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Today I'm reading a manga called "Life Senjou no Bokura". I'm super pissed right now.

**Spoiler alert**

It started off as a cute fluffy story of two boys falling in love. Then after a time skip we see them happily living together. Suddenly one day the Seme decided to break up and marry the woman who confessed to him. :mad::mad::mad::mad:
Next, we see the boys leading unhappy lives apart from each other. *Slow claps*
One day our dear Seme-kun realizes how much he loved his ex-lover and gets a divorce. Well, well. Isn't that nice.
He searches everywhere he could think of for uke-kun only to fail. Afterwards, I won't tell you how but they meet again, Seme-kun gets a slap and they reconcile. Yay! I'm so happy. Is that what you want me to say? Well, sorry to disappoint you. If someone did that to me I'll erase them from my memories.
I was so pissed that I skipped those xxx scenes.
Okay. I'm done with venting. Now, I'm going back to read the final chapter.

PS: Did skip a few details. So, don't get biased after reading this rant. The ending is nice actually.


    1. brasca123 Sep 11, 2017
      *kicks the evil Seme*

      Repent you meanie! Don't go throwing and picking people up at your whims! >.<

      *hugs Cloudy-chan* At least you said the ending is nice...
      CloudySkySadMoon likes this.
    2. Hotato Sep 10, 2017
      Hahaha, but it got the realism there
    3. CloudySkySadMoon Sep 10, 2017
      @Hotato I know but I got pissed at the Seme. Yuuki's not a toy. Throw away when you want, pick back up when you like. Who's he to decide alone. No concept of interdependence *smh*
    4. Hotato Sep 10, 2017
      The story is good though :cookie: