs~ 20 questions per blog.....probably~
I've put questions with the answers. Also included the link to the profiles if you wanna see answers provided by others~

Random question 1: Did you always plan to never post in non community games threads?

DCLXVI: answer for random question #1: yes

Random question 2: what's your favourite bird?

Pyoo: I actually don't have any haha, I don't look for bird pics much. I'd go with humming bird for pretty/cute, Australian eagle for cool, hornbill for whoa~


Random question 3: how would you feel about being called future?

Alicia: Go ahead

Random question 4: if you were to randomly ask me a question, what would it be?

Matsurika: what does your username mean?

Random question 5: if you were made a mod, what would your thread locking phrase be?

Risus: There was a thread about thread locking phases. I wrote several there to use. I would also pick from there randomly when I run out.

Also, there's my current status, I would probably use that a lot. Current status: Hahahaha~

Random question 6: If you saw a stork delivering a baby, what would your first thought be?

Havekzero: pity the bloke who its being delivered to

Random question 7: If you weren't a fire goddess, which other element would you choose?

Faaldara: Earth

Random question 8: If you could be the shadow of anyone famous, whose shadow would you want to be?

SimplyAShadow: I'd try to be the shadow of a vampire. Then I can see where the hell those shadows even end up.

Random question 9: Which do you like more, bunnies or pillows?

Bunnypillow: (°□°) Uuu! Akki! This questions too hard! >~<

Random question 10: Where does your name here come from?

nhanat: stupid naming sense from high school T.T
but then i feeling lazy to change it :p

Random question 11: You find yourself turned into a Pokemon. Name one person on NUF you would not mind being captured by?

Rydes: Eh... maybe Akki-senpai or Epi-senpai~?

(I honestly wouldn't mind as long as I get food)

Random question 12: If you had the choice to be a squirrel or a deer?

Mrawesome69: squirrel all the way

Random question 13: If I next ask you to choose my discord name, what name would you suggest and why?

Snowdropdreamer: I would choose awkward. ;3
I think you know why. <3

Random question 14: Which side character in a manga would you like to come to life and why?

TheMrAzn: C.C she's the best waifu, end of story.

Random question 15: What 3 things in nature do you find most beautiful?

CloudySkySadMoon: Flowers, lakes & children's soft cheeks.

Random question 16: From skydiving, parachuting or paragliding, if you had the chance to do one which would you choose?

Ophious: I've done paragliding
and pretty sure parachuting and skydiving is the same
I'll go with parachuting

Random question 17: What is your favourite milkshake flavour?

Professor Charles Francis Xavier: I like every single milkshake I don't discriminate, but I gotta say I do like my banana milkshakes.

Random question 18: Which character in an anime do you think you can relate to?

Arcadia Blade: Truthfully, i would be related to Akihisa. Since its like we have the same thinking...

Random question 19: In the English alphabet, if you had to choose, which letter would you say you hate?

Readingaddict36: I don't hate letters, I hate people.

Random question 20: Have you ever accidentally injured anyone?

Lovely: <_<
dropping a brick on someone foot counts?


    1. HavekZero May 23, 2017
      i pretty much forgot you used to ask random questions....
    2. akki May 20, 2017
      The bold doesn't look that bad to me~
    3. Matsurika May 20, 2017
      The name will stand out more than the question that way
    4. akki May 20, 2017
      Like so~
    5. akki May 20, 2017
      Eh~ how? Then should I bold the name instead of underline?
    6. Matsurika May 20, 2017
      But now I'm confusing them >_>
    7. akki May 20, 2017
      Not even just the name? I don't think it looks bad like this.
    8. Matsurika May 20, 2017
      Okay~ take care ❤

      Don't underline the answers >_>