Just started a Patreon and i have no idea what to do D:



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    1. BeelzeBubble Oct 9, 2017
      @Enderbell thankyou i really appreciate it i wasn't actually expecting a serious response so thanks soooooo much i don't really plan on doing it to just make money it just seemed fun makin gmoney that way so i look forward to whatever future awaits me thanks again :)
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    2. Enderbell Oct 9, 2017
      I know a bit about making money off YouTube, but instead of explaining too much, I'll send you the link XD


      Before you click it, the gist of it is that you need at least 10k lifetime views on your videos before you can earn money from ads and such. Its hard work but worth it if you have loyal followers and viewers.

      Here's a link for some info about Twitch streaming and how to make money off it:


      And here's another link for Mixer which I'm not too familiar with:


      The bottom line is this: you need to steadily increase your loyal followers count. This isn't easy since there's so many people that have the same idea as you. Its not the best way to earn money in my honest opinion, but if you insist on it, make yourself stand out from the others and have patience. The money will come in as long as you make videos people want to watch.

      I don't know if I was much help, but I hope that gave you a little idea of what to do. I wish you the best of luck~ <3
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    3. Hotato Oct 9, 2017
      You need to be popular for funds
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