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Baccano is a story of Mafia and psychopaths, Robbers and Alchemists, of information agents and liquor smugglers, of devil and immortality, and indeed of ships and flying pussies.

The main setting of Baccano is aboard a single train ride, from Chicago to New york called the Flying Pussyfoot. Truth be told this is a bit incorrect as it is more of that there are four main settings in Baccano,
  • 1711
  • 1930
  • 1931
  • 1932
The cast is perhaps the best part of Baccano. I honestly think the weakest link was Lua Klein, Ladd Russo's fiancee. And while Ladd Russo was quite good, he just could not keep up with the Rail tracer.

The action scenes were pretty great. There was a nice amount of bloodshed, proper back and forth and gun spray. And the amount of fights on top of train.

The op visuals are one hell of a treat. The music itself is alright. Using a theme for op is pretty unexpected - the only other anime I have seen that does this is Seikai no senki.
The ed has the exact opposite issue. The music is pretty great to listen to but I would prefer if there were actual visuals.

I absolutely would recommend everyone to watch the dub. The dub is well done and with the 1930-32 USA settings, you would quickly appreciate all the accents and well done voice acting no matter how staunch your belief is about subs being superior.

9.7~10 / 10

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    1. Anra7777 May 30, 2020 at 10:23 PM
      But I absolutely adore the sub, though?
    2. Nobody May 25, 2020
      Seems lit. I'll try watching it. @Ddraig *raise hand* I wanna join. I don't watch anime as much anymore that I might not be able to finish it if am not encouraged.
    3. Novela May 23, 2020
      Maybe after I finish my school assessments ;;; and fix my sleep schedule ... Next month probs (since end of may)/2 weeks or so from now ;;;
      And watch on what ?
    4. Ddraig May 22, 2020
      @Novela we can watch together if you want. It would probably be more of "let's watch this much by end of week and then discuss" but it might be fun
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    5. Novela May 19, 2020
      Sadly I don't watch anime anymore, maybe one day if I get a partner ,_,) or friend who'll watch with
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