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Hey there! It's me, Cloudy.
Just a few days ago I turned 21. Yay!
After analyzing my behavior these few days, I came to the conclusion that, I'm acting like a kid trying to prove she's a grown up.
So disappointing...

Once a friend said I suddenly behave like a child and suddenly turn serious.

Mom and Dad says, "Grow up. You're not a child anymore. Don't loose image in front of others."

Really, really, don' wanna grow up.


    1. CloudySkySadMoon Oct 23, 2017
      @Alina Moktan Lemme multiply the 2 year gap between us with 10 and treat you like a kid XD
    2. Alina Moktan Oct 23, 2017
      I am 19 act like child. My mother never tell me grow up. She only tell me to be healthy and safe. She is best and caring mother I ever have.
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    3. CloudySkySadMoon Oct 15, 2017
      @Eve Senpai!!! \(*v*)/~
    4. AliceShiki Oct 15, 2017
      I'm 21 too, and I'm still super childish! \(^^)/

      I don't think age or image matters... We just need to behave appropriately to our surroundings.

      If I'm on a party with my family/friends, I'll forever be the 8 years old that doesn't care a bit and wants to have fun.

      If I'm looking for a job, then I'll act as mature as I can, if I need to comfort someone in trouble, I'll try to be someone they can rely upon.

      Our behavior isn't the same all the time, we just need to match our current circumstances.

      Whoever says we can't be childish is nuts! Being a child is the most fun part! \(^^)/
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    5. MelancholyCorner Oct 15, 2017
      I think you are doing alright, it's normal to retain some childish behavior. If it makes you feel any better my whole family including myself acts very childish and immature in a more or less bad way. We mature at our own pace and grow to be an adult. Not pop out of the ground and boom, you're an full grown adult with the mentality of one too without a cause. It just doesn't work like that, you have to grow and have experience with responsibility to be considered as an adult in my opinion. Age doesn't matter, it's just a number not something that define you. Having a child like heart isn't so bad after all you just have to know when to take action of an adult when the occasion requires it.

      But I totally agree with you, I don't want to grow up but it's probably inevitable that we have to face sooner or later. I wish you luck and happy birthday.
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    6. Eve Oct 13, 2017
      Happy birthday!
      Your parents care for you so listen to them. But in the end, it's your choice.
      It's not so bad or disappointing. I think you're not ruining your life, at the very least, you're just delaying your success and failures or missing opportunities.
      I myself tries to be an adult so that I can criticize it later :v
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    7. Katsono Oct 12, 2017
      You're pretty young for a grandma >.> happy birthday!
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