Juuzou suzuya fanart wip#999999



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Hello, and welcome to today's episode of "When will @deadlyexistence23 ever finished a wip?"

Oh well, here we have this lovely character from Tokyo Ghoul, one of my fav character too, ahhhh i love him :'))

Tbh, i really have no idea how to render hair and clothes lol :cry: all i did ever since i got my tab was do close up drawings so like how am i supposed to know?!?! Yeah, i better study lol, i also have no idea how to render other body parts except the face:sweating_profusely:

*Cried in new to digital art*


    1. Agentt May 14, 2022
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    2. Hoouuujae60 May 14, 2022
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    3. Agentt May 13, 2022
      No, close as in close. Like shut.
      I'll draw a quick sketch when i find the time
    4. deadlyexistence23 May 13, 2022
      Lol, it's bc of the hair, the outline of the face was burried.
    5. daisukenowaifu May 13, 2022
      Looks nice, just the eyes look like they are floating out of his face~ ngl, this man had made me read a lot of fanfics sksksk
    6. deadlyexistence23 May 13, 2022
      @Agentt when u meant keep them a bit closed, do u mean the space distance between the two eyes¿
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    7. Agentt May 13, 2022
      Take care of your back.

      And doodles are nice,
      Let's see, amazing work with hands as usual, but the eyes, well, keep them a bit closed. The other one which the man isn't prying open should be squinting as compared to the big eye.

      And great work on hair
    8. deadlyexistence23 May 13, 2022
      Nah, it's just me exaggerating all the wips that i currently have rn, i actually have WAYYY MORE wips than i post but like, I don't show it cuz it's shit, most of them are doodles and not even that good:cry:
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