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Hey! I haven't uploaded in a while I guess.Here are some of my sketches.

Skip if you want.

Sometimes I don't know what I should do with myself.I wonder if my choice would be the best for me.Am I doing the right thing? Why does feel so wrong for me to pursue an art career?I feel like I should be doing something else,stuff that include maths and science,I don't want that really, but it feels so wrong to choose art.Curse my asian parentage I guess.Honestly my parents are good and bad at parenting at the same time, maybe it's because they don't experience a proper parenting either.I feel like trash when I see others actually trying to do something with their lives and me here doing whatever.I often question my art skills,the only thing I'm good at is realism,copying stuff basically,it wasn't even that good,I'm not even that creative.I probably killed all my creativity long ago.I hate thinking like this, thinking about my future, it gives me stress.Then again maybe it's because of this pandemic that I got so bored and started to question everything more.
I have to get these out I guess,thank you reading if you are.
K Bye

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    1. Nobody May 25, 2020
      @Tidkax Computer Science (?), and major in digital arts. Because that's one of the reason why some of my batchmates take CS.
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    2. Tidkax May 22, 2020
      Is there any way you can do both?
    3. Sami11 May 20, 2020
      Don't compare yourself to others. You are you and they are they. Be it looks, mannerism, or art. There's always someone that's godly at a specific something and it's definitely not the person that would waste their times criticizing someone else, so what even is the point of comparison then?
      Rather, evolve yourself not through the need to compare but of your own volition. In the end, as long as you have a roof on top of your head and a safe supply of food, then you are a king. And this world in its entirety is your stage.

      Endeavor at motivational speech off :sweating_profusely:.

      Anyway, great art. I like how detailed it is.
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    4. Isti Ell May 20, 2020
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    5. Au Courant May 20, 2020
      I feel like your art is great, you just need someone authoritative for you, who can direct you spiritually :hmm:
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