What makes you start to read?



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What makes you start to read?

4 years ago.. for me reading is a pretty boring hobby and only those geniuses will love it but now I understand that not all that likes to read are genius take me for example I admit that I am not a genius person but I love reading.

I start reading because of a certain manga that I read and that is Tales of Demons and Gods this fucking novel is so damn good that I read it over and over again. I keep reading it again and again because the manga updates of this manga is so damn long and I am a pretty much tired waiting for updates and so I start reading it.. but guest what its like a Pandora box. when I start reading I keep craving for more its like a illegal drug. I started to search for more novel to read. if I remember it correctly my second novel is Zhan long and because I like the style of its story so I search for a relevant type of novel. and then I found The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor and then it started my reading became addiction and now I cant stop and can only satiate it..

Thank you for reading my long story....


    1. Chafalleiro Nov 8, 2019
      I was a lonely child in a house with a huge library. I started drawing old books with my crayon, when I learned how to read I left the crayon and started reading, it was far much better than drawing.
    2. porkbuns Nov 6, 2019
      Started reading sometime during elementary school. My school had this cool program where we could read books in the school library, take tests (questions based on content of book), and earn points from the tests based on how many questions you got right. The school would then kind of hold this auction like event at the end of each year where you could use your points to bid on a bunch of random stuff (toys, foods, etc.).

      My introduction into Asian novels also started with Tale of Demons and Gods a few years back, when it was still being more regularly updated.

      Recently, I've been reading more fan-fiction and an assortment of web fiction, after getting bored of reading the repetitive tropes in CN, JP, and KR novels.
    3. anon Nov 5, 2019
      Well what originally started me down the path of book worm was that I watched too much tv. From a very young age I had to start getting closer and closer to the television to see everything. My parents gave me glasses and I hated them. So I picked up one of the stories my dad would read me before bed and started reading. Reading along with some eye exercises my grandfather taught me fixed my eyes and since then it became a habit/compulsion. I love to read.