GLArE *stares in a non-specified direction*
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lifes good bad meh and exciting while being fast and i dunno why

life is an experience, am i finally living now?



    1. Zheya Feb 11, 2020
      @Lurking, when your reality is boring as mine, I can assure you anything is interesting if one twists the facts and bends reality as they please. Remember, reality is not truth. Truth does not necessarily mean the world. The world exists beyond the universe. Our universe is not equivalent to a home. Home is somewhere down the shores... these shores of the other side.
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    2. Lurking Feb 11, 2020
      @Zheya interesting interpretation you have there
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    3. Zheya Feb 11, 2020
      @Lurking If I were to interpret this right. The condom broke and the enjoyment did not last enough? A strange mood permeates throughout the room with fluctuating thoughts on how awkward the situation is, yes? Then suddenly the floating baby warps space around you both as your partner is assaulted by a random noodle monster? I understand, completely.
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    4. SquadCammander354 Feb 9, 2020
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    5. Nefasdetestasti Feb 8, 2020
      Dunno who the fuck that is.
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    6. Lurking Feb 8, 2020
      okay. @Nefasdetestasti still cant spell your name and outta likes.

      who is nefes12? clone?
    7. Nefasdetestasti Feb 8, 2020
      If you experience all types of emotions, then you're living the life of a human.
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