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i recommend these novels for those who like sweet text, romcom, and BG 1v1 HE.

The actor and his sister are both three and a half years old (影帝他妹三岁半 by 江月年年) - The genius MC embarks on rehabilitating her actor brother emotionally and mentally.

Cat Travel Notes (猫游记 by 禾早) - MC, who got into a car accident and became a cat, spends her days playing a virtual game.

After the eyes are refined (眼睛成精了以后 by 城南花开) - Blind MC unexpectedly met with rich ML, who turned out to have become a wandering soul after getting into an accident, and let him reside in her eyes.

Spending the rest of my life with you (与你寄余生[娱乐圈] by 温初礼) - Gradual romance as newcomer actress MC frequently meets director ML at random situations.

Thousands of heartbeats (千万次心动 by 南书百城) - Famous violinist MC went back to normal life after having ear problems and then she met ML who is related to her past.

Then don't leave me (那就不要离开我 by 南书百城) - same universe with prev. novel; Teenage MC reunites with her old childhood friend ML but he suddenly claims to be her fiance; gradually, they fix their past misunderstandings.

The school grass relies on me to continue his life everyday (校草每天靠我续命 by 海李) - MC, with her lucky "koi" physique, helps the unlucky ML to live normally.

Miss Yu's First Love Diary (鱼小姐的初恋日记 by 三月棠墨) - Food blogger MC mistook ML as her blind date but ML decided to chase her and to eat her food, by the way.

The president never opens sen (总裁他总是不开森 by 一碗叉烧) - The president ML found that his competitive secretary MC wants to resign to become a 'code-worker' (webnovel writer) and he wants to prevent it.

Xiaomeng new and old driver (小萌新和老司机 by 一碗叉烧) - Fujoshi MC is drawing a draft of her danmei comic but she was caught by the model of her protagonist, director ML.

Marry a sickly former marshal (嫁给病弱前元帅 by 沐沐良辰) - same author and premise with Marrying the Soft-hearted villain; MC transmigrates from eschatological era into insterstellar era and became one of the few natural female in the empire, however she needs to find a mate. She impulsively chose the badly wounded former marshal ML.

By Grumpy Crab [favorite (。・ω・。)ノ♡]
I like the world-building of her every novel~

My Girlfriend is a Cat (我的女友是只猫) - sequel to Believe it or Not, I Already Caught You, feat. the brother of Chen Yu, Chen Yang. Ordinary Chen Yang adopted a black cat but found that it was actually a human (FL) and since then, he was fully involved in metaphysical world.

Small Medicine Packet (小药包) - The Chinese medicine doctor MC fell in love at first sight with handsome ML so she started to chase him.

Attack on Little Red Riding Hood (暴躁的螃蟹) - Terminally-ill patients are contracted to treat suicidal people and MC unluckily has the most difficult patient, ML.

Dangerous Relation (危险关系) - MC got a bomb-dismantling system but she just wants to be a normal person.

The king seeks the way, I seek the king (暴躁的螃蟹) - Xianxia, MC is almost at the end of her life but she suddenly fell in love at first sight with ML, a rare genius.

there may be boring text (in your opinion) in the mix but i think they're good enough for me coz i managed to finish them. this list can also be used as pick-up suggestion for interested translators~


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      @P l u f f y i dug them here: altho the list changes from time to time; or you can also find the other novels of the author of the novel you liked by searching the <chinese name of author> then click the jjwxc site (because most of the time it's where the author is registered and it also has reviews~)
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    2. P l u f f y Aug 2, 2020 at 10:10 AM
      Where i can find this.. your taste is good..
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    3. Jevanka926 Aug 1, 2020 at 3:43 PM
      I'm so happy that we have the same taste! T_T
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    4. Ahmya Aug 1, 2020 at 7:24 AM
      I’m not a translator but I wish these novels were translated!!!:blobmelt:
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