Past Memory (New kid)



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Its been a while since I last wrote a blog, I just wanna write something I remembered today. When I was in middle school, new neighbors moved in in our subdivision. I remember passing by their house and saw a bunch of stuff they throw away. On of them is a Roller skates and its the coolest thing i ever saw. When I saw it I just wanna grab it and take it but....I was too afraid. What if they someone see me grabbing it and what will I look like if they saw me digging through trash.

That is one of my big regrets as a kid. Anyway, It wasn't until a few months until I saw the new neighbors. Mostly due to the fact that they don't really go out much. It was a Korean Kid. He's much taller than me. My friend introduced me to him and somehow we became acquaintance. I dont really talk to him much though. I'm not a good English speaker. English isn't my mother language so when I was a kid I had very few vocal. But yeah, He's so kind. He didn't mind my difficultly in speaking and i find so cool always riding his bike. I'm always ashamed, he's pretty rich (got a big house) while I'm although not poor, we are below average. Those didn't last though.... somehow he stoped going out of the house.

At first I thought he was just busy. Days passed, weeks then Months.....the next thing I knew he wasn't here anymore. He didn't even say goodbye....nor let me say goodbye. He's gone, I didn't even realize that I had a crush on him. I can't even tell him I like him. My first love passes like that. Now, I wonder how he is....I doubt he still remembers me