a new oc that killed my dignity (it's not about the drawing but the caption I put and the cringe it brought me lol.)



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Uh so yeah, I made this new ocs while I was at school since I got bored at break time after practicing the song presentation we were told to sing during our upcoming moving up ceremony. When I was drawing this I was actually talking with my best friend (the one who's a fujo whom I probably always mention on some of my blogs, also the owner of jiji, the cat I drew which I posted in here just while ago.) so back to what we were talking abt, actually it was just some gossip and also ehem welp update on her budding love life in which I have been a witness hwahahahha.. this ocs I drew was inspired from that topic as I based the character on her "walang label" not yet boyfriend but mutual.


Not all of the colors in the palette were honestly used since there were too many for just simple portrait style ocs like this tho I did use the rest of the unused colors on a different drawing.


I know what your thinking.. and yes they're fcking lyrics because that was the song our teachers chose for us to sing lol it got so engraved in my mind that I just subconsciously sing every now and then and even write it sometimes after having to sing that til my throat was soar for three days straight hwahahahaha tho as stated this oc is really based on the said person which I drew after my friend imagined him with blonde hair instead of black hair but it is also not entirely the truth (he doesn't have blue eyes, it's just really me drawing what I want haha.)


oh my ghad... shet aym sorry y'all, to all the filipinos out there in nuf pls don't mind this atrocious urgh.... omg the cringe is literally killing me like idk why I even wrote that stuff in there like wtf was happening in my brain during this moments only my dying brain cells know.. but well yeah it's also probably because that said based person of this oc sent my friend a picture of him drinking like this brand of milk (bear brand) which showcased his oh so handsome features (at least for my best friend lol, I do think he really is relatively good looking tho.) so yah hahahah I think I wrote so much that I'm now even wondering if people read this but idc anyway hahah here it is, my new ocs in which I also used the opportunity to do some more texture shading (although it is not obvious.) along with this experimental art style that if u have may or may not have noticed was similar to the other experimental oc art style blog I posted like a week ago.

welp what'd y'all think?

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    1. Esha07 Jun 24, 2022
      It's still great! Well done <3
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    2. passerbyfujofromspace Jun 24, 2022
      Oh my haha thank u @Esha07 I think it's better that u don't understand it cause it's really cringy af lol but hehe I guess the first one does indeed give off that kind of vibe and it's probably because of the colors and positions of the stuff I wrote.
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    3. Esha07 Jun 23, 2022
      You drew them so well~ I like the oc with black hair , so cool~ so handsome~ ahem don't tell your bestie shhh

      Idk the Filipino words but the first one ahahahaha appeared like he is a model of a magazine

      Well done~
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