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Author's note. I decided to write a short story without a direction or plot in mind from first try in a single sitting. I wanna see what kinda mess it will be.
It was a beautiful morning. Sarah woke up feeling refreshed and ready for yet another day in her life. The nightmares have stopped bothering her and her life was finally coming back together. She was finally ready to live again. But first, she had to go brush her teeth.
After she went through the morning routine, she went outside for a short stroll in the garden.
It was still early and the Sun wasn't shining brightly, rather, it was a very gentle and subtle light. There was no wind but the temperature was still a bit low, biting her skin.
"It's a perfect time for a cup of hot chocolate", with that, she went back.
It indeed was, a perfect time for a hot chocolate. It warmed her up and raised her mood.
"Time to go to work"
There was no traffic on the streets and she got to the office quickly.
It was still empty when she arrived, which was good, since she could start her work in peace.
She got home early today. It was rare, usually she'd stay in the office until late evening and, sometimes, she even had to stay until late night and then go find a motel for the night, but it was not such a day.
She was tired so she collapsed on the couch with her shoes and coat still on and sighed deeply.
"This world is messed up", she babbled to the couch, "it's so, so messed up... I wish they would still be here. Anybody. Why is it just me", she turned over and looked at the ceiling.
"Why is it just me left here?"
The only answer she got was overwhelming silence for miles around.
Author's note: I guess that's it. Man, I'm tired.

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    1. SylviaViolet Jun 16, 2021 at 12:02 PM
      It's a nice scenario. We rarely get similar stories because of how difficult they are to write. A psychological story would fit in perfectly with the setting imo.
    2. armad224 Jun 10, 2021
      it's a bit overly optimistic , I'd suggest few alterations :
      It was a beautiful morning, the sky was hidden behind thick clouds. Sarah woke up feeling refreshed and ready for yet another day in her life. The nightmares have stopped tormenting her after she started taking her medicines and her life was finally coming back together. She started her day with a cup of coffee before changing from her pajama into sporty clothes and placing her earphones on whatever sputmusic would think trendy, only to take her thoughts away from reality, before going for a morning run .
      after sprinting for a while in the park the sky started raining and she remembered that she didn't bring a an umbrella with her, she started sprinting even faster until she reached back to her house she took few minutes to catch her breath before going into the bath taking a shower changing her clothes , then eating a light breakfast before going back to the bathroom and brushing her teeth.
      This time she made sure to take an umbrella with her then she left the house
      rode her car and started driving to work the streets where congested and it took her longer than usual to reach her work which caused her to listen to her boss for more than half an hour lecturing her on work ethics before cutting half her wage for the day , she always had a tough luck dealing with that bitch
      not only did she have to deal with all the amount of work of the day which would mean that she needs to stay more hours at work but her boss didn't forgot to drop even more work on her disk before , after managing somehow to fight her urge to punch the face of that bitch before quitting she decide to take deep breaths then work through it one document at a time
      it took her four unpaid hours to finish all that work despite that her pay for the day was already halved , by the time she reached back home it was already 23:00
      you know what mine is a bit too pessimistic
    3. Ddraig Jun 10, 2021
      This can sort of become a proper story. I can see this go two ways,
      • Either Sarah is dead / stuck in some weird dimension somehow followed by exploring the mystery or the place in general or her coming to the realization she is dead and some supernatural entities stuff
      • Start of an apocalypse were everyone else disappeared (the mystery surrounding that) + the backup power will drain away soon leaving Sarah in a unique apocalypse where it is still the forest of cement yet things are not functional due to lack of electricity. It would be unique as normally the apocalypses have a lot of destruction or nature claiming the cities and yet here everything is perfect as it should be. That followed by just SOL of living in a uninhabited city with long term goal of finding out the mystery (relatively fluffier) or just a survival diary that includes fending of any wild animals + mental anguish of living alone + exploring stuff which you would have never had access too + getting elec working again somehow and stuff, maybe even restart the civilization somehow.
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