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Lunchtime thinking about what to have to eat...also thinking the server is very handsome..what to write in my little story..what I should be doing for my presentation much the plane ticket is for Winter break trip will be need to buy I don't understand Modern Dance at all...
I went to a production Friday night w/ friends who invited me I was hesitant but thought why not..
we went to dinner had a couple excellent bottles of wine...bruschetta..pasta..I was very relaxed then the six of us walked through campus to the dance theater. In the dark sky there was a crescent moon and the night air was perfectly cool a few stars, so beautiful! I walked with my friend who is very tall and his stride is long so I had to hurry next to him I was laughing I should have worn tennies instead of heels.
Then we found our seats towards the front of the dance studio my one friend knows one of the dancers..I looked at the program interesting..then the performance..what the heck! I didn't get it at do they even cooridinate their friends didn't seem to notice my confusion so I smiled and applauded along w/ them.
We went up afterwards and congratulated her friend on an awesome performance but I was in a daze feeling like I was the only one who didn't get the emotional message behind the dancing..feeling shallow I could only say afterwards..thanks for inviting me it was so cool! Not letting them know I just didn't get it.:p
I have decided I will order now...

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    1. Osamaru Nov 8, 2019
      XD Wait, what happened to my Post?!
    2. Emmyy Nov 6, 2019
      @Bad Storm this was what the definition I think would describe this performance-
      dance interpretation expressing feelings where dancers use their movement to express abstract thoughts..
      For example the dancers were entirely black women of different shapes and size expressing being a black woman in today's society..
      One scene was (according to program) 'How do you stay comfortably in darkness about things that make you broken?'
      Some scenes had no music and the stage was darkened except for lights illuminating their bodies.
      I did like one dance segment that had music and more of a hip hop vibe it was energetic...
      It definitely had a heavy atmosphere part had a fierce narrator and a moving speech about being a black woman ( we were close to front it was in a dance studio ..I felt her glaring at me I smiled and nodded) lolol...I don't want to go into details but I felt a few angry vibes directed at me and my friends hahaha..jk :eek:. not kidding..
      I love live performances of any kind about you do you like this type of dance?:p
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    3. Bad Storm Nov 5, 2019
      What kind of Modern dance was it?
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